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Changing Fate

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Summary: It begins with death, but perhaps death does not have to be eternal. After losing everything he lives for Xander is given the chance to get it all back. Response to Caliadragon's challenge "Changing Fate."

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Other SlashSheilanniFR181826072,74429 Jun 0929 Jun 09No
Disclaimer: I own a laptop, video games, books, clothes, a really big poster of Sephiroth, lots of other random stuff, and a black cat that is convinced he’s a dog. Sadly, I don’t own any Buffy characters, or any Dogma characters, I don’t even own the idea for this story.

Joss owns all Buffy characters, the movie Dogma was written and directed by Kevin Smith (I’m not sure if that means he owns it or not, but the site I looked at didn’t say anyone else) and the idea for this attempt at storytelling comes from Caliadragon.

Question: Do I have to do a disclaimer for the Greek Pantheon if I’m not basing them off anything but Mythology?

Changing Fate

Loki sighs, glaring at the large volume in front of him and fiddling with the quill in his hand. He was once the left hand of God, the fucking angel of death. He rained down fire at Sodom and Gomorrah, wiped out millions of humans and demons at her whim. And now what is he? The fucking secretary for the Voice of God.

Okay, so the official title is “Keeper of the Word of God.” But still, same thing.

The former angel of death makes a note in the book and waits for the ink to dry before flipping to the next page. To be honest, being turned into a secretary isn’t the worst fate that could have been bestowed upon him; he still shudders at the thought of what they did to his ex-companion Bartleby.

But it is demeaning, all he did was make one little mistake. Okay, not so little seeing as success on his part would have undone creation but still, shouldn’t the fact that he is ‘sorry’ be enough?

A faint sound of music causes Loki to look around in confusion. He yawns, suddenly tired as he tries to locate the source of the sound. His limbs feel heavy, and he blinks, struggling to get his eyes back open afterwards. As sleep suddenly rushes to embrace him he hears the music stop and soft laughter take its place.

“Ha!” Hermes grins widely at the passed out angel, tucking the lyre into the case hanging from his shoulder, “Not as powerless as your kind likes to think huh pup?” He teases, tugging the hefty volume out from under Loki’s arms and staring at it with a controlled amount of glee.

The volume is the “Book of Names.” It holds record of every human that has been and ever would be in existence. It is all the old ones need to restore their powers; with it they can locate their champions no matter when they are or what dimension they are in and bring them all together at once to crush the powers that be and anything else that stands in their way.

Or at least that is what Zeus and the others had said. Hermes himself is slightly skeptical, if it’s so easy why wasn’t it done before? Why did they wait this long?

Oh well, he hefts the book in his arms and heads back towards the window that had been his entrance in the first place. He launches himself out into space, chanting a portal spell as the wings at his ankles flap furiously to keep him in the air.

Xander ducks as the broadsword swings inches from his head, and then quickly backpedals, parrying with the axe as the blade stabs towards him again. Sweat pours into his eye as he tries to keep his opponent from slipping into his blindside.

“Loosen your grip!” Buffy shouts from the group watching from the sidelines.

Abby, the newest S.I.T., frowns in concentration as she hefts the weapon that is easily twice as long as she is tall. She circles around him her feet making no noise on the padded floor of the large gym.

She has proven to be a promising fighter so far; though everyone agrees that she’s not ready to face a real opponent, so yay, looks like the Xand-man has a job as a punching bag. He swallows back bitter thoughts and focuses on watching for the slight tell that he’s noticed that she has. Every time prior to attacking she cringes slightly, like she’s afraid of what will happen once she finally manages to land a hit.

She does this now, flinching slightly before swinging her sword at him; only to stop mid-swing as the main door flings open with enough speed and force that it just has to be a pissed off slayer that pushed it.

Faith bursts in screaming for a medic; bloody, one arm shredded and dangling uselessly from her
shoulder she turns and holds the door open with her other hand as Robin comes in after her, cradling in his arms the equally bloody and far more broken form of Dawn.

As a beginning, this really sucks. Xander thinks as the entire room, himself included, suddenly explodes into action.

A.N.: Comments, complaints, suggestions, words of advise, corrections, and even flames are welcome; I'm really open to everything. And if anyone sees a mistake with past and present tenses please tell me, for some reason it's something I always mess up with.

The End?

The author is currently looking for one or more beta readers for this story. If you are interested, please email the author or leave a private review.

You have reached the end of "Changing Fate" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 29 Jun 09.

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