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The Child of the Mother (Beta'd & revised).

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Summary: Willow's Parents are not who she thinks they are.

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Star Trek > Star Trek - The Next Generation(Recent Donor)christytrekkieFR131841,266313156,8251 Jul 0913 Jun 14No

Fear and Loathing

Disclaimer: I don't own BTVS that honor is all Joss Whedon's and Star Trek TNG Belongs to Gene Roddenberry and Paramount.

Thank you to my Beta and collaborators, vidicon and Allenpitt, you are greatly appreciated. :)

Willow looked around the sickbay, noticing all eyes were on her. She gulped and quelled her impulse to cry or run away. Wiping away the few stray tears that remained she glanced at the alien whose life she had saved. “I am not a letter of the alphabet. And what does the letter q have to do with anything?” she asked in a quavery voice.

The captain held Worf back with a look as he growled in frustration and prepared to attack what he thought was Q.

The captain stepped forward and spoke with indignation. “Q if this is one of your tests we are not amused or in the mood!” Willow looked confused. Why they were calling her a letter of the freaking alphabet as if it was an imprecation was beyond her.

“Captain I promise I’m not this Q you speak of,” Willow looked at him with sad eyes.

Buffy groaned and began to awaken. “Did anyone get the number of the truck that hit me?” she got up slowly and her eyes locked unto the shorthaired blonde who shot her. “Never mind I have it in my sights and I’m about to take it down.” Buffy started to go for the security officer; Tasha raised her phaser again and started to fire.

“Buffy don’t!” Willow cried out, she didn’t want anyone else getting hurt.

Before things could escalate any further, the Captain prepared to send everyone to the brig when a British voice spoke calmly. “I may be able to explain things a bit if you allow me, uhm… Captain?” Picard turned to see the last of this infamous group awake and rubbing his aching neck as he glanced at his surroundings, his eyes locked onto a bloodied faith and his eyes darkened.

“I doubt you could explain sufficiently enough to convince us, but you may try,” Picard gestured for Tasha to lower her weapon and Giles gave Buffy a look that said stand down. Both blondes fell in line to the men they looked up to and respected. But both men could sense their reluctance as well.

“But first I will need a gesture of good faith from all of you to prove that you and your people are not a danger to my crew,” Picard looked at each of them daring them to refuse.

Giles sighed but knew he would have to bend to a certain extent to get past this dangerous point. “If it is within our ability to do so Captain we will, but first, If I may I ask, what happened to my charge?" Giles’ voice took on a menacing tone that made Worf step forward to protect his Captain.

Willows control slipped and she started balling her eyes out again and she ran over and hugged him tightly. “Giles it’s all my fault, I went looking for Faith to stop her from doing something stupid. When I found her she was about to snap Wolfs neck,” she pointed at Worf as she frantically explained. All the while, you could hear the klingon growl in the background that his name was Worf not Wolf.

“I yelled for her to stop and I raised my hands and that’s when she flew into the wall and hit it hard. I don’t know what happened or how I did what I did but I nearly killed her,” her sobs were uncontrollable as she buried her head into her mentors chest and Giles barely heard the last of her story because of it.

Picard’s worries subsided somewhat as he realized the girl had tried to save Worfs life. However, that still didn’t explain how she’d done what she’d done or how Faith had defeated Worf and that in itself gave him pause. He gave Beverly silent approval to her earlier suggestion and she quietly went to prepare what she needed.

He thought that his movement had gone unnoticed until he looked into the distrusting eyes of Rupert Giles. “What may I ask is needed of us captain?” Giles asked in a warning tone.

Captain Picard sighed and looked to his crew. They all looked back in support of whatever decision he was about to make. They trusted his judgment to the utmost, like a good Starfleet crew needed to trust their Captain. He nodded and proceeded with his course of action.

“In the light of all that has happened, I regret that I shall have to put you and you’re charges in the Brig until such time that we can confirm that you and yours are not a treat to my crew. Furthermore I shall require that all in your present company undergo certain testing to prove that you are human, genetically engineered, or otherwise,” the Captain felt older than his age today as he felt he was giving out a sentence to these people. Genetically Engineered people did not have much of a life within the federation. If they couldn't return to their own time, if they really were from the past, their lives would not be pleasant.

Buffy and Xander both growled heatedly at the Captain’s proposal and moved as if they were about to attack again, they were both stopped in their tracks by Giles’ disapproving look.

“We will do whatever we can Captain, to set your mind at ease and quiet your worries, be assured that we mean you and your crew no harm,” Giles smiled weakly. "Despite apparant evidence to the contrary."

Picard nodded toward Tasha who efficiently led the Sunnydale group to the Brig minus Faith who Nurse Ogawa was now prepping for surgery.


Cellblock 1 The Slayer and her Vampire lover

Buffy paced back and forth, feeling quite claustrophobic and on edge in her shiny new jail cell. She wondered why her watcher would agree to such a thing as locking them up like this. They had no idea where they were and she didn’t trust these people as far as Xander could throw them. She knew that allowing tests would lead to more questions, questions that they wouldn’t be able or willing to answer. In addition, they had separated them, only allowing two to a cell and she was presently alone with the last person she wanted.

“Buffy you need to calm down and save your energy, working yourself up into a frenzy is not going to help the situation,” Angel tried to sound gentle but ended up sounding condescending.

Buffy stopped in her tracks and scowled at him. “I could if I had a clue where the hell we are and if they hadn’t separated us. How do we even know that they’re not torturing the others right now?” She tried to walk through the barrier that blocked her freedom; instead, she was knocked on her ass for her trouble as the energy screen knocked her back.

Angel rushed towards her to make sure she was okay. “Buffy are…,” Buffy cut him off with a growl and quickly got up and sat down on the strangely comfortable seating and pouted.

Angel sighed and took his seat as well. He tried not to feel hurt or put out about the way she was treating him but it was difficult. He loved her more than his unlife and when she got like this, it stung his unbeating heart. He hoped that this had nothing to do with Faith and how she found them talking together.

“Buffy is there something wrong between us? It seems...” Buffy cut him off again.

“Nothing I can’t deal with or get over quickly,” She said bitingly and the two sat the rest of their time in dead silence, with Angel glumly contemplating that things between him and Buffy were worse than he'd thought.

Cellblock 2 The Witch and the One who sees.

Xander tried to comfort Willow as she buried her face in his chest. He didn’t quite understand how she thought that she had done something to Faith. He’d seen her when that demon had carried Faith in and it looked as if she'd taken on a semi and lost. There is no way Willow could have done all that.

“Willow can you calm down enough to tell me why you believe that you are responsible for what happened to Faith,” He felt Willow stiffen in his arms.

Willow pried herself away and walked across the small little cell. “I don’t know how I did it Xander, strange things have been happening to me since I arrived here,” she paused for a second and thought about it. “No scratch that, it started when I did that stupid spell with Anya. Xander if you saw the things that were scrambling around in my head when we did that spell,” she stopped talking and began to hyperventilate as she remembered all the visions that had exploded inside her mind.

Xander rushed to her and embraced her trying to get her to calm down before she passed out. “Willow, it’s going to be okay, we’ll figure this whole mess out and get home somehow. Then will look back on all this and laugh. Now breath slowly. In.... Out..."

Willow sighed and sunk her head, she hoped that he was right but something told her that before this was all over something life changing would happen and no one would ever be the same again.

“Do you have any idea where we’re at anyway?” Xander asked.

Willow laughed nervously and began to tell an awe stricken and fully geeked out Xander Lavelle Harris where they had landed. Then it was Willow who was calming him down she laughed inwardly at the sudden role reversal. At least it did calm her somewhat.

Cellblock3 the Watcher & The irritating ex-vengeance demon

“This is your fault you know,” Anya scowled at him for what had become of her life.

“What are you chuntering on about woman,” Giles pinched the bridge of his nose. He’d rather be in this bloody cell with Xander than with this daft woman. She’d been glaring daggers at him and going on about something or other since they were placed in this cell. One would think he had destroyed her whole world or left her at the altar.

“If it wasn’t for you and your watcheryness, I would be living it up in my latest assignments reality instead of stuck in Sunnydale doing the angsty teenager thing again,” Anya pouted and crossed her arms.

Giles started to say something to the obviously disturbed woman when Captain Picard graced them with his presence. He stood there examining them for a few seconds before he decided to speak.

His gaze landed on Giles. “As you seem to be the responsible adult of the group, and believe me I’m saying that loosely. You’re charges have set my crews teeth on edge and caused unwarranted injuries among my crew... You said you could explain,” Picard’s brow rose, he had his doubts that the man before him would be able to explain anything that had happened on his ship to his satisfaction.

Giles nodded and Picard motioned for the security guard to lower the force field. He began to lead Giles out of the brig when a shriek made both of them wince.

“You’re not going to leave me in here all by my lonesome,” Anya yelled and started to run after them when the guard blocked her phaser at the ready.

“Anya I will return shortly, then maybe all of this will be cleared up and we can then focus on getting home,” He then turned and walked out with the captain leaving Anya behind to stew in her own fear. He also wondered how he could explain things without the captain thinking he was daft or a liar or both.


Worf came back into sickbay, he glanced around nervously. He didn’t want to explain why he had come back. He didn’t even understand why himself. He walked up to the little slip of a girl that had beaten him in battle and growled. She looked so fragile laying there; he didn’t understand how this human female had taken him down as if he was nothing more than verengan Ha’DIbah. He studied her unconscious form as if boring into her flesh with his klingon eyes would reveal the answers he sought.

He came closer and that same feeling came over him, the feeling of his klingon blood boiling in anticipation of meeting a warrior worthy to meet him in battle. Or was it something deeper than that. Yes, it was much more than that, He felt as though he’d finally encountered his tlq Cha’DIch. He growled at the thought of that, this mach tera'nga be’Hom could never be that for him. He didn’t even know this girl or of her honor yet his klingon heart burned for this warrior.

Almost against his will and better judgment, he touched her face. A higher power grabbed a hold of his mind and hers and they began their leghtaltghach ylt, neither realizing that when their quest was finished it would change their lives forever.

British words and terms:

(sometimes chunner) to mutter, to grumble, to talk continuously; "What's he chuntering on about?"

tlhIngan Hol-Klingon language (curses and words)

be'Hom - girl

cha'DIch - second

leghtaHghach - vision

mach - small

tIq - heart

verengan Ha'DIbaH - Ferengi dog

yIt - walk

Tera’ngan - terran (from earth)
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