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Time's Child

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Summary: What if Rose lied on that beach? Rose is the one pregnant...with the Doctor's son.

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > Xander-CenteredAlmadynisFR1857,48969724,5132 Jul 0923 Feb 10No

In the Beginning

Time’s Child
In the Beginning

Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy or Doctor Who. Do I look like a millionaire to you?

“There’s five of us now. Mum, Dad, Mickey and the baby.” Her tear-filled eyes couldn’t leave his face. Searching for an admission. Hoping that what she felt was really reflected in his eyes, as she had imagined they had for years. Neither had ever said it, but she knew that she loved him. She could only hope he loved her back. With all they had gone through…she hoped.

The Doctor seemed to freeze and said in his perfectly calm voice, that voice she knew so well, the one he used when he was trying to remain so very calm. “You’re not…” He couldn’t even ask. He was too afraid of the answer.

So Rose Tyler did something she had never done before. In the midst of her grief, she gave her greatest gift to her love. She lied. She shook her head and lied. “No. It’s Mum. She’s three months gone. More Tylers on the way.” She lied because she knew what this man would do for her, had seen him do it. What he would do for his child…it made her shiver.

She kept talking with him, prolonging the inevitable. Engraving his face into her mind for all time, the last time she spoke to him. Heard his voice, saw his skinny form. She wished she could smell him, or touch him…but if this was all she got, she was take it with a glad heart. Finally the tears spilled over as her body couldn’t contain them any longer. His words echoed in her mind later, but at that moment, all she could think of was finally saying what they both, hopefully, felt. “I…I love you.”

He smiled, that gentle smile of his, and gave an answer that was just like him. “Quite right too.” They both shared a laugh, before he got a little more serious and kept on, “And I suppose…if it’s my last chance to say it, Rose Tyler…” and he disappeared. Vanished with the last of the power from a collapsing sun.

Rose Tyler, Defender of the Earth, cried out in pain. She screamed and gripped her father’s hand tightly in hers, him telling her to breathe and push, just like the doctors. The Doctor, he would want to be here. The birth of his son. She had been treated by a discreet midwife ever since the ultrasound showed two rapidly beating hearts. She and her parents had disappeared into the night to escape whoever might come after them. Mickey stayed behind to make sure that who showed up got onto a wrong path.

Rose screamed again as another contraction ripped through her. She felt the baby move. She gave a mighty push, and then collapsed as the baby cried out into the afternoon light, the midwife clipping and tying. She bundled up the baby and set him on Rose’s chest where the new mother’s fingers curled in the dark blond hair. She smiled into those brown eyes, just like his father’s. “Alexander. His name is Alexander.”

Defender of Man. Just like his dad.

Peter Tyler ran into the night. Daleks were all around, and all of them were after what he held most precious in the world. His daughter’s child, barely six months old. He was head of Torchwood now, and he was the one who figured out how to keep his grandchild safe. Without the Doctor there was nowhere in the world safe…nowhere in this world.

With a heavy heart and a letter tucked into the folds of his blanket, Alexander John Tyler was forcibly shoved into the next world, the world closest, the world that it had been connected to before. Since the package was so terribly tiny, didn’t struggle, and it had a signature that seemed familiar, the Universe allowed the baby passage through the Void and into the next world without fuss. No cracks appeared, and no dimensions collapsed.

And one baby suddenly appeared in the colonies, in a small town called Sunnydale.

The father’s fist hit the child with force, as it regularly did when the man was drunk, which seemed to be all the time. The child was four, and already knew the hardship’s enough to know to curl into a ball to protect his insides from becoming outsides.

Tony Harris pulled back his steel-toed boot and when it connected, it hit bone and the child couldn’t keep the sound from escaping. The cry only seemed to enrage the man more, and he ignored the blood coming from the child’s mouth and continued to rain down blows. The child could only curl tighter and hope his father stopped soon.

When the man finally stopped and fell down in a faint from an overdose of alcohol, the child tried to move, but found he couldn’t.

Alexander, for the boy didn’t consider himself a Harris so never said so, not even in his mind, whimpered and fell back to the floor. He didn’t know where his mother was, but knew that even if she was right beside him, she wouldn’t help. He was all alone, and he was smart enough to know that something very bad was happening.

He wished, he wished so hard. He wished for parents that would care. He wished for love, for someone to hold him when he had nightmares. He wished for someone to be gentle, and kind to him. He wished he didn’t have to hurt anymore.

A vengeance demon that specialized in abused children had been watching this one child for a very long time, waiting for that one moment when it would wish. Finally, she had her chance. A perfect wish.

This child was so special. The child wasn’t human, but it wasn’t demon either. If left alone it would draw every demon around in both curiosity and the excitement of something new and unknown. The child wasn’t safe where he was, not with parents like those. But those people were completely human, so not the child’s biological family.

And there was a residue on the boy, something she had never experienced before. Something she had only felt once before. On a man that scared her so much, but that man wasn’t human either. And both man and boy had two hearts. The man cared for humans, for any lifeform actually, as long as it kept to itself and did no harm. He would be a good father.

Halfrek picked up the child, and it cried out in pain from the movement. She whispered an apology and then transported them both to a place that scared her to her core. But a wish was a wish, and this boy wished for a father, a true father. He deserved one. This one was perfect.

Her eyes, still in demonic form so that her magic could work, looked into wide and surprised brown eyes. The man that terrified her looked at the broken and bleeding child in her arms and was instantly at her side, trying to help the boy. She spoke, her voice rough with fear, but clear.

“His name is Alexander. His so-called father did this to him. Help him, Doctor.” Then she left, teleporting away before the man could ask any questions. She had done her duty, and with how much trouble this man got into, the consequences of the wish would make themselves known with time. Time…huh, she made a joke.

The blond haired boy screamed as he was moved yet again, and the man muttered “sorry” under his breath as he tried desperately to save the small child. But he knew in the back of his mind that the injuries this young one had sustained were massive, and he couldn’t fix them with the time the toddler had left. If he was already at a hospital, an excellent and future hospital, the boy might survive…but he was in the mid-1200s on Earth. The time it took to travel to the best hospital would make the boy worse in the trip over. All he could do was hold him, and give the child a few moments of peace.

“Hello Alexander. I’m the Doctor.”

Brown eyes blinked up at him, so pain filled it broke his hearts. “Hi.” Blood burbled up from the punctured lung, the one heart still stubbornly pumping, but not for much longer. “I can’t move.”

“I know. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

The child smiled then, revealing blood-stained teeth, but he smiled. A tear blinked out of his left eye. He had gotten his wish. Someone who cared. Someone to hold him. Now he just wished he had more time to be held and loved. He took a breath, and then it went out, and didn’t come back.

The Doctor gently set the child back down, and got to his feet. He turned away to get the Tardis moving, trying to think of a cemetery that would be good enough for such a small child, when he heard it. That tell-tale sound of regeneration. He spun back around, eyes so wide with shock, and he witnessed the four-year-old boy glow and the face and hair changed.

Brown hair replaced it, and hazel eyes. His cheeks got a bit more angular, as did the chin, but there was still a small bit of baby fat the starvation hadn’t eaten that the child was cute and could be considered a child.

Those eyes blinked at him for a couple seconds, as the Doctor tried to understand what he saw, and process it. A Time Lord child!?! The small voice was different than the one that had spoken before, a bit more innocent, “I don’t hurt anymore.” Then the small boy, the Child of Time fainted away, the energy that had been used to restore him had more work to be done.

The Doctor moved then, getting the small child into the medical bay and onto a bed. He ran the standard tests for a Time Lord and his eyes grew so wide at the information the Tardis provided.

He looked at the sleeping child and said, shock coloring his so calm tone, “You’re Rose’s son.” Then the Tardis spit out something else and he staggered, for it had only been one night, and it had been so long ago.

“You’re my son. I have a son.”

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