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Summary: Dawn Summers jumped at the end of BtVS season 5 and landed in her home dimension, where she is Bobby Drake’s cousin. Three years after her return she ends up living with him, but is her past in this world too much for him and his fellow X-Men?

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Chapter One


Disclaimer: I do not own either X-men or Buffy the Vampire Slayer. All copy written characters are simply borrowed for fun, not profit!

Almost everyone at the Xavier School for the Gifted walked with extra care around Dawn Drake. She was always on edge, always ready to attack.

After the death of her parents and sister in a housefire when she was four a mistake in paperwork had left her in foster care. Her first foster parents had been neglectful to say the least; they had almost starved her to death, the second set wasn’t much better; they had sold her to a man for drugs and reported her missing.

No one knew exactly what had happened after that but a few months ago she had been picked up for breaking and entering in New York City. Her fingerprints turned up that she was a missing child and her cousin was called.

Bobby had been ecstatic.

He could still remember the little four year old begging him to show her how to make fart noises with her arm pit. He had been ten then, now he was 23, which would make her 17.

The Professor had helped him get her out of juvie and get the charges dropped and Bobby had waited patiently for her to walk down the hall and back into his life.

When she did however his heart stopped. She looked so much like him he was shocked. But her blue-green eyes held a pain he simply couldn’t understand.

Little did he know but his cousin had in fact come back to this world due to a tragic happening in another. When 14 year old Dawn Summers had jumped into a bright purple portal and fulfilled her destiny she had been put through pain most could imagine. But instead of dying, as she had assumed, she was brought back to where she started.

Dawn Summers had always actually been the cousin of Bobby Drake, her mutant energy abilities had been used as a conduit to aid the Monks of Dagon. She had agreed to help the monks and then, once back in her own world, she remembered it all.

She had saved a world, not her world sure, but a world.

She still held close all the memories of her “life” with Buffy. She always would, but she also knew this is where she belonged. Willow had tried to bring her back, using a magical portal, but Dawn had told her no and handed her letters to all her friends, Spike included, telling them that she was home and that she loved them. She hadn’t heard from any of them in the three years since, that was a good thing.

But now she was stuck with her doofy cousin and his do-gooder friends, which wasn’t so bad but her father, her adoptive father, was getting impatient for her to come home for a while and Dawn wasn’t sure how she was going to manage it.

She leaned against the wall of the building and sighed. She felt a presence coming toward her and growled a bit, she really didn’t want to deal with HIM right now.

“Shouldn’t you be off chasin’ your little Scarlett O’whore?” Dawn spoke quietly.

Remy LaBeau frowned. “She be a fine woman, not a whore. An’ you know damn well why ‘m ‘ere.”


Remy’s face softened. “I know mon Belle, I know. We figure it out, Remy promises.”

Dawn looked at the Cajun thief. “I miss you so much…”

Remy gathered her into a hug. “Remy misses you too. Mebbe we jus’ skip dis joint, oui?”

Dawn sniffled but didn’t cry. “No, you have friends, a semblance of family, here, plus I don’t think my cousin would appreciate it and would probably hunt me down.”

Remy looked like he was about to object when Rogue walked out of the building and called around looking for him. “Com’on ya swamp rat, we gonna go to dinner or what?”

Dawn bit her lip to keep from saying something bitter. “Ya better take off Remy, someone will figure somethin’ out if they see us. Go have fun with your girl.”

Before the smooth Cajun could say anything Dawn had slipped away and Rogue walked around the corner. “What’s the deal Gambit? Are we goin’ or not?”

Gambit looked at Rogue and smiled throwing a bit of charm with it to cover for his frustration. Damnit he needed to talk to Dawn, really talk to her, but she was right, they had to be careful. “Sure t’ing mon chere.”
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