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Retaining The Line

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Drawing The Line". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A re-telling of the show in entirety, with Xander having the powers of a Paladin from World of WarCraft ON-HIATUS

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Games > Fantasy > WarcraftSadJackFR18417,840089,97212 Jul 093 Aug 09No

New and Unexpected

Disclaimer: I do not own BTVS or WoW. Those are the property of Joss and Blizzard.

Chapter 3

Chapter Title: New and Unexpected

{Xander POV}

There should be warning signs really, a post and street plaque stating “Hey Idiot, Banister Here!”

It should be a big sign too, in yellow and red, and at least five feet before said banister with an arrow pointing towards it.

But of course not, they forget to do this just for kicks and watch as moronic males who stare to long at cute girls make gut checks over hand rails.

I shake of the shock and slight pain in my ass, as I stand up and give the banister a disgusted look.

As soon as I finish my little inner monologue of hateful remarks at the inanimate object, I hear Willow’s voice drift into focus from behind me.

“You alright Xand?” she said as she smiled and gave a small laugh at my expense.

I have to give to her really, she was in the right place at the right time and she used it for her full advantage. But of course between Jesse and me over the last decade using witty and smart assed comments around her all the time, she would have had to have picked up at least a small of the ‘Wise Ass-Fu’ that we continually banter back and forth with.

Just giving her a small smile and a nod at her comment, I see her smile brighten slightly at my assurance and approval of her witty remark.

Motioning to continue down the sidewalk towards the school, I start to think about the dire consequences of the banister incident and the black mark I probably had just made on my wishful social status.

For starting high school in a relatively new social circle this is a bad way to go about to accomplish what I wanted.

At entering through the main doors of the building, I can hear the crowing and huffing of Jesse trying to catch up to us. As soon as he is near us, I can see the big smile on his face and the energetic attitude that he has seemed to have picked up since I last seen him down the street.

“Hey, I just heard about the major embarrassment that are man Xand here pulled at the steps. I gotta say if you are looking to make everyone think that you are of the clumsy, you are succeeding with flying colors.” Jesse says as he wraps an arm around Willow’s shoulders and throws a smirk at me.

I can see now why he has that attitude.

Allowing my head to drop at the information that Jesse just gave me, I can only imagine with the rate of the rumor mill of this school, I can just imagine how fast my social status is deteriorating and how I will now become labeled as ‘Banister Guy’.

All of this in my first hour at the school. Great.

As we near the lockers, I feel a tap on my shoulder and turn to see Jesse with another smirk on his face.

“What? Have I been nominated for dork of the year,” I ask him with a somber attitude.

I watch him shake his head slightly and lean against the lockers.

“Nah man, I just heard that we got a new girl in town and she is of the good looking.” He said as I began to work out my locker combination.

“Yeah, I saw her and I gotta say pretty much a hottie,” I tell him as I look back on the moments before the banister incident.

I turn to look at him and see Willow leaning into him with another smirk.

“I guess that that was the reason that Xander did his banister acrobatics, he saw her and decided to stare a little too long.” She said as Jesse’s smirk grew into a smile at her wittiness.

“You see, this is why I am with this girl. She picks up the good stuff quickly, and has the innocence to make it seem yet even more evil.” Said Jesse, as he hugs Willow and places a kiss on top of her head.

I can only nod and take the remarks for what they are, as I turn back to my locker and begin searching for my Lit book.

“Yeah, yeah I know. So….tell me about this girl, give me the shy, the info, what’s with her?” I ask as I grab my Lit book and close the locker door.

I turn back to the couple and see a confused look go across their faces.

“Well, um, New Girl.” Says Jesse with a shrug.

I look at Willow and hope for more, but am only given another shrug.

“Well aren’t you a font of nothing.” I remark as they begin to dig through their own lockers.

As soon as I see them take out their own books for class, I remember. I will not be with them in all of my classes, in fact I only have four out of seven with them and the first hour is not one of them.

“Okay, I am off to the rigors of Literature. You both have fun with the sciences and I will see you next hour.” I tell them as they nod and turn to walk down the opposite hall.

I watch as they walk down the hallway towards their first hour classes and sigh slightly. It will be difficult without some support after the banister incident to have any kind of social interaction. But that is how the hand was dealt as my Uncle Rory would have said.

Walking down the hall in the direction of the English classrooms, I tighten my grip on the Lit textbook and come to a right turn. As soon as I come around the bend of the turn, I only get a split second of reaction time before a door opens and I run into the same blond girl that I had seen out on the steps.

I hear a small yelp and react to not let her fall. I grab the bicep of her left arm and steady her back into an upright position. However, I am still not fast enough to keep her from losing her grasp on the bag she carries, and watch as it falls. As the bags contents spread on to the floor, I look up at her face and have to mentally shake at the sight.

‘Damn, she is hot.’

She looks at me for a moment with a frown and with a heavy sigh begins to bend down and collect her possessions.

Watching as she bends down to gather her things, I start to think about what else can go wrong today. Deciding that this situation was of course my fault, I move to help her.

Grabbing some pencils that have rolled under the water fountain near the wall and a notebook that a passing by classmate just walks over, I look at her and decide that now is probably the best time to introduce myself.

Unfortunately for me my mouth had different plans and chooses to say something that will embarrass complicate things for me further.

“Can I have you?”

She looks up at me with confusion in her eyes and a frown of irritation.

Working through my inner thoughts on why I said that, I try to make up for the comment and work out what I originally planned to ask.

“Sorry, I meant, can I help you?”

I see the expression of frustration leave her face and she begins to smile slightly and look at me with look of small amusement instead.

“Thanks. Yeah, would you mind?”

I nod at her and begin to hand her what I had gathered already. She takes the offer and places them back into her bag.

I bolster myself for yet another attempt at an introduction and hand over the last of her possessions that I could find.

“I don’t know you, do I?” I ask her.

Seeing a smile break across her face and her eyes begin to look more intently at me. I relax a little from her demeanor and take stock of the fact that I seem to have made up for the word blunder earlier.

“I don’t think so. My name’s Buffy, I’m new,” she says smiling back at me.

“Xander is me; I mean…I’m Xander. Hi.” I tell her.

I stand up and watch as she does the same with yet another amused smile on her face.

‘Okay, she’s cute, she’s not mad at you, and she is willing to tell me her name. Maybe I can try to get to know her and I will be able to make a new friend. Yeah, I can do that. Get to know her first and then try and move onto something more. Okay, just don’t choke on your next words.’

“Well maybe I will see you around. Maybe at school, since we both…go there.”

I see a look of confusion go across her face and mentally chastise myself for the comment. I must be the most none cool guy she has ever met. I am the epitome of dork.

‘Yep, should have known that that was going to happen.’

“It’s possible,” she says after a moment. Then she turns on her heel and walks down the hallway.

‘Well, ok. That was sorta unexpected, but cool beans for me.’

As she walks passed me and down the hall, I follow her with my eyes. Once she is a few steps from me, I turn around and shake my head at my own dumb luck, not to mention stupidity. How could my mouth run away from me and embarrass me so easily.

Lowering my sight to my feet I let out a sigh and continue walking to my class. After a few feet, I spot something unexpected and somewhat surprising. A foot long wooden stake. Looking back to Buffy in confusion, I see her turning a corner into the History annex.

I start to question why she would have such a thing in her possession. Too many horror movies maybe, or is she just slightly strange? Whatever the reason, she puts off a sense of innocence.

None the less, this gives me a small mystery to solve and a reason to get to know her better.

{Buffy POV}

A few minutes earlier.

I close the door to the principal’s office and start to think about how that meeting went, and how annoying the conversation really was.

“Needs meshing,” I mutter to myself turning towards the small hallway.

He knows nothing of what I really need. I needed a fresh start, a way to get away from the problems I have. The whole slayer gig being the really big problem outta the bunch. This was supposed to help me with a fresh start, to give me a new beginning.

How I could use this possibly to still get something of a fresh start.

Getting caught up in my thoughts, I walk down the small hallway, barely feeling the weight of the door to the main hall as I pass the receptionist. Hearing the door snap shut behind me, I glance around suddenly aware of the fact that I don’t have a clue where my first class is and I dig through my bag trying to find my schedule.

Yet again I become a little to oblivious to my surroundings and I suddenly get ran into by one of the other students in the hallway. As I reel from the force of the impact, I feel a hand grab my arm. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough and I drop my bag losing most of the contents onto the floor.

‘Great can my day get any more worse?’

In my irritation I put a frown on my face and look at the student, hopefully conveying my feelings over what he did.

As I bend down to gather all of my belongings, my inner ranting gets interrupted by the sight of a hand giving me some of my own school supplies. Looking up to see who was actually decent enough to help me out, I see one of the cutest smiles I have ever seen, on the same guy who ran into me.

“Can I have you?” says the guy.

At his words, I had dropped my frown and almost replied with a “Yes”. However I was able to catch myself and paste my face with a lost look instead. Perhaps seeing my change in expression, he gives me a quick recap of what I assume he was trying to say in the first place.

“Sorry, I meant, can I help you?”

At hearing his change of words, I can guess that he may find me as equal in my attraction and got confused on what he wanted to say.

‘If I can confuse a guy like that and have last month’s hair, I still must have some appeal left in me.’

With these thoughts in mind I decide for his embarrassing remark he should at least get a smile.

“Thanks, yeah, would you mind?” I ask him.

He smiles back, at me and for a short time we concentrate on gathering everything from the floor. As I make a grab for a notebook, and a Snickers candy bar, his voice breaks into my concentration and I look up at him again.

“I don’t know you, do I?” he says with a small look of confusion.

“I don’t think so. My name’s Buffy, I’m new,” I say smiling back at him.

‘Maybe my luck is starting to change for the better.’

“Xander is me; I mean…I’m Xander. Hi.” He tells me.

I almost break out into giggles at his jumble of words. This Xander, is making my day a little bit better.

I gather the last of my things and place them back into my bag.

Seeing him stand up to his full height, I look over his physique and I get lost in how fit he is. Beginning to feel a tingle of want in my stomach, I shoulder my bag hoping to put off that feeling. He thankfully, must have not picked up on it, given that he once again interrupts my inner musings with another word blunder.

“Well maybe I will see you around. Maybe at school, since we both…go there.” He says in a nervous manner.

I smile at him again. With his sheepish smiles, and his good looks, not to mention his nervous word blunders, he wasn’t turning out to be half bad of a guy. It could be interesting to get to know him more.

“It’s possible,” I say after I see him staring at me for a time. With that I turn and begin walking down the hallway.

Turning a corner, I hear the bell ring and I let out a heavy sigh. In all the confusion, I completely forgot what I was doing before I dropped my bag. I nearly smack my forehead at my focus and reach into my bag for the class schedule.

‘Well, I guess if I am going to be late. Meeting a cute guy is one of the better personal reasons.’

{Xander POV}

The thing about minor mysteries and new people is that when you start to look for any information, you don’t normally find much. Such is the case of the not so infamous Buffy.

So far all I really have is the stake, and some although inconsistent, weird rumors. Things like Mental Institutions, Cheerleader Assassins Squads, and Severe Environmental Issues. The biggest, but most believable, is that she is a pyromaniac and decided to burn down the gym at her last high school. Other than that, the only thing I know is that she is seriously hot.

So, I sit through my first four classes, paying small attention to the teachers, and running through all the information on her that I have so far. Fortunately, the bell for lunch rings and I am free to look for more information on her from other sources.

As I get done hearing some more weird rumors about the new girl Buffy, which I have now discovered has a last name of “Summers”, I feel a hit on my shoulder and turn to find Jesse with a big smile. At a nod to the doors leading outside, we leave for the quad.

Walking out the doors, I am able to easily spot Willow sitting on the small wall near a fountain. But I am surprised almost at the company she has, it is none other than Buffy Summers.

Within the last few feet, I see Jesse sneak around and grab Willow around the shoulders from behind. Getting her to let out a small squeak, and for Buffy to tense up slightly, almost as if she is preparing for an attack.

‘Hmm, I wonder what she is so tense about. Just another piece of the puzzle I guess.’

When Willow settles down from Jesse’s surprise, she quickly makes introductions for us all.

“Oh, Buffy. This is my boyfriend Jesse and that is or friend Xander. Guys this is Buffy.” Says Willow with a big smile at me.

I can tell that she is still making fun at my expense over the banister incident, and is trying to make a point at me for the reasons why, as she switches her gaze between Buffy and I.

So naturally, I try to play it off into my advantage, and hope not to fail as miserably as this morning.

“Oh me and Buffy go way back, earlier in the morning as a matter of fact. She dropped her bag and I dropped my social level by acting like a bumbling idiot in front of her. But like I said to her earlier, I hoped we would see each other again, and bam here we are.” I tell Willow as I look directly at Buffy.

Of course Jesse not disappointing in the sarcastic jibes department makes a remark to put me into place, allowing Willow to give off a big smile.

“Is it me or are you turning into a babbling idiot?” says Jesse out loud to the collective group.

“Oh, it’s probably not just you.” I say with embarrassed grin.

With that I do see a small amused grin on Buffy’s face and it eases my tensions slightly. Of course what she tells us next relieves even more of the tension, as she tries to make light of the situation.

“Well even so, it was nice to meet you guys, I think.” She says with a small giggle.

“Well we wanted to make you feel at home, that is unless you are scared of your home.” Says Jessie with a sarcastic shrug.

As Jesse says this, I decide to up the game a little on my investigation and dig into my bag for the stake she left on the ground earlier in the day.

Pulling it out and flipping in the air once, I approach her with a comical stance.

“And of course, to return this to you. The only thing I can thing is that you are building a really little fence.” I tell her as she makes a grab for it and holds it up to look at it with a nervous glance.

“Uhh, no, ahh, actually it’s for self defense. Pepper spray is just so passé. Everyone has them in L.A.” she tells us with a lot of nervous glances at all three of us.

At the back of my mind, something nags at me about L.A., something that my Uncle Rory said before he left, but I can’t seem to recall. Either way, since it is not coming to me off the bat, I decide to ease up on her a little, and try to gather some small personal information on her, by asking a few questions in a jovial manner.

“So tell us, what do you like to do for fun? What do you like? What do you look for in a man? Let’s hear it.” I ask with a big smile.

I see a small blush go over her face for a moment, and she just looks at me with a sly nervous glance.

Fortunately for her this time Jesse asks another sarcastic question.

“Is there any dark personal secrets you wish us to publish?”

Watching her, I see her nervousness increase slightly, contrary to my earlier belief, and she looks down at her bag for a moment.

“Gee, everybody wants to know about me, how keen.” She says with a now nervous but also lost look for a moment.

Deciding to at last give her an out from the questioning, I give her a comment to know that she can finish it off quickly if she wants.

“Well there is not a lot to talk about in a no starbucks town such as SunnyDale. So you are pretty big news.” I tell her with a slight look out of the corner of my eye towards Jesse and Willow.

I see a small grateful smile and it that tells me she is catching on to the line I am leading her on.

“Well I’m not, really.” says Buffy.

Of course Willow pipes in with a comment that draws attention to me instead, and drives the conversation on a little longer than I would have hoped.

“Well, other than you Buffy, the only thing that has happened lately is Xander coming back from his world travels a few weeks ago. So, with you, new news is interesting news, you know?” says Willow with a grin of her own.

Looking at Buffy after Willow’s comment, I see a quizzical look come across her face and I ready myself for the inevitable questioning that she may ask.

Good for me though, as at that moment Cordelia Chase approaches and breaks into the conversation with her near sneering remark.

“Are these guys bothering you?” she asks Buffy.

A confused look goes across Buffy’s face for a moment and she shakes her head slightly at the insinuation.

“Uh, no.” she tells Cordelia.

I look from Buffy to Cordelia and stand to confront her on her remark against my friends and me. It was good before, but now it is just wrong.

“Well, well, if it isn’t queen C, out looking for more willing sacrifices to her idol of the fashion and hooker gods. Sorry, but you won’t find any victims here Cor.” I tell her with a sarcastic smile.

I watch as a look of confusion goes across her face, then a look of realization, followed by a sneer and another derogatory remark this time directed towards me instead of my friends.

“Well, if it isn’t banister boy himself, Xander Harris. Find any other handrails to run into lately loser?” says Cordelia with a feral grin.

Feeling that her question hits a little too close to home since Buffy is so nearby, I decide to squash this argument before it goes too far and possibly embarrasses me further.

“Well, yes I have there Cor. But I found out it was your practice poll for stripper classes, and I decided to stray away from the chess club. I mean I know that your fan club hangs out there and you want to make an impression, but come on even you have to rest. That thing was polished way too much. And I gotta say, wow, was it shiny.” I tell her and see a lost look go over her face, before she turns back to Buffy who has a slightly impressed look on her face.

“Well anyway, I don’t mean to interrupt your downward mobility, but I wanted to tell you that you won’t be meeting Coach Foster, because gym was cancelled, due to the extreme dead guy in the girl’s locker room.”

At this comment, my face goes from smiling to business mode, and I see a blank look go over Buffy’s face, before it draws into a determined frown.

“What,” says Buffy in a deadpanned voice?

“You talking about,” says Willow to complete Buffy’s question and my own intrigue?

“Some guy was stuffed into Aura’s locker,” says Cordelia with shocked and annoyed look.

“Dead,” says Buffy with a shocked voice.

“Totally dead, way dead,” says Cordelia.

“Not just a little dead,” asks Jesse.

“Don’t you have an elsewhere to be,” asks Cordelia with a look directed at me.

“How did he die? Where there any marks,” asks Buffy with a newly risen determined look.

“I don’t know, he’s just dead. Morbid much, I didn’t ask,” says Cordelia.

Watching her as she asks all of these questions, I start to wonder what her continuing interest may be. I know that mine is that it may be best for me to investigate how the guy died. However it being in the girl’s locker room could complicate things. I may just need to wait for a proper time, so I won’t be caught so easily.

“Look guys, I gotta book. I’ll see you later,” says Buffy in a worried manner.

At hearing her goodbye, I myself decide to leave and possibly ask the girl Aura what she knows.

“Hey guys, I’m gonna haul out to. I gotta stop by the library before next hour and get a “Theories of Trig book.” I tell the collected people before grabbing my bag and running into the school.

After finding Aura and getting nothing more that babbling and crying, I headed to the library.

I had a need to find more on Metallurgy due to the fact that even with the book I had purchased yesterday, I could not identify with metal those talons were compromised of. And since I had already picked up the trig book, I figured it would be a good time killer.

Looking through the book stacks for reference text on the subject I come across a book with weird bindings with the title of “Relic Crafts”. I pull this book and begin to skim through the pages in interest, if it does deal in metal crafting, I may like to find out more.

It’s at that moment, that I hear noise in the office and a phone being slammed back down onto its cradle.

Looking around the corner and into the office, I see a middle aged man with glasses and a tweed suit rubbing the back of his neck.

A moment after that, the door bursts open and Buffy marches in.

“Okay, what’s the sitch?” she says loudly.

I see the older guy leave the office to see the commotion and notice Buffy.

“Sorry?” he asks her.

“You heard about the extreme dead guy in the locker right?” she asks the older man.

With this question, I decide that I will move back and observe this little conversation in hopes that I will gather more information on Buffy and her mysterious interests in the dead guy.

“Yes.” says the older man.

“Good, cause it’s the weirdest thing, he’s got two little-little holes in his neck and all his bloods been drained. Isn’t that bizarre, aren’t you just going, ohh?” says Buffy to Older man who appears not to be too shocked at the news, and is actually only showing a slight confusion.

“Damn, I was afraid of this happening.” says the older man.

“Well I wasn’t. It’s my first day. I was afraid I wasn’t going to make any friends that I would have last month’s hair. I didn’t think that there would be vampires on campus, and I don’t care.” Buffy said with exasperation but finished firmly.

“Then why are you here.” asked the older man with a determined look on his face?

“To tell you that…I don’t care…which I don’t and have now told you, so goodbye.” said Buffy with a stumped look on her face.

“Is he…will he rise again.” asked the older man with his own exasperated look?

“Who.” Buffy asks?

“The boy.” says the older man.

“No, he’s just dead.” says Buffy.

“Are you sure?” asks the older man.

“To make you a vampire, they have to suck your blood, then you have to suck their blood, it’s a whole big sucking thing. Mostly they are just gonna kill you. Why am I still talking to you?” asks Buffy as she turns to leave.

“You really have no idea of what is going on do you? You think that it is coincidence that you being here? That boy is only the beginning,” states the older man.

I watch as she moves towards the doors only to turn around at the older man’s statement.

“Why can’t you people just leave me alone?” asks Buffy in an irritated manner.

At this the older man moves towards her more and looks her intently in the eyes.

“Because you are the slayer!” exclaims the older man.

And with something equivalent to a mental snap of fingers it all falls into place.

{End of Chapter 3}
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