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No Fear of Mine

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Summary: Willow, Faith and Giles discover that the Hellmouth isn't the only place for demons.

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Harry Potter > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Remus LupinArinaFR1545,5650305,3419 Oct 0323 Jan 04No

Chapter 1

Title: No Fear of Mine

Author: Arina


Rating: PG

Disclaimer: I’m a poor uni student. All I own are my pens.

Category: BtVS/Harry Potter crossover

Pairing: Willow/Remus, Faith/? (suggestions?)

Spoilers: Season seven finale for Buffy; Goblet of Fire for HP, but there may be references to things brought up in the Order of the Phoenix. No major spoilers from book 5, though.

Summary: Willow, Faith and Giles discover that the Hellmouth isn’t the only place for demons.

Feedback: Would love it. Please?


*Tap tap*

Rupert Giles looked up from the book he was reading when he heard the rap against the windowpane. Rising up off he armchair, he made his way to the window and stared down at the thing tapping against the glass. He sighed.

Giles slid the latch on the window and swung it open. The owl waiting on the other side hopped onto the bookshelf next to the window and stuck out its leg. There was an envelope attached.

The former watcher hesitated. He knew what that letter was going to say and knew who it came from. After all, there were eight other identical letters in his bedside drawer, having received one each week for the past two months. They all said the same thing and all came from the same person.

Now it wasn’t that he didn’t want to hear from that particular person. He just didn’t want to deal with what that person wanted.

It was just over a month ago that the First had been destroyed along with the entire town of Sunnydale. Since then, the entire entourage had packed up and were currently residing in L.A. with Angel. They were in the midst of figuring out which of the newly activated Slayers would be heading to Cleveland to deal with that Hellmouth.

The interesting thing about this whole situation was that the disappearance of an entire town went relatively unnoticed by neighbouring suburbs. Maybe it was because all the residents had cleared out in a blind panic before its demise. It was even broadcast on the news that a meteor struck the small town and decimated the area. Only without the actual meteor having been there, of course.


A disgruntled hoot brought Giles out of this reverie. He looked down to see the owl ruffling its feathers irritably, its right leg still stuck out to the side. It had been waiting in that position while Giles was thinking.

“Oh. Sorry.” He untied the letter from the bird’s leg and looked around for some water to offer. “I don’t seem to have any water with me. Uh. . . tea?”

The owl stared back at him as if to say “You’ve got to be kidding me,” and ruffled its feathers again, with a hint of indignation gleaming in both golden eyes.

Shrugging to himself, Giles looked resignedly at the letter in his hand. There was no point ignoring it; the owl was probably sent with instructions to peck him if he didn’t read it. And judging by how annoyed the bird was, it would probably do a pretty good job of it.

He broke the seal and pulled the letter out. Yep, it was written with the same elegant hand he had expected. Sure enough, this letter said just about the same thing as the others.


I pray this letter finds you well. Times are dark and troubled and I expect the first downfall to take place very soon. This Sight of mine is both a gift and a curse, but I must not complain. As I have mentioned before, I have Seen again. It is imperative that you make your return to us with an army of strength. We cannot afford to be complacent with our current state of peace. Permission for your return has been granted, as I have previously Foreseen.

I await your arrival.

Your Sister

Giles put the letter down and removed his glasses to clean the lenses. His ‘return’. He snorted. There was a reason why he left and a bloody good one at that. But clearly, his sister didn’t ‘See’ that.

He could always ignore the letter, as he had done with the other eight. But chances were that there was already another letter on the way.

The former watcher sighed again. “She’s not going to give up, is she?” he asked the owl.

The bird hooted back moodily.

That was obviously a no. Because even the owl knew that while Sybill Trelawny was a little kooky, she sure was persistent.
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