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Twilight Ruby

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Summary: Willow leaves Sunnydale in search of acceptance. Willow/Edward/Bella violence, language

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Chapter One

TITLE: Twilight Ruby

AUTHOR: fairybloom


DISTRIBUTION: Twisting the Hellmouth, anyone else please ask.

SUMMARY: Willow leaves Sunnydale in search of acceptance

PAIRINGS: Willow/Edward, eventually Willow/Edward/Bella

WARNINGS: language, sexual situations, violence, graphic situations

SPOILERS: season 6 and season 7 for Buffy, all Twilight books just in case


DISCLAIMER: I don't own the characters or locations. They belong to Stephenie Meyer, and Joss Whedon. I'm just borrowing them for a bit.

NOTES: ' ' indicates thoughts. set before book one of twilight

Chapter 1

Pain. Horrible, burning pain. She had never felt anything like it. Not even when she first connected to the world, after absorbing Giles' energy, had it been like this. It consumed her completely. She couldn't think. She couldn't feel anything but the torturous, searing pain. Sense of time completely gone, she had no idea how long she'd been burning. Why wasn't she dieing? No one could hurt this much and not die. She prayed for death. Anything to make it stop. Her chest felt like lava. With every beat of her heart it spread to her arms and legs. Consuming everything. But she refused to scream. She wouldn't give them the satisfaction of hearing her scream.

At this point she could barely remember who they were. Just enough to not scream.

Her mind started to clear. Or, at least seemed to be. Her heart sped up its pounding to a frantic pace. The heat started to recede from her hands and feet, only to increase in her chest. 'What's happening to me?' she thought desperately. The coolness slowly worked its way up her limbs, pushing the burning pain more and more to her chest. Her heart beating so fast, like a hummingbirds wings. Faster and faster. Now the searing pain was only in her chest. The rest of her body blessedly cool. Her heart burned intensely, hotter than ever. With two last shuddering thumps, the frantic beating ceased. And with it, the burning pain.

She lay there, not moving, enjoying the fact that she no longer hurt. Slowly, she opened her eyes.

"She's waking." a voice said somewhere behind her. She heard movement to her left. Turning her head, she saw one of the most beautiful faces she'd ever seen. Unfortunately, it was one of them. She jerked up and off the ground so fast, she blurred. A snarl ripped from her throat as she crouched in a defensive pose, her back against a wall. Her eye darted around the run down room she was in, taking in her surroundings in a millisecond. The man, if he was a man, looked on in interest. His crimson eyes studied her intently.

He had long dark dreaded hair framing his narrow beautiful face. His olive skin had a pale wash to it. He stood in liquid grace, showing his compact, lithe body.

"I am Laurent," he said, taking a small step towards her. "Your maker." He halted when this made her growl all the more. "Now, now. That's no way to greet your master, little girl."

"My master?" she said in tinkling voice, disbelief ringing in her tone. "What are you? What have you done to me?!" Panic and outrage made her voice raise. To her surprise, it still sounded like music on the wind.

"I am a vampire. Just as you are now." he said simply. With a smirk he added, "And you are mine, my lovely."

"A vampire? I'm a vampire?" Puzzlement clear in her voice. Finally, the rest of what he said sunk in. Warily, she looked at him. ' His, hmm? I don't think so.' Then all thought was driven from her mind as she closed her eyes. The burning was back. But it seemed to center in her throat. Hunger seared through her, making her gasp.

"Yes. A vampire. Ah, you feel your hunger. James will be bringing you back dinner. Now, be a good girl and tell me your name, little one."

"M-m-my name?" Her burning hunger receded a bit, clearing from her mind, as she tried to think past it. She took an unneeded breath to center herself. Slowly, bit by bit the uncomfortable burn fell away. A quiet sigh escape her red lips as her brain seemed to be hers again. As she took a second to search her mind a noise outside the run down cabin made her eyes open wide. A racing heartbeat.

She looked up as a woman entered the room. Bright flame orange hair tumbled in curls down her back. The unruly mass had bits a leaves and other forrest debris in it. She walked into the room with a catlike grace. Her crimson eyes swept the room, coming to rest on me in the far corner. She studied my face as I studied hers. She had a delicate face with smooth pale white skin. She was short, with a slight build. But you could tell by the confidence that shone from her, that she would be dangerous. With a guarded glance sent around the room, she turned back to the door and motioned to another outside to come in. The man that entered had a slighter build than Laurent, with ash blond hair pulled back in a low ponytail. He dragged behind him a struggling man.

"James, Victoria, welcome home." Laurent said with a sarcastic twist at the end. "Our new sister has just awoken."

"What's going on here? Who are you people? Let me go!" said the man in James' grip.

"Be quiet. Or I will make you be quiet." James said in a cold but melodic tone. The man trembled in fear as he looked around the room at them. He was taller than James, with a stocky build, and a beer gut. Grey hair was ruffled as well as his clothes. The poor man looked as if he had been dragged halfway through the forrest. James started to drag the frightened man towards the center of the room. "Come here little one. I have brought you a snack." He pushed the man towards her roughly making him stumble to his knees.

The most delicious smell wafted up to her. It brought the burn in her throat roaring back. Everything else in the room fell away as the heat of the mans blood pulsed around her. Her mouth watered as she she drew his scent in. Before she knew what she was doing, she pulled the man to her. Holding him firmly to her chest, she leaned down to smell his warm pulsing neck. The blood flowing just under the skin was too much to resist. She set her teeth to his neck a little under his jaw, and bit down. The skin parted under her teeth like silk cut with a razor. An explosion of rich warmth, the sweetest thing she had ever tasted filled her mouth. She swallowed the heady liquid in a rush, feeling it warm her insides. She drank greedily from him. His struggles slowing, until he hung in her strong grasp. She could hear his heart start to slow, feel it's hot rush begin to ebb. With a final thump, the man was dead. Drained of his life's blood.

In horror, she let him drop from her arms to the rough wooden slate floor. The hunger subsided to a dull throb in her throat. As it receded, what she had done blazed into her mind.'I killed him! Oh no, what did I do?!'

"Mmm, very good little sister. You didn't even need any coaching on where to bite." purred Victoria. "We can share the next one, since you're not a messy eater."

Hot anger lanced through her body as she looked at her captures. Energy crackled around her as she lowered her shields. She had never wanted to kill a human again! Her fury bubbled up and out her mouth. "What have you done to me?! PREHENDO! CONCRESCO!" she screamed at the three vampires across from her.{capture, freeze}

Her power pulsed through the room. The other vampires froze in place, unable to move. Shock evident in their eyes. They watched the red head in front of them, as her hair bled an inky black. Her crimson eyes turned to pools of onyx with peeks of the red shining through. Her nearly translucent white flesh shone in the dim light of the room. Her lithe body shook with rage. She was magnificent. The power they felt pouring off her was incredible. It filled the room with soft sighs, and fleeting shadows. They had never seen anything like her in their many years. Hunger to possess her filled them. If only they could move!

She tried to calm down. Her hair bled back to red as she slammed her shields in place. Without a second look back at the stunned vampires, she ran to the door of the dilapidated cabin, and out into the cool night air. She stood in a clearing that surrounded the small structure. Turning back to the building, she sent a tendril of power out. "Uro enim meus." she whispered. She watched as flames began to lick the old wooden cabin. Shutting her power away again, she turned towards the forrest behind her, and ran. {burn for me}
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