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Dawn and the Balance of Power

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Summary: BTVS/HP cross over-AU BTVS after Season 5, Angel Season 2 and Harry Potter POA - With the end of Glory comes the end on some of the Monks camouflage sparking the interest of a certain headmaster...How will Dawn handle her new fate?

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Chapter Two

Disclaimer: I do not now nor have I ever owned the rights to anything except my own body, mind and soul. Joss Whedon and JK Rowling own the main characters and universes of this fiction. I freely admit that the inspiration for some of the plot lines have come from reading some of the stories from other fantastic fanfic authors, who do not own BTVS or HP, I have not duplicated the plots from their fics, and there are so very many that I’ve read in the last 6 months, I was just inspired but the pairings. This has been brewing in my head for many moons, and now its time for it to grow.


Chapter 2

Angel walked through the hallway, remembering the night with the Three, when he first entered her home and her room, lying on her floor as she slept. He only entered her room this way a handful of times, as the window provided stealthier access. But now there was no need for windows and sneaking around, Joyce had died, Buffy was dead and all that was left of the Summers women was Dawn. His Dawn.

Pausing just before the door, Angel could hear the discussion down stairs, ‘I should have realized that… I knew the Powers never gave with out taking….there’s always a price…’

“brain deterioration….”

“I really need to have a chat with Cordelia and her medical issues-if she only told me I’d have found a way to help her….”

He shifted his concentration to the room in front of him and his occupants, that door ajar; he could easily detect Dawn’s breathing and Spikes low whispering of an old English lullaby.

“Dawn? Spike?” He called for softly, his head in the room, expecting to see them on the bed, but it was perfectly made, untouched. The room appeared empty, and if it weren’t for his vampire senses he would have left to look in another, but it was clear that Spike and Dawn were in the one place that would smell the most like Buffy.

Her Closet.

He silently opened the closet door to find Spike cradling a silent Dawn, her large blue eyes wide and distant, her face ashen and her full brown locks limp from neglect.

She never reminded him more of his dead sister Katherine than she did in this moment. ‘Sweet little Katherine sitting half dead as I fed off our parents…’

He shook himself out of those thoughts and knelt down to Dawn and Spike. His childe held onto the girl, looking at him but not swaying. Angel reached out and stroke Dawns cheek, bringing her attention to him.

“Angel” She whispered before kissing Spike on the cheek and leaning over to him. Angel slowly wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her to him, cradling her just as Spike had. “You made it back”

“Of course I did ‘sunlight ‘” Angel whispered, holding her and standing outside the closet, he move to a darkened corner of the room and rubbed her back.

“Where were you? Willow tried a locator and you were just gone…I thought you died too”

“Oh “sunlight” no-I was in another dimension-the Powers sent me there-“

“Toldya Nibblit-I’d know if Angel bit the dust”

“I know Spike….Angel? I don’t think I like the PTB anymore…”

“They aren’t the friendliest are they?”


That sat silently, just being there for one another, as the sun set, Spike made his way down stairs, knowing he wasn’t needed for the time being, and he desperately wanted a smoke.

When they were alone Dawn finally whispered what was eating her up inside.

“I’m sorry. It’s all my fault. You – you shouldn’t still love me- “

“What? Dawn, no, sunshine, it’s not your fault, sometimes it’s just what happens-“

Frustrated and angry with herself she pushed away from him and stepped to the ground, but Angel kept her arms in his grasp.

“No – You don’t understand – she wasn’t supposed to be the one to die this time- I was – it was Me – I was prophecy girl –it was why I was created- but she wouldn’t let me do it –its all I was good for and I wasn’t allowed to do it– and now all I want to do is die – its like I don’t belong here anymore…” The walls broke once more and she began crying.

“Shh” Angel pulled her into a hug and attempted to comfort her tears. “Dawn, I need to tell you something and I need you to believe me… no one could create a human soul save god- especially not mortal monks – you – would have always been …. the reason you are the key is my fault”

“What do you mean?” She mumbled into his dampening shirt.

“Do you remember Thanksgiving with the Chumash attacked your dinner?”


“Well shortly after Buffy came up to LA and we both fought this demon – a Moira Demon – “

“I know those-they regenerate right?”

Angel broke a smile “Rejuvenate – and it turns out their blood is very special – it can bring a vampire back to life”

He felt her still, her breathe stop as she slowly looked him in the eye.

“I was alive, and for the first day I spent it with Buffy….celebrating….our renewed hope and joy at the thought of a life together”

Tears slid down his cheek as Angel told his greatest joy and greatest sorrow.

“But it wasn’t meant to be, the demon attacked us again and this time I was useless without my strength and I knew it would one day cause Buffy to die- she’d be so distracted in a fight-so I went to the Oracles – the PTB on earth – and I begged for them to take that day back.”

“B-But you still remember?”

“I treasure every second of that day…but there was a price greater than my humanity…I imagine it must have been in the fine print but I didn’t bother reading it…that price was something that once done could never be undone….the spark of life created during our…celebrations…”

“What do y….oh….OH?” Dawn’s blue eyes widened as she came to the conclusion half formed in her head ‘does he mean- that he? That he’s my father?’

“Yes, and they used that spark of life to make the key a human form. Sunlight, what I’m trying to say is that you were created out of pure love and joy, as Buffy is you mother, I am your father” ‘Nice Angel real nice-insert bad star wars joke here’ “And as your father I could never hate you or Buffy for her sacrifice, you were her world, just as you are mine. I should have come back when I figured it out, I was coming back but this time I called ahead and Buffy wanted me to wait in LA, she was bringing you there….but I guess those good intentions just paved the way….”

For one of the very few times in her life Dawn was speechless. As she stared into Angel’s brown eyes – her father’s brown eyes – and tried to remember some tell – something in her false memories that would have told her that she was his – his and Buffy’s.

“Drusilla knew – Dru and Angelus- they knew didn’t they? I know it didn’t really happen- but I remember them – Drusilla always called me little sister- I thought she meant that I was Buffy’s little sister…and then Angelus – he said I was his- and that he was going to make me his little girl forever when I was old enough….that he would turn Buffy and we would travel the world….”

“Yes, a master vampire always remembers their childe, and recognizes them… and its not the normal way to have a childe, you are mine, and that makes you Angelus’s too – even if you were conceived when I was human, the demon was still tied to my soul… he was very impressed by you, very proud and if the Master had ever met you he would have been too... as you are the first breathing heir of the Aurelian line”

“I’ve heard all of you mention that before – the Order of Aurelius- I cant find it in any of Giles’s books though-what does it mean….and how am I the heir?”

“You an heir-just as Drusilla and Spike are heirs, along with a few others scattered. You could consider it a type of monarchy among the vampires, the Master was the King, Darla was his Princess, and since she made me, I was not only the Prince, but as I had proved my worth, as Angelus had proved his worth, I was next in line, should the Master fall….so technically I am the Master of the Order of Aurelius. And all my childe are considered heirs…Spike would be a Prince, Drusilla a princess. Since I considered Buffy my everything…. Do you remember the ring I gave her?” At Dawn’s nod he smiled sadly “It was more than a symbol of my love, to my people, my human clan, it was as good as a marriage, and you could think of it as a marriage of souls, so she would have been my queen and you little sunlight that makes you a Princess”

“A real princess? In the demon world?”

“Yes, in the Demon world, and any magical societies that recognize us. I’m sorry to just pile this all on you today, I know it’s a lot to take in, I never gave Buffy all of the details of the Order, but you need to know, and I see know point in waiting, waiting wastes too much time.”

“Its okay…I mean yeah it’s a lot but its okay…it means I have more ties to this world then I thought…and that helps”

“Good. I’m glad. Do you have any questions?”
“No…I mean I’m sure I will after I research it a little more on my own but the only thing I really want to know is about…”Dawn bit her lip “I want to know about your human family…I know, Buffy told me you didn’t like your father, and how your sister named you…”

“Its ok, you should know about them, they are your family too, even though they are long gone. You know I was born in the mid 1700s, my father was a lord with a healthy estate, a shrewd business man, and as his son I was expected to follow in his foot steps. But I wasn’t the oldest, my brother Connor, he was the pride of the family, and he had a family of his own, he had moved to the new world to open up a branch of the family business, when I was ready I would take it over for him and he would return to Ireland to take over our family’s title and all the responsibilities …I never was able to follow them….but that means you may have some cousins out there I suppose….well I was a disgrace compared to Connor, a drunk and a notorious scoundrel and my father was ashamed of me…hated me and I wasn’t too fond of him or his plans for my life. My mother, she was a saint, and as all the good ones do, she died young.
Connor was 10, I was 8 and little Katherine was three when the lord took her, mother was barely 25. Father remarried of course, not a year later, I think that’s what made me hate him so much, that he could just remarry with out grieving…but that was the thing to do back then, a wealthy man with children did not remain a widower. My step mother had no children of her own, she was more of a trophy wife you could say, but Katherine called her mother as she was the only one she knew. You have her eyes you know.”

“Whose? You’re wicked step mothers?”

“No sunlight, Katherine’s, you have the exact same shade of blue as she did, and your hair, its brown like hers, it will probably darken with age though, as hers would of. As your grandmother’s did. Its also close to Joyce’s color blue, but all I remembered when I saw you the first time- the petulant child of 10, was that you had Katherine’s eyes.”

“I was not petulant” Dawn retorted, sticking her tongue out ruefully.

Angel couldn’t help but smirked and raised a brow, “Yes you were, petulant, curious, and chatty. But you also were and are intelligent, devious, and brave.”

Knowing his words were from the heart Dawn hugged him. “Thank you, and thank you for telling me about our family.”

“Its nothing you didn’t deserve to know, and now I think its high time you were put to bed, tomorrows going to be a tough day.” Angel spoke softly as he lifted her up, and carried her to her room. Once in Dawn’s room he set her down so she could get her pajamas and started to get the bed ready for her as she changed her in bathroom.

“I know….all the family that decides to come will be there and well…Angel… what if Hank decides he wants custody?” Dawn asked as he pulled the covers around her.

“Joyce gave full custody of you to Buffy, and then Giles should something happen to her. Hank can’t do anything about it, unless you want him to. You are legally old enough to decide who you live with. I was planning on talking to Giles about his plans, and as long as he was okay with it, I was hoping either move in here or have us move into the mansion, and stay to help protect the Hell mouth, at least until we can figure out how to free Faith from prison legally. Then it would be up to you, to stay in Sunnydale or not.”

“Oh. I think I’d like that.” Dawn murmured sleepily.

“Good. Sweet dreams sunlight.” Angel whispered as he kissed his little girl’s brow good night, his heart breaking with happiness as he heard her final words of the night.

“mm..night da”


Author’s Note: Yes I’ve taken some liberties as a fanfic author…did I mention it’s a tad AU? I’m sure I did…somewhere…maybe its in invisible ink…
And well yes I made Angel Dawn’s father- I mean really it only makes sense- and as I watch the series again (my gift to me for my tax refund) it is plausible that the PTB pulled a fast one or two – but that’s for later….
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