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Past, Present, Future

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Summary: Buffy/Highlander Crossover with a twist or three . Nope, Xander isn't an Immortal...or is he?

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Highlander > Xander-Centered > Pairing: MethosDennSedaiFR181817,11124247,5279 Jul 0928 Jul 09No

Chapter Seventeen

Staring at the clock, Xander decided it was far enough along the next morning to call Adam…Methos…whatever. His name wasn’t half so important as who he was.

Picking up the phone he dialed the number slowly, listening as it slowly rang.

Hearing the answering machine pick up, he bit back the sigh that he wanted to let loose.

“Adam, it’s me Xander…look I screwed things up. I over reacted because of some of the things in my past. I’m sorry, give me a call then and let me know if we can meet up to work things out.”

Hanging up the phone Xander let out a soft sigh. This was definitely not going to be one of those easy or simple conversations to have.

Setting down his phone, Xander went to type a quick message into his e-mail, when a knock at the door interrupted him.

Setting the laptop aside, he went over to see who it was. Peering out the peephole, he swore softly under his breath.

Opening the door, he kept the expression on his face neutral.

“Dawn, what are you doing here?”

“Um, surprise?”

Letting the beginnings of his bad mood show, Xander glared harshly. “Care to try again?”

Dawn let out a soft sigh. “Fine, may I come in?”

Stepping to one side, Xander waited for Dawn to come in without invitation. Some instincts were firmly ingrained after years of living in Sunnydale.

Walking across the doorway, Dawn let out a small smirk. “Satisfied Xander?”

“That you’re not a vamp, yes. Now, I repeat myself, Dawn. What are you doing here?”

“Fine, I was worried and since Willow disappeared from the Devon Coven, I figured it’s easier to protect you if I’m here, then if I’m stuck in Cleveland. Besides which, Buffy isn’t answering her phone, so I figure Willow might have picked her up.”

Sitting down with a groan, Xander forced himself to stay calm. “Fine, but it’s a tad too dangerous here for you Dawn. If you want to cast any protections on me, feel free and then you can head back to Cleveland to keep safe. Or you can head back there directly now. Your choice.”

Dawn just rolled her eyes at that. “If it’s that dangerous, don’t you think that you should leave as well?”

Crossing his arms, Xander just stared at Dawn, not saying a single word.

“Fine, you can obviously handle yourself. But I can’t help but worry. You’re like a big brother to me Xander.”

At just that moment, Xander’s cell phone rang, cutting off his reply. Grabbing his phone, he answered.

“Hello…it’s good to hear from you Adam….yeah….well I would like to talk if it’s possible.”

Nodding patiently, Xander tried to keep his expression neutral, while on the inside he was bouncing back and forth between despair and elation.

“Ok, yeah. That’s easy enough to do…what time?”

Nodding he grabbed for a pen and paper he’d left sitting to one side. Jotting down a few quick notes, he smiled. “That’s fine, I’ll see you then.”

Hanging up the phone Xander set it off to one side and pulled the note off the pad and folded it before putting it into his pocket.

“Now, I do have to head out a little later, but I can grab lunch with you before I head out. You have till then to make your arguments Dawn-patrol. At the moment, I’m ready to pack you directly on a plane and have Giles pick you up at the other end.”


Waiting till the waitress had walked away after taking their orders, Dawn decided to tackle the issue head on. Maybe that way Xander would be a little more reasonable.

“I was worried and since both Buffy and Willow are missing and can’t be found I figured they’re probably headed your way. When I got in last night you weren’t in and you weren’t answering your phone which worried me even more.”

“Uh huh, and since you had already warned me about that you still had to pop up to check on me personally?”

“Hey Willow nearly killed you the last time when she went off the deep end. So I wanted to make sure that you were all right. Plus I figured I could maybe enjoy Christmas break from school with you?”

“Anything else you feel like adding before I ship your butt back to Giles express delivery and have him chain you up to keep you there,” Xander asked his expression carefully neutral, even if his voice was threatening ever so slightly.

Gulping at that Dawn nodded once. “I may have done a small scrying spell on you last night to make sure you were all right and might have been a tiny bit worried since you were in a bar drinking?”

Slowly Xander sucked in air, as he fought to remain calm. Letting out a slow sigh, he shook his head.

“Dawn, do we need to have yet another discussion about the ethics and morals of using your power? Because that was a very grey area right there. Spying on someone is an invasion of privacy, regardless of the means used.”

Dawn hung her head at that. “I’m sorry. I was just worried and I wanted to make sure that you were all right. Come on Xander, please don’t be mad at me. Please.”

“I’m more disappointed Dawn, since you know better. I’ve made sure, even if Giles hasn’t, that you had a much firmer grounding in the ethics and morals of using your powers. Just think about what your mom would do, if she was still here.”

Dawn gulped at that, knowing full well how much trouble she would have been in. “I’m sorry. Xander, I really was worried. I just wanted to be sure you were safe and when I saw you were, I ended it.”

“That’s about the only things saving you at the moment Dawn. But it’s all too easy to slip across that line. Willow’s done that too often and now she can’t accept that there is a line and that she has to abide by it. I don’t want to see the same thing happen to you.”

Xander tabled the discussion for the moment as their lunch arrived, thanking the waitress politely.

“If, and that’s a major if Dawn, but if you stay, you will listen to and abide by the rules that I set. It’s far too dangerous to play games. Understood?”

Dawn nodded and let out a sigh of her own. “Fine, I’ll follow whatever rules you set. At least you don’t treat me like I’m some little kid, Xander.”

“That’s because, I know you know better. Even so, I want to make sure you are safe. So eat up and we’ll go over the rules back at the hotel.”

That's all for this weeks update. I apologize for not getting any out last week, but it's been a crappy and insane few weeks of crash course studying and memorizing. On the positive side, updates to this and other stories should be a bit faster, plus I'm going to be posting drabbles in the fic a day challenge for August . Some of which, will hopefully grow into full size stories in the future.

I've got a few Babylon 5 pieces planned that are loosely based sequels to this story, some Adventures of Sinbad crossovers ;-), and a few tribute stories based on fics by one of my favorite authors, Voracity. I've also got a few that will link back to some of the challenges listed in the challenge section here. Including Young Wizards/So You Want To Be A Wizard, Hogan's Heroes, and one SG1 with the theme of 'real family' for Xander *smirks* Nope, not going to be Jack this time as the person requested.

Remember feedback makes for happy muses.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Past, Present, Future" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 28 Jul 09.

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