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This story is No. 2 in the series "Hyenas & Vampires". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander picks up a guest at his Sunnydale home.

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Anita Blake > Xander-Centered(Past Donor)raithsandsFR1311,5872179,3106 Jul 096 Jul 09Yes
Disclaimer: All characters belong to their rightful owners... none of which are me. ME owns the Buffy-verse. LKH owns the Anita-verse. I own nothing.

Authors Note - This was supposed to be the sequel to The Moon. However a massive case of writer's block just had going no further. So I trimmed it down to this small little interlude. Hopefully now I'll be able to work on a true sequel but who knows. Haven't really been in a writing mood lately.


I had just gotten a call from a doctor at Sunnydale Memorial and it had actually caused me to panic for a second.

“Mr. Harris this is Dr. Greenwood at Sunnydale Memorial. I’m calling because you were listed as the contact if a comatose patient woke up.”

“That’s right. So what happened? Did she wake up.”

“Yes, she did Mr. Harris and has vanished from the hospital.”

That is when I felt myself panic for a second.

“Okay Doc. Thank you for informing me. I have to go.”

I hung up on the doctor and quickly dialed my house. Jenny was the one who picked up. “Jenny call the girls and let them know that Faith has woken up. In the freezer, there is a shirt in a Ziploc bag that was Faith’s use the scent to try and help me find her. Don’t approach her though. Just call me when you find her and I will take it from there.”

Hanging up I quickly stripped out of my clothes and tossed everything into the backpack I had with me. A few seconds later I shifted and was now in full were-hyena form. Grabbing the bag I took off for the hospital hoping that her scent trail was still there and enough for me to follow.

Hopefully I would find her before Buffy or the gang found out that she was awake.


My ringing cell phone made me stop in my running to dig my cell phone out of my backpack to answer. “This is Xander.”

“Xander. It’s Sasha. I found her scent and tracked it to her location. It’s an apartment near city hall.”

“Great. Give me the address and then call the others and tell them to head back to the house. Stay where you are until I get there in case she leaves.”

After getting the address I took off running again. It would take me five minutes to get there.


I was on the roof of the neighboring building as I watched Faith in the apartment watching a video on TV of her old boss, the Mayor.

It was time to end this. I wasn’t going to let her follow whatever twisted agenda he had planned for her.

A couple minutes later I was kicking in the door to the apartment.

Faith was naturally stunned. “Wow X! You really have learned how to make an entrance while I’ve been gone.”

I smiled slightly, “Yep. I picked up a few traits since we last saw each other. Now step away from the T.V. and come with me and no one gets hurt.”

I watched her smile slightly, “Step away from the T.V. And come with you? Why should I?”

“Cause it isn’t safe for you here and your dead boss is not someone you should be listening to. Wilkins is dead and I’m glad I killed him.”

“You killed him and how did you do that? For that matter why should I come with you?”

I took a step closer to her. “Killing him just took some explosives Faith. In regards to coming with me everyone else might not think you deserve it. But I know you deserve to get a second chance.”

I watched her posture shift slightly. Reading body language was something being a lycanthrope had made me good at. She was getting ready to fight. I couldn’t miss the tension in her body. “Why do you think I deserve a second chance X? I killed a person.”

“Yes, you did. In a combat situation a civilian stumbled in and you mistook him for a vamp. That wasn’t anyone’s fault it was an accident. You just need some better training in being able to unconsciously identify what is a human and what isn’t. I can give that to you.”

“Really. So I just have to be a good little girl and march to your orders. I don’t think so!”

I moved before she could even react when I heard that from her. I would debate with her later. Time to get her out of here and to someplace where we could really hash this out.

She was able to block my initial attack only partially. Gotta love the slayer speed. But I was the alpha hyena of the Sunnydale pack and I knew it made me faster than her. She didn’t even see my second attack, which was a ridge hand to the base of her skull. She collapsed into my arms unconscious. Throwing her over one shoulder I looked around the apartment before seeing the manila envelope on the coffee table. Grabbing it I looked at the T.V. which had Wilkins on pause. Ejecting the tape I took it with me.

Whoever gave this to Faith was going to hear from me and what I had to say wasn’t going to be nice either.

Leaving the door to the apartment wide open I carried my prize off into the night.


With Faith currently tied to a bed unconscious and being watching by Robin who would let me know when she woke up I was sitting in the office looking at what had been in the envelope on the coffee table and the tape. “Sorry Wilkins’ Faith isn’t meant to follow your path. She has to find her own and not the one others want her on.”

Tossing the tape into the fireplace I watched it slowly catch fire and be consumed by the flames. Picking up the paper I examined the letterhead on the page.

Wolfram and Hart.

They are law firm in Los Angeles that was living up to the belief that all lawyers were evil. The firm’s purpose according to some of my underworld contacts was to help evil win this dimension. It was something I was going to have to try and do something about at least in regards to their actions around the Hellmouth. Guess I’ll need to make a trip and see Deadboy later. He might be able to give me some information about the leader of that law firm so that I can make my displeasure with their actions more effectively known.

Picking up the paper and the envelope I tossed them into the flames as well. Faith needed to make her own decision. Her future was at a crossroads and once I hammered that point home it would be up to her to decide how she lived her life.



I looked up from where I had been staring at the floor. “Yes Sasha?”

“Robin asked me to tell you that Faith is awake.”

“Thanks. Tell her I’ll be there in a couple minutes.”

After Sasha left I slowly got up from the chair I had been sitting in and made my way towards the room I had Faith in. All the while wondering what I would say.

Entering the room I took in the scene. Robin was standing right inside the door. Faith was tied spread-eagled to the four corners of the bed. She didn’t look comfortable and I figured she wasn’t when I had helped the girls tie her up I had told them to stretch the arms and legs until they almost popped out of their sockets. Didn’t need her being able to get any leverage to break free before we had a chance to talk.

“Thank you Robin.”

I watched her nod at me before leaving. Shutting the door I calmly made my way over to the bed and sat down in a chair nearby. “So Faith lets talk. Cause until I’ve had my say and you actually listen. You won’t be getting set free.”

“Very well X. Feed me your sales pitch.”

I shook my head slightly. “It’s not a sales pitch. Just an offer Faith. I’ll cut you loose right now as a show of trust if you give me an honest answer and then listen to what I have to say. Once I’ve said my piece you are free to go.”

I watched her face as she thought it over before nodding. “Very well X. You got a deal.”

Getting up I quickly cut her bonds and then stepped back watching as she winced slight while rotating he joints. Instead of waiting for her to get comfortable I started speaking. “As I look at you right now Faith I can almost read your mind. You see only one path in front of you. Only one place for you to go. But you need to realize that you have choices… options… other paths are open to you even though you do not see them…


I found my girls in the den standing in a group talking softly. Stopping at the entrance I spoke up. “I’d like you all to meet someone. She is going to be our guest for a while and is welcome until she decides to leave. Robin, Kelly, Jenny, Marie and Sasha. This is my friend Faith.”

Walking over to them I turned and draped my arms over the girls shoulders while staring back at Faith. Letting my beast fill my eyes I stared at my guest and watched her eyes widen slightly.

“Faith this is my pack.”

The End

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