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Past, Present, Future

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Summary: Buffy/Highlander Crossover with a twist or three . Nope, Xander isn't an Immortal...or is he?

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Highlander > Xander-Centered > Pairing: MethosDennSedaiFR181817,11124247,5219 Jul 0928 Jul 09No

Chapter One

Chapter One

Grabbing the phone, as he sat in Joe’s office Methos answered it. "Joe’s Bar, how can I help you?"

"I’m sorry, he’s not here at the moment, is there anything I can help you with?"

Listening to the uncertain reply, he shook his head. "If you want, I can take a message and I’ll pass it on."

Hanging up the phone he let out a sigh. This was the third time this week that the person had called asking for Joe, no message, and such. It was quickly growing annoying.

Going back to the inventory he’d been reviewing, he muttered under his breath in Sumerian. He still wasn’t sure how he’d let Joe talk him into covering this bar for him. It wasn’t like he didn’t have better things to do. Well granted the free beer was a bonus, but still.


Setting down the cell phone Xander let out a soft sigh. This was the third time in just over a week that he’d tried getting a hold of Joe Dawson, only to be told that he wasn’t there and that the person would take a message and pass it along.

It was getting rather frustrating. Ever since he’d found out the truth about his family and relatives he’d managed to get Willow’s help in tracking them down and finding out what he could.

Now here he was stuck at a dead end, simply because he couldn’t get in touch with his sole remaining relative.

Ever since Sunnydale had sunk, he’d been mostly at loose ends, trying to decide where he was going from there. With his injury slowly healing up, Anya dead and the issues involved in trying to reform the Watcher’s Council he just didn’t feel like dealing with it anymore.

True he couldn’t just turn his back on his friends, but at the same time he wasn’t up for doing things that he had in the past. Learning how to deal with the depth perception issues and every thing else was taking its toll on him.

Maybe he should just see if he could afford to take a trip and try tracking the mysterious Mr. Dawson down in person.
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