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Dawn and the Balance of Power

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Summary: BTVS/HP cross over-AU BTVS after Season 5, Angel Season 2 and Harry Potter POA - With the end of Glory comes the end on some of the Monks camouflage sparking the interest of a certain headmaster...How will Dawn handle her new fate?

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Chapter Five

Disclaimer: I do not now nor have I ever owned the rights to anything except my own body, mind and soul. Joss Whedon and JK Rowling own the main characters and universes of this fiction. I freely admit that the inspiration for some of the plot lines have come from reading some of the stories from other fantastic fanfic authors, who do not own BTVS or HP, I have not duplicated the plots from their fics, and there are so very many that I’ve read in the last 6 months, I was just inspired but the pairings. This has been brewing in my head for many moons, and now its time for it to grow.


“Spike my relatives are going to be here any minute - they’re already going to question my custody - we don’t need them to wonder why 2 more elderly British men are attending Buffy’s funeral. Thankfully we could tell them Giles dated Mom once.”

“Out of the mouth of babes-Bits not wrong. Doesn’t mean we should just let these two go their way.”

“The Bleached Wonder has got a point-besides they probably won’t survive a full night at the Sunnydale Inn.”

Remus and Sirius eyed each other warily; they were booked to stay there for as long as it was needed to recruit the newest Hogwarts student.

“The magic box?” Willow suggested.

“Yes, let’s put 2 wizards in a place full of magical arsenal…plus they
might steal the money!” Anya scoffed.

“Hey it was just an idea!”

“So are options are Gile’s apartment

“I think not”

“Xander’s place”

“No” Anya said indignantly “That’s where we have sex! What
about your crypt?”

Sirius and Remus both bug eyed a bit, only Sirius smirked while
Remus held back a smile.

“I bloody well think not! How about the wonderful hell that is the
Harris’s basement”

“Wait-you want to put 2 possible bad guys in my parent’s basement?


“I could live with that - hey I’ll pay you to turn them into -”

The smile on Remus’s face was just about to crack open when he stilled completely.


“Dawn” The cool musician came walking up the street to their house. He was dressed in a loose black suit and tie. He looked straight at Remus. “Friends?”

“You know-”


“I’m sorry”


It must have been the shortest conversation the two wizards had heard during times like these. Oz walked passed them and gave Dawn a hug before moving on to Xander, Willow and Cordelia.

“Maybe we should bring the party inside before the neighbors catch on?”

“We were just discussing that Oz…”



“We can move them into our basement – there is a lock on the outside as well as inside.”

“Very well.”

The group preceded inside, without any invitations, the door shutting just minutes before a black sedan pulled into the driveway.

“Here is food and water” Giles explained to the wizards “We should be back in a few hours, do not leave the basement.”

“Right” Remus agreed “Thank you for giving us a chance-“

Giles stared into the wizard werewolf’s face, giving him a full Ripper glare.

“If any harm comes to her, no amount of spells, no magiks, no god will be able to save you.”

Remus just nodded as Sirius shivered as Giles locked the basement door.

Ding Dong

“Oh Hello everyone, so nice to see you here for our little Dawnie”
Joyce’s parents were always a little weary of the Scoobies, not understanding fully just why this ragtag group had become so deeply connected to their daughter and granddaughters. Especially the eldest 3, considering Buffy had dated Angel when she was so young. Kate’s green eyes were dull, most likely from the depression of losing her eldest daughter and granddaughter so recently, and her husband James’s blue eyes had hardened as he gazed on them. He kept a protective arm around Dawn when he spotted Angel and Spike.

“Stay with us Dawnie-“

“NO!” Dawn cried out “I love you guys but these people are Justas much as you”

Taken back James held on tighter. “I meant for the funeral Dawn.”


“Dawn” Kate whispered “You know we love you, and you know we have our own concerns on where you stay, Now is not the time to discuss it….”

“I know…I know… I’m sorry”

“It’s ok sweetie.”
“I hate to intrude, but we must be leaving.”

“Yes of course, Mr. Giles” James strained before he led his wife and granddaughter to their car.


It was just now evening, though it seemed clearer out now that Willow and Tara’s cloud cover was gone. It was too dangerous to wait until dark for the funeral, but it was too cruel to not make it so Angel and Spike could go as well. Dawn’s grandparents sat with her, as did her Aunt and Uncle, but Angel stood behind her, as did the other scoobies, making the relatives weary. After hours of hearing everyone gossip over just how Buffy died…and why Hank hadn’t showed up (the most prominent theory was Giles had warned him off) and why Giles wanted custody of Dawn (For a green card) Dawn had enough. It seemed to take forever to get them to leave and return to the Hilton by the airport before dark.

They did so promising to be back in time for brunch, to discuss the legalities of Buffy’s death.

As far as Dawn was concerned the legalities were taken care of – regardless of the concerns of others. Dawn was more concerned about the wizards in their basement.

Dawn watched their two new guests sit tentatively on the warm couch by the window. She was standing against Angel, his arm around her, Giles sat in the arm chair next to them and Spike stood in the archway. The rest of the scoobies clamored behind him, out of curiosity and out of strategy.

“Now just wot do two brit wand wavers ‘ave to do wit Dawn Summers?”

The question was on all their minds, especially Dawns, who honestly was tired of people wanting anything of her and only wanted for the day to be done.

It was the werewolf that cleared his throat and spoke.

“Ahem, as you are aware, we are wizards, I am Professor Remus Lupin, this is my associate Sirius Black, and we are on errand for the Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Albus Dumbledore. We’ve come to speak to Dawn Summers and all of her apparent guardians on his behalf, about her enrollment to the school.”

“There’s a school” flew from the mouths of Willow, Tara, Xander, Fred, Dawn’s natural unnaturally large eyes widened even more but she kept her pouty pink lips shut.

“There has always been a school, just not for Wiccan magik users, it’s for wand wavers,”


“Meaning while you have an inner power, you can channel it safely, it’s anchored to the Earth. Unlike a wand waver, or a wizard, who requires
their wand to properly channel their power in a spell. The wand not only grounds them with the power of mother Earth, but also that of an equally powerful magical creature, this allows for consistency.”

“Oh…so they’re like the stereotype…hunh…I always thought that those were just jokes…”

“And vampires turn into bats Willow”

“Dracula did”

“Dracula is a sodding bastard who was inta magiks before he was turned and owes me -”

“We know Spike!”

“Hey I don’t agree with Spike on anything-but Dracula-”

“That’s just because he made you his butt monkey” Dawn
stated sticking her tongue out. “Can we please get the details on what these
guys are saying so I can get a decent night’s sleep before my family returns with the Spanish Inquisition tomorrow?”


“It’s ok let’s just get this over with. What does this school…this Hogwarts want with me?”

“You dear flower,” Sirius piped in, “are being invited to attend Hogwarts. The school has recently determined that you qualify as a witch.”

“The school?”

“Ah yes” Remus explained “Hogwarts is a sentient being, as it was created
by 4 of the most power wizards in our history and they designed it to search for any magical children to become students, regardless of the politics. Normally only children in Britain are invited, as there are other schools in other areas, but Dawn’s power is so great….well we surmise that only Hogwarts can help her learn to control it. It’s not called the best school in the wizarding world for naught. And Albus Dumbledore is currently the most powerful wizard alive, he has studied more, and has more experience with this amount of power than any other wizard today.”

Never quite being what was expected, Dawns family wasn’t so much proud of their youngest member as worried.

“What exactly is known about Dawn?” Angel was dangerously monotone
in his question.

“Just that she is perhaps the most powerful witch in a millennia. We don’t know how she was able to escape the other schools detections, or our own, for so long… and no one is forcing this on her, Dawn this is your decision, “Remus looked her straight in the eye. “However, should you go untrained, you could become incredibly dangerous. Accidental magic is connected to your emotions, the more powerful emotion, and the more power the magic, the more dangerous the consequences.”

“Like Buffy….right Giles? All that strength but still needed to train and hone her skills?”

“Yes exactly Dawn….”

‘We can help you train, Tara and I?” At Angel’s. Spike’s, Anya’s, and Gile’s discerning gaze, Willow deflated. “Can’t we?”

“Different magiks Willow… we know Dawn’s power, we can smell it….why do you think she attracts the demons? Its not just because of the bait effect- power is drawn to power…its how the world works. Dawn, as much as I don’t want you to go away, I think this is best for you.”

Dawn shook at Angels words.

“You wouldn’t be separated from us Sunlight, this would like being at boarding school. And we have ties with in the Wizarding world. We can still take care of you. I can move to Scotland just as easily as Sunnydale – well it would take longer.”

“Mom and Buffy?” Dawn whispered.

“Hogwarts has holidays, 2 a year long enough to return home at Christmas and Easter. Term starts in September and ends in June. You do not have to reside in Britain in order to attend.”

“I – can I take a night?”

“Of course Sunlight, you don’t have to decide now.”

“Yes, of course, most new students get months to decide, by July 31st to be exact. We can get the time extended, as this is a special case.”

“The Cup!”

Everyone, including Remus, looked at Sirius in confusion.

“Before you decide, you should see what wizards are like, their world. This year is the World Cup. Our sport is Quidditch, it’s like football only on brooms, and England is hosting this year, Ireland versus Bulgaria.”

“Of course you would look up the Cup before anything useful, like politics.”

“Hey – it’s the Cup, and I have a family box, as the last Black, a whole box I can’t use. Besides Harry’s going with the Weasley’s – the Ministry Box I believe, next to the Black Box. You can stay with the Weasley’s, get to know students around your age, learn about our culture, and then decide.”

“How many people can fit in the box?” Dawn asked curious. ‘They play on brooms?’ She thought. ‘Cool’

“Enough for your whole family and a dog”

“Okay… that sounds reasonable,“ Dawn conceded, looking to her family for support for her opinion, receiving nods and smiles. “Can we discuss the details in the morning?”


Author’s Note: Sorry it’s taking so long to write this. I didn’t really like the chapter, but its needed for the story – can just skip ahead. The next one should be much smoother, and more interesting. Especially since they can’t leave Sunny D unguarded :wink wink:



Luna: Thank you for liking my crazy mind ^_^ I hope this chapter doesn’t scare you off..

ElessarNett: I probably do need a proof reader... but I feel bad about using one since I’m not on a schedule with my updates.

AshDawnSoulmates: Thanks! I try to write lengthy chappies – but sometimes short can be sweet.

Sissysara: Thank you! Next chapter should be better!

Lize: Got to be cruel to be kind! Well not really but its fun for me MUWHAHAHA!

RowanChick: Thanks! This isn’t the best chapter – very weird for me to write…

LeaFairy: I am sad we never got to see them interact – stupid Ice princess schedule….just wait til he can be all fatherly ….

RachelK: It took me a long time to write but I’m not happy with it. The other scenes with the crossing over should be better.

RocksandGlass: This chapter is definitely forced but the rest shouldn’t be….funerals are weird for me….in life as in fiction….

SaturnSailor: Thanks! The next update should be sooner!


Saphira7: Thanks! I should update sooner next chappie

Sorc: Hang in there! Its coming along like molasses cookies…

Xeelia: I plan on finishing! Some day haha Thanks!

The End?

You have reached the end of "Dawn and the Balance of Power" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 28 Mar 10.

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