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Fifty Women Who Were Never Called

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Summary: Ladies of character who never got the memo when Willow woke all the Slayers.

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Multiple Crossings > GeneralAilisandeFR1592,8110139,3835 Jul 0916 Nov 10No


Disclaimer: Buffy belongs to His Joss-ness and Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys belongs to Simon and Schuster.

Fifty Women Who Were Never Called

Frank was pretty sure that they were all jinxed because it was only when the three of them were together that shit hit the fan THIS quickly. He blocked a kick aimed at his head and shoved backwards, sending the man into the wall, stunned for a moment. To his right, a titian haired figure was holding her own against the bodyguard that had to be twice her size. He would have been impressed if he had had the time, but there was the whole fighting for his life thing to handle at the moment.

“Joe, look out!”

The cry made Frank look up just in time to see Nancy stumble forward as if she’d been hit, though her attacker was currently holding his family jewels and writhing on the ground in pain. He followed her glance to his blond brother and his shock allowed his opponent to get in a lucky hit that left him gasping for breath.

Joe looked up and froze as he caught sight of the 9mm being aimed unsteadily at him. He threw his hands up in submission and couldn’t look away from the trembling of the man’s finger. It twitched again and he closed his eyes, sending a brief prayer of apology to everyone as he waited for the inevitable impact.

Milliseconds seemed like hours before a strangled cry of pain made him open his eyes. He found Frank first; he was staring open mouthed at their friend who looked quite flabbergasted herself. He looked for the source of their amazement and found the gunman pinned to the wall, a knife embedded through his wrist and into the drywall.

“Holy shit…how the hell did you do that, Frank?” Joe asked, climbing to his feet and pretending that he wasn’t shaking furiously.

His brother closed his mouth and pointed at Nancy, “It wasn’t me, it was Nan.”

He turned to thank her and she shrugged her shoulders, trying to pretend it was nothing.

“It was just instinct.”
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