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What now?

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Summary: Xander get's furry and Willow get's angry.

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What now?

Title: What now?
Author: Candle
E-mail: Candle1983@a...
Category: Buffy/ Anita Blake Crossover
Pairing: Willow/Jean Claude, Xander/?
Disclaimer: I do not own the character's of Anita Blake or Willow. They are owned by God...otherwise known as Joss Whedon and Laurell K. Hamilton.
Distribution: Anyone who wants.... "Want... Take... have."
Rating: Pg-13/ after part 11 Nc-17
Spoilers: This will be Buffy after Season 5, although Tara is just a close friend, and Anita Blake after Narcissus in Chains.
Summary: Xander gets furry and Willow gets angry

Part 1

"Who are you calling a monster?"

"I'm not calling him a monster per say. He's just not human anymore."

"He is to human! He has a disease Buffy!"

Buffy shook her head and sighed. "Wills, I just can't deal with this. When it was Oz, you saw what type of job we did keeping him safe. He nearly killed you Will! Do you want that to happen again?"

"No, but this is different. This is Xander. He's our best friend Buffy! We are a packaged deal. It's our fault he caught lycanthropy in the first place. He did it protecting us. He did it helping you the Slayer. If you are really this determined to get rid of him, then you are getting rid of me too!" Willow screamed at the slayer. She really wanted to turn Buffy into a rat.

"I'm sorry Wills. I can't risk him hurting Dawn."

"So that's it? You're not even gonna try? Look at him Buffy. Does he look any different to you?" Willow turned to face Xander. The slayer and the witch had done a circle sweep of the cemetery while Xander waited in the center. One could thing about being furry, he didn't need a buddy for patrol. His quicker reflexes and extra strength made him more than capable of taking care of himself.

"No, but it's not a full moon is it?" Buffy sighed and shook her head. "I'm sorry Willow. Xander has to leave town before the next full moon. I won't take responsibility for the monsters anymore." She turned to leave the fuming witch, but Willow couldn't leave it at that. It was too hypocritical for words.

"Unless you're screwing them?"

Buffy turned and slapped Willow. She hit her so hard that Willow fell to the ground. "That was a low blow. If you love Xander so damn much, than you can leave with him too! I don't need you. Either of you!"

Buffy turned away from the glaring red head. "Before the next full moon, witch. Or else I will destroy both of you."

Willow watched her best friend, well ex-best friend, walk back towards where Xander was standing, staring up at the moon. He knew Buffy wanted him to leave but didn't know how vehement she was about getting rid of him. Now, Willow had less than a month to find a pard willing to take in a wereleopard before his first moon. Wherever they went, she needed to find a job. What was she gonna do? Xander had always relied on her for strength when his parents were fighting. Now, she was fighting with Buffy and he had already started fighting his inner Kitten. He was trying to show the Slayer that he was still human. But his extra need to be touched, and his new animal instinct were too strong to deny. If only Anya had stayed after the last battle with Glory. It had been an amicable parting but Willow could have used her brutal honesty and knowledge of the super natural. She might be a powerful witch but she didn't know how to handle this.

Damn Buffy and her selfishness. She had raised the bitch from the dead! Ungrateful little..ugh! This was getting her nowhere! Willow allowed herself to switch gears. She stood from the ground and wiped her bleeding hands on her skirt. She needed to find a pard and fast. There was only one man who would know of such a pard....the master of Los Angeles. Angel.

Part 2

To: Angelvamp
From: RedWicca

Angel, Buffy won't change her mind. She is still threatening to kill Xander if he doesn't leave town before the next full moon. I need your help. I need to find a pard that will take Xander in without cutting me off completely. I know you're busy with you mastering and all but please, help an old buddy?

P. S. -How's the company? How's Connor and the rest of the gang?

To: Red Wicca
From: Angelvamp

Willow, of course I will help. I have a friend. Ha ha I know, I have more than just one friend. This one is the master of St. Louis. His girlfriend is the Namir-Ra of a pard that majors in misfits. I don't think they'll have a problem with Xander at all. Jean Claude, the master, is known for being honorable. He owes me a debt and is willing to put you under his protection as long as you are in his city. I think he is more happy to be getting a powerful witch/necromancer than anything else. Oh and Anita, his girlfriend is also a necromancer...maybe she could get you a job at AnimatorsInc. Come to the Hyperion within the week and I will lend you my personal jet to get to St. Louis. Oh, Wolfram and Hart is doing better under my management. Less evil, more law. Turns out we are the only 'open' practice that deals with the supernatural directly. When I took over the business and went public, I was sure we were gonna fail. But now, every demon with even a traffic ticket is hiring us. Yay for money! I've been looking into colleges for Connor, and I definitely need the money! Lindsey and Cordelia are practically attached at the hip. So, are Gunn and Fred. I think Wesley is coming back from Britain soon. Apparently his dad didn't take his turning to well. Well, screw him! I didn't change Wesley so that he could be a punching bag for that old fart! Besides, I could use my second in command back with me. Lindsey is good for lawyer stuff, but no one broods like the English! I can't wait to see you and Xander.


Part 3

Willow sighed and pushed her hand through her hair. She couldn't sleep. Sure, it was eleven o'clock in the afternoon but as a Scooby she wasn't used to waking up till late afternoon. Although, Xander seemed to be having no problem. He lay curled up against her like, well, a kitten. They had decided to stay at the Hyperion for at least a day before going to St. Louis. Angel had seemed surprised that Willow and Xander shared a bed but she explained that it was non-sexual, just part of him being a wereleopard. Angel had seemed satisfied and had jokingly offered to join them when he awoke. He had been even more surprised when Willow had agreed.

"What was I gonna do, say no?" Willow sighed and repeated the motion with her hair. She was talking to herself again. She wished Angel could go with them to St. Louis but as a fellow master he wasn't allowed near without a damn good reason. Runaways were not reason enough. Besides, Jean Claude had taken an oath that nothing would happen to them. If Angel believed him than so would she.

"Come back to bed." Xander's deep brown eyes stared at her from under heavy eyelids.

"Sure. In a minute."

"You don't have to cuddle if it makes you uncomfortable."

"It's not that Xander. I'm just too tired to sleep. Does that make any sense?"

Xander smiled. It was a good smile. An old time smile. "From you? Yeah it does."

"Hey, be nice." Willow pouted. "Or else you'll be sleeping alone from now on."

Xander looked down at the bed. "That's just the thing Wills. I won't be. Alone that is."

"What do you mean? Do you have a honey in St. Louis?"

"No. But I do have a pard. If they take me that is. You're not the only one who can research, you know. I looked up some stuff. Most of the time the pard sleeps together. Like a bunch of kittens all in one bed. Naked kittens."

"And that doesn't bother you? The naked thing?"

"No. I would be naked right now if it didn't freak you out. These clothes feel....confining. I would sleep better without them, but worse without you."

"Oh, Xander." Willow moved to the bed and stroked his cheek. Xander moved his head into her touch.

"See. I love the feel of another's touch. It's strangely comforting. Not like a best bud comforting. But like a mom kind of comforting. You know?"

"No, Xander. I don't." Willow tried to keep the tears from falling but couldn't. "I hate this. I hate that you're like this because of me! I hate that Buffy kicked us out! I hate it!" Willow began to sob and Xander pulled her into his arms. He kept repeating that it wasn't her fault, while he rubbed her back in slow strokes and tried to calm her down. He told her the only thing that would distract her. "Jean Claude got us jobs already."

"What?" The red head had stopped sobbing and was just sniffling now.

"He got us jobs. I'm gonna work at a strip club called Guilty Pleasures. And stop looking at me like that. I'm just a waiter for now. Yes, I said for now. Strippers make better tips and I really don't have a problem with nudity now."

"But.... Oh, damn. I'm too tired to argue. Do what you want. You said he had jobs for both of us."

Xander smiled again, and Willow returned it. "Yep, you are gonna do what you do best. Raise the dead."

"Xander! I only did that once! You know how much of my energy that took!"

"That was on the Hellmouth. It takes a hundred times the energy to wake the dead then. Especially those who have been awoken once before and died of unnatural causes. Also, you'll be raising zombies. Not living creatures."

"Great. More pressure."

"No pressure, Wills. Did you listen to what Angel told you?"

Willow blushed and hung her head. "Kinda."

"Kind of? Well, he said that Jean Claude has a place for us to stay as long as we want. We have a roof over our heads. We have jobs. And I have a pard. What more could we want?"

"A home Xander. A home. "

Part 4

Jean Claude sighed and moved away from the window. "So this is really it mon petite?"

"Yeah, it is. Don't really have much of a choice." Anita fiddled with the bottom of her shirt. Funny, soon it wouldn't be big enough to fit her.

"You know that if you ever need anything, if the baby ever needs everything that I will always be here?"

"I know. You've taught me a lot. I probably wouldn't be with Micah right now if you hadn't taught me that the monsters aren't always monsters."

Jean Claude smiled and nodded. How ironic? The vasectomy on Micah hadn't been 100%. Now, Anita Blake, vampire Executioner was pregnant with the child of a monster. Five years ago it would not have been possible. Now, because of him, it was. Anita was capable of loving a monster. He could only wish that it was him. "Do you mind me asking, what will you do now?"

"We're staying at the house. We have enough money for me to take time off of Animator's Inc. Micah and the other's are contributing to our baby fund. Edward even sent a check. Quite a lot actually. Haven't decided if I'm going to send it back or not." Anita sighed and shifted uncomfortably in her seat. She wasn't good with the mushy stuff. "I really did love you."


"It can't be more than that now. I have a child to take care of. Explaining the pard and the triumvirate is going to be hard enough. Hell, Damian is going to be pretty hard to explain. But.... I can't lose you either. I would prefer it if we stayed friends. Or at least tried."

Jean Claude couldn't say no. With one hand on her stomach and the other hand playing with the tracing patterns on his desk at Guilty Pleasures, he couldn't say no. He wanted to yell and scream. He wanted to threaten Micah, the child, anything to get her to stay. But he couldn't. She looked to fragile, too tired.

"Ma petite, I also couldn't bear it if we lost each other. Maybe I could be the baby's godvampire, no?"

Anita laughed and wiped the moisture from her eyes. She hadn't been on the verge of tears.....nah. Anita stood up and hugged him. "Do me a favor?"


"Don't tell Asher. I'll tell him."

"You are still coming to dinner tomorrow, oui?"

"Damn! I forgot. Yeah, I have to pick up this Xander boy don't I?"

"We could drop him off if you prefer. Do you know what you are going to do with the girl yet?"

"I was actually hoping....."

"She can stay at the Circus, ma petite."

Anita kissed him on the cheek and turned towards the door. "Thank you, Jean Claude."

He knew it meant more than for housing the girl. It was an almost good-bye. The triumvirate would force them to have continual contact.....just no longer of the nature of lovers. No, with the baby coming they were now restricted to friends. But Jean Claude could not complain. Anita could have just picked up and left without telling him. He preferred it this way. "No, thank you Anita."
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