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Unplanned meeting

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Summary: When Jacob run away after receiving his invitation to Bella's wedding, he hadn't realized how radically it would change his life.

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Twilight > Dawn - CenteredSabrynaFR1312,860373,1043 Jul 093 Jul 09Yes
I have this idea stuck in my mind for so long that I decided to give it a try. And here is what came out. I don't think If I'm going to write more, it will depend of my muse. And if someone would be kind enough to help me correct it, I would be really grateful.


I’d run, long and hard, getting as far away as possible. I rarely phased back into my human form, not wanting to feel the anguished pain and sadness. Into my wolf form, I could stop thinking, stop feeling. I was an animal. I only ran, hunted, slept. The rest of the pack tried to make me come back but I couldn’t. I couldn’t get back to Forks, knowing what she was going to become. Like always when I thought of her, panic and hate rose in my chest and I growled.

My prey heard it and jumped in fear. In a matter of seconds, it was running away. I let it go. I was hungry but I didn’t want to hunt. I laid back on the forest floor. It had been two months since I left Forks, since I received that wedding invitation. I didn’t know if it was really a bad thing that the leech sent it to me. How would have I reacted if I had heard of it another way? Yeah, maybe it was for the best. But it didn’t mean it was ok. Oh no, it was far from ok.

Bella was going to marry that thing in four weeks. And then, he would kill her, make her one of them. A leech. My beautiful, sweet and innocent Bella would become a bloodsucker.

I growled again and shook my head. I couldn’t stop thinking about the future. When that happened, it was time to phase back. I wasn’t far from a city, somewhere near Seattle I thought. I approached a house. Clothes were drying in the garden and no one was in view. I crouched down on the floor and made my way towards my goal. With one last glance, I phase back, grabbed clothes and run into the safety of the forest. I put the black jogging pant on and the T-Shirt. They were slightly too small for my size but I hadn’t had much choice.

With clothes on, I entered the town. I was avoiding big cities, preferring small towns encircling by the forest. People could think that I was going back from a walk in the forest, that could explain why I was walking barefoot. Or I hope they thought that. Of course, I received all sort of look but I learnt to ignore them. I was quite good at it by now.

I had no money so I couldn’t do anything except walk around. And self pity of course. I try not to but in the end, I would think of something, anything that would remind me of Forks and of her. Her and her leech. I swallowed my anger. Sometimes, I wished I hadn’t met her, that she hadn’t moved back to Forks, that she had stayed out of my life. I couldn’t help but accused her of all the sins in the world. It was unfair but I needed it. I needed to blame someone for my pain, my anger, my sadness. I needed a culprit. And these days, everyone I knew was a culprit.
Oh how I wished I could forget her! Sam didn’t know it but I was jealous of his happiness, of what he had with Emily. God, I was even jealous of Quil and his love for Claire! They were happy and in love. Soul mates. I thought Bella was mine. But that leech took her away from me. Would I ever find mine?

The girl appeared out of nowhere, running right into me. She had been walking backwards and talking to someone in a dinner. According to her uniform, she was a waitress here. She was unbalanced and my hands grabbed her hips to steady her. She hadn’t even turned that she was apologizing profusely. When she looked at me, everything stopped. Even my heart, for a second. The longest second of my life. I fall into her beautiful green eyes and I felt all my negatives feelings be wiped away. My breathing was heavy and I had never ever felt as peaceful as in this instant. It was like suddenly, nothing mattered except that unknown girl.

She blushed and took a stepped back, forcing me to let her go. I missed the contact instantly. She was still looking at me, right into the eyes. I could read her confusion. She whispered:

“I have no idea what has just happened.”

‘Oh, I have’ I thought. ‘Way to go Jacob. You just imprinted with a total stranger. Now, how are you explaining that to her?’

I did the first thing that crossed my mind and told:

“I’m Jacob Black.”

I hold out my hand and waited. I hold back a sigh of relief when she shook it while introducing herself:

“Dawn Summers.”

When our skin touched, I felt electricity run through me. My mind was going to explode with all the questions I had. I was terrifying that she would run away from me, letting me alone and hurt. I was afraid of her reactions, of hurting her feelings, of taking her away from her family. I was only seventeen, how was I supposed to give her the life she deserved? And how the Hell was I supposed to explain to her that her entire life was now linked to mine? To a werewolf? She cleared her throat and looked away.

“Maybe we should go somewhere more private?”

I was only aware now that people were staring at us. So, I agreed with her and let her lead me. I had never felt so nervous in my life. I was watching at her, trying to engrave every part of her in my mind. I was even breathing her in, bathing in her marvelous scent. I wanted to hug her, touch her, and feel her against me. My hands begun to shake and I clenched my fists. ‘Stay in control, Jake, breathe,’ I thought to myself.

We walked in silence for fifteen minutes but there was no weirdness. It was a serene silence that didn’t need to be filled. We reached a house. I didn’t look at it. What was important was the girl in front of me. She led me to a living room and started fidgeting.

“Hum, you can sit down. I’m going to change.”

I nodded and she disappeared. For the first time, I looked around. The living room was like the one you saw in the Tv Shows, what you imagine to be the perfect living room of a perfect family. On the wall, there were photos. I frowned when I saw them. The couple was always the same but they were accompanied with dozen different children, all teenagers. Dawn’s picture seemed to be the more recent.
I didn’t move when she walked back in. She stood by me and saw what I was looking.

“Robert and Amy are wonderful people. They couldn’t have kids so they became foster parents. They prefer teenagers because people don’t want to adopt them.”

I looked at her and took her hand. I didn’t know why I did it. It just felt right. She tensed before relaxing. I saw her frown and looked up at me. She was tall for a girl, but not enough to catch with me.

“Who are you?"

“I’m Jacob.”

“No, I mean. I don’t trust people. Never. I don’t bring stranger in this home. I don’t even bring the people I know. So why are you here? Why am I talking to you? Why am I feeling like I can trust you with my life?”

Here it was… She was going to laugh at me and chased me out of her life.

“You’re going to think I’m crazy,” I groaned.

“Try me.”

I let go of her hand and paced the room. How could I do that? How could I tell her what I was? What happened between us?

“You’re not a regular guy, right?” she asked.

“Not really.”

“These aren’t your clothes. They’re too small. And you’re barefoot. It’s like you were naked and you put on the first things you found.”

I smiled. She was smart. I took her hands in mine and looked at them. They were so small and so white in my huge tanned ones. I quickly said:

“You see, people of my kind do this strange thing. They… they mate for life. When they meet their soul mate, they know it instantly. It’s love at first sight. But it’s real. It’s called imprinting.”

Silence. I gathered my courage and looked at her. She was staring at me with wide eyes. She took a step back. Then another. And it hurt. Really really hurt. I couldn’t lose her. I knew deep down that it was completely ridiculous! I only knew this girl for less than an hour! How could I feel so bad about the simple thought of losing her? It was stupid.

“You’re joking, right?” she said, panic evident in her voice. “You said ‘people of your kind.’ What are you? A demon?”

“A werewolf.”

She burst out laughing. Tears were soon rolling down her cheeks and she managed to choke out:


She was hyperventilating and I started panicking. What was I supposed to do? I looked frantically around me and found nothing. So I followed my instinct and took her in my arms. She tried to get away but I was holding her in a firm hug. She grabbed my T-Shirt and her laugh became sobs. I hold her, caressing her back, telling her everything was going to be okay. Finally, she calmed down and looked up at me. She was so beautiful.

Without knowing what I was doing, I leaned down and kissed her. Her lips were salty because of the tears but the feeling of her was so right! It was like I had been waiting for her my whole life. She was filling the void inside of me. She was my life, my everything. I felt her arms linked around my neck. She pulled me against her and opened her mouth. Tentatively, I licked her lower lip. Our tongue met and I heard her moan. I was melting down.

We pulled back out of breath. She was flabbergasted. She took a step back and her hand flew to her lips.

“Oh my god!” she breathed out.

She let herself fall in the couch and I joined her, careful not to touch her. I was giving her the time she needed to cope with everything. After five minutes of tense silence, she looked up at me and I saw her resolution.

“Ok, tell me everything.”

And I did. I told her everything about me, La Push, the folklore I grew up with, the way I had discovered that everything was real, my first change, the pack, Bella, the vampires, the Cullen, the newborns. It took me hours and neither of us saw the sun disappeared. She was making comments here and then or asking questions. She was curious and so open-minded. At one point, she told me her foster parents were out of town until the next evening so I could stay here and she ordered pizzas. We never stopped talking or touching. It was light touch, here and then. I would hold her hand, caress her cheek. She would put her hand on my harm, sat against me.

She told me about her. She lived in LA. Her parents divorced when she was ten and she moved to a little town in California, with her mother and her sister. Her father disappeared, never contacting her again. Even when her mother died two years ago, followed by her sister. She entered the child services system and was lucky to find Amy and Robert. She was seventeen, would start her last year of high school next year and didn’t know what she wanted to be. She had weird taste in food, which was proved when she added honey to her pizza.

It was nearly one o’clock when she offered me the guest room. I accepted it and walked her to her own room. On the doorstep, I leaned down and kissed her. She smiled, wished me goodnight and closed the door. I made my way to the guest room and fall on the bed, happy. I laid down on my back, my hands under my head, staring at the ceiling. I couldn’t believe it. I had imprinted. There was no ache anymore when I was thinking of Bella. Oh, I was pissed because she was going to be a leech and I was disagreeing but it wasn’t as painful as before.
I thought of Dawn and how beautiful, smart, funny and open-minded she was. She had believed in everything. She had told me that she was aware that there was something more in this world that human people. How, I didn’t ask. She had wanted to learn more about werewolves and vampires and I told her everything I knew. I yawned and switched the light off. I fall asleep with Dawn’s radiant smile in mind.


Dawn POV

I closed the door of my bedroom and leaned against it. Meeting Jacob was the weirdest thing that happened to me since I arrived in this dimension. I couldn’t believe it! I fall in love with a werewolf. There was no issue for me. I was really a Summers girl.

I went to my bed, stripping off my clothes. I didn’t tell the truth to Jacob and for some weird reason, I was feeling guilty. And it was pissing me off. I shouldn’t felt that way! I barely knew him for God’s sakes! I would have love to see his reaction if I had said that I was a mystical bowl of energy forged into a human teenage girl who fall into that dimension when I jumped into an inter dimensional portal that my blood had opened thanks to a crazy HellGoddess bitch. Of course, it was to save the world. I hoped I did. I hoped that Tara regained her mind and that they took care of Buffy. And killed Glory. I slipped into my PJ’s.

As safe as I felt with him, I couldn’t tell him who I was. What I was. I was too scared. I was too dangerous. When I arrived in that dimension, I woke up in a hospital. I hadn’t understood at first that I was in another world. I had became hysterical and put in a psychiatric ward. At first, I was convinced that Willow and Buffy would find me. But no one came for me. So after a while, I pulled myself together and modified the truth so I could start a new life. It took me three months. Six months after my arrival, I moved in Robert and Amy. It was one and a half year ago.

I found nothing strange in this world. I was reading newspapers, watching TV, hoping to find weird cases that could tell me that vampires or demons were among us. But nothing. My meeting with Jacob was the first glimpse of supernatural I had in two years. And according to what he said to me, the supernatural life is nothing like what I know. I was quite curious to know more.

In my bed, I thought of Jacob. I never believed in love at first sight. With Jacob, it wasn’t really that because it was supernatural. We were bonded. When I saw his eyes on this street, I forget everything. There was just him and I. He was so hot, in every ways. I had never seen someone that tall and muscular and… I groaned when I felt a familiar warm in my belly. I had never felt that! It was like I knew him all my life. Being apart from him, even now, was killing me. How could I be head over heels for someone I met just hours before? Magic really sucked.

After an hour of tossing in my bed, I get up. I tiptoed on the corridor. When I reached his room, I heard light snores and smiled. I opened the door. Jacob was deep asleep, his large body taking almost all the bed. He was on his back and his mouth was slightly opened. I made my way to the bed and laid down beside him discreetly. He groaned a little then slipped an arm around my waist. It was heavy and warm. Was he always that warm? I turned on my side and nestled my head in the crook of his shoulder. I couldn’t believe how good, how right it felt. For the first time since I landed in this dimension, I felt like at home.

I fall asleep, a smile on my face.

The End

You have reached the end of "Unplanned meeting". This story is complete.

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