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Heart of a Star

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Summary: No man can live forever except he who possesses the heart of a Star. BtVS/SPN/Stardust *Now with art*

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Supernatural > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Dean WinchestershdwslayerFR13917,946108223,22219 Jun 0926 Feb 10Yes

Fallen Star


Disclaimer: I do not own anything here. BtVS, Supernatural, and Stardust all belong to people not named me. Just gonna borrow them for a little.

A/N: I wanted to read a story with Stardust and I had this sitting around for a while now, so I decided to do it myself. This will be slash between Xander and Dean in later chapters. Any mistakes are my own.

In the vast blackness of space Alexander's parents, Yvaine and Tristan, were filled with dread. A rogue star had come to their solar system, threatening to explode and destroy everything they held dear. Others of their kind were trying to fight him off, but to no avail, soon he would win and decimate everything.

"Alexander, my love." Yvaine said, trying to hold back her tears as she held a shinning baby in her arms. "You must leave this place. Your father and I will help the others, but--"

"Yvaine, it's time." Tristan put a comforting arm around her shoulders as she trailed off tearily. "The babylon candle?"

"Here." Yvaine replied, tucking a black stick in Alexander's silver blanket.

Yvaine looked around at the other stars raging around her, trying to fend off the black star, then back to her husband and son and her heart broke. They didn't have much time, soon the star would explode and create a black hole and thousands were going to die, maybe even them, but not her son.

"My dear, it's time for us to go." An elderly star came forward, holding out her hands for Alexander. She took him from a crying Yvaine and Tristan and cradled him close to her chest. "Time runs short. You will see him again."

As the elderly star moved away someone screamed and Yvaine barely had enough time to see the rogue star start to explode and her son being hurtled away from her before everything went black.

Xander was afraid. He'd never been away from his parents and now he was flying through space, running from a rogue star, far away from his parents towards a blue planet they spoke of often. Although centuries old, he was still considered a baby amongst his people. He knew what was happening and had no power to stop it. Falling faster and faster, Xander breached the atmosphere and hurtled toward earth.

This is where Jessica and Tony Harris would find him and raise them as their own in a town called Sunnydale, and Alexander Thorn would become known as Xander Harris. Time passed differently on Earth than it did in space, and Xander grew up and forgot who he really was -- and he never shined again.
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