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Days of the Council International

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Council International". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Ficlets that relate to or go along with stories in the series Council International

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Television > Magnificent Seven, TheIndraLeighFR1365,68914924,3896 Jul 0923 Apr 10No

That Aisle

Chapter two: That Aisle
Summary: Nathan and Xander need to get everything on thier list when they go to the store.
Crossover: Buffy and The Magnificent Seven, modern day ATF AU.
Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy or The Magnificent Seven.
Timeline location: Occusrs after On a Strangers Porch.

Nathan leaned against the fridge in his kitchen to talk to a pair of legs that disappeared into the space under the sink. “I need to go to the store. Do you want to go with me?”

As an anniversary gift Nathan had told his wife Rain that he had hired Xander to remodel the kitchen to however she wanted it. Working some evenings and weekends along with the weekdays he could fit into multiple jobs Xander had made slow but noticeable progress. Rain had caught a cold that hit her hard and it then developed into bronchitis. Not able to get to the grocery store in nearly a week the Jackson house was getting low on food and the odds and ends that are needed when a person was sick. Xander had been wonderful the last week. A tough case had required everyone’s attention at work and Xander had settled into the Jackson house to help out. Taking care of Rain and working on the kitchen he hadn’t stepped out of the house in five days. Grateful to for his help, and with Rain finally getting some good sleep Nathan wanted a chance to get out and he planned on bringing Xander along, both to get him out of the house also and to try and tell him thanks for everything that he had done.

After first swinging by and stopping at the comic book store with Nathan’s announcement to Xander of what ever you want is on me and Xander getting a nice stack of comics to enjoy. The two men were at the local everything in one place store. After a new package of socks for Nathan and some drill bits and drawer handles for Xander the two men stood almost at the end of an aisle in the pharmacy area.

“Uh, Nathan. Why are we just standing here?” Xander asked from behind Nathan who was pushing a shopping cart.

“That Aisle.” Nathan’s short reply didn’t really answer Xander’s question so he stepped over to lean around the corner to try and figure out what Nathan was talking about.

“The Woman Stuff Aisle?” Xander asked looking back and forth from the standard aisle of stuff for sale and the ATF agent refusing to step foot into That Aisle. “Let me have your phone.”

In shock Nathan stood there observing Xander start to talk as he examined the packages slowly stepping further away from the cart. As Nathan was hoping he wouldn’t have to explain to Chris how he broke his son Xander came back carrying two packages.

“These are what she’s been using. This is something new and the girls I know who have tried them really like them.”


“What?” mimicking Nathan’s shock Xander tossed his plunder into the cart.

“You made that look easy.”

“I’ve been going down that aisle since Willow needed to. We spent nearly a whole Saturday on our second time to go shopping for that stuff. The first time we dashed in, grabbed something, and ran home. The next time she made me be her note taker as she read every single package and compared them all. The worst time ever shopping for those things was when Willow, Buffy, Anya, and Dawn all needed something. They all wanted something different and Dawn was new to it so she didn’t really know what she wanted. That was scary.”
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