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The Queen of Slayers

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Summary: The spell to activate the Potentials changes Buffy. She is now Immortal and is also the Queen of the Slayer line. This puts her in the company of a band of Immortal heroes and their Watcher.

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Highlander > Buffy-Centered
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Chapter 2: Who Are We Mourning Again?

Chapter 2: Who Are We Mourning Again?
Warning: I don’t know; maybe language and innuendo somewhere along the way.

Challenges: #1599 ‘Queen of Slayers’ by Claddagh; #4372 ‘'Death is your gift' Challenge’ by ChaosCarlos; and inspired by #2324 ‘New Occupation’ by raynee.

Thanks to my betas: Claddagh, DawnDreamer, AshDawnSoulmates, ktweaver, and Chrislover.

Disclaimer: BtVS characters belong to Joss Whedon / Mutant Enemy. Highlander characters belong to Davis-Panzer Productions. I claim no rights to any copyrighted material. Please do not copy or take this story without my permission.

Sunnydale City Limits

The people who weren’t badly injured piled out of the bus to overlook the crater that was once Sunydale. Dawn and Faith looked especially stricken at the sight. Faith turned to Kennedy and demanded, “You’re sure you saw B go down?”

There was only a split second hesitation that everyone missed before the reckless brunette answered, “Yeah. She decided to stay with the vamp and ordered me to get the rest of you out. I was going to try to pull her out, but some debris fell in my way and I couldn’t get to her.”

Buffy and Whistler’s eyes narrowed at the girl’s blatant lie, but didn’t say anything – even to each other.

“So she’s really gone?” Dawn sobbed. She knew she should have made her peace with her sister before the fight. But she was afraid that if she did, it was the same as admitting that she didn’t think they’d survive. Dammit!

Faith was having similar thoughts, although her regrets weren’t as bad because they had gotten a chance to make some peace before when they talked about the burden of being The Slayer. B had reassured the dark Slayer that the disaster that was the armory wasn’t Faith’s fault. It could have happened to anyone.

Giles felt a healthy measure of lament at his Slayer’s passing. But their relationship had changed so much over the years that her death just didn’t have the emotional impact it once had. Besides, there were more pressing concerns to occupy his mind – such as where to go from here. They had Slayers to locate and train, a Council to rebuild, and Watchers to recruit. They couldn’t afford the luxury of mourning too deeply for her. She went out as she should…a Champion.

Willow was only vaguely distressed about her friend’s death, but was too overhelmed by her awareness of the Slayers activating around the world. She’d cry later. She looked around at the others so she could share her experience with someone. Since Buffy wasn’t there to celebrate the feeling, Xander surely would appreciate it. “Where’s Xander guys?”

“He didn’t make it out either,” Robin informed them sadly.

Willow’s eyes teared up at the news. She couldn’t have lost both of her friends at the same time. “What? No, he had to make it!” she denied. She was sad about Buffy too, but in the back of her mind, she thought maybe the blonde was finally at rest or even that she could bring her back now that she had the power of the Scythe flowing through her.

Robin shook his head regretfully, “I’m sorry. He found Anya’s body and before we knew what happened, a Bringer that looked dead ran him through. Andrew took its head off in retaliation.”

Kennedy went to console her lover and Robin tried to do the same for Faith. But she shied away from him and moved to Dawn’s side. The two girls shared their grief over the fallen Slayer and the goofy carpenter and even the blunt ex-demon…to a point.

In a more subdued voice, Willow made her announcement to the group, “They’re everywhere! I feel the new Slayers awakening everywhere. We’ve changed the world!”

Kennedy posed the question many were thinking, “What should we do now?”

Giles took control since no one else was stepped forward. “First, we’d better get medical treatment for those that need it. Then we should start making plans for rebuilding the Council and finding the new Slayers.”

“Yo G! I just want to sleep for like a week! Let it go!” Faith rebuked the Watcher.

“Yes, well--” Giles started to answer.

Dawn cut him off absently, “I think we should go to Angel’s. Buffy promised to tell him what happened. Since she can’t, he deserves to hear it from us, not someone else.”

Andrew stepped forward and gently guided the crying Dawn back to the bus with Faith right behind them. The others made their way back as well. With a final glance at the town, Giles started the bus and drove off.

Buffy turned to Whistler with an annoyed look. “Huh! Interesting little story Kennedy made up. Glad to see that Spike’s sacrifice meant anything to them. They didn’t even seem particularly broken up about me. Looks like you were right, Whistler. Does that ever piss me off! Angel! Can I tell him I’m still alive?” she begged.

He shook his head, “Sorry Kid. That amulet you got from him was from the enemy. He got it as part of an incentive packet for him and his gang to take the reins of the LA branch of Wolfram & Hart.”

Her eyes grew wide in disbelief. “He said it came from an untrustworthy source, but I figured that he must have stolen it from a bad guy. Wait! He wasn’t Angelus when he was here…was he? ‘Cause he’s never been that Angel-like before,” she started working into a full-blown panic.

Whistler quickly reassured her, “No, he’s still Angel. They just have this optimistic idea of fighting evil from within.”

Buffy pinched her nose, she couldn’t understand how they could do something so reckless. “That doesn’t sound very safe. I mean, either they get taken out by the people at the firm, or they’d slowly be corrupted by every compromise that they’d believe they had to make.”

The balance demon gave her a proud smile. “See, I told you that you were more than just a pretty face. They’ve just suffered a win that had too great a cost for them and aren’t thinking real clearly right now. Regardless, they can’t have any info that might get back to the Senior Partners,” he informed her apologetically.

“I’m sorry, the who?” The name only sounded vaguely familiar to her.

“The Senior Partners; they’re like the evil version of the Powers. They can’t directly do anything in this plane of existence, but they have their own messengers to pass their plans along to the right players.”

She laughed and teased him, “You’re saying that there’s an evil Whistler out there somewhere. Does he have bad fashion sense and a bowler hat too?”

He smirked back, but was secretly happy at her ability to joke after all she had been through the past few days. “Funny Kid, but yes. And currently the one holding the title is named Eve. She’s the go-between at Wolfram & Hart’s LA offices.”

“So where do we go now?” she echoed Kennedy’s earlier question, then shuddered at the idea of doing anything similar to the lying, little twit.

“I get to introduce you to your new trainers and support group. We’re headed to a town called Seacouver, WA,” he announced. “I’ll go in first and tell them a little about you, so you don’t have to go over a lot today with them. Sound good?”

“Hey! First, can I get freshened up a little? I look worse than something the cat dragged in,” she pouted her best. He rolled his eyes at her manipulations but waved in her direction and she was instantly cleaned and wearing a very flattering outfit that was tatter-free. She preened in the mirror that he conjured for her. “Okay, now I’m ready to meet and greet!”

A/N: There’s some AU in the finale: Kennedy is the last to leave Buffy and Spike; Xander died; Robin was uninjured. That’s mostly it for now.

A/N2: Next…The Immortals learn something new.
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