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The break of dawn

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Summary: The darkest part of night, is just before dawn breaks. Without Buffy, Dawn's life is spiralling out of control. She has a long way to travel and she will fight every step of the way. Some references to self harm/suicide. Xover of AB and BTVS 5

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Still to be beta'ed I am very sorry for the very long lapse, going through very very bad times just now. what can I say life is a bitch! But I love writing this so please enjoy even if it is a wee bit short


Dawn shut her mouth with a snap as she realised she had been doing a remarkable impression of a goldfish.

“Uhhhh?” Was all she could vocalise in her bewilderment, her brain momentarily short circuited as she gaped at what seemed to be an extra from the three musketeers, oh how Spike would have had a field day with this.

Jean Claude paused slightly mollified that at least she was not denying him as she had her mother. “Dawn ma petite cherie, je suis tres adore..” he carried on with sweet French endreaments as he implored her to listen to him, to cease this nonsense to realise how much she was loved.

Dawn cocked her head to one side, as she recovered her equilibrium. “Whoa… Darth Vader much! And what’s with all the French?”

“Dawn what nonsense is this, you speak French fluently.” Jean Claude surveyed her his nose wrinkling in parental disapproval as he took in once again her costume and visage in all its glory.

“I flunked French and took German last year, I am not who you think I am…and geez why am I even wasting my time arguing with you, I know you are thinking up some evil plan to break my circle and suck me dry.” She shook her head in disgust as she started to re arrange her magical stuff, sprinkling some brown powder into her bowl. Muttering under her breath. “This is nuts vamps can’t have children, you cannot be my father.”

A cool wind filled the room, blinds rattled in the windows and pencils rolled across the floor. Jean Claude sighed and straightened up. “I feel the truth in your words my precious one, but this cannot be allowed to continue. You have a mother that loves you dearly, a family that only wants to keep you safe. You will stop this nonsense now Dawn, break the circle and come with me.”

“Just go away go away go away.” Dawn’s voice and became shrill as she shrieked at Jean Claude all her earlier cool evaporating, dashing tears from her eyes as she tried to ignore him her movements jerky as she mixed and added to her potion she was almost finished and then she was out of here. Time to go home, time to find her own …. a shaft of pain filled her chest as she realised yet again there was no family to go home to. Only her sisters’ friends and Spike. But it was enough, had to be enough.

Jean Claude’s eyes blazed brilliant deep blue, the whites of his eyes disappearing as he pulled on the power of his kiss, as he pulled on the power of the triumvirate. “Dawn this will hurt, please little one drop the circle now. A circle is only as strong as the witch that holds it and I can and I will break it, but the back lash? Dawn do not do this I implore you.”

Dawn started whispering the incantation, stumbling over unfamiliar words. A slight noise had Dawn glancing around, her eyes wide and wild as she saw another vampire who looked like one of Raphael’s angels settle down just outside her circle. His gaze intent he raised his hands until they settled mere millimetres from where her circle shimmered.

Gritting her teeth, she fumbled as she pushed her sleeve down, the stolen silver blade hovered just above her wrist. She could feel the vampires their power pushing against her, their power so strong, so vibrant she had mere moments left.

“I’m so sorry.” She whispered.

Jean Claude gave a guttural anguished cry “NON DAWN DO NOT”.

Her lashes flew up as she finally met Jean Claude’s gaze, the shiny blade slashed down, slicing her skin like butter, she gasped as the blood welled instantly, glistening crimson red drops of life as they fluttered over the bowl and then almost in slow motion started to plummet towards it with ever increasing speed.

“So mote it be.”

For a split second the time seemed to pause, the world shivered on axis. A flash of green, a super novae of pure emerald power spun outwards so fast it almost didn’t seem to exist as it flattened anything supernatural in its way.

Later Jean Claude would try and make sense of the sequence of events ,the smashing of his connection to the kiss, his wolves to Anita and Richard. For one small moment in time he was completely alone, everything so monstrously clear and sharp. A myriad of images, thoughts sped before his eyes, feelings flooded his body, and pain unbelievable pain but worse of all a loneliness that pierced his soul and laid him bare. He was vaguely aware that he was lying on his back, screaming in the distance, a young girls cries full of pain and despair, he rolled over his body as weak as a new born as he struggled to raise his head. Bare small petite feet came into view, he gazed upwards, “Dawn”. He implored.

The creature stared down at him, her face blank like an empty canvas, eyes a molten green light, blood dripping from its eyes, nose and mouth. “Dawn is not here just now, please call later”, the voice stated tonelessly before stepping over his body and out the classroom.

He struggled to his feet, calling ruthlessly on the bonds with the triumvatrne as the link re-established, feeling power flood within once again. Vaguely he was aware of Asher cursing in Gaelic. He staggered to the door, energised by the sounds of his child screaming in ear-piercing agony.

Dawn was writhing on the floor in the doorway, her hands clawing at her eyes as though to dig them out. Lurching to her side, he seized her wrists forcing then to the ground. Asher appeared behind her, stabilising her head. Her eyes opened blood filled but merciful heaven normal.

“Mon Pere, sauve moi. Je me souviens de tout et mais je ne suis rien. Tout cela est un mensonge. Me Tuer, me tuer, mon perequi n’est pas mon pas.”

Her body convulsed and arched against their grip, her eyes rolled back until only the whites showed. Gripping her chin he forced her jaws open, and placed his fountain pen between her teeth as her body was wracked by convulsions. He could hear her heart valiantly pumping, then a flutter, a hesitation and he could almost feel it as it started to fail. He gazed in horror at Asher, realising his daughter of his heart was slipping away.

“Ma fille reste avec moi, reste avec moi”, he implored, red tears streaming down his cheeks . As he begged a god he had lost faith with. “S’il vous plait Dieu, Sauver son”.


Circus of the Damned

Many of the younger more submissive wolves has changed at the sudden influx and then vacuum of power unable to resist basic instincts. Small mercies they collapsed almost immediately in a stupor. The more experienced and dominant wolves staggered around, eyes bled to amber as they rode the waves. The vampires had fared slightly better turning into statues, faces blank as eyes blazed with power. As suddenly as it had started it finished. Except they all felt the pull of the master, the master of the city he called forth power and they provided. And then nothing. Tempers thin as they awaited their masters call.

The main door slammed open, a wind rushed through grazing them all with its power, forewarning of its masters appearance. He strode amongst them, fangs extended, eyes bled to sapphire blue, Asher at his side, and a young girl in his arms, her head limp against his shoulder, and the scent of blood heavy in the air.

Asher barked out orders “YOU bring Dr Lillian here now, make sure she has everything she needs, Requiem find Anita and Richard, Damian everything is to be shut down. Full alert. Do not disturb us until Lillian arrives. Their main suite door slammed with a soft finality, there was a instant of calm and then they whirled into action.


He was sleeping when the power blast hit him, he yelled an unearthly scream of anguish. Shuddering against his bonds, his body rigid as he gasped, until slowly ever so slowly, his body grew limp, his breathing evened out. His eyes opened shining yellow

“DAWN,” Spike rasped.

1. My father save me. I remember everything but I am nothing. This is all a lie. Kill me kill me my father that is not my father

2. My daughter stay with me, stay with me

3. Please god save her

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The End?

You have reached the end of "The break of dawn" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 21 Jul 11.

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