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Chaotic Intervention

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Summary: Eris the Goddess of Strife decides to interfere with the First's plans for the Slayer.

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Marvel Universe > GeneraljormunguardFR13714,21816121,30617 Jun 0910 Aug 09No

Chapter One


Disclaimer: I own nothing. Buffy and the gang are owned by Joss Whedon and the Marvel characters that will be in this are owned by Marvel. And Eris is from Greek Mythology so I don't think anyone owns her, or at least I don't think she'ld let them.

Note: I came up with this idea as a way to deal with certain events in Season 7 that didn't make any sense to me. So hopefully I do a good job of dealing with them. This is my first fic so please be kind. :)

Willow knelt down before her alter and tried to allow the stress of the last couple of days leave her body. She knew that after Buffy returned with the scythe that all of the activity would return to chaotic levels, and that this might be her last true change to meditate and commune with the Goddess. However, before she did anything she allowed a small whisper of her power to seek out and connect with the several layers of shielding that she had spent the better part of several months putting up around her room. She slowly scanned along the surface of the shield looking for even the slightest imperfection any crack that might allow the First access to try and influence her without her knowing it.

Willow allowed herself to relax slightly as her scan completed and found no problems. A smile crept across her face as she allowed her personal shields to lower, relaxing mystical muscles that had been in constant use since she left her room over what seemed like several days ago. Willow was just about to start the relaxation exercises that Miss Harkness had taught her over the summer when suddenly the entire room went black. She instantly reached out to her magic to reform her shields but found that no matter how much she reached she couldn’t touch her magic.

Panic was just starting to set in when a smoky woman’s voice came from behind her, “Relax, child. I’m here to help you. After all if I wanted you dead, it would be to late for you to do anything now.”

Willow jerked around in the direction of the voice and found a gorgeous woman lounging on a chaise made of what looked like solid white marble. Four six-foot golden candlesticks, each of which was covered in intricate Grecian writing, produced the flickering light that illuminated her. A part of Willow wanted desperately to examine the writing but the aura of the woman seemed to draw her eyes like a moth to a flame. Even laying down Willow could tell that she was at least six feet tall with such sensual curves that supermodel would die of envy to just get a glimpse of her, but under those curves she could also see lean and finely toned muscles. She had long raven black hair that lay across her bronzed body covering just enough for modesty. Her smokey grey eyes seemed to find amusement from Willows examination of her. The only comparison that Willow’s mind could draw would be if the TV character Xena had been laying there.

The woman snorted and said, “Please…. Do not compare me to that bitch; she had absolutely no sense of style.”

“Wh…who are you?”

“I’m called Eris. But you probably know me better as the Goddess of Strife.”

“What do you want?”

Eris slowly rose up off of the lounge and said, “Simple, my dear. I want to help you defeat the First.”

“Why would you want to help us defeat the First, would you gain more power if the First won?”

“True, I would gain power if it won. But truthfully, do you know what it would mean to me if the First won. Power yes, but boooorrring. Can you realize how boring it would be causing strife and discord amongst beings whose very lives are nothing but strife and discord. It would be like watching the same Nascar race over and over again for the rest of eternity, fun at first but eventually dreadfully boring.”

Willow chuckled at the description and said, “I think I see what you mean. But is that the only reason because you’d be bored?”

“Hardly. The First betrayed me, and ruined one of my best schemes. I want revenge, so I decided what better way to get it that ruin one of its best laid schemes. So with that thought in mind. I offer you two things, the first is information and the second is a way to truly defeat the First’s plan. And just to prove my honesty, I’ll give you the information and allow you to talk it over with your friends before you make your decision on whether to accept my help or not.”

“Okay, what’s the information?”

“Simple. You and all of your friends are being manipulated by the First, and have been manipulated ever since Buffy died the second time.”

“What!” Willow exclaimed.

“Come now, child. Think back, can’t you find anything about last year that strikes you as odd? Don’t you find it odd that you would trust a bunch of nightmares to tell you where Buffy was while she was dead? Why is that neither you nor Tara bothered to do even one spell to check where she was at? Why is it that you thought that Giles would stop you from rescuing Buffy from being tortured in some demon dimension, just because it was a dark magic spell that you were going to use. Maybe he could have found a spell that wasn’t based on dark magic. Don’t you find it even slightly odd, that after you told Buffy about Rack, that she never went and investigated him to see if he might be some kind of demon?”

The more questions that Eris asked the more Willow started to see the inconsistencies that she was talking about. “Why would the first want these things to happen though?”

“To prepare you and your friends for this year. Think about how much more powerful you grew because of last year. The first needed you powerful, but it also needed you controllable, and what better way to make you controllable than to make you constantly question yourself.”

“But I was addicted to magic, I have to watch myself when I use it,” Willow said.

“Yes, I know, because the First wanted you to be, what better way to control you. The first needs you to be able to pull off its ultimate plan.”

“That’s not true. The First tried to get me to kill myself,” Willow protested.

“HAHAHA, by confronting you with the ghost of a person that you had never met, if it had truly been trying to get you to kill yourself then why didn’t it confront you with the ghost of Tara. It confronted you enough just to keep you from looking to far into what was going on,” Eris explained, casually spreading her arms out over the back of the chaise. Eris smiled at the look of shock that appeared on Willows face, “You poor child, everything that has happened since Buffy died the second time has been an elaborate plan to get you and your friends do exactly what the First wants you to do, and that is for you to destroy the Slayer line. Its entire plan is to get you, the Power’s champions, to destroy humanities greatest fighter against the demons.”

“That’s impossible, we’d have no idea what it would take to destroy the Slayer line,” Willow protested.

“I’ll tell you one last piece of information to help you make up your mind, of whether to accept my help or not. It should also give you just enough information that with what Buffy is going to tell you when she returns that you will be able to figure out the First’s entire plan.”

Eris elegantly rose from the chaise and crossed the short distance to where Willow still knelt. Eris gently put her finger under Willow’s chin and had her slowly stand. She then bent down as if to kiss Willow, but just before their lips met she stopped.

“The power that makes the Slayer is finite.”

With that everything went black and Willow was left with just the feeling of Eris’s breath on her lips and her touch on her chin. Willow blinked and the blackness vanished replaced once again by her room. She collapsed sideways onto her bed her mind going a mile a minute trying desperately to figure out the significance of Eris’s parting words.

“WILLOW, BUFFY’S BACK!!!” Dawn shouted from downstairs.
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