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Evading Interrogation

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Summary: He had brought down serial killers, assassins, and corrupt politicans. So, why was it that the brunette nineteen year old sitting across from him in interrogation had Tony, Ziva, and himself running in circles?

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NCIS > GeneralDenaeFR1356,89948350,41428 Jun 091 Oct 10No

The Art of Hacking

I don’t own NCIS or Buffy.

Planned one shot is starting to snowball and the tit for tat between the groups and is amusing me.

Hope you like it.


“I’m not telling him. You tell him. You found it and you’re the Special Agent,” Abby said, glaring once again at the whining McGee. She knew he just wanted Gibbs to be happy with him, but sometimes you just had to do things you didn’t want to do.

“Come on, Abs. You’re his favorite. He doesn’t hit you in the back of the head. He won’t hurt you,” McGee shot back.

“Oh, come on, Timmy. Gibbs is a big soft teddy bear. Just tell him,” she insisted.

Neither of them had noticed Gibbs and Tony smirking and watching the exchange from the door. “Tell me what,” Gibbs asked, scanning from Abby to McGee, before demanding, “McGee?!?”

“You’re not going to like it, Gibbs,” McGee said, turning to type on Abby’s computers.

“Just spit it out, McProbie-san,” Tony said, relishing slightly in his friends’ uneasiness.

After all, for once, Gibbs temper wasn’t centered on him.

McGee turned to glare at the senior field agent for a moment, before turning back and pulling up his background check on the Summers sisters.

“Boss, the records for the girls are like none I’ve ever seen. We’ll start with Buffy, who was charged with burning down her school gym in L.A., but was only expelled for it. Then, she moved to Sunnydale California…”

“The sinkhole,” Ziva asked as she walked in from the one of the back rooms of Abby’s lab.

“Yes, with her mother and sister after a rather nasty divorce. She was cited in several incidents in the first two years, but none as large as being accused of murder and running from the police her junior year. She was cleared and eventually came back. A year later, at her high school graduation, Sunnydale High blew up and she was one of the survivors. Accounts say, and I’m not making this up, a giant snake ate the principal before running after her. According to eye witnesses, she was in the building with a 120 foot snake when it blew up.”

“You’ve got to be joking Probie,” Tony said, walking behind him and reading over his shoulder now.

Gibbs could see there was more, so instead of rave at the ridiculousness of these eye-witness accounts, he told McGee to keep going.

“Then she went to college Boss, but everything else, and I do mean everything else, is classified by a small group within Homeland Security,” the lead agent looked about ready to kill, so Abby stepped in to finish on Buffy.

“Gibbs, she has a security clearance that’s right up there with the President’s. It’s absolutely unreal. I tried some people that Kate put me in contact once upon a time, and they told me, and I quote, ‘The group that she’s involved with is rumored to have more pull than the President himself.’ The only thing they know for sure was that it was originally some kind of military operation in Sunnydale that is now working in South America and Africa mostly.”

McGee picked up from there, “Then there is Dawn Summers. There is absolutely no record of her existence that isn’t faked, not even a birth certificate. They are like the type of profiles created for Witness Protection, but I talked to the Marshals and FBI, she’s not in Witness Protection. She has no paper trail whatsoever until she’s fourteen, and then her paperwork becomes more solid. It’s as if one day she just appeared one day out of thin air.”

Ziva interrupted as Tony put up a finger about to speak, “if you quote one of your stupid movies right now, I’ll show you number seven with my paper clip.”

Gibbs growled, slapping Tony on the head on sheer principle, “that’s impossible.”

He disliked these sisters more and more as he found out more about them. Even more than that, Jenny had made it clear that he had to stop looking into this. If there was something he hated more than anything, it was politics getting in the way of his investigations.

“When she was fourteen, there was a reported suicide attempt where several counselors talked to her, and the only thing she would say to them was, ‘Why should it matter? I’m not real.’ Then she had a breakdown in the hallway at school when her mother died. She rebelled at first when her sister became her legal guardian.”

Abby picked up from there, without missing a beat, “Apparently, she had a terminal case of sticky fingers. Nobody ever charged her with it though, and she apparently worked off all her debt. Gibbs, no matter how much we dig into their lives all we get is more questions and no answers. I’d almost say this was a lost cause, except we could track some things on some of their friends.”

“Like Alexander Harris, one eyed carpenter by day and living with over 40 teenage girls at night. He lives in Cleveland, and his school ties back to a company in England,” McGee continued, followed immediately by Abby.

“Or Willow Rosenberg, accused of killing one Warren Mears in a fit of rage after he shot and killed her girlfriend Tara Maclay. Look at the picture here.”

Ziva’s eyes widened slightly, “How…”

Tony swore vehemently under his breath, whereas Gibbs threw his fist down onto the table, knowing the answer before he demanded the answer, “Tell me she didn’t get away with that.”

Abby narrowed her eyes at the Boss-man’s grip on his ever present cup of coffee, “Gibbs, if you squeeze that much tighter, the coffee’s going to mess up my army, and those cost money the Director won't give me."

McGee then picked up where she had left off, “…and then there are two more anomalies, a Rupert Giles who made many legal messes in his days before he joined the same company Alexander is associated with, and many witnesses say he was something of a mentor to the group.“

“But the most notorious is a Miss Faith LeHane. She confessed to murder and spent two years in prison, before breaking out with another former member of this company in England named Wesley Wyndham Price. Since then, Buffy’s clearance got her a pardon, under strict regulations that she was to remain as a charge of this company.”

“What the hell is the damn company then McGee? Abby,” Gibbs asfed, before taking another gulp of the harsh liquid.

“That’s the thing, my silver fox,” she said, trying to calm the ex-marine, before he blew up at the next phrase, “it’s like a ghost. The company doesn’t exist until it’s needed, and then it disappears again.”

“So we might as well be chasing Never-Never Land.”

Another slap was delivered succinctly.

“I want something solid on my desk at 0800 tomorrow or the three of you are out of a job,” Gibbs demanded, before pushing the up button on the elevator.

He waited until he was between floors to hit the emergency stop, and punched the side of the elevator before turning the elevator back on to head up once again to argue with Jenny.

There was no way Gibbs was going to let these people get away with murder.


Willow sat back after watching the fireworks. A friend who worked in the Pentagon had told her someone had hacked into their files. She back-traced and managed, successfully, to hack into a web cam without being noticed. Thank you to whoever gave me the ability to combine magic and hacking.

Most took the orders of their superiors as law and even though they didn’t like it, they let it go.

Apparently Gibbs wasn’t one of those people, surprising considering he had once been a marine, according to her own background checks.

Great, that means she’s got to get that stuff where they can’t use it anymore, which meant two choices.

Choice number one was considered a no-go, almost from the beginning. Sam had her little girl just three hours ago, and the only other person within the Initiative that trusted her was Graham, who was currently tracking a small tribe of Fyarls is in the Sudan that had killed several tribes.

Choice number two was the legal route, which meant calling Angel. They were going to need Gunn’s lawyer knowledge, as much as they hated how he got it, that knowledge had helped them out of several jams.

She picked up the phone, “Please tell me Illyria’s Fred side or maybe Queen C has taught that vampire how to use his cell phone."
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