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Dawn and the Balance of Power

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Summary: BTVS/HP cross over-AU BTVS after Season 5, Angel Season 2 and Harry Potter POA - With the end of Glory comes the end on some of the Monks camouflage sparking the interest of a certain headmaster...How will Dawn handle her new fate?

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: I do not now nor have I ever owned the rights to anything except my own body, mind and soul. Joss Whedon’s and JK Rowling own the main characters and universes of this fiction. I freely admit that the inspiration for some of the plot lines have come from reading some of the stories from other fantastic fanfic authors, who do not own BTVS or HP, I have not duplicated the plots from their fics, and there are so very many that I’ve read in the last 6 months, I was just inspired but the pairings. This has been brewing in my head for many moons, and now it’s time for it to grow.


Chapter One

It was the first time Cordelia Chase had returned to her hometown of Sunnydale, and as she had expected the town hadn’t changed.

Except for the occupants of one house that is.

1630 Revello Drive was once a happy home, Joyce Summers had great skin, great taste and great style in life and even months after her death, it showed in her house.

While in the comfort of familiar surrounds she saw her old classmates and friends, people she had fought to save the world with, people she had laughed and cried with, people she had loved and hated, huddle into themselves. Xander’s once laughing brown eyes dull and watery as he say between Willow’s girlfriend Tara, a quiet beauty who wore her grieving for all to see and his own girlfriend Anya, who kept trying to say something but kept cutting herself off before she made a peep.

In the corner of the living room, sitting in meditation was Oz, she had to admit she was surprised to see the always cool werewolf, but Buffy was always therefore him as much as anyone else, not only saving his life but his conscious, as she stopped him from killing anyone during the full moon.

“Cordelia!” Anya finally speaking, happy to have a topic that wouldn’t cause others to cry. “Willow found you! Where were you?”

“Hi Anya, yes Willow found us, we were in another dimension when all this went down….otherwise…”

“You would have been in time for the show?” Xander asked, a little jaded.

“Of course we would have.”

“Show started a long time ago…where were you then?”

“Buffy told us not to come. To stay as back up in LA.” The dark brooding voice was angry and regretful and the speaker, Angel darkened the room as he removed this cloak. “Where is she?”

The question hung in the air unanswered as Willow walked over to hug Tara and Wesley stood beside the doorway. Anya again was the first to speak.

“You mean Buffy? We-“

“No I mean Dawn.”

“Oh. She’s upstairs in Buffy’s room-“

His brown eyes fixed on her, confused and upset. “You all left her up there alone?”

“No Of course not, Spike’s up there and Giles is at the funeral home. We aren’t stupid and just because she’s gone you can’t treat us like we are – we tried – we were all there- you were off gallivanting – “

“Anya-“Tara tried to speak up as she consoled Willow.

“No – let her speak – So Buffy told you not to come down – when has that stopped you before?”

Angel didn’t dignify Xander with an answer, choosing instead to stalk up the stairs to Buffy’s room. To her old room.

Wesley however, stood by his friend and comrade in arms.

“Now Xander, it was a solid plan, to save us as back up-and if Cordelia hadn’t had the vision of a missing young woman-“

Wesley tried to argue, knowing it was grief they were speaking out of, the loss of their dear friend. Thankfully it either worked or Xander saw reason enough not to follow Angel and spread the discourse to Dawn.

Anya was another case entirely.

“Vision- you can’t get visions – you’re human and you weren’t born with the psychic eye – eye for fashion yes – but not the third eye”

“It’s true I wasn’t born with it but I got my “gift” from…from our friend Doyle when he died ….and the PTB” Cordelia started back.

“Why does no one ever tell me these things- hello ex-demon for a thousand years- A Human cannot handle those powers-they aren’t supposed to get them – it’s like pouring a ton of hot lava in to a tiny spoon – “

“Anya, just what are you trying to tell us?”

“That this is wrong-this is going to cause more harm than good! I can’t believe the PTB ….well I take it back – I know they are capable of this underhandedness- its false advertising and that’s just not kosher!”

“You mean….you mean it’s going to hurt me? Or worse?”

“Yes – so who ever made it happen isn’t to be trusted”

“Doyle – didn’t – he wouldn’t” After all that had happened to her, from Sunnydale to LA, to Doyle and the visions that made her so important, even in Lorne’s human hating home dimension Pylea where she was a queen….’a queen until she cum-shuked and lost her visions….and died….’

“And they probably planted the vision so you wouldn’t be here-I mean really what could possibly have been so important it couldn’t have waited a week until after Glory tried to destroy the planet?”

“nothing…”Cordelia whimpered as it all clicked in place “Wesley…she’s right…think about it – all the pain from these visions – and the brain deterioration – and Pylea-Pylea could have waited – there was no need for us to go when we did – there was no prophecy – the Powers – the Powers knew and they did it all on purpose.... I’m going to be sick”


Author’s notes: First off to anyone who’re patiently waiting an update on my other stories – please don’t kill me- I’m finally at a point where I can write again and break through the blocks – hopefully I will have updates by well by the end of summer – if you don’t kill me that is- so hey incentive! And for those curious my other stories are on ffnet under Cerdwyn3-so no one's stealing anything...
Secondly this will be an HP X-over – just you wait Henry Higgins just you wait….
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