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Summary: Dawn Summers jumped at the end of BtVS season 5 and landed in her home dimension, where she is Bobby Drake’s cousin. Three years after her return she ends up living with him, but is her past in this world too much for him and his fellow X-Men?

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Fond Farewells

Three nights later Dawn was sneaking out of the mansion and had made it to the road before she realized she was being followed. She knew instantly that she person following her was Remy.

“Remy LaBeau get yur good for nothin’ butt out here!”

Gambit snickered and dropped from the tree he had been sitting in. “Good for nothin’ ‘ey?”

Dawn giggled. “Well there are a few things…”

Remy stalked up to the girl and hugged her closely. He pulled back slowly. “Where you sneakin’ off to chere?”

Dawn bit her lip. “Papa needs me.”

Remy frowned deeply at this. “He knows ‘m here chere, he won’t let you come back.”

Dawn’s expression didn’t change. “I know, but what else can I do? If not for him I would have been dead long ago! Remy I have to, you KNOW that! He has no one else now!”

Gambit frowned. “Dawnie, please…stay wit’ me.”

Dawn frowned, he hadn’t actually thought she’d stay, did he? “Remy go back to your girlfriend and leave me be.”

Unknown to both Logan was listening to them from a few yards away in the trees. He hadn’t known the kid knew Gumbo. He could hear the southern drawl and slight Cajun accent she had so carefully hidden shining through. He instantly realized that Dawn was part of one of the New Orleans Guilds just like Remy was, but if she had been part of the Thieves Guild Remy’s father would have made sure the girl got to stay. He knew the boy had only recently been acquitted of Bella Donna’s brother’s death but that Bella Donna had been killed just after that.

Logan was brought out of his thoughts at Remy’s voice. “Dawnie, please stay, you know damn well I will protect you.”

Dawn sneered now. “You’ll protect me Remy? I can protect myself and you damn well know it! You have your little damsel in constant distress with Rogue, go back to her, she’s probably lookin’ for ya right now. Ya don’t give two shits about me LeBeau, you made that crystal fuckin’ clear when you left me there!”

Remy’s frustration started to show then. “Damn it Dawnie! I couldn’t take you with me, you wouldn’t have come anyway! Julian knew what he was doin’, he knew no matter what Remy was screwed!”

Neither noticed the small group of X-Men that had gathered not far away, Rogue and Bobby among them.

Dawn’s eyes flashed green. “You leave my brother outta this! He fucked up and now he’s dead, end of story! I would have come with you, you didn’t even ask! Julian knew that too, he said my loyalties were skewed and that I needed to focus on da Guild and not on you but I didn’t! It was all my fault! And now Bella is gone too! Now I don’t have a choice Remy, Papa needs me!”

Remy listened in shock, oh god she would have come with him. He left her there to face the Guilds by herself. 2she had defended him, unlike Bella. “Dawnie…dis boy didn’t know…Remy’s so sorry chere.”

Logan finally figured it out and when he did he knew he’d have to inform the others watching or this could get bad real fast, especially with Rogue and Bobby listening. “So that’d make you Belladonna’s sister, huh?”

Dawn and Remy both pivoted to see Logan and behind him Scott, Rogue, Bobby, Jubilee, and Jean.

Remy put himself between his teammates and his wife’s sister. “Dis ain’t got not’in to do wit’ you all.”

Bobby stepped forward. “It has everything to do with me, she’s my cousin and you need to get the hell away from her.”

Dawn turned towards her cousin. “Don’t speak to Remy that way, you know nothing of either of us.”

Rogue looked at Remy with tears in her eyes. “She’s a baby Remy, not even 18, how could you do something so…disgusting?”

Dawn stepped forward. “Don’t. Just Don’t. Life in the Guilds is different, you wouldn’t understand so don’t try. As for your dirty little mind, he’s never touched me like that. He was my sister’s beau not mine. Remy and I were close but not like that, ya perv!”

Remy wrapped his arm around Dawn’s middle. “How old you think Remy is Rogue?”

Rogue just looked at him blankly. “Yur twenty eight.”

Gambit and Dawn laughed. Remy stopped long enough to ask. “Where did you get that idea chere?”

Rogue looked confused as to why the two Guild members were laughing. “Yur records here and yur ID.”

Dawn giggled again before responding. “Remy’s not even close to that, he’s barely twenty-two.”

All the present X-men, except Jubilee who had known Remy’s age for a long time, gawked. They had always assumed the youthful looks of the thief were just good genes, or mutant genes. To know that the wily thief was barely of drinking age shocked the group.

In classic Jubilee manner she popped her gum and grinned. “So you guys coming back in to spill your guts or you takin’ off never to be heard from again?”

Dawn grinned at her friend. “I ain’t spillin’ nothin’, an’ I gotta go, my Papa needs me.”

Remy frowned at Dawn. “If it be Guild business Remy’s coming too, I failed you once chere, won’t do it again.”

Dawn looked up at Remy. “Remy you know what Papa will want, you have friends and family here.”

Remy smiled down at Dawn. “Oui, I know chere, but I have a responsibility to da Guilds, jus’ like you. De X-Men do fine wit’ out dis Cajun boy.”

Roguelooked at him with tears still streaming down her face. “What about me?”

Remy looked over at Rogue with sadness in his devil red eyes. “Rogue we both know dis aint workin’. You told me dat in da garden once and I didn’t b’lieve ya, but you right chere. We be passion but too stuck to secretive ta make it work. Dat doesn’t mean dis boy will ever stop lovin’ ya t’ough.”

Before any of the X-men could comment Dawn set off one of her starbursts blinding them all.

When their sight returned Remy and Dawn were gone.

Rogue immediately began talking. "We have ta go after 'em!"

Bobby looked at Rogue and shook his head. "They have their own stuff they need to take care of Rogue. Maybe we should give them some time."

Logan set his hand on Rogue's shoulder. "don't worry they'll be back."

Rogue looked at him with confusion. "How do you know?"

Logan snickered as he lit his cigar. "They took Jubes with 'em."

The End?

The author is currently looking for one or more beta readers for this story. If you are interested, please email the author or leave a private review.

You have reached the end of "Starburst" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 6 Jul 09.

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