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Retaining The Line

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Drawing The Line". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A re-telling of the show in entirety, with Xander having the powers of a Paladin from World of WarCraft ON-HIATUS

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Games > Fantasy > WarcraftSadJackFR18417,840089,97212 Jul 093 Aug 09No

The Last Day of Freedom

Disclaimer: I do not own BTVS or WoW. They are the property of JW and Blizzard. As stated before.

Chapter 2

Chapter Title: Last Day of Freedom
{Xander POV}

Waking up on the last day of summer before school is a truly somber thing. For one, you realize that it is truly the last day before you go to a place that is strange, probably won’t like, and surrounded by people that more than likely will try to kick your ass. Yes, high school.

Rolling out of bed, I make my way to the bathroom to begin my morning ritual of the three S’s and mentally run through the plans for the day.

First, I have the appointment with the auto paint guy. Then a run through the mall, to pick up a few things that I had seen a week ago, mostly dealing with metallurgy and crafting. I even saw a book at the Firelight book shop that may help me to identify what metal those talons are made of.

After the mall run, I wanted to go by the recycling center and maybe get some scrap metals. Although I wonder how, if my car will be getting painted at that time. Maybe I can get one of the people down there to haul it for me.

I get out of the shower and put on a casual set of clothes for the day, before I go make a quick breakfast.

Hopping into my car and driving to the auto paint shop, I end up running through some thoughts and plans that I have for this year. I know that I will be performing my duty as a “Knight of Vallius”, but other than that I wanted to hang out with my friends and try to have a normal life to some extent.

Maybe I may even find someone.
Arriving at the paint shop I pull into the garage and find the guy that will be working on my car.

Bradley Indio, a Mexican man with a mustache standing about my height, and had on a pair of paint plastered white coveralls. He coming up to me and extending his hand in greeting, has a look on his face telling me of his good nature. It takes me a moment to grab on to his hand in reciprocation, smiling at him in my own good nature.

“Hey Xander, so this the car huh? Nice.” He said pointing to the Chevelle.

I nod my head and we start to walk around the car so he could get a better judgment of what he was working with. Nodding his head at the surface of the car, he looks at me with a face of perceptive understanding.

“I see that you sanded the surface down, that’s good. It makes it easier for me to do the job. Have you chosen a color yet? You still wanted the chameleon coat on it right?”

Nodding to his words, I place my hand on the roof of the car with a smirk.

“Yeah, Rory and I sanded it down the last day he was here. As we finished it off, we had a discussion and I chose a color that I think that I want. That nice deep red with the chameleon coat would look real nice.”

Indio continued to inspect the vehicle for a few moments before he waved me towards his office.

Once inside, he looked through his paperwork and produced a set of consent forms to allow him to paint the car. After I signed the papers he looked up at me and slapped me on the shoulder.

“Okay, I have all the stuff I need to get the job done. You can pay me when you pick it up, it will probably take damn near a month though. I hope you can wait that long.”

I acknowledge his information, shake his hand, then leave to walk to the mall.

Walking through the town, I have to acknowledge that having a car is a bonus. As It takes me nearly an hour to get to my destination on the other side of town.
I walk through the mall and make notice of all the people within, trying to judge the innocence within them. I was sent here to protect these people and to defend the Hellmouth from becoming even more active than it currently is. Knowing that, it shows me what connections to my life that these people make.

It shows me what is good and descent about humanity.

I walk into the SunCoast Music store and begin to ramble through the CD’s and movies making a few selections that I like. Amongst them is the new Creed, NonPoint, and Breaking Benjamin albums. Purchasing them, I leave and move on to the Firelight book store.

I was here earlier looking for books on Metallurgy, when I spotted a resource book on metals and alloys of the ancient world. I purchase this book and move to my next destination, Sharp’s Eclectic shop.

Once inside, I walk through the isles and look at the entire store inventory, seeing that it is filled with odds and ends of a unique nature. There are things such as posters, knives, key chains, jewelry, some clothing, and items of that nature.

As well as some of the more private or erotic types of things in the back of the store.

Moving to the small crafting items on the wall of the last isle, I pick up a set of metal etching tools. I know that with my growing interest in crafting jewelry and weapons made from my forge, that I may wish to make designs and such on them for show or acknowledgement.

Looking around the store further, I only find one other item that peeks my interest. A Zippo lighter with a small pewter plate on two sides, that I may be able to use my etching tools to create my own unique design.

Making my purchases, I leave the mall and start to head home once again.
Arriving back, I see that walking home has put me in around lunch time and prepare a small meal.

Since beginning my conditioning under the tutelage of my Uncle Rory, I have adopted a very energy packed diet to keep my physique and attributes in peek condition. I set an alarm on my watch for three in the afternoon, giving me enough time to go through a workout and allowing me enough time to visit the recycling center before it closes.

After my lunch, I decide to do a work out in order to train myself and hone my movements further.

Around two hours later the alarm on my watch goes off, telling me that the time allotted has passed and I only have two hours before center closes.

Taking another quick shower, I wash off the sweat and stink from the workout, before I dress into another casual outfit and leave for the center.
Arriving at the center, I go through the scrap listings on what metals and amounts that they have in stock for sale. Making choices for which metals and the amount that I want, I then ask one of the workers to help me deliver this stack home.

Later as I hand over a crisp fifty dollar bill, I thank the man that helped me with my haul and close the back doorway of the workshop. Looking at the small pile of metals, I check them over for viability and nod at the condition. The stock of copper, iron, and brass, will go a long way to doing some metal works.

If I get good enough, maybe I can sell some of my works at the new art gallery that I saw downtown on the way home.

Leaving the workshop, I head into the entertainment room with my new movies and relax for awhile with my new metallurgy book. I know that it won't be long before I have to go out and patrol again and I have to get in all I can of a life, before my duty takes precedence.
{Buffy POV}

As I unload the last of my boxes from our move to this small town from L.A., I think over the reasons why we had to move in the first place. The main one being the divorce between my folks of course. The disagreements and fights between them though, and the fact that my father was sleeping with his secretary a close second. I know that I was also a factor in their separation as well. Well, my troubles and situation didn’t help it that's for sure.

Being the only one that can slay vampires, it can be a little overwhelming, and causes some priority shifts that were evident, my burning down the gym at my old high school for example. Of course, I had help from others for awhile. But one died trying to spare me of this life, and the other kinda skipped out on me towards the end of my time in Los Angeles.

That seems to be a reoccurring thing with me and the men in my life, they either leave or die.

Putting down a box full of my stuff on the bed, I hear a knock on my bedroom door. Turning around I see my mother with a cup of tea in her hand.

“Sweetie, I’m going to make something simple for dinner tonight, just sandwiches with some soup or something. That way we can turn in early and get a good start on tomorrow.” She said with a small frown full of exhaustion.

I nod my head and give her a small smile in thanks.

“Okay, that would be good. I am kinda tired from the moving anyway.” I tell her turning toward my bed.

I straighten out the comforter, then turn back to look at all the boxes that are scattered on the floor.

“Well, just give me a few minutes to get it going, then come on down.”

I look at her and nod again, before she turns around and walks down the stairs.
A little while later, we are sitting down at the kitchen counter eating dinner. When my mom begins what I will refer to as the parental pep talk about our move, and the new beginnings it gives us.

“So...I know that you are not exactly happy about us coming here. But with everything that happened in Los Angeles and the things with your father, not to mention the opportunity that the gallery has given me, I thought that we could just, I dunno, get a new start.”

I nod my head at her words and look at my sandwich, my thoughts drift back to the last of my problems in L.A.The gym fire was an accident that got out of control, I was just trying to kill some vampires.

I don’t regret the slaying; however I do regret losing the trust of my parents, and the life of my first watcher because of my ignorance.

The emotional and psychological toll of the job, screwed with my priorities, it has caused me to doubt my own self worth. The actions of my past and my self esteem issues have given me enough reason to stop slaying, to basically retire.

However, I know that my mother is right, that this really is a new start. I can use it to be a new Buffy, a slayer-less Buffy, and be someone that I like again.

I look up at my mother and give her a smile of reassurance and encouragement.

“I know mom, it will just take some time to get used to it is all. And, you’re right this is a new beginning, and I should treat it as such. Put things behind me and make a fresh start.” I tell her in a somewhat chipper voice.

I see her smile at me and I know that she is happy that I want this to happen as much as she does.

Finishing dinner, I place my plate in the sink and tell my mother that I am turning in for the night.

As I start upstairs to my bedroom, I start to feel the anxiety at starting in this new school. It won’t be like my last one where I was the social queen turned pariah. Hopefully, I will be able to have some good friends, go to parties, and be Buffy the normal girl. Not Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

After taking a shower and using my face scrub, I move into my bedroom.

Searching through the boxes around the room for my favorite stuffed animal, and best friend Mr. Gordo, I crawl into my bed and quickly relax until I fall asleep.
At first my sleep is peaceful and sweet, dreams about happy times with my parents, riding on a motorcycle with Pike, and even the quiet discussions I had with Merrick before he died. Things that bring I smile to my face when I look back on them.

Soon though they begin to turn dark, and I can feel a knot form in my stomach that lets me know that it is about to get worse.

Dark shadows, blood on the ground, faces that I can’t make out, tombstones, fire, a figure in a dark jacket fighting vampires, and knights of the past battling with monsters. Among them I see a young boy in jeans and a Van Halen shirt fighting alongside them. The boy then walking over the fallen bodies of both knights and demons, slowly grows older. He turns away from me his back facing me to where I can no longer see his face and begins fighting with his comrades against the dark once more. I continue to watch him as his clothing changes to become more of a modern version of the knightly armor.

More of his comrades continue falling to the ground dying around him, as he fights his way from the battlefield, into a graveyard and begins fighting vampires.

Dark shadows and flashes blind me for a moment before I regain focus.

Monstrous eyes looking at me, symbols and weird statues, more fire, more blood, dead people walking out of a fog, people under ground in a cave with torches, the knight guy with them holding a torch in one hand and a sword in the other, a vampire with the face of a bat, a bunch of vampires around him chanting, and those vampires killing innocent people. Skulls on the ground, more blood, a book with the word ‘Vampyre’ on it, crosses, pictures of a monster with horns and wings shooting lightning at a man, clawed hands, more vampires, and finally the bat faced vampire sitting in a chair looking to his left, then swinging his head around to look at me.

That’s when I finally wake up.
With the nightmare fresh in my mind, I blink a few times trying to clear my head. After a moment, I finally here the distant but familiar voice of my mother yelling for me from downstairs. She must have been trying to wake me up.


I shake my head a couple of more times and sit up in my bed.

“I’m up mom.”

“Well get up, you don’t want to be late for your first day.”

I sigh slightly and my head becomes even clearer.

“No, we wouldn’t want that.”
{Xander POV}

I wake up to the annoying sound of my alarm clock and groan before I roll out of bed.

Its only six thirty in the morning and I was up till two doing a patrol, which means that I have only had four and a half hours of sleep. I am obviously not a happy guy.

As I make my way to the bathroom to go through my morning ritual, I start to think of the fact that it is the first day of school. I know that before I fell asleep last night I set out all of the things I needed for school, as well as a nice outfit. But still, I am a little jittery.

After getting dressed, I grab my backpack, and skateboard, then leave.
On my way to both Willow and Jessie’s houses, I stopped by Kirk’s diner for some breakfast burritos and orange juice for all three of us.

I make it to Jesse’s house first and see him close the front door as soon as I arrive.

“Hey Xand, are you ready for the first day of hell?”

I smile and shake my head slightly at his attempt at humor, before I hand him a burrito and a bottle of juice.

“Jess, man you know that I am still trying to wrap my head around being in a public school again, so of course I am nervous as hell.”

I hear him snicker and turn to him when I feel his hand on my shoulder.

“Okay, okay, I’ll quit wiggin you out. Let’s just get over to Will’s house, before she starts to think that we will make her late.”

I laugh inwards at the comment of us making Willow late for school. I know that are Will’s is a school nut, and that she is one of the smartest people I know because of it. But still, I don’t think anyone should be that happy about the math.

When I was being tutored by Winston, I know that I learned a whole lot in languages and history, but I came up short in math and the sciences. I just couldn’t get a hold of how they work. I know the basics of math and some of the more business aspects of it, but when it comes to anything more it translates into ‘Bluh’. It’s somewhat the same with the sciences. I caught on to the earth sciences, like the elements and compounds. But stuff like biology, I just couldn’t make out.

As we walk up to Willow’s house we can see her parents pull out of the driveway without even saying goodbye to a lonely and somber looking Willow sitting on the porch. Although as soon as she see’s Jesse and I see starts to smile brightly.

She meets us halfway down the walkway in her yard and immediately goes to hug a smiling Jesse.

I see them give each other a quick peck on the lips and smile at the pair. I said it before that I was still not used to seeing them this close, but with these displays, I am quickly growing to like it. Seeing them happy is a very good reason to continue to do the things that I do at night.

When I finally see them separate from each other, I hand Willow a burrito and juice bottle. To which I earn a hug of my own and a beaming smile.

“Thanks Xand, my folks didn’t have time to make anything this morning for breakfast. They had to get to the offices as fast as they can, something about accounting errors and tax evasion.” She said as her smile slowly disappears.

Both Jess and I know the deal with her parents. That they only really had a child to study their own psychosis when dealing with parenthood, it is like a passing thought to them really.
We begin to walk our way down the street and to the school talking about how we would like this year to end up. When we reach the block before the school Jesse and Willow spot one of their acquaintances and say that they wanted to catch up real quick. I smile at them and nod at their words before I point to the school saying that I will meet them before class. They wave and smile as I skateboard may way to the walkway out front of the school.

Weaving between all of the people getting out of the buses and trying to walk into the school, I call out for warnings in case they get in front of me.

“Whoa, excuse me, pardon me, coming through, sorry, whoa, excuse me.”

As I roll passed a girl wearing a baby blue sweater with the word ‘AQUA’ on the front, I assume that it has to do with the music group and shake my head for a moment before I spot another girl with blond hair wearing a light pink shirt and a reddish skirt. My mind does an inner ‘Whoa’ at her look of hotness. Which is of course mirrored by an outward voicing of that response.


Looking at the girl, the world in my perception seems to slow down to a crawl as I take in her image.

See seems slightly familiar to me but, I cannot place where from.

As I sort out my teenage emotions and my confusion, I continue to watch her as she walks up a staircase, not aware of the environment around me. Of course it is at that moment that the speeds up again and I feel the consequences of my action, by running into a handrail.

The only thought that goes through my head as I hit the bars and flip over on to my butt is the obvious one.

{End of Chapter 2}
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