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The break of dawn

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Summary: The darkest part of night, is just before dawn breaks. Without Buffy, Dawn's life is spiralling out of control. She has a long way to travel and she will fight every step of the way. Some references to self harm/suicide. Xover of AB and BTVS 5

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Anita Blake > Dawn-CenteredyakuitFR181124,2561111022,05012 Jul 0921 Jul 11No

she wakes

Ch 2

“DAWN – look at me, just look at me, listen to me carefully Dawn I want you to put the knife down slowly”
Dawn looked up in confusion, her eyes widening, she could hear noises – jeers and shouting in the background, there was a man in front of her, his words coming slow and distant as though she was under water.
She looked around bewildered, was she in school, why didn’t she recognise anything, behind the strange man she could see faces of teenagers their cries indistinct as they were hustled by teachers away from the corridor. A pain from her arms made her look down, blood was dripping from long gashes in both arms, a small 3 inch blade held in her fist.

“Ohmygod, ohhmygod… this can’t be happening”, Dawn looked up in fear, “This is a dream… its just a dream”.

“Just put the knife down”, the man repeated. Dawn just stared back in shock, noticing inconsequentially the sweat beading on his upper lip. More noises and she looked up, a squad of security guards were hustling toward her, distracted she didn’t see as the man grabbed her his hand hard against her wrist. She started screaming then. It took three of them to restrain her and she was still screaming as she was stretchered onto the ambulance.


She came awake slowly her mind jumbled and sluggish. ‘Thank god she thought it was just a dream, a nightmare. Like the time she dreamt she woke up naked in school’. She groaned and then the smell assailed her. The harsh almost disinfectant smell that only a hospital could produce. Her eyes opened to a Nurse leaning over her “Welcome back deary, you had quite a sleep there, how are you feeling?”, her manner was brisk and efficient as she checked Dawns pulse. Dawn looked around wildly “where am I? why am I here”, panicking she tried to move only to loose all sense of calm as she looked down to see her wrists bandaged and restrained by stout padded leather straps.

“You are in hospital, your wounds were rather deep in areas and had to be stitched. The consultant will be here shortly and then you will be released to your guardians unless you prefer to waive that and enter into a half house and await results from ‘the test’. I imagine it can’t have been easy for you leaving as you do, no wonder… well no matter.”

Dawn shook her head, “what… this isn’t right, this can’t be happening, letmego, LETMEGO”, Dawn struggled as the nurse frowned down at her,

“Calm down otherwise you will be sedated again and will spend the night in hospital for evaluation. Your guardians are here and are most insistent that you be released into their care”.

“They are here, thank god, I want to go with them”, Dawn closed her eyes, her tongue felt thick, “please just let me go, I didn’t … I can’t have… I just want to go home, I want to go home, please let me go home”. She started sobbing it was all too much, maybe she was finally going mad.

“Dawn, Dawn its okay, everything will be okay, we are going to take you home now”, A large asian skinned man was leaning over as he unbuckled her straps. The nurse screeched about forms and regulations but another man entered into the cubicle sparing Dawn a wink and a smile, he pulled out a sheaf of papers.

Dawn stared at them in confusion, they were … well they could have been posters ads for the Chippendales. Had Willow sent them or perhaps they were friends of Xander from the construction yard. Then his hands were under her knees and back and she was lifted up. Strangely she felt safe as he carried her down the corridor, her eyes drifting shut, she was only vaguely aware as she was placed in a car and the seat belt buckled around her.

The low murmur of voices woke her, as soon as she opened her eys, the voices stopped. “Hey there kiddo, how you doing”. The Asian man answered her, his smile slow and easy, showing way too much teeth. The other man was driving and he winked at her in the mirror, “Gave is all quite a scare Dawnie”.

“I’m fine, I feel funny, do you have something to drink my mouth feels like old carpet”.

“Sure just sip it though”, a cool bottle of pepsi was handed to her, and forcing herself not to guzzle, Dawn slowly sipped it down, the coldness and Glucose enough to start reviving her”.

“Did Xander send you guys? Who are you, I guess you know I’m Dawn”. She was chattering non stop almost going into a Willow babble but who knew that Xander had such good looking friends and how mortifying that they picked her up from the hospital. She stared out the window so missed how the men glanced at each other in concern.

Dawn stared out the window in consternation, nothing looked familiar, her flagging senses started to catch up on her. “Where are we, this isn’t Sunnydale?”, her voice wavered in mid panic. How could she be so stupid, her mum had always warned her about getting in cars with strangers. And she more than anybody should be more aware.

“Dawn its okay don’t be scared, we are nearly home, you mothers on her way too”.

Dawn froze, “my mother”, she replied flatly, her fingers crept along the door, finding the door handle she waited until they slowed to go round a bend then throwing the Pepsi bottle at full strength at the front windscreen. Which very satisfying cracked into a million crystals. “My mum’s dead you bastards”, she screeched.
The car swerved and wobbled as the driver swore and tried to get it under control and safely stopped. The other man his face shocked reached back to grab Dawn. She was quicker and with a heave on the handle she fell out, after tumbling for several feet, she picked herself up, bruised but ready to go she thought assessing her condition.
The car had stopped 20 feet away, the tree line was at the road, if she lost herself in the woods, they would never find her. Pushing herself forward ignoring her tiredness and the pain from her arms. She sprinted into the woods. She didn’t get ten feet. She was tackled to the ground, an arm firm around her waist, she was turned as they fell so she was cushioned by his body. She didn’t allow him a second of respite, swearing, kicking, scratching, in her panic forgetting Spike’s instruction. But within seconds she was contained. His arms firmly around her, his leg throw over hers.

“Dawn what the fuck is going on, you could have killed yourself are you crazy”, he was almost spitting in his anger his eyes seemed to be almost glowing.

“MY MOTHER IS DEAD you bastard, you should have done your homework. When Willow finds out I am gone she will hunt you down and Spike will rip your tongue out”.

“Jesus Dawn, lets just get you home okay, Anita is on her way, she’s not dead Dawn I spoke to not ten minutes ago”, seeing his words were having no effect on her. He turned around to his partner “can we drive?” receiving an affirmative. He looked back at his charge who was literally frothing at the mouth still struggling futilely against his unmoving hands, “get some rope from the trunk, I am going to bruise her if I hold her much longer”.

Please please review … and yes you don’t know what happened neither does Dawn, you are going to discover whats happened as she does
By the way, I am away from my books – can somebody email me some of the Wolf and leopard enforcers names.
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