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Dawn and the Balance of Power

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Summary: BTVS/HP cross over-AU BTVS after Season 5, Angel Season 2 and Harry Potter POA - With the end of Glory comes the end on some of the Monks camouflage sparking the interest of a certain headmaster...How will Dawn handle her new fate?

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Chapter 3

Dawn woke with the sun, still yearning for sleep as she was plagued with nightmares, and found Angel and Spike in her room, one flanked on each side of her, making it surprisingly warm and impossible to get out of bed. She didn’t mind it though, as both men were adorable when sleeping, looking about as innocent as they were evil once a upon a time.

“Good Morning Sunlight” Angel whispered against her forehead before he kissed it.

“Mornin’ nibblet, ‘ungry?” Spike asked into her hair.

“Morning Da, Spike. Hmm. I’m not hungry I just wish we could have held the whole funeral at night so I could sleep more.”

“You know that would be a bad idea - too many wannabe vamps out - but don’t worry, we’ll be close by in the Crypt that led to the Master’s old lair.” Angel nuzzled into her cheek as Spike kissed the back of her head before getting up.

“Its getting late bit, Tara and Wesley are in the kitchen, jus’ gonna pop down there and tell em you want a light breakfast”

“But I said I wasn’t hungry-”

“Bit you haven’t had a proper meal in days you’re not ‘ungry cuz you ‘avent eatin’ “

“Fine I’ll just get a shower then.”

“Good girl”

“I will be downstairs, your relatives will be arriving soon, but take all the time you need.”

“Thanks Da”

Dawn enjoyed her lavender infused shower, allowed the scalding hot water to remove the salt from her cheeks and wash away her fatigue. When she made it back into her room, both Angel and Spike here gone, as they said they would be, Looking at the clock she saw it was nearly 9, meaning she had 2 hours until they had to leave for the funeral. Looking in her closet she pulled out the only black formal wear she owned, 2 dressed and a pant suit. She quickly put the pant suit back in her closet and looked more closely at the dresses.

The left one, she had worn to her mother’s funeral, well her grandmothers, its long sleeves belled out just at her hands, the soft jersey fabric wrapped around her waist and the skirt would softly flounce around her knees when she walked.

It was far more modest, mature, elegant then the one on the right. The right was a summer dress, its short sleeves puffed around her shoulders, a slight peasant look that continued around her bust. The thickened around the waist, hugging her with thick black silk ribbons crisscrossing down the sides adding a flair of the old world, the full skirt reached just above her knee but its manly layers caused it to poof out, with shear tulle edging the bottom.

‘If the first dress was Mom/Joyce’ Dawn thought as she gazed down at the black against her lavender comforter ‘Then the second is defiantly is Buffy’ Deciding to go with the ‘Buffy’ dress she put the ‘Joyce’ dress back in her closet.

After drying her hair she dressed, and slipped into the dress and put on her black maryjanes before heading down stairs, being led to the kitchen by the smell of bacon.

She found Tara eating fruit at the table, dressed in black corset dress with long sleeves and a long skirt. Willow was next to her, dressed in black slacks and blazer that tied with velvet around her waist. Wesley was in a classic black suit and tie finishing up Dawn’s plate of eggs and bacon.

“Ah Dawn, Good Morning. Have a seat, Would you like some toast?”

“Yes Please.” She took the plate from Wesley. “Could I have boysenberry jam?”

“Of course” She sat down across from Willow and Tara, her toasted handed to her just after a few bites of eggs and a sip of orange juice. Refusing to consent that Spike was right about her appetite, she slowly finished her plate while conversing with everyone else in the kitchen.

“”I r-really like your d-dress d-Dawn”

“Thanks Tara, your dress is pretty too.”

“Dawnie, your Aunt Helen called, she’s going to meet us at the cemetery. Her flight was delayed. But your Grandparents, James and Kate are on their way here now. “

“Oh good. Funny they hardly visited Sunnydale before this year and now they’ve been here twice.”


“She’s right, nothing like crisis to bring loved ones together.” Wesley commented.

“I didn’t mean to upset you Willow.”

“Its ok, Dawn, I guess after last nights conversation…”

“What do you mean?”

“Oh its nothing you need to think about right now Dawn.”

“No I want to know- I have a right to know!”

Blue eyes blazed into brown as Dawn stared down the redheaded witch.

“D-Dawnie’s r-right Willow, secrets d-don’t help”

After a few more seconds of deliberation, Willow conceded.

“When Angel arrived things were said, and it turns out that no one told Anya that Cordelia was receiving visions. it’s a gift a human shouldn’t have unless they were born with it. We went over the time lines, and most of the visions Cordelia had actually stopped Angel from coming to Sunnydale when we could have used him. If it weren’t for a vision Cordelia had about a missing girl - who’d been missing for 5 years, they wouldn’t have been trapped in another dimension for the last few weeks.”

“What?” Dawn exclaimed and a light bulb cracked at the stove cracked. “So your saying that after everything Buffy did, after everything Angel has done, and Giles and You and Xander- after every Slayer that has died for THEM - they pull this! UNBELIEVABLE”

“You’re right - not to mention the migraines” Cordelia stated as she entered the room in a form fitting dress and heels. “If I knew I was being played I’d have found a way to get rid of them. Morning Wesley, Dawn, Willow, Tara”

“Good Morning Cordelia. Sleep well?”

“Yes! The spell Willow worked to dam the connection is so wonderful. I haven’t had any pain for 8 hrs. Its blissful. “

“I’m glad it worked Cordy.”

“I even totally forgive you for stealing Xander.”

“You hadn’t forgiven me yet?” Willow’s face ashen-ed. “That was so long ago.”

Cordelia just stared her down with a raised eyebrow.

“Ugh Cordy stop with the stare” Xander commented as he entered in his business suit and tie. “Now I know where you get it from Dawnie - that raised eyebrow and cold stare - it must be a brunette thing.”

“Is there something wrong with brunettes?” Anya asked. She wore a 50’s inspired A-line dress. “Good Morning everyone.”

“No no - I like brunettes just fine- but at least blond's pout.”

“Good Morning” Giles said, rubbing his classes as he walked in, looking very weary in his black suit and tie. “What are you talking about Xander.”

“Xander was just commenting on how much Spike pouts”

Xander stopped chewing his bacon and made desperate hand movements of denial. Glaring at Dawn who just smiled sweetly.

“Xander stop eating your food like a ill behaved child. And as much as I hate to say this.” Giles passed for effect. “Please stop antagonizing Spike. At least until after the out of town guests have left. I don’t want anyone trying to question Dawn’s custody, or for them to have reason to.”

“Giles, I don’t think they really care that much about me.”

“As much as I doubt that Dawn, even the most heartless will take in a child, if only for the monthly stipend that comes with the child.”

“Oh.” Dawn said, deflating at the thought she was only good enough for a monthly check. “That’s not-”

“Oh dear Dawn, no, I have no interest in money, besides Joyce and I have already set it up that any money sent for you goes to you, in an authorized account and only you can request funds taken out, and only up to half at a time.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean” Near tears, dawn did the only thing she could think of to apologize and hugged onto the older British man.

“Its quite alright dear.” He warmly returned her embrace and rubbed circles on her back. “I just wanted you to be prepared, if the last funeral was any indication, your relatives don’t know quite what to make of us all.”

“That’s because their big poo brains.”

“Go Dawnie way to channel Wills”

Dawn promptly stuck her tongue out at Xander just as the door bell rang. “Don’t worry I’ll go get it. Enjoy your tea Giles.”

Walking to the front door Dawn tried to predict who would be there, her grandparents, her aunts, Hank and secretary, the odd cousin or two. And for each person she tried to think of what would be said ‘I'm sorry for your loss, Hello Dawnie?”

However, in true Sunnydale, Dawn could never have dreamt of the person standing in her doorway.


Author’s Note : The ever evil cliffy - I try not to use them BUT I’m curious as to who y’all will think it is …. Seriously let me know ^_^ Cookies for those that get it right ^_^ Hint : Its going to be a crossover character….

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