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Summary: Lex meets a mysterious woman, and finds clarity.

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Smallville > Faith-CenteredEsmeFR1521,154033,9768 Oct 038 Oct 03Yes


Los Angeles hadn't changed all that much over the years. I entered the club in the same way as normal, a cash handshake to the bouncer, and a polite nod and smile. I was encompassed by the atmosphere of the room. Sweat soaked bodies danced to the beat of the music, and I made my way to the bar, admiring the various ladies there that night. It was then that I saw her. She moved unlike anyone else in the room, as if she was hearing a completely different song. Her back was facing me as I watched her move, her body twisting; slow, erotic hip sways as she tilted back and forth, side to side. I watched, as she rolled her shoulder blades, releasing the energy from her body into the room, and as she moved, her long brunette hair curled loosely down the length of her otherwise exposed back, and my mind flashed with images of what a vision she would be, writhing on my bed, satin sheets crumpled with the weight of her movements.

I made my way slowly around the room, so I could admire her fully, but she moved as I did, and I saw the side profile of her luscious body, still swaying. The iridescent lights of the stage made what I saw more compelling; caressed her in a way I envied. They traced feathered patterns across her muscled flesh. Her breasts heaved forward as she ran her hands across the front of her upper body; touching herself in such a way that for just a moment, I felt her confidence rivalled my own. The heat formed a thin sheen of sweat that glowed across the expanse of her neck and chest, which allowed me to see her skin as it flexed with the power of the muscles beneath. Her hands rubbed along her sides enticingly, and she raised them to her face, brushing aside her hair, and caressing the strands as she rocked her head from side to side. Her eyes were closed, and she breathed evenly, not tiring from her show. She looked like ecstatic peace and calm, and as wild as ocean waves raging against sharp rocks. I had to feel that peace, that danger. I stepped onto the dance floor and slid behind her, following her movements with my own. Her hair brushed past me as she threw her head farther back, revelling in the beat of the music, and I caught her scent, light and fruity, like ripe cherries on a warm summers day, and a hint of something else, something I couldn't place. I sighed, louder than I had wanted to. My breath shook with the intensity of it. She was like gravity, and I was drawn closer to her.

As she moved her hands across her body again, I reached out one of my own, and lightly grazed hers with it; her breath hitched once, as breath does on first touch - the feel of skin on skin, however slight, awakening the baser instincts of attraction. Still, the music played on, and we swayed together with it, lost in the nearness of each other, our bodies, close enough to feel the heat of the other's, our hands still slightly touching; when I felt her lean backwards against me. Time slowed as I felt her back press firmly against my chest and I raised my free hand to move her hair, revealing the smooth skin of her neck to me. She twined fingers with the hand that held hers, and brought it to her stomach, placing it gently there. I could feel the music thrumming through her body, the slight changes she made in her sway as we danced; and my mind once again led me to thoughts of satin sheets, so intense an image that I released a breath I hadn't known I was holding, and kneaded my fingers against the material of her jeans. My other hand mirrored the movements that her own had made earlier; tracing light fingertips along and down the flesh of her neck, gentle brushes of the thumb across her breast, and smooth motion across her side to flip the hem of her top up, and touch the silken-soft skin beneath. She raised one arm, and reached for me, her hand lingering mid air only for a moment before she caught the back of my neck in her palm. Her muscles flexed as she massaged my skin with her fingers, moving in slow soothing circles, and reaching higher, until she found the top of my head, and forced it down to her neck. The pressure of that movement, coupled with each touch, and the feel of her flesh beneath my lips forced me against her. She writhed back onto me as I snaked my tongue out and swiftly ran the flat of it across her skin, and placed open mouthed kisses across her shoulder.

That moment; that one sequence of motion, shaped the rest of my life.

She turned quickly towards me, both of us looking at each other face to face for the first time. Her eyes were deep black with lust, and her gaze travelled my body, burning into me, scarring me with the passion between us. I wanted her to take me - to devour me, to bring me into that light that I saw shining slightly in those eyes, as much as I wanted her to lead me into the darkness there and share it with me. It brought to me the sudden clarity that I would not be like my father; I would better him. The Luthor family name that had brought its heirs power and riches, would now excel. Because I would have what she did - that spark of light in all that darkness, keeping her just on the right side of sane... Giving her that strength to keep going, to prove herself. I knew I would have her, as she would have me. That night it would be her in my bed, her who I reached the heights of ecstasy with. And I would feel that danger, that deadly calm that radiated from her.

A light pink tongue darted out and across her lips, and they glistened as she drew her lower lip inside her mouth with her teeth, then our lips were on each other, tongues flirting with darkened passion and then slowing to a harmonious dance. She licked and teased my lips, with teeth and tongue; her mouth, deep and sweet as I tasted her, eliciting moans of pleasure. I whispered into her ear as she bathed my neck in feather soft kisses, asking her name, and as she told me, it echoed from my mouth with whispered ease...



The End

You have reached the end of "Gravity". This story is complete.

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