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Echoes of the Fallen

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Fallen May Rise". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: YAHF- Xander lost a bet with with Willow, where he had to dress up as a Jewish character for Halloween. Well, he stuck to the bet, and now, he must overcome the memories of a man who wanted only to protect his people, no matter the cost.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Xander-Centered(Recent Donor)ChilordFR181492,971199522228,5302 Jul 094 Dec 09Yes
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Expanding Ripples I

Chapter 5: Expanding Ripples I
Disclaimer: These aren't my characters, only my interpretation. Magneto belongs to Marvel, Buffy characters belong to Joss Whedon and the various studios/networks.
Author’s notes: Every wave, starts out as a ripple. And huh, that came quickly. *Edit* Has been edited for grammar and a few mistakes
“I. Hate. Zombies!” A growl of frustration left Xander’s throat as he flopped down on the couch. “I mean, seriously!”
“Well, look on the bright side,” Buffy offered. “They were self cleaning zombies.”
“If only all the stuff we come across was so considerate,” Cordelia spoke up. “I mean, think of how much money you’d save on dust and blood ruined clothing.”
“Not to mention how killing one got rid of em all,” Oz pointed out. “Would be nice with vampires.”
“So, is this a typical day at the office?” Joyce asked, a bewildered look in her eyes.
“This? This was nothing.” Buffy smiled and shrugged. “You should see our bowling nights.”
“Nothing like knocking down a dozen demons, eh, Buff?” Xander was grinning softly, even as he watched an excited seeming Willow rush up and grab onto Buffy in a happy hug, not seeming to notice the awkward stiffness it evoked in Buffy’s form.
“It’s so good to have you back!” Willow said happily, grinning back at her.
“Yeah, good to be back.” Buffy nodded, smiling again, with that slight awkwardness before she slipped out of Willow’s arms, then walked over towards where she saw Giles disappearing back into the kitchen. “Give me a moment, would you?”

“Oh… Okay.” The girl nodded uncertainly as Xander watched with an approving nod while Buffy walked after Giles.
“So, I heard you were worried about me?” Buffy spoke up quietly as she leaned against the kitchen counter. “I’m sorry I didn’t come to you, it’s just…”
“Xander explained some of it to me,” Giles responded quietly. “He wouldn’t go into too much detail about it, he simply told us that you needed some time. All he’d tell us is that you were all right, and that you needed some time away.”
“Yeah, well…” She shrugged slightly before wrapping her arms about her chest. “I was in a bad place when he found me. Waitressing in a dump of a diner with customers that were a bit too free with their hands.”
“He never did tell us how he located you so quickly,” Giles noted quietly. “He went after you as soon as school had finished and he didn’t have to worry about the truancy officers.”
“Heh.” Buffy smiled slightly before she lifted up her wrist, showing off the watch still wrapped about it. “He was sneaky enough to slip a homing device into my Valentine’s Day present. Which, really was a smart thing, what with all the kidnappings we go through.”
“My word.” Giles blinked, as he reached up, quickly pulling off his glasses to begin to polish away at them. “I, well, that is a, um, very good idea, good for Xander.”
“That’s Xan for you.” She smiled softly again, looking over her shoulder back where the boy in question was chatting away with Cordelia. “I really don’t wanna think about what it would have been like if he hadn’t been there for me.” She paused a moment, before taking a slow, deep breath then looked at her Watcher once more. “Did he tell you what happened with Angel?”
“Only to make some disparaging remarks about someone known as Whistler, and against Willow,” the man responded quietly as he would look into his charge’s eyes. “Though, he wouldn’t say why exactly.”
“Whistler, is this demon guy who supposedly works to preserve the balance between good and evil.” The petite blonde grinned a bit as she looked up at her Watcher. “He told me that in the end, it always came down to me, and that I was all on my own. And after what happened with Angel, I started to believe him.”
“Why that arrogant little pillock.” A flash of Ripper could be seen in the man’s eyes as he fought back the growl that wanted so badly to escape his throat. “You are most certainly NOT alone.”
“Yeah, I know that now. Xander kinda beat it into my head.” She smiled slightly before her eyes caught sight of Willow and she faced Giles again, her face growing more subdued. “As for Willow… She should have listened to Xander.”
“What happened exactly?” the man cast a furtive glance at the red head before looking questioningly into Buffy’s eyes.
“She pulled it off,” the Slayer responded quietly. “After Angelus had already awakened Acathla.”
“Good lord,” the man whispered, softly under his breath, staring at his charge in a growing horror.
“So, instead of sending Angelus to hell,” she continued softly, her eyes growing distant. “I had to send the man I loved there, to save the world. After that, and after what Mom said… I just… I had to get away.”
“He... you’re sure his soul was restored?” Giles repeated back to her.
“Yeah,” Buffy responded softly. “So, the Kalderesh should be happy. They get double the vengeance for the price of one. Not only does he get the guilt suffering, he got the hell suffering on top of it.”
“Yes, well.” Giles paused a moment before pinching the bridge of his nose. “The Kalderesh…”
“Xan still want to go all vengeancy on them?” Buffy asked, arching a brow slightly at the man.
“I, um, err…” A flustered flash spread across his face as the man looked away, trying to hide the guilty look in his eyes.
“And you’re helping him track them down.” Buffy nodded knowingly, before looking back at the boy in question. “Just… Don’t let him go too far, ok? I know he feels he has to, that he needs to, but… I don’t want to lose him.”
“I understand.” Giles said softly reaching up, gently squeezing his hand on her shoulder.
“And you understand him,” she added as she looked up at her mentor’s eyes. “You want vengeance on them too.”
“I wish I could say otherwise,” Rupert Giles admitted as he looked over to towards Xander himself. “But… Jenny’s death is as much at her feet as it is Angelus’. More so even. And it would seem I still have more Ripper in me than I thought.”
“You loved her.” it wasn’t a question that left her lips, more of a simple acknowledgement of fact as she smiled a sad, knowing smile.
“Yes, I did,” he agreed, nodding his head again. “Very much so.”
“She loved you too,” she said softly, leaning back against her Watcher, wrapping her arms around him in a gentle hug. “She tried to restore Angel’s soul for you. And we both know it.”
“Yes, well…” He smiled slightly before coughing just a bit. “So, about your future enrollment.”
“Yeah, Mom’s working on figuring out how to handle it.” Buffy shrugged. “Snyder really doesn’t want to let me back.”
“Yes, well, leave that to me.” Giles smiled a very Ripperish smile down at Buffy. “Xander and I have a few… surprises for the little would be Napolean.”
“Oooh, does it involve thumb screws?” Buffy asked hopefully.
“Wha- No, it does not involve thumb screws,” Giles responded quickly, before giving the girl an odd look. “Do I even want to know where you heard of them?”
“With all the books you have us reading about demons and their habits, how can I NOT know about them?” she countered, a slight smile on her lips.
“Yes, well…” He smiled at her, and hugged her softly in return. “It’s good to have you back.”
“It’s good to be back,” she responded quietly as she let a small smile curl across her lips.
“We’d like to have a word with you,” Giles said as he casually walked into the principal’s office, accompanied by a rather mundane looking man in a crisp suit and salt and pepper hair.
Glancing up, Snyder scowled at the man, before grinning viciously. “If that word is ‘Buffy,’ I have two for you: ‘good’ and ‘riddance.’”
“Well, I had hoped to be more civil about this,” the man next to Giles said mildly. “Though, considering what Mr. Giles has told me, as well as the evidence I’ve been given, I came properly prepared for it to be otherwise.”
“Well, too bad,” the principal countered, sneering at the two. “I have grounds, precedent and a wonderfully tingly feeling. You have a problem with it? Take it up with the city council.”
“Oh, no,” the man responded, a bland smile on his lips. “Allow me to introduce myself…”
“I don’t care, who you are, that worthless delinquent is never getting back into my school,” Snyder cut the man off.
“My name is William Murdoch,” the man continued, as if the principal had never interrupted him. “The legal council hired by an interested party.” The man smiled, blandly at the principal once more as he opened up the briefcase at his side and produced a several bound stacks of papers. “And these, are copies of the lawsuits I will be filing on behalf of Ms. Summers. Including defamation of character, and harassment against you personally, as well as a copy of the one against the school district for unlawfully denying a student their right to education.”
“What?!” Instantly the man’s face had drained of color as he stared at the papers laid out in front of him. “You have no-“
“Evidence?” The lawyer’s bland smile remained the same. “Actually, we have quite a bit, apparently some of your students have taken exception to your harassment, and have been collecting a fair bit of evidence against you.” Reaching into his briefcase once more, he produced another set of papers. “These are the transcripts of some of that evidence.”
“This is preposterous!” the man sputtered, his face alternating between a bright crimson and a drained, paled.
“What is preposterous, is the thought that someone actually allowed someone like you to be placed in a position of authority, let along one over children,” the man responded again. “And unfortunately for you, some of those children have brought their situation to my employer’s eyes.”
“You!” Snyder glared across the table, pointing an accusatory finger at Giles. “This is all YOUR fault!”
“Now, Principal Snyder.” The lawyer emphasized the words. “I would hate to have to add a lawsuit for improper dismissal, or an additional harassment lawsuit against you because you chose to wrongly attempt to take your frustrations out on Mr. Giles here.”
“You… you…” The principal’s face flushed brightly, as he stumbled over his words, and stared back at the lawyer.
“Now, I have been instructed to inform you, that you have a choice, Mr. Snyder,” William Murdoch responded. “You can either cease your infantile display and reinstate Ms. Summers at this school, ceasing any and all harassment against herself and her friends, or you can choose to attempt to fight me, in which case, she will still be reinstated at this school and I will completely and utterly destroy you, and any chance to have a career doing anything save flipping burgers at a Double Meat Palace.”
The bland smile, suddenly turned into a vicious, shark-like smirk as he continued in a slow, drawn out voice, “Personally? I’m hoping you’re stupid enough to try and fight it. I despise pathetic little bullies like you. But then, like all bullies, you’re just a coward at heart, aren’t you, Mr. Snyder?”
The principal merely scowled back at the man in defeat as he sunk back into his chair.
“This sucks, I can't believe Snyder tried to keep Buffy out of school.” Cordelia's rather vocal complaint rippled through the hallways as her heels clicked down in time with Xander's steps next to her. “I mean, how can I appropriately be Queen C, without a proper court?!”
“Hmm...” Xander tapped his finger lightly on his lip, pretending to think a moment as they walked into earshot of Harmony. “Well, you did manage it for the last, what, two and a half years?”
“True,” Cordelia admitted. “Ah, the lessons of youth!” She sighed dramatically. “What one makes do with when one never realizes how... inadequate what you have is.”
Lips twitching a moment as he saw Harmony silently fuming, Xander lightly nudged Cordelia. “That was mean you know.”
“Yeah, yeah.” The brunette winced slightly as she saw the look in his eyes. “You weren't too nice yourself.”
“True enough,” Xander admitted as he sighed slightly, pinching the bridge of his nose. “Harmony... Just makes me want to... Ugh.”
“I know.” Cordelia smirked slightly before patting him lightly atop his head. “And, you had to go and show me what its like to have someone that actually wants to be around you for a friend. Completely ruined me for dealing with Harmony.”
“That, and you like someone who can actually keep up with you,” Xander shot back, rolling his eyes slightly at the pat atop his head.
“Yup,” the cheerleader agreed, before grinning wickedly at him. “Which is why I'm really glad Buffy's back in town.”
“Ouch, you wound me, deeply.” He shrugged slightly before grunting just a bit as he stretched out. “So, I suppose we're gonna hook up with Oz and Willow, then head out to Buffy?”
“Yes, picnic in the park.” Cordelia nodded slightly, pursing her lips a bit. “Are you as worried as I am?”
“Dunno honestly.” Xander grinned back at the girl as he would shrug just a bit. “We mainly ate out and had room service over the summer.”
“Gah.” Cordelia shook her head, staring at the boy. “I can't believe I actually wish I'd been with you two instead of down in Mexico.”
“Frightening, isn't it?” Xander grinned wickedly at her. “You're becoming one of us! My evil plan is coming to fruition!”
“Well, if this is the extent of your evil planning skills, I find myself feeling less than threatened,” Cordelia shot back. “I thought you were supposed have some kinda...”
Xander's hand snapped up, catching the girl's mouth in his hand as he gave her a serious look. “Careful... Seriously, that's not something I want going around.”
She gave him a simple, glaring look, before her eyes shifted down to his hand, before flicking back to his face. As she shifted slightly, hips cocked, one hand resting just below her waist, she gave the impression of annoyed patience as she glared back at him. Sheepishly getting her message, he pulled his hand away with an apologetic bob of his head.
“Sorry,” the word was half mumbled as he started walking again.
“Uh huh, you're just lucky I'm worried about where that hand of yours had been.” She sniffed lightly as she lifted her chin. “Come on already, dweeb boy, I want to see what Buffy made us.”
“Don't you mean, let's go meet up with Willow and Oz, then go see what Buffy made us?” Xander asked another slight tread of amusement in his words as he continued walking onwards.
“Bah, I still don't...”
“Cor,” he said softly as he placed his hand on her shoulder. “Let it go. I know you two don’t like each other that much…”
“And we never have,” the brunette countered, her lips set in a thin line. “But, at least I’m honest about it. I’m not lying to people.”
“She thought she was doing the right thing,” There was an uneasiness to his response as he spoke in softer tones. “She thought…”
“And I can’t believe you’re defending her,” Cordelia shot back, grumbling even more. “I mean, seriously! She broke her promise to you, she lied to you and was proud of it! She treats you like you’re some kind of short bus kid!”
“It is a bit ridiculous isn’t it?” He finally chuckled, somewhat ruefully before shrugging just a bit. “I guess, the reason I’m not too upset about it anymore, is because it didn’t really surprise me too much that she did it.”
“You should be upset,” the cheerleader continued to mutter softly. “I’d be upset. Anyone would be upset about it!”
“Buffy’s the one who has the most right to be upset,” Xander responded evenly, his voice soft. “She’s the one who had to send the man she loved to Hell.”
“Wait, so…” Cordelia spoke up, her eyes widening slowly. “She did actually pull it off?”
“Yeah, too late,” Xander responded quietly as he caught sight of Willow bouncing eagerly next to Oz. “Portal was open, only way to shut it…”
“I guess she wasn’t completely spazzing then,” Cordelia admitted. “I mean, I can’t imagine…”
“Yeah,” the boy agreed. “Just… Don’t bring it up until Buffy does. This is her thing.”
“Fine,” she huffed back, before sighing a bit. “Ugh, this so totally sucks.”
“Yup,” the boy agreed, before forcing a smile on his face as he arrived in front of the couple. “So, to the park?”
“Just a sec,” Willow said, her eyes a bit bewildered as she shifted, suddenly nervous. “This is a big step, Senior Moment you know? It has to be, kinda…”
Xander arched a brow slightly, before shrugging as he looked at Oz. “She’s your girlfriend.”
“That she is,” the guitarist agreed, as he would suddenly lift Willow up, and carried her with him as he crossed the street, ignoring her protests.
“No, I can’t…” Willow suddenly babbled. “What if they changed the rules sudden? Trying to ruin my perfect record! To-to get me arrested!”
“Breath, Willow,” Xander stated casually. “Breath. No one changed the rules without telling us. We’re Seniors now, we get to go off campus for lunch.”
As Oz set her down, Cordelia and Xander started walking immediately into the park, leaving a blinking Willow to suddenly squeak and tug Oz after them. “So, um, wow.. We’re so totally Seniors!”
“Mhm, you, so totally noticed!” Cordelia shot sarcastically. “Come on, Buffy’s waiting.”
“Um, maybe we shouldn’t be all couply?” Willow spoke up uncertainly. “Ya know, since, err…”
“Her last guy went all psycho and she had to put him down?” Cordelia offered up before shrugging. “Well, since there’s only ONE couple here, I don’t really think that’s a problem, since, ya know, Xander here and I aren’t a couple.”
“Yeah, she just totally wants me,” Xander said with a waggle of his brows before quickly dodging out of the way the smack Cordelia sent towards the back of his head.
“You are such a dweeb,” the brunette grumbled casually as she stood over next to Willow.
“Yes, yes,” Xander said with a smirk as he swept low into a mock bow. “Whatever you say your Majesty.”
“As long as you understand that,” Cordelia shot back, sniffing daintily as she lifted her head and strode proudly in Buffy’s direction.
Willow gave the brunette a sour look before looking over at Xander. “I don’t see why you put up with that… she’s such a-a meanie head!”
Xander merely shrugged in response, not verbally responding to the redhead as he followed Cordelia over to the blankets Buffy had lain out. As he watched Cordelia slip down next to his blonde friend, he took a moment to look over the spread in front of them. As he finished, he slowly arched a brow down at the petite Slayer and took his own seat nearby.
“Too much time on your hands?” The question hung in the air with the playful grin he said it with as he slipped down onto the blanket himself.
“Frightening, isn’t it?” Buffy said with a slight grin. “I think Giles might’ve warned Mom about idle Slayers and the inherent troubles that come with them.”
“So, she decided to teach you to be Martha Stewart?” Cordelia offered as she looked over the spread. “Because, seriously, this looks good.”
“Please,” Buffy scoffed as she offered out several drink bottles.
“Yeah, Martha Stewart is seriously lacking in the slayage department,” Xander spoke up, before frowning as he caught his chin in his fingers. “Or is she?”
“Heard she can,” Oz supplied as he took his own drink. “Just doesn’t like getting the demon blood out of her clothes.”
“I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I can’t wait to go back to school.” Buffy sighed softly as she looked out across the park towards the High School. “Someone shoot me now.”
“I would,” Oz volunteered. “But, I don’t think Xander would like that.”
“Nah.” Xander shrugged. “I’m cool with it, I’d just have to shoot you.”
“Cool.” The guitarist nodded easily as he took a sip of his drink.
“Hey! There will be no shooting of Oz!” Willow spoke up, pouting slightly. “Not even in the jesting of!”
“Except with the tranq gun,” Cordelia pointed out smugly.
“Well, yeah,” Willow admitted grudgingly.
“Speaking of which, I call dibs on the next time we have to put wolf boy down,” Xander spoke up, grinning as he rubbed his hands together.
“Hey!” Buffy protested, “That’s my job!”
“You snooze you lose, Buff.” Xander smirked triumphantly.
“Only you two would squabble over who gets to shoot someone,” Cordelia snarked, “Especially who gets to shoot a friend.”
“Grr…” Willow grumbled slightly under her breath, before immediately her eyes lit up as she saw a figure approaching them. “Oooh, Buffy! There’s Scott Hope!”
As Buffy curiously turned her head in the direction Willow indicated, a brow arched up slightly the girl babbled on. “He likes you! He wanted to ask you out last year! But, you totally weren’t ready then, but, now you’re totally ready, or at least, pre-ready right? To do the conversation thing and the…”
“Not really.” Buffy cut her off before she could really get going, with a slight shake of her head, a frown marring her features before she shrugged lightly. “Still getting over the whole, sending Angel to Hell thing.”
“Oh…” Willow paused, a moment, looking uneasily at Buffy with a slight frown. “But, you didn’t, you sent Angelus to Hell.”
“No,” Buffy responded slowly, her eyes flicking up, locking onto Willow’s. “Thanks to you, I had to send Angel, soul and all, to Hell, to save the world.”
“Wha-bu?” The red headed girl’s eyes were wide, startled as she stared at Buffy like a deer caught in a pair of headlights.
“Ouch.” Oz winced, his face rippling with a shocked display of emotion. “Harsh.”
“Well, it was that or everything got sucked into Hell,” the blonde responded quietly as she stabbed her fork down into her meal. “So, I went with the saving the world by damning the man I loved to Hell.”
It was Cordelia who reacted first surprisingly enough, wrapping an arm around Buffy’s shoulder and giving her a gentle squeeze. “You didn’t have any choice… I mean, seriously, think of all the Prada you saved from Hell. Can you imagine demons running around in some designer heels?”
Buffy stared at the brunette in open mouthed shock for a moment, before bursting into a giggling laughter as she leaned against the taller girl. “Oh, only you could say something like that with a straight face, Cordelia. Only you.”
“What?” The girl looked back at the blonde, her face masked in confusion. “Can’t a girl think of the clothing? I mean, it’s Prada!”
“Don’t change Cordy.” Xander chuckled softly. “Whatever you do, don’t change.”
Willow stared at the three of them, her face drawn and pale curled against her boyfriend, feeling his hand rubbing slowly, firmly upon her back. Because of her, Angel was in Hell. Because of HER.
“Ah, sweet bliss of being back in school!” Buffy sighed happily as she leaned back in her chair. “And being a Senior, now that I’m all good on my make up tests.”
“Life is good?” Xander offered with a grin as he sipped at his drink.
“Life is good,” she agreed with a nod, grinning softly as she didn’t quite look over where Willow sat moodily against her boyfriend. “And of course, the Bronze is fun.”
“Psh,” Cordelia rolled her eyes, “Not like there’s anywhere better to go in this town.”
“Well, I don’t know,” Xander offered up. “The graveyards are pretty happenin’.”
“This is true,” Oz agreed as he rubbed at Willow’s back. “Full of the Night Undeath.”
“Always good for a dusting,” Xander agreed as he would grin softly.
“Psh!” Buffy rolled her eyes. “I’d like to be able to spend my first night hanging out with my buds again without having to worry some dumb vampire needing to be introduced to the business end of a stake”
“Yeah, well…” Cordelia spoke up, as she pointed out onto the dance floor. “Hate to point this out, but… That 70’s reject over there dancing at the Slut-O-Rama seems to have jinxed you.”
Buffy turned her head, before sighing softly as she saw a guy dancing a few decades out of date next to a gyrating brunette. “Great, don’t these guys know to that I’m supposed to just be having a quiet night with my friends?”
“Vampires.” Xander shrugged as he stood up, offering her his hand. “They’ve got no respect.”
“Yeah, yeah.” Buffy took the boy’s hand and stood up, stretching out slowly as she watched the couple make their way out the door. “I guess I’ll just have to see about learning them some huh?”
“Guido you ain’t,” Xander snarked softly as the group started to make their way through the crowd.
“Oh, hey Buffy!” a voice spoke up as they were moving towards the door, revealing an eager looking Scott Hope as he paused where he was dancing. “I was hoping to…”
“Sorry,” Buffy cut him off, offering him an apologetic half smile before she pointed towards the door, “I’m, kinda…”
“Oh.” the boy deflated slowly, before nodding reluctantly as he got out of the way. “Maybe another time then?”
“Maybe,” she offered back as the group made their way out of the club.
“So, anyone see em?” Buffy asked as she took hold of a stake Xander offered her.
“Do you take those things everywhere?” Cordelia eyed the boy.
“What can I say? They’re the perfect accessory for all my outfits.” Xander snapped back with a grin. “And sorry, Buff, I don’t see em…”
“Hey!” A girl’s voice could be heard shouting nearby.
“-But I do hear her,” the boy finished with a slight grin. “Ah, Sunnydale… Never a dull moment.”
“As much as we might wish otherwise,” Buffy agreed as they quickly found their way to the side of the building, where the couple from the dance floor could be found, the guy in full game face as he was kicked to the ground.
“Oh, hey.” The brunette waved  towards the group, “Buffy, right? And err… Friends? I got this.”
Buffy blinked slightly in surprise as she watched the girl suddenly head butt the vamp as it tried to grab her from behind, her eyes widening as the brunette continued, “I’m Faith by the way.”
“I’m gonna have to say, there’s a new Slayer in town,” Oz noted to Willow, loud enough for the rest of them to hear.
“She’s certainly energetic enough,” Xander observed dryly as he hooked his thumbs into his jeans. “Hmm… Not bad for a newbie.”
“Newbie?!” Faith sent a glare towards Xander as she ducked out of the way of one of the vampire’s punches and rolled over to Buffy, snatching the stake out of her hand. “I’ll show you a newbie. Have this back to you in a jiff, B.”
“Mmm, methinks she didn’t like that,” Xander observed dryly as he watched the dark haired Slayer quickly dust the vampire with the stake before sauntering back over to Buffy.
“Thanks, B,” Faith offered the stake to her with a grin, “Couldn’t have done it with out ya.”
“Not a problem,” Buffy responded with a slight grin, before she tossed the stake towards Xander. “Was Xan’s stake though.”
As the boy deftly caught the weapon and slipped it back into his jacket, Cordelia spoke up with a smirk, “That’s our Xander, he always has wood for a Slayer.”
“Oh, really now?” Faith cocked her head to the side, hips shifting as she slowly ran her eyes up and down the boy’s body with a slight lick of her lips.
“Yes, yes, Cor,” Xander drawled back with a chuckle, the tinge of accent slipping into place. “You’re simply hilarious.”
“Well, she does have a point,” Buffy supplied innocently enough. “You’re the go to guy for stakes.”
“As you might’ve guessed by the comments from the peanut gallery here,” Xander interrupted as he offered Faith his hand. “I’m Xander, you already know Buffy, the cheerleader who thinks she’s funny is Cordelia, which leaves Oz and Willow.”
“Yo.” Oz nodded, eying the new Slayer somewhat warily as Willow frowned slightly next to him.
“There a problem short stuff?” Faith asked as she took then released Xander’s hand, watching the caution in the couple’s eyes.
“Oz has a bit of a problem three nights a month,” Buffy supplied carefully.
“What, so do I, he get bitching PMS too?” the dark haired Slayer asked as she crossed her arms about her chest.
“Werewolf,” the guitarist supplied simply as he arched a brow back at her. “That a problem?”
“Hey, as long as I don’t have to deal with you humpin’ on my leg, we’re good,” Faith said with a wave of her hand.
“He better not be,” Willow finally spoke up, glaring slightly at Faith before looking at her boyfriend. “Right?”
“Uh huh,” Oz agreed as he leaned in, and kissed his girlfriend gently.
“So, uh, mind if we take this inside?” the brunette offered. “It’s crazy how Slayin’ just always gets ya hungry and horny.”
Xander arched a brow from Faith, to Buffy, as his lips quirked up just a bit as that teasing drawl could be heard once more. “Oh, does it now?”
Buffy only blushed in response as she grabbed hold of the grinning Faith, and dragged her bodily back into the Bronze.
“What?” Xander asked towards Cordelia as he lazily followed the two Slayers with an innocent grin on his face. “Was it something I said?”
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