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Chaotic Rebirth

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Summary: When Acathla’s portal doesn’t fully close, the Scoobies perform a dangerous ritual to close the portal. But in the middle of the ritual Xander is summoned to a different universe, the powers unleashed destroy the buffyverse, and only Xander survives.

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The End of It All

Chaotic Rebirths-Chapter One: The End of It All

Summary: AU When Acathla’s portal doesn’t fully close, the Scoobies perform a dangerous ritual to close the portal. But in the middle of the ritual Xander is summoned to a different universe, the powers unleashed destroy the buffyverse. What will he do with everyone he knows dead, and just where did the energy from the ritual go? How will Xander deal with the people who summoned him? Why did they summon him? BtVS/Marvel (MC2).

Warning: There is character death in this story. And the story is most definitely AU.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or Marvel comics or almost anything mentioned in my writing.

Xander was worried. He was wandering through the mansion that Angelus had used for a base, looking for clues as to what had happened, and as to Buffy’s current location. He and the other Scooby’s were very worried, as Buffy had never returned after her face off with Angelus two days before. He had volunteered to go to the mansion and search for clues, because Willow and Giles had only just recently got out of the hospital. Willow had suffered a concussion when a bunch of vampires led by Drusilla had interrupted her first attempt to return Angel’s soul, and Giles had been tortured by Angelus so that Angelus could use Acathla to destroy the world.

Strange, Xander thought to himself, there shouldn’t be any lights on. Underneath a nearby door, a strange ethereal red light seemed to be flickering. Xander wondered for a moment if he should just go and get Giles, but instead he just gripped the wooden stake he had in his hand tightly and moved over to the door. He cautiously opened the door and entered the room, and gasped at what he saw.

A flickering red vortex seemed to take up half the room, centered on what appeared to be a statue. And what’s more the strange vortex seemed to be shifting slightly. No, Xander realized, it was growing, really, really slowly, but it was growing all the same. Xander didn’t like the look of the vortex, it seemed sinister. If there was anything he had learned from dealing with the supernatural on the Hellmouth, it was that if something strange was going on, talk to Giles. So Xander resolved to go and get Giles.


---An hour later

“Dear Lord,” Were the first words out of Giles' mouth as he watched the vortex that Xander had brought him to. He took off his glasses and started rubbing them, “It appears that this is a portal to hell that Acathla opened, and it appears that Buffy didn’t close it fully. And what’s more it appears to be growing.”

“G-Man, please, please tell me that you are joking.” Xander said, looking at Giles, “We don’t have time to deal with this. I mean we’re still recovering from what Angelus did to us, and Buffy’s missing! We shouldn’t have to deal with a portal to hell as well.”

“I’m afraid that this portal takes priority, Xander. If this portal continues to grow it could swallow the world, making a literal hell on Earth. Finding Buffy can wait until after we close this portal. Come, we need to research some way of doing so.”


---Later, In the Library

Giles was looking through piles of books, as were Xander, Willow, Cordelia and Oz. Each of them were worried about what could happen if the portal continued to grow unchecked. Unfortunately, most books seemed to say that if you wanted to close a portal, that you would need large amounts of energy, because portals were essentially forcing tears onto the surface of the universe, and use massive amounts of energy to keep themselves open, and in order to close it, you needed to do so early, before the portal becomes self-sustaining, or else you would need to use more energy than was being used by the portal in order to close it, and those energy requirements become more and more astronomical the longer the portal remains open and the bigger the portal is.

Finally Giles seemed to find what he was looking for. He put down the book he currently had in his hands and turned to the others in the library. “I’ve found something that we can use to close the portal. However it’s an hour long ritual, and all five of us are going to be needed in order to close the portal. The spell I’ve found uses two sets of two people resenting opposite powers in order to bounce the opposites off each other to attain greater and greater power, while using a fifth person in order to achieve balance and ensure that the ritual doesn’t become too powerful.” Giles looked a little bit more in the book he was holding. “The powers that we will be using are; mind against instinct, and magic vs. nature. These are powerful forces, not to be trifled with.” Giles look seriously at each of the teenagers. “Now as for who represents what, I believe that Willow should represent magic, as she is presently the only magic user among us. Oz should represent instinct, because as a werewolf, his own instincts are enhanced. I myself should represent mind. Now for Xander and Cordelia, I think that Cordelia would be better suited to be nature, while Xander represents balance. Now, we should perform the ritual as soon as possible, as it will get progressively harder and harder to close the portal the longer that it is open. Now this is what you need to do…”


---Later at Angelus' former Mansion

Xander shivered as he contemplated the menacing portal in the middle of the room. Following Giles directions, Oz, Willow, Cordelia and himself had spread around the room, getting ready for the ritual. Oz, Willow, Cordelia and Giles spread themselves around Xander, Willow in front of him, Cordelia behind him, Oz to his left and Giles to Xander’s right. Giles had filled them in on what each of them needed to do in the library, and Willow had created the runes that they were going to use while Giles explained to the others what needed to be done. The ritual would use the people around Xander to represent the powers that they were invoking and would link them to Xander so that he could act as a conduit so that the powers that were used wouldn’t grow too destructive.

“Are we all ready?” Giles asked from the side, “You all know your parts, and while I wish that we had more time in order to get ready, we need to close this portal now. I trust in each of you to do what needs to be done. I’ll start the chant as soon as you all are ready.”

“I’m ready Giles. I know that we can do this.” Willow spoke up.

“Hey, you know me G-man, we’ll do this, and then we can go back to tracking down Buffy.” Xander said.

“Ready.” Stated Oz stoically.

“Let’s get on with it. I can’t believe that I agreed to do anything with you dweebs. If anyone saw me here with you…” Cordelia snapped.

“Yes. Well. Let’s get on with is then. Everyone needs to face Xander, and remember no matter what, no one move, if you interrupt this ritual the powers that we are dealing with could get out of hand.” Giles cautioned. The portal still hung in the air, each of those present looked at it the red vortex seemed sinister, chilling all of them to their bones. “We don’t have any more time. We need to start now.” And they started the ritual.


---LA, the same time

Buffy looked up from the job application she was filling out. The hairs on the back of her neck seemed to be standing up, making her feel that something was wrong. She immediately dismissed the feeling. She had come to LA in order to get away from spooky feelings after all.


---Half an Hour Later

The ritual was proceeding as Giles had told them it should. Each of them could feel the powers that they were juggling around. The five of them seemed to the world to be statues frozen in place, but on the spiritual level, for those who could see it, they were a bright nexus of energy flowing in complex patterns. Blue energy seemed to be flowing back and forth between Giles and Oz, passing through Xander, and green energy seemed to be flowing between Willow and Cordelia, also through Xander. The two streams of energy never seemed to touch, even though they both passed through Xander. Each of the members of the ritual could feel the power that they needed to close the portal. Very soon, they knew, they could use the energy they were carefully building up to close the growing tear in the fabric of space. They knew that nothing could go wrong, if something happened, the energy they had built up could destroy their world, and they were each being careful to prevent that from happening.

Then, suddenly, something seemed to be going wrong. The energy that was bouncing around seemed to become more chaotic, and started growing in power faster than the ones performing the ritual wanted it to. Then to the horror of those performing the ritual, Xander seemed to becoming less and less solid. The energy around them seemed to be growing more and more uncontrolled. The blue energy seemed to turn red, and the green energy turned orange, then both streams seemed to become entangled, then bursts of lightning flew out of the energy, destroying various fixtures in the room. Xander continued to fade, and the energy continued to grow, bursting from the area where it used to be contained, the energy grew faster and faster, and then in consumed the four standing around Xander. The last thing Xander saw before his world seemed consumed by red and orange energy was the horrified look on Willows face, and the flash of sadness in her eyes, before the energy overtook her and consumed her.

Outside the mansion, the energy grew faster and faster. The various magicians and demons around Sunnydale felt their energy drain, as the forces from the disrupted ritual drew in the power from around it, and continued to grow. The mass of energy seemed to grow tentacles as the forces within it tried to gain dominance over each other, taking whatever energy they could from the areas around them, then clashing with each other, growing stronger and stronger.

In Los Angeles Buffy had just turned in her job application. She couldn’t seem to shake off the feeling that something was wrong. Just as she left the building the feeling spiked, and as she watched the horizon seemed to turn disturbing shades of red and orange. With a start she realized the lights were coming from the direction of Sunnydale, and were rapidly approaching LA, spreading as far as she could see. “Oh my-“ Was the last thing she said before she and the city around her were consumed by the flashing bands of energy.

From outer space it looked as if a large shifting red and orange spherical mass with flailing tentacles had suddenly sprung up in Southern California. A still growing mass. One red tentacle shot out, and swung around, cleaving the planet in two. Billions of people died as the world crumbled, and still the energy grew, faster and faster. Not three minutes after the ritual started going wrong, in the place of the earth was a shifting mass of energy, that was still growing, using the energy it got from the planet to gain in strength while the forcing inside of it desperately sought to overpower each other without something acting to balance them. It just continued to grow, consuming the Moon. Then another burst of energy went out all the way to the Sun. The area around where the energy touched the Sun became dark, then started spreading, faster and faster, until in the space where a bright yellow star had been was the same energies that had destroyed the Earth, and even then the energy continued to grow, faster and faster, seemingly defying the laws of physics as it grew covering more and more area, until the entire solar system was consumed, turned into energy, which was used to make the mass larger and larger.

While ordinary physics would tell you that the mass that had consumed an entire solar system would take years in order to continue growing and reach the next star over, ordinary physics wouldn’t take into account the forces which were creating the mass of swirling energy, which contained the forces which formed the basis of reality, and thus distorted reality around it. Thus not five minutes after the ritual went wrong, the mass reached the nearest star, and consumed it. Then the next star and the next.

Six minutes after the ritual went wrong, the entire arm of the galaxy where Earth used to be was consumed. Countless worlds had already been destroyed, people and animals on them had just looked up as red and orange lights seemed to descend upon them, and they knew no more.

Seven minutes after the ritual went wrong, half of the Milky Way galaxy had been consumed. There was no advanced warning before the energy appeared, it traveled faster than the speed of light, and thus the various sentient beings on the worlds in the galaxy only got warning as their own worlds were consumed.

Eight minutes after the ritual went wrong, the entire galaxy had been consumed. The mass had started spreading beyond the galaxy, stretching towards the nearest galaxies.

Nine minutes after the ritual went wrong, the Magellanic Clouds had been consumed. Those civilizations which had faster-than-light communications lost contact with other worlds, and wondered what happened, just before their own worlds were consumed.

Ten minutes after the ritual went wrong, the edges of the nearest local group galaxies had been consumed. Civilizations which utilized magic had more warning than most of the impending destruction, seers all across worlds had all simultaneously had the same vision, ones of their own worlds being consumed. But it did little good, as those who knew of their impending destruction could only curse any higher beings that they believed in before they too were consumed.

Eleven minutes after the ritual went wrong, the entire local group had been consumed. The shifting mass of energy was growing faster and faster, of those civilizations which had some slight forewarning, of which were nearly countless, several had actually started their own rituals to attempt to halt the end of their worlds, instead the mass of energy consumed the energy that they gathered to fight it, and grew even faster.

Twelve minutes after the ritual went wrong, the mass was consuming more and more galaxies, almost a million a second were being consumed. Countless civilizations, large or small, advanced or primitive, warlike or peaceful, magical or scientific had been consumed. In one of the most advanced civilizations to ever exist, both scientifically and magically, their most advanced scientists and magicians, possibly the most intelligent people that had ever existed in the entire universe, had realized that they had no time to stop the mass, but one of them, a being without a name that any human could hear let alone pronounce, possibly the most intelligent life-form in the universe, came up with a plan, if they couldn’t physically save themselves, maybe they could ensure that there was still a possibility that somehow, someday, someone would know of them, he used a ritual that he had developed using incredibly advanced physics and magic, and cast a spell that enabled energy that was converted from physical matter to remember what it was once was physically. Thus when the mass consumed the civilization, it transformed them into what amounted to information, and further, all that had already been consumed was turned into information as well. But it didn’t stop the advance of the mass, and still more and more was consumed, faster and faster.

Thirteen minutes after the ritual went wrong, there was nothing left for the mass to consume. All that had been, all that could have been, was gone, all that remained was a swirling virtually infinite mass of red and orange energy that had once been meant to save a world. Then, slowly, the mass grew smaller, and then it picked up pace, the entire universe, or at least what was left of it, seemed to fold into itself, as the energy grew more and more dense, until all that was, is and would have been occupied a single spot, a spot which had once been occupied by Alexander Harris as he had acted as a barrier against the very thing that had consumed the universe, and then the energy that had once been everything in existence disappeared, and then there was nothing.


---177a Bleecker St, The Sanctum Sanctorum, 2 minutes after the end of the buffyverse

Four men were standing in the room. Three of them were watching the fourth as he intoned mystical phrases and drew out runes. In the middle of a circle of runes, at first ghost-like, but slowing growing more solid appeared Xander Harris. Once he gained full solidity he collapsed like a sack of potatoes.

“This is the guy who’s going to save us?” Stated the man with the eye-patch.


Author’s Note: I first got this idea from Exarikun’s Good Intentions challenge in the X-Men section. I liked the idea that someone from the marvelverse could have summoned someone from the Buffyverse at the wrong time, but it didn’t feel right that it would be the X-Men, so I changed things around and decided that it would be Dr. Strange doing the summoning, as he deals with mystical problems. Further I decided that I wanted to try and fit Xander into the MC2verse as I have plans about what he’s going to do with his newfound powers (after all, that energy had to go somewhere). I do feel that I should apologize for destroying the buffyverse, and not really giving that much detail into the whole ‘how are we going to stop this/the world is about to end’ but the whole destruction of the universe is merely the backdrop to the story I want to tell. I’m also looking for a beta to read over and correct any mistakes I might make, although I had a friend read over this before posting, she won’t be able to do it too often.
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