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How things Change

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Summary: Xander's life takes a turn for the worse, but a college professor and his FBI brother may just save him from himself and whats after him. Canon pairings for Numb3rs and no pairing for Xander yet.

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Television > Numb3rs > Xander - CenteredsilentinterloperFR1811,4950163,77320 Jun 0920 Jun 09No
Title: How Things Change
Author: silentinterloper
Pairings: Numb3rs canon pairings and pre-graduation BTVS canon pairings except for Xander
Warnings: This contains violence and will contain graphic descriptions of torture
Disclaimer: I do not own BTVS or Numb3rs or any characters related to either show. BTVS belongs to Joss Wheden and Mutent Enemy and Numb3rs belongs to Scott Free. Nothing belongs to me!

Xander Harris walked through the door of his, well he wouldn’t call it home but more or less the place he sleeps at night, to find Tony Harris passed out on the coach beer in hand as usual the only difference being that today Jessica Harris seemed to be absent from the coach as well. Xander didn’t think anything of it he just quietly tiptoed passed his dad and up the stairs to his room, intent upon going to bed immediately. So it came as a surprise to him that as he turned right to head into his room that a horrible smell started permeating through his senses.

“What is that?” Xander muttered to himself as he walked closer to the bathroom door where the smell seemed to be the strongest.

He opened the door expecting to see some kind of bio hazard that only his dad knows how to make in the bathroom and never seems to clean up, when the site before him made him gag and throw up any remainder of the food he had eaten that day. There in the bathtub completely stripped was his mother. She had been skinned, her hands and feet cut off and her eyes gouged out.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Xander screamed and stumbled back out of the bathroom and literally flew down the stairs.
Running to Tony’s side, he stepped forward to slap him awake.

“Come on dad for once in your life be here when I need you!” he screamed and slapped his dads face as hard as he could. The next few seconds would stay with him forever. The second his hand met his dad’s face he knew that something was wrong his dad was far too cold. What happened in the next micro second confirmed that first thought one hundred percent. Instead of meeting resistance from his father’s head it flew off his shoulders to hit the arm on the couch and rolled, half-hazardously across the ground till it stopped right at his feet.

Making a keening sort of noise that in any other circumstance he would flat out deny, Xander ran towards the front door. He blindly grabbed the door grunting with the unexpected effort and resistance.

“What the fuck!” He screamed. The door wouldn’t open no matter how hard he yanked.

“Screw it!” He yelled and ran to the back door. It wouldn’t open either. He ran down to the basement and pulled on the door. He gave up and ran straight at it thinking maybe it would break.

“Our doors aren’t strong enough to last through my mom trying to push them down let alone me” Xander thought.

At the thought of his mother he had to battle away another bout of nausea. Dry heaving as he walked back up the basement stairs, he then proceeded to check every window in the house… none would open.

Spotting the phone while in the kitchen he thought, “Nice going Xander freaking out when you can just call someone hopefully….maybe.” By now he had given into the fact that the whole incident really hadn’t hit him yet and he was repressing everything at the moment until he was out of the house. The smell from the two dead bodies in the closed up house was beginning to become unbearable and he had given up even attempting to breathe through his nose.
Picking up the phone he was immediately disheartened by the lack of a dial tone, but decided to try Giles number despite the fact he knew it wouldn’t work.

Nothing happened…. No tone from the phone or anything. Just then the situation really hit him. He was locked in his house with no way out or any way to communicate with the outside world and with the decomposing bodies of his parents and the smell of death all around him.

The phone dropped from his fingers and he curled up knees to his chest and rocked back and forth whimpering and crying while shutting out the world around him knowing that was all he could do for now….

2 Days later….
Willow was getting worried about her Xander shaped friend. He hadn’t come to the library since Wednesday night and today was Friday. If he was sick he would have called or well he used to call. Lately she felt like her and Buffy had been ignoring him. She knows that they don’t want him to help out anymore with the things that go bump in the night and they’ve been telling him or rather not telling him more or less forgetting to tell him about the current big bad or whatever, but she still wanted to be his friend. Maybe she would stop by and see him after school. Had he come to school in the past few days…Willow thought about this but realized it really didn’t matter now.

Of course then she remembered that her and Buffy were trying out the whole double date thing with Oz and Angel. They were gonna go to the Bronze and then patrol, not the most romantic type date but still it worked for them and it allowed her to try out some of the more interesting spells she has found without Giles around.

“That’s it! Giles he doesn’t have anything to do except be his Watchery self and what with them walking around with Angel they were pretty safe from the more nocturnal aspects of the town. Maybe Giles could check on Xander later if she asked and used her best innocent worried look” Willow thought to herself.

A few hours later….
Rupert Giles had no idea how he got roped into doing these kinds of things. Yes he cared whether Xander was feeling alright or not but he figured it was more the job of one’s parents and friends to make sure of that not your high school librarian.

Parking his car on the street in front of the Harris household he notices the family car in the driveway and a couple of papers on the front step. Not really thinking anything of it, he walked up the front steps and knocked on the front door.
Waiting a few moments for any type of response he began to get nervous. Normally someone simply not answering the door wouldn’t put him so on edge but there was a peculiar smell in the air that nagged at his memory but he just couldn’t place it and it was nearing sunset and he would rather be home before that.

Knocking once more a bit louder he pushed a bit on the door and was surprised when it gave under his weight and opened up. The first thing he noticed with the opening of the door was the increase of the smell. It was stronger and fouler than it had been outside the house.

Stepping through the threshold he called out, “Hello. Is there anyone home? I’m the high school librarian here to drop off Xander’s homework.” Willow had told him previously that anything to do with homework would probably be the easiest way for him to be let in the house.

Seeing that the house was dark he reached over to switch on the light on his left and jumped back in surprise hitting the wall and knocking the light off its perch on a side table. Time seemed to standstill as he watched the lamp fall down to hit the ground with a resounding crash completely ignoring the head he had seen on the floor seconds earlier.

Without wasting much time and despite knowing the stupidity of the action in the house with a corpse he began to yell out while walking through the hall, “Xander are you there. Anyone are you home!” He walked down the hall into the kitchen and his gaze swept the dark lump in the corner. Rushing over he observed the face of his charge.

Checking his pulse and finding a slow but steady beat, he tried to rouse the lad, “Xander wake up” he gave him a little pat on the face and shoulder while talking. Without any response he proceeded to hit the boy a bit but came away with nothing.

Realizing that Xander would not be waking up anytime soon and in some way he thought that was a good thing, Giles grabbed the boys arm and threw it over his shoulders. Bracing himself he pulled the surprisingly light boy off the ground and proceeded down the hall and out the front door. Without closing the front door or even checking the rest of the house as his Watcher trained mind told him to, he put Xander in his car and drove quicker than all recent memory provided to Sunnydale General….

Author note: The Numb3rs characters will first make an appearance in chapter 3 or 4. The OCCness of any characters will be explained in later chapters.

The End?

You have reached the end of "How things Change" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 20 Jun 09.

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