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Demented Tales

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Summary: We parody all those wonderful fanfiction ideas that always seem to pop up. Enjoy and add. We're proabably going to be killed for some of these.

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Scoobies in Twilight

Disclaimer: These stories are meant to be parodies. If they seem offensive, get over yourself, its all for fun and games. You guys are free to add to these ficlets, but try and follow no real sex and keep it fun and light.

Scoobies in Twilight

“Is she all right B?” Faith looks down at the girl who fell fainted not a moment ago.

“Probably, I mean, she was just about to be eaten by what, seven vampires? And I mean...Faith!!! Put down her wallet!”

Faith looks up at Buffy innocently.

“Hey I was just seeing who she was…Isabella Swan…” She read sliding the money in her back pocket and handing the wallet back, as Buffy hefted the unconscious form. They planned to take her to the local police station as they stepped outside in the daytime.

“I know but still, that’s just soooo tacky. Besides, I’m more interested on their, you know, glitteryness. Who ever heard of shiny vamps?” Faith shrugs, waving her hair around.

“I don’t know but damn, instead of dust they puffed into glitter, I got it all over my hair, jeeze I better get it out or I’ll be soooo pissed.”

The two girls leave the empty home carrying Bella’s body.

Authors Note: The Buffy and Twilight series are owned by their respective owners
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