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Crisis of Limited Xanders Interlude, Warren Mears

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Crisis of Limited Xanders". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Unicron has tasked Warren with the goal of building up an army. Warren decides to take pleasure in the task as much as possible. WARNING DARK EXPLICIT FIC

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Author's Notes: I think I'm taking a huge risk just posting this story, but this is big time and is an important part of my Crisis of Limited Xanders story. This focuses on the villains side of things, specifically Warren Mears. There is rape, abduction, sexual torture and a number of other things. I wrote this originally as part of my 'Adult Themed Porn Series'. Showing the darker side of things, if you are easily offended by this material then don't read it. If any of the mods feel that it should not be here, then tell me, but since it is an important side of the new series I'm working on I'm not sure how to handle it. Of course if you can't maintain a calm and adult manner when it comes to smut then you definitely have no business reading this.

WARNING: In case you skipped the above AN or missed the warning label, then allow me to reiterate. Rape, Sexual Torment, Violence, Villain Wins! At least for the time being. If you can't read it, stay away from it capiche?

Disclaimer: Warren Mears and all things Buffy belong to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy Productions. Blackrock and Unicron belong to Hasbro and Marvel Comics. Diana Price of Thymescara belongs to DC Comics and would probably never get put into a situation like this. Which should be a big clue that I don't own any of them, heh, this is a work of fanfiction meant purely for entertainment purposes. I treat all my work seriously, even if its' adult flavored smut. That is all


Blackrock waited patiently for his generals to bring in the latest recruit, when he first discovered the All-Seeing Eye of the one called Writer he had believed, and rightly so, that he had at last discovered a means to reclaim his destiny. A destiny which had been denied him thanks to the accursed Cybertronians and his hated nemesis, that he continued to attempt to destroy this reality instead of moving on to another, had meant that he had chosen to be stubborn. At times he was known for being more than that when it came to eradicating all of reality itself.
Now, he had the means to complete his ultimate plans, the total obliteration of all of creation. Except that The Writer had skills and allies beyond the bauble now resting on his desk like a paperweight. The door opened and a young man was shoved in none too gently by Lobotomaxx.

“Ah, excellent. Uoy Yam Evael Su Won,” Blackrock ordered the Lunartixian. Lobotomaxx left without a word and the human slowly climbed back to his feet brushing his shirt collar free of imaginary dust.

“Who are you and why’d you have that demon bring me here?” the young man demanded.

“My current hosts’ name is G.B. Blackrock, but you may address me as Unicron,” Blackrock informed.

“Unicron, the big bad that got taken out by the Matrix of Leadership?” Blackrock glowered at the young fool, of course he just had to be someone from a reality with access to those blasted cartoon shows.

“It does not matter how I was bested, or even that I was, what matters is that you are now in my debt and I have rescued you from the Wicca that would have destroyed you,” Unicron stated.

“Sure you did, like I’m going to take your word for it.”

“Mister Mears, allow me to reveal yourself,” Blackrock stated taking hold of the All-Seeing Eye and raising it above his head. Images rushed from the device into the mind of Warren Mears revealing the existence of a multitude of alternate realities in which he was captured and murdered, flayed alive by the woman, Rosenberg. When it was over Warrens’ face had grown pale and he looked like he was going to throw up. “Ah, I see you failed to enjoy your fate. I myself share similar sentiments, considering that I am reduced to possessing this primitive flesh beings’ body, unfortunately even though I managed to discover the existence of this bauble I have yet to master all of its capabilities. Otherwise I would have forced a restoration of my original physical and far more imposing form.”

“Ok, so you rescued me, why?” Warren demanded suspiciously. Blackrock smiled winningly and turned to his wall safe, approaching it he dialed the combination too fast for any mere human to follow and revealed the contents.

“I have need of competent allies Mister Mears, if I am to continue to possess this All-Seeing Eye as it has so eloquently been dubbed. Thus I searched all of the multiverse that has been created by this, so called Writer, and quite honestly I like your style.” Blackrock chuckled. “It is chaotic, it is ambitious and it is truly evil, something that I have found can be most trustworthy when given enough incentive.”

“Stop with the nonsensical super villain jargon and get to the point, monologueing is how bad guys always lose because they don’t stop themselves in time and just get on with killing the hero.”

“Yes, you would have some experience in that regards,” Blackrock remarked with raised brow.

“My failures can be attributed to my choice in cohorts, I never should have trusted those two bumbling idiots. They didn’t have the stomach for what I had in mind,” Warren stated coldly.

“Very well, I shall skip to the ‘cliff notes version’ I believe it is called, do you know what this is?” Blackrock held up a compacted device, it had a jeweled center with a casing made of the blackest of metals and twin handles with four finger holds in said handles.

“Looks like the Matrix, so what?” Warren wondered.

“This is part of my essence, my very being, much as the Autobot equivalent is part of Primus’s essence.” Blackrock smiled. “It has received many names from my heralds, Shokaract called it his Matrix of Conquest, Mega Zarak preferred the name Dark Matrix and Nemesis Prime my most loyal creation calls it his Dead Matrix Annex. With this I have full access once again to all of my former forms’ abilities, if you agree to aid me in preventing The Writer from reclaiming his little toy I will use my powers to… ‘reformat’ you.” Warrens’ eyes lit up greedily at the prospect of gaining true power, not some magical toys but real power, the big leagues.

“What do I have to do?” he asked in a low tone.

“Build us an army,” Blackrock replied with a slight smirk.

“What kind of army?” Blackrock chuckled and Unicrons’ voice began to emerge from his tiny frame.

“Any kind your heart desires Mister Mears,” he said.

“I’m in,” Warren decided the greed and lust for power still shining in his eyes. Blackrock smiled and placed his fingers into the finger holds.

“Excellent.” He began to pull the handles apart. “Oh, I should warn you, this will hurt.” Opening the Matrix he tapped into its’ power and bathed Warren with its’ light. Warren cried out in absolute pain as his flesh was literally stripped from his bone and muscle, ironic that the very same thing would have happened to him if Unicron hadn’t stepped into the picture. Power played over Warren, energy that circled every organ and then infused them with raw Energon, falling to his knees he clutched at his skull as he began to glow with a purplish green energy. Briefly Warren flickered between solid flesh and blood to a three dimensional polygonal form, almost as though he were a machine, when it was finished he looked different. Except they were small differences. Such as the pure black orbs that served as eyes. “Perfect, you may now proceed, choose wisely for our army must be worthy.”

“Yes, Lord Unicron, I shall not fail,” Warren said with a bow at his master before he flickered and vanished into the corridors between realities. Blackrock smiled as he closed the Matrix and returned it to his safe.

“I never grow tired of hearing them call me that,” he stated.

Warren hovered above the globe a small smile on his lips he’d chosen this place to begin his troop building, just as he’d come to realize a general needed soldiers, obedient ones, pleasurable ones and yet he had very little time especially if he wanted to stop The Writer. He could have settled on an Earth of different origins Spider-Woman was hot as was a few others, but no the classic heroines were the best and he wasn’t about to take Sue slept with Reed and gave birth to two kids Richards, tight little virgins were worlds better.
Still, Wonder Woman his first target was powerful and well experienced, he didn’t possess the ability to cloud the minds of women after all. Warren was still quite powerful however as indestructible as Superman and almost as strong, but limited, sadly this meant he could only get his army the old fashioned way.

“Wonder Woman, Princess Diana of Thymescara, far too difficult to enslave her in the here and now,” he mused aloud and a small smile crept across his face. “But when she first came to the world of men might prove easier I wonder just how rusty my German is.” He chuckled to himself temporal travel proved a simple thing for one who’d watched enough Star Trek, the physics behind it might have proved tricky if not for one unique trait commonly allocated to certain heroes of this particular universe, Warren had no need of oxygen when flying in space.

Heroine Enslavement
Wonder Woman

Diana sat uncertainly in the Generals’ office, the bombing of Pearl Harbor had been an unexpected and treacherous blow to the American people, and personally it sickened her. The stories her Amazon sisters had shared with her surrounding the legends of ancient wars and battles did little to prepare her for todays’ modern warfare. To so casually slaughter millions with such an impartial attack and yet what was she to do?
Still new to the ways of men she had chosen not to question the ways they chose to kill themselves for now all she could do was use the gifts her mother had taught her to spare as many as she could, which brought her here today in Supermans’ stead.

“Wonder Woman sorry to keep you waiting,” General Drake apologized swiftly entering the room Diana smiled and rose to her feet moving to clasp his hand.

“That’s perfectly alright general I understand how busy this war has made everyone,” she returned. The General was a tall man with an impressive build, he wore his green field uniform with a regal pride, with a slightly hooked nose, rich auburn hair and shining hazel eyes he was every bit the picturesque soldier. His office showed much concerning his tastes sparsely furnished with a sturdy oak desk and three matching chairs, a small cabinet storing old guns from the First World War, belonging to his father killed in the line of duty, and soft violet drapes that could have been mistaken for black due to the dim lighting of the room. It was obvious he was a career oriented man and his career was the army Diana reclaimed her seat crossing her legs and eyeing the General. “I was told you had an important assignment for me,” she prompted the General sighed and opened his drawer removing classified documents, pocketing the key after locking it again he passed the folder to Diana.

“A Russian agent passed these off to intelligence three days ago there are conflicting reports, but many of us strongly believe this to be the God given truth.” He began folding his arms over his desk and clasping his hands together. “That folder contains positive identification on an American citizen who has sided with Germany in this war we can’t find any information on his legal status or even his name, but his accent leaves little doubt. He is supplying the Nazis with some form of chemical that when ingested or inserted intravenously can practically raise the dead it also enhances stamina and seems to render the user completely uninhibitive, they obey any orders given and won’t stop until successful or terminated,” he concluded with a serious frown. Diana absorbed all of this with pursed lips as she quickly read the files, the man appeared typical with short dark hair and piercing black eyes. The image had been taken with one of the newer model color cameras and appeared to have been poorly developed he was wearing what might have been a uniform, it was difficult to tell since he was blocked from the cameras’ view partially by a much taller Gestapo agent.

“I take it you wish me to shut down this facility and halt the production of the chemical drug,” she presumed the General nodded with a deep frown creasing his brow, she eyed the picture of the building it seemed disturbingly familiar.

“He’s taken possession of the new Star Labs facility on the outskirts of Gotham right on home soil ma’am, you can imagine what the top brass felt upon hearing that especially considering Batmans’ presence in that city.” General Drake grit his teeth and glared across the desk though not specifically at her. “Three full platoons have attempted to enter the complex already a full contingent of German and Japanese soldiers repelled them along with a strange barrier of some kind.” He paused here and made a fist with his left hand angry that someone could and in fact did dare to support the German fascists with his obvious intellect.

“This barrier, what is it?” Diana asked General Drake shook his head uncertain.

“Damned if we know it’s like nothing anyone has seen before on Earth, some of the higher echelon fear extra-terrestrial interference.” He sighed. “Then there’s a few superstitious lot that are convinced it’s mystical either way its’ cut us off and cost us the lives of thirty good men,” he finished Diana nodded and climbed to her feet, General Drake followed suit ever the gentleman.

“You can count on me sir I will stop this man and bring him to justice,” she proclaimed General Drake nodded and the two shook hands once again, turning the princess of Thymescara left the Generals’ office intent on succeeding at her mission at all cost.

Star Labs should not have existed yet, but that was the beauty of future knowledge one had the opportunity to claim vast wealth in the blink of an eye, especially when one could print their own currency so genuine that none in this decade could detect the forgery.
Warren was pleased with his facility the Germans had smuggled into the country using phony IDs or other complex and creative methods at the Gestapos’ disposal, yet they held no true knowledge as to the genuine scope of this place. They were foot soldiers and no more it had been pure genius to give them the drug something that had been hard to reproduce, but useful all the same and of course they had no idea of the dangers.
He’d purposely told them to overdose it cured almost any injury within hours, but had the unfortunate side effect of turning them into mindless berserkers. He could ill afford to tip the balance of power Germany after all still had to lose this war or it would make things difficult for his future plans, hence the mysteries of this facility, which he kept to himself.
The first, second and third floors housed the barracks, munitions supplies, food storage, kitchens there were two, four labs where the drug was manufactured and also his private office. The secret basement and sub-basement levels housed his special projects the surprise for Wonder Woman, a kryptonite lined death trap for Superman just in case he showed up and assorted other killing instruments guaranteed to work on the likes of Batman, Green Lantern or the Flash. The ultimate surprise was the several hundred thousand tons of pure explosives set in the lowest sub-basement level when he was done and had a brainwashed super slut for himself he fully intended to erase all traces of this facility, the drug and both himself and Wonder Whore. They would mourn her loss for a time, but it was to be expected after all one couldn’t build an army without the proper escape plans.

“Mein General,” a crisp sounding flunky interrupted his thoughts Colonel whatever his name was stood in the doorway, he must have missed the knocks at his door so lost in thought was he. The fool was a sniveling little coward overcompensating for perceived failures all engineered in secret by Warren himself, he’d ensured that the one in charge of this particular garrison would be too focused on making himself look good for promotion instead of attempting to weasel information on the drug out of him.
He was particularly plain looking with short brown hair and soulless green eyes, eyes constantly darting about the room in search of something Warren hadn’t deigned to even discern, to him this man was simply a means to an end, hence why he simply called him Colonel and cared nothing for learning his name though he must have heard it at least once in the short time he’d known the pathetic little man.

“Yes, what is so important you interrupt me in my moment of contemplation?” Warren demanded in halting German he hadn’t mastered the language, but it was passable enough for his needs.

“The Fuehrer has requested we sabotage American bases, he is most insistent,” the Colonel returned, “with that shield technology and the drug we would be unstoppable it would be childs’ play to crush the Americans,” he added with a confident lifting of his head and straightening of his posture. Warren kept his face neutral as he slowly climbed to his feet, the Colonel eyed him expectantly as Warren clasped his hands behind his back and evenly strode from behind his pristine mahogany desk to stand eye to eye with the hairsbreadth shorter man.

“Let me remind you of one thing Heir Colonel.” He began in a low tone of voice that betrayed no hint of the danger his puppet was in. “I have given the Fuehrer access to my considerable knowledge and wealth for one reason and one reason only, I intend to kill every super hero working with the Americans, this is why I supplied the German army with my drug.” He paused pacing slightly and eyeing the small picture of Hitler he had reluctantly hung to prove his allegiance, it was shrouded constantly in shadow so as not to be seen. “I have no intention of attacking the American military or supplying my shielding secrets with your Fuehrer, this is my operation, my command, tell that insane bastard you serve whatever you wish, but remember.” Here he paused again to pick up a solid iron block he kept on his desk none of them ever questioned why. “Here I am the master and you, the loyal foot soldier,” he stated crushing the iron block into a fine dust with a simple flexing of his hand the Colonel betrayed no emotion, but the fear was self evident by the less than rigid posture he now possessed. “Are we clear on the matter?”

“Yah volt Mein General.” The Colonel was quick to respond offering a quick salute he spun sharply on his heels and swiftly left the room Warren smirked as he resumed his seat, having super strength did possess notable advantages and the weak willed Germans still believed his lie.
Killing the male heroes might prove necessary in the future, but for right now enslaving the bitches was a much more important goal especially if he ever hoped to rule over his former reality someday. He had contemplated enslaving the Slayer, but he would have much preferred to watch Buffy die a slow and agonizing death. He had some glorious plans for Willow Rosenberg though, she would suffer a fate worse than death, he would turn the lesbian witch into a powerless sex slave for some homeless old men. The thought of seeing her crawling like a dog towards a filthy old beggar made him smile with such twisted mirth, but then what better fate could there be for the one who tried to murder him?

Colonel Steinivitz could not believe what he had witnessed General Warren had crushed pure iron as if it were nothing more than chalk dust, he should have suspected the man wasn’t truly a believer in the Fuehrers’ way of thinking, General, what a joke. The rank was an honorary one and one this man should not have been granted there was little he could do about it though, the General was right in his thinking, Steinivitz was a good little soldier.
He had to find a way to stop the man and discover the secrets of his technologies it would put an end to his obvious treachery before it could begin, but how could you stop a man whose skin was as hard as diamond and who exhibited similar strength to the being known as Superman?  Perhaps if he used enough of the drug he could kill the General or become strong enough to overpower him, surely then the Fuehrer would promote him.
Steinivitz would have to be very cautious the Japanese had disappeared because they grew too impatient, he would be smarter and claim victory over America for the Fourth Reich.

Diana of Thymescara eyed the building from her vantage point curious that there were no guards the building itself was three stories high built of brick and mortar and painted a solid red and black in color, the red being reserved for the walls and the black for the roof with some black running horizontally down the side facing south creating the illusion of a giant swastika.
A large circumference of the area served as cement tarmac and had been cleared of trees three German tanks were parked on the western edge of the complex, few windows covered the building, in all she estimated a total of fifteen spaced out considerably from each other.

“Obviously they don’t want anyone looking in those rooms, but why are there no guards? And it is curious that Batman has yet to determine how to breach that shield,” she wondered to herself her lasso lay coiled at her right hip and she’d switched her bracers with those capable of deflecting bullets, but she was still uneasy this was beginning to look far too simple to deal with. “I shall destroy the tanks first and then enter the complex,” she decided forcing down the mistrust she felt she had a job to do and she fully intended to do it, if only she could have had a little backup, but then again she was Wonder Woman. Taking into the air she flew directly at the complex she knew some kind of shield supposedly surrounded this place, but as she passed the outer perimeter nothing sprang up to act as a barrier, she began to suspect that this could be a trap.
Instantly alarms blared and now the strange shield came into being encircling only the inner areas of the complex, no trap had been laid, somehow they’d created a means to detect infiltrators thus limiting the necessary size rang of the encompassing shield, Diana was slightly impressed by this for such technology could prove useful if it were in the right hands.

“Schnell, schnell, schnell!” a German Colonel cried waving his men onwards the men in charge of the tanks rushed to them while the rest of the soldiers took up firing position and attacked. The documents that General Drake had given her claimed nothing could get in, but the German artillery could get out Diana witnessed this firsthand and used her bracers to deflect the hail of bullets at a speed that belied human vision.
She needed to get past this shield in order to deal with her attackers part of her was amazed that more then fifty German soldiers could so easily enter the country, and she questioned where the Japanese were.
The rumbling of the tanks alerted her to a new danger she couldn’t deflect those shells with simply her bracers, but the tanks couldn’t fire up at her as long as she remained high enough in the air. Or at least ordinary tanks wouldn’t have been able to fire at such steep angles the mysterious American benefactor however had modified these particular tanks with a design of his own creation apparently.
The barrels could level off at a forty-five or even sixty degree angle and still fire without blowing the barrel off he was an intelligent individual who had perfected many things in his past life including a freeze style ray and compact jet packs for swift escape, though Wonder Woman could not know of this for it was long before he gained his current abilities and in a far removed reality from this one.
The shell missed Diana barely and exploded somewhere behind her stunned by this new development she backed away slightly and studied the ground, she had to disable this shield. Overconfident the tank commander ordered his men to pursue the heroine as soon as the first tank began to cross the barrier its’ treads ran over invisible markings on the cement and instantly the barrier itself vanished, the circle had been broken.

“Sir, something is wrong,” the driver spoke up turning to his commander.

“I do not care, blow the American bitch from the sky,” he barked the gunner nodded as he finished reloading aimed and fired, Wonder Woman flew aside the shot and grabbed it mid-air with her lasso swinging it back at the onrushing tanks. In one instant detonation the far left tank became a smoking pile of twisted metal and corpses.

“You have trespassed on American soil surrender or you will be made to surrender!” Wonder Woman called out from the sky, gritting his teeth Colonel Steinivitz barked orders to his men in German.

“Leave the tanks to their folly Heir General told us not to disrupt the circle, bloody idiots half of you remain here, the rest return to the building it seems we must trust General Mears’ plan now,” he stated almost disappointedly he turned and along with half his men fled into the complex in an orderly route designed to look anything but, Super Heroines were always overconfident when they believed themselves invincible.

“Typical the leader goes into hiding expecting his men to handle this.” Diana sighed to herself drawing lower to the ground she twirled her lasso around and around moving so fast she almost could have been invisible for all the good their shots did them, finally she let fly and latched onto the barrel of the rightmost tank. Drawing the mystical cord taut she landed on her feet for the leverage she needed stunned the German soldiers watched as she heaved the tank off the ground and began to spin in place, several soldiers fled in a seeming panic at the sight following the pre-made plan.
Releasing the tank at the apex of its’ next swing Wonder Woman was pleased when it collided with the swastika covered wall of the building and exploded, creating a gaping hole in the middle of the complex. By now the third tank had fallen back running once again over the invisible circle painted on the cement, Diana ignored them for the moment focusing on the soldiers still outside, she was close enough now that she could ill afford to ignore the bullets. “You will all become prisoners of war,” she proclaimed picking up the nearest two and bashing them together into unconsciousness, “your traitorous benefactor shall be imprisoned and tried for aiding and abetting the enemy,” she continued as she crushed a German soldiers’ gun and gave him a light chop to the back of the neck, ‘this mysterious technology of yours shall be studied and understood by the top scientists working for America and the Allied Soldiers,” she added silencing three more foot soldiers and using her lasso to disarm a fourth, “and your army will then be defeated, your master arrested or killed if no other avenue is presented and you shall lose this war.” She finished disabling the last of the soldiers remaining outside unobserved Warren stood in his private office glancing out the open window, having heard this tirade he mentally applauded the twenty-fourish year old heroines’ bravado, but then again what did the Germans expect?
That Lex Luthor or an equally powerful villain might side with them? Highly unlikely no villain deferred to a mere mortal as Hitler was and indeed both super heroes and super villains were akin to Gods compared to these lowly minions, ah well time to shatter the illusion of victory and trick his soon to be slave into entering the lab where Colonel Klinks’ best sharpshooter could hit her with the syringe.

“Pawns have their uses quite adequately, as Palpatine can attest to,” he commented to himself changing out of his civilian attire into the raiments of a German General, “time for my close up Mister DeMille.” He chuckled darkly to himself as he turned and left the office time was of the essence after all, for despite his abilities to remain off the Bats’ radar, he would hate to have to upset the timeline already pre-established by killing him too soon.

The soldiers who had fled inside the building as part of the ruse now stood practically foaming at the mouth after taking the drug their weapons lay forgotten at their sides and their skin almost appeared to have taken on a sickly green pallor, only Colonel Steinivitz had not partook of this drug.
Someone had to maintain a clear head after all the American bitch burst into the hallway on the ground floor expecting gunfire or cowardly men, she did not expect a hail of German voices crying out insanely.

“Assassins!” one soldier screamed, another was swatting at his arms in a blind panic.

“They’re on me, they’re on me, filthy Jewish cockroaches!” he exclaimed the Colonel smiled.

“There, attack the American!” he bellowed as one the overdosed madmen that had once been German soldiers surged forward swarming Wonder Woman, she tried desperately to fight them off, but driven madly by the drug and the Colonels’ rallying cry they proved unwilling to go down.

“Get off of me you rapid dogs,” she exclaimed smashing a man with enough force to break his collar bone ignorant of the pain the man kept coming, Wonder Woman couldn’t stop the frenzied soldiers, whatever was in their systems stimulated them to such a degree they could not or would not lose consciousness. “I do not wish to kill you, but if I have no choice,” she stated reluctantly one man tore at her star spangled top punching her in the breast, these punches merely stung since the drug could not enhance the natural human strength levels, but they proved overwhelming. At least thirty-eight men were attacking her as one preventing her from escaping to the air in a wild surging of limbs she proved almost helpless, mustering all of her strength she pushed upwards as a cork out of a bottle.
Twenty men, those closest to her were flung about the hall, a sterile looking place with smooth hard walls, several broke their arms or legs becoming unmoving marionettes. A few smashed their skulls in sickened by the death Diana finished off the others and searched in vain for the Colonel, instead she heard a slow rhythmic clapping above her and glanced up in surprise.
Hovering above the floor decked out in full German General Regalia was the man from the photograph his dark black hair and piercing black eyes proved unmistakable, he was surprisingly shorter than she expected and she couldn’t figure out how he was levitating.

“Impressive as always and stunningly beautiful you will make a fine slave and were I inclined excellent breeding stock my dear,” he remarked casually his tone was thin, lacking the deep inflections of a man, but that could have been a trick of the echo he projected when he spoke.

“I am an Amazon Princess slave to no man and definitely not breeding stock,” she shot back uncoiling her muscles for a flying leap he made no move to stop her, in fact seemed oblivious to the danger, the Colonel watched this exchange hidden as he was around the nearby corner.

“Why does he not kill her?” Steinivitz wondered frustrated with the delay despite his knowledge of the fate awaiting her upstairs in the lab he would much prefer the General to end her life here and now.

“Therein lays the beauty of my plan Wonder Girl,” the General mocked, “so like the Slayer easy to manipulate, well come on then attack if you must,” he encouraged in a bored tone of voice. Unsure of herself now though angered at his mocking she flung herself at him, fist collided with jaw and the General crashed to the floor, but he was not hurt and Diana could tell the fall had been staged. Taking up her lasso she quickly ensnared him he smirked, but didn’t move a muscle.

“You betrayed the American government and her people, tell me why?” she demanded.

“I wanted to kidnap you and make you into the first soldier of my Harem slash Army the Germans were merely a means to an end,” he replied simply even with all his strength and the ability to journey between realities he could no more overcome the magic of her lasso than anyone.

“What is your name?” Diana demanded confident that she was in control now though slightly put off by his admission of immoral and lustful desires towards her.

“Warren Mears,” he replied the smirk still plastered on his face unnerved now by that expression Diana pulled him a few feet closer.

“Stop smirking.” She growled and instantly his face became neutral. “Tell me about the drug,” she ordered Mears smiled proudly as he began to boast.

“It’s a variation on a compound called Cordrazine capable of reviving almost anyone from the dead no matter how severe the injury, I modified the base sequence of its’ genetic structure so those using it could be controlled in their berserk state, to a degree,” he explained. Diana shook her head, she had no idea what he was going on about and so too did Colonel Steinivitz still in hiding observing this event stoically. Better to just destroy the means to reproduce this drug and worry about the hows and whys later, jerking her lasso she glared pointedly at the man unaware that her next words had already doomed her before being spoken.

“Take me to the lab,” she commanded smiling slyly Warren Mears turned around and headed to the nearest staircase his prize following willingly behind into the web he had carefully engineered.

The lab was not what Diana expected none of the equipment was like anything she’d ever seen before, it wasn’t towering computer mainframes like some places, it was small compressed equipment that hummed softly. A microscope smaller then any she’d ever seen before in other labs sat on a long low table looking unused blinking lights attracted her attention to a device she couldn’t begin to place, it was like something out of Jules Verne or H.G.Wells and what astounded her even more, Mears seemed perfectly at home here as he stood chest puffed out with pride.

“What.” She began to ask only to feel a sudden prick in her hindquarters glancing down at her blue spandex clad buttocks she was stunned to find three small darts protruding from the jiggling mound of flesh that was her right cheek.

“I believe you’ve just been shot by my sedative carrying darts,” Mears stated responding to the unasked question Dianas’ vision began to darken and she swayed slightly, her lasso became slack in her hands and Warren shrugged out of it no longer under the influence. “Thank you Sergeant,” he called out to a soldier who emerged from the wall, in fact a cleverly disguised doorway leading into a little used storage space, the German smiled holding some kind of gun. Diana swayed collapsing to her knees she couldn’t believe how foolish she’d been, they’d been waiting for her all this time.

“General Mears,” the Colonel spoke up as he now entered the room no longer caring to remain hidden like some cowering child. “Mein Fuehrer has just radioed for more of the drug,” he informed Diana collapsed fully to the cool marble floor, a rather impractical floor for a lab actually, she couldn’t hear anything clearly anymore and she knew that soon she’d lose consciousness.

“I do not care what he wants I have what I want, and there is no further need for playing this foolish charade,” Warren returned. Wonder Woman lay unconscious on the floor a picturesque image of serene beauty and primal sexuality all rolled into one, his eyes flashed with a deep lust filled desire as he reached down to fondle her ass. Colonel Steinivitz narrowed his eyes, nodding he stood aside and the Sergeant fired his gun again the remaining darts struck Warren, but bounced off his chest and clattered to the floor their tips bent uselessly.
Smiling disdainfully he whirled to face the Colonel grabbing the German by the scruff of his neck and hauling him up above his head like a rag doll, Steinivitz squirmed in that unyielding grip a look of pure terror flashing behind his eyes.

“Mein General, wait,” he pleaded. Warren curled his lip as though scenting something foul and grotesque, gazing piercingly into Steinivitzs’ eyes with twin black orbs of absolute malice and pure evil greater even than Hitlers’, he truly demonstrated a look disdaining all life.

“I am not a German sympathizer Heir Colonel if my attitude towards your cause has proved incapable of making that point abundantly clear then allow me to re-affirm where my allegiance lies,” he stated coldly and proceeded to hurl the Colonel clear through the solid brick wall his first mistake, the Colonels’ broken body flew through the air and landed on the concrete somehow he was still breathing though barely alive.
Instead of hurling the sergeant in a similar fashion Warren simply jammed his fist through the soldiers’ chest crushing his rib cage and causing his heart to explode this he proceeded to hurl bodily though the self-same hole in the wall made by Colonel Steinivitz, his second mistake. Warren Mears knew of the mystical aspects of society hell he’d once been a lowly mortal would-be super villain fighting against the Slayer in his home reality, prior to being given awesome powers and rescued by the crazed bitch of a Wicca from the Dark God of Chaos Unicron.
Unfortunately he wasn’t like Jonathan and hadn’t been well versed in all things mystical feeling no need to waste his precious time with full understanding of the arcane arts thus he failed to understand how simply and suddenly these things could be changed by a mere alteration to the sigils inscribed into the cement tarmac. The mystical symbols which had served as the means to erect his simple mystical barrier surrounding this facility had been altered by the incompetence of the tank commander, who had rolled over the symbols eliminating their configuration for the creation of said shield. Now with the blood sacrifice of the Sergeant and the new configuration the dieing Colonel Steinivitz began to feel strange.
His labored breathing attracted something unseen, something that hungered for a new, stronger host body the shadows themselves detached from people and objects becoming something truly demonic, and converged on the hapless Colonel. He would have cried out in terror, but he had no air to scream or even speak, the shadows swarmed the body seeming to vanish as each one connected with him, slowly and surely they swirled into a vortex of pure inky blackness. Those German soldiers still alive outside from the untouched tank or due to the Colonels foresight in keeping some men in reserve, cried out in utter shock and fear fleeing from this odd sight Steinivitz jerked once and seemed to lay still the show now over, as still as the dead.
A black ooze poured from his wounds healing him his body seemed to turn black, almost ebony and his eyes flew open revealing a stunningly pure absence of light escaping from them to draw in all light sources surrounding the man as though twin black holes.  Colonel Steinivitz stood up instantly his body now towering eight feet tall and rippling with corded muscles that had not been there before glaring at the building where he’d been tossed from he seemed to stand perfectly still unseen thoughts flickering briefly in his eyes, and then he leapt the impressive distance between the ground thirty-five feet away and the hole he’d emerged from.

“Heir General,” he stated in a deep low tone startling Warren who glanced up in confusion his hands no longer fondling the flesh of Wonder Woman in her comatose and helpless state. “The Fuehrer does not tolerate betrayal,” he informed a bolt of pure rippling shadow-like energy flew from his palm and slammed into Warren sending him crashing bleeding into the hall, shocked and outraged he rose to his feet only to be slammed through another wall and crashed into a table beyond shattering it.

“This is impossible.” He growled eyeing the superficial cut on his right arm Colonel Steinivitz marched purposefully towards him. “Unless… the source of my power is mystical in origin it came from Unicrons’ Dark Matrix, that damn bastard must have ensured that any mystical source of power could harm me when he took me on as his ally just in case I ever tried to betray him. Exactly like Superman magic can harm me,” he grumbled to himself as Steinivitz prepared to attack again Warrens’ eyes fell on the unconscious form of Wonder Woman an idea forming in his head.

“You will now die, Mein General,” Steinivitz stated Warren smirked and grabbed the broken yet intact end of the table, Steinivitzs’ next assault impacted on the specially made mirrored surface and rebounded into him sending him crashing to the floor in the hall. Zipping over the empowered Colonel in swift flight he scooped up Wonder Woman and blasted through the ceiling.

“Time to relocate and make my little Wonder Slut here the perfect soldier for dealing with the former Colonel… after all as a wise Chinese man once said. Magic Defeats Magic,” he said to himself smirking slightly as he copped a feel of Wonder Womans’ perfectly formed breasts. “This is going to prove very amusing at least for me,” he added softly.

The being now posing as Colonel Steinivitz assembled the surviving soldiers under his command swiftly they were professional yet feared what the man had become and for good reason, ignoring their palpable fear the ‘Colonel’ glared up at the sky where the ex-General Mears had disappeared and made a fist.

“We shall relocate to the secondary site and begin mass production of the drug at once notify the Gestapo we shall need more troops to sabotage the American bases,” he ordered one of the Sergeants nodded, a Corporal chose to speak up.

“Sir we do not have the knowledge of the shield and know nothing of the drug,” he pointed out Steinivitz smiled revealing pure black sharpened teeth.

“True Corporal, but we have no need of the shield or the knowledge let us go,” he commanded the soldiers instantly began their tasks leaving the Colonel to his thoughts and those of the true being slowly usurping the human memories within, it found itself quite taken with the German ideals and philosophies. Saluting the image of the Fuehrer resting now on the makeshift command desk of the outside bunker a glimmer seemed to pass through his eyes of indeterminate origins. “Victory Mein Fuehrer,” he whispered in a voice not his own. “Victory.”

Diana was surprised to find that her head wasn’t throbbing as would normally be the case whatever that drug was it had little ill effects, she was not surprised to find herself stripped of her red, white and blue spangled outfit or her underwear, the mystical bracers had been removed as well, but her red boots remained.
Her legs were lashed together at knee and ankle with thick coils of nylon rope the color of blood her arms bound behind her, she could feel the rope pinning her elbows together forcing her to sit straight backed on the stool she found herself upon, her wrists were lashed together tightly as well keeping her hands trapped palm to palm and causing discomfort though not blinding pain. Testing her bonds she sighed her captor had tied the knots quite tightly and expertly, there was no hope of simple escape at this time, surprisingly enough her mouth wasn’t gagged as she’d expected from past experience among her sisters on Thymescara during training.

“They will pay for this humiliation I shall break free, escape these bonds and then I shall defeat these villains most soundly,” she proclaimed glancing around she found herself to be in a room she didn’t like the looks of, the walls were a dull bare grey in color. Some chains hung on one corner of the wall off to the right, a high backed metal chair sat in the corner a precise hole cut in the center of it, a few things she couldn’t begin to place stood in opposite corners directly in front of her.
One of them appeared to be a shapeless metal sphere smooth surfaced and thrumming with an inner power source of unknown origins, the second object was a cone a blood red in color almost matching the color of her ropes, which writhed and undulated on the surface as though something living was inside, if there was anything behind her she couldn’t see it. The rope attached to the bonds on her ankles kept her facing the entrance to the room she couldn’t turn on the stool to look behind her, not even her head and neck.

“Noble sentiments Wonder Bitch, but you see this room was built to exacting specifications,” the man called Warren Mears stated upon entering the room. Diana struggled slightly so she could at least glare directly at him from his position slightly off to the side, Warren smiled pleasantly.

“I will escape.” She spat Warren shook his head as he paced over to her left and gently caressed her face, she jerked out of his touch and struggled despite the futility of the gesture. “You can not touch me I am an Amazon Princess, it is against the laws of my people.”

“Wonder Slut you don’t get it you are mine already, you just haven’t been conditioned yet,” he stated harshly slapping her she felt pain and was confused, as well as enraged at the effrontery of this man, how dare he strike a Princess of the Amazons.

“You are deluding yourself if you think you can claim an Amazon.” She growled Warren clucked his tongue and caressed her face again cupping it in his hand and forcing her to stare at the odd cone, she could not move her head no matter how hard she tried his grip was like a vice.

“It is you who are deluding yourself my new toy. I have spent many years perfecting these little devices, each shall test your limits in different ways,” he informed smirking, “but your virginity shall be taken first by me,” he announced causing her eyes to widen in sudden fear.

“You can’t no man can take what hasn’t been freely given,” she exclaimed trembling slightly she could not escape her bonds without her abilities, the drug hadn’t caused headaches or pain upon awakening, but it was obvious now that something in it had sapped her of all strength and power.

“I have made a tactical error I could just let you loose to deal with the German menace, but the months of planning would have been for naught,” he remarked fondling her breast enraged at the assault she struggled away from his touch, he grabbed her cheek and forced her to look at him. “I came to this time to tame you Wonder Whore and make you the first of my army, an army that will help me to conquer more than simply worlds. Whole universes shall be mine… an army to obey me unquestioningly of course and pleasure me when I am in the mood no matter the time of day or night,” he added slowly caressing her cheek and stroking her raven colored hair in a lovers caress glaring at him she fought the urge to lash out, it would serve no purpose at this time.

“You’re mad,” she accused he laughed and forced a kiss on her. “Mmmmppphhh,” she exclaimed trying to pull out of his grip pulling away from the kiss Warren laughed a second time.

“You taste better then I could have ever hoped,” he remarked, “to tame you shall be most enjoyable after which you shall serve me, and your first mission will be to stop my little slip up… we mustn’t allow the Germans to win this war, now mustn’t we?” he revealed she eyed him in shock.

“I thought you and the Germans were allies,” she blurted Warren shook his head almost somberly.

“I merely used them to ensnare you my dear sex toy.” He chose to reveal. “Now that I have you I seem to have created the perfect enemy to my plans through sheer arrogance and blind ignorance if the Germans win this war my other candidates for enslavement shall not exist as I wish them to in the future,” he added confused by his words she regarded him pleadingly, she could not lose her virginity in this fashion it was morally and profoundly wrong.

“Then let me go so I can finish my mission, please,” she begged Warren smiled the fingers of his left hand reaching down to stroke her slit. “Ooooo, nooooo don’t.” She gasped Warren’s smile grew wider.

“Now where’s the fun in that?” he asked tonelessly a sudden jab caused her to exclaim in shock, glancing down she found another dart in her right nipple where he’d pierced her flesh. “Time to sleep again my little bitch while I prepare our bed for the first act of your taming,” he proclaimed.

“You…Won’t…Win.” She managed to get out before she collapsed again into unconsciousness her eyes rolling up into her head until only the whites became visible and she slumped slightly in her bondage, smirking Warren cut loose the ropes lashing her to the stool and picked her up carrying her from the ‘taming’ room to the bedroom just across the hall.
Once there he unbound her arms and legs tossing the original rope aside he picked up long coils of pliable filaments, created by another he had encountered at the onset of his travels Warren had taken the base design of the metallic thread and re-engineered it into a new more flexible rope-like form.
Pulling her arms up to the low hanging implement attached to the ceiling he looped the first few coils through the circular hook, next he cinched the rope around her wrists forcing her hands together on either side of the device so that both hands clasped the hook, it was a smooth hook designed to keep the hands trapped, not marred for he wished to maintain her pristine beauty.  Moving down to her legs he began to bind each ankle to similar hooks embedded into the mattress spreading her legs wide. Once both ankles were secured he took the rest of the rope and started to bind her breasts, he coiled the rope molding one edge of the pliable substance into thicker slightly flatter sections and then ran these through her cleavage.
The rest wrapped around the breast itself forming a halter then he pulled what remained behind her back securing it with first one knot, then a loop which ran through a small cube with a hole in the middle and then another knot securing the cube against her spine.

“Unfortunately I didn’t think to bring the counteractive to the sedative so I’ll just have to wait to have my fun. I’d like to hear you scream when I rape you,” he remarked with a semi-sadistic grin climbing off the bed he left and began preparations for dealing with the German army.

The demon formerly known as Colonel Steinivitz stood in his new office stark white walls and rich black carpeting adorned the floors, his desk was ivory colored birch and the image of the Fuehrer hung prominently above him, he was pleased at the production of the drug so far and yet they still knew little about it. Posing as the Colonel and working for the Nazi party only served to aid in his charade until such time as the so called General and his new fuck toy re-appeared for their next encounter, global chaos was a thing of beauty when handled properly.
The Colonels’ former allies in the Gestapo had yet to send further reinforcements, not that it mattered, the Americans still believed they were at the Generals’ facility. Ex-General Mears needed to be dealt with before he could cause problems, but as the demon discovered he had kept many secrets from his so called German colleagues, including the fact that he did not even originate from this reality. Being a demon of the underworld ‘Colonel Steinivitz’ knew this now from the distinct resonance signature General Mears had, which he had sensed as soon as he’d met him face to face.

“Colonel, reports from the front sir,” one of the surviving sergeants informed delivering a folder. Steinivitz quickly read over the papers, he did not like it for it conflicted with his desires.

“Even with the drug we are not faring well.” He growled crushing the paper in his grip. “Too many deaths due to overdose, we must find a way to duplicate the shield,” he stated normally he would have simply called up some mystical forces, but the magic Mears had used not only in protecting the Star Labs, but also inadvertently creating him was of a type he’d never before encountered. “Have we found anything out of the hidden devices from the labs?” he demanded and the Sergeant shook his head.

“Merely advanced computer storage systems mein Colonel, nothing linked to the shields,” he informed Steinivitz slammed the flat of his desk with his palm.

“There must be something we’re missing.” He snarled his eyes glowing with his rage. “Curse our trust in the American inventor, we must send a team back to go over that complex again,” he stated the Sergeant nodded and saluted.

“Yahvold heir Colonel, I shall see to it at once,” he said quickly leaving the presence of the demon, which sensed his fear and relished in it. The Colonel curled his lip, he had come so close to killing that arrogant American, and then that damn human had managed to escape using a type of technology he’d never encountered before.
A low rumbling suddenly alerted him to the fact that he was hungry he had need of more energy to maintain the illusion of the Colonel so that the human spies for the Allied Forces did not realize what he had become and call in those who might be capable of containing him.

“It is time to feast again,” he commented to himself, “I shall face you again Warren Mears, and mark my words this time you will not escape me… Father.”

Diana awoke in a new position. Struggling against her new bonds she felt herself grow even weaker, but she continued her struggles hopefully she could free herself. Her body gyrated above the bed. She sensed more then felt the strange tingling in the small of her back and suddenly her bonds began to tighten squeezing her tits, she gasped in more shock then pain.

“Oh, ohhhhh, what? Why is it doing this?” she exclaimed her struggles slowing, Warren reappeared standing over the bed completely naked. Her eyes widened in shock as he smirked lecherously at her, briefly she eyed his member, but quickly glared into those dark eyes.

“I attached a small power pack to your bonds,” he explained with a shrug almost seeming human in that moment. “The rope is a metallic thread compound when powered your bonds instantly tighten and stimulate the nerve sensors in your breasts,” he added chuckling lightly. Diana glared at her captor, she needed to escape this predicament and finish off the German insurgents on American soil.

“You must let me go,” she again pleaded, Warren shook his head with a sigh of disappointment and floated over to her side.

“Is that the best you can do?” he wondered snidely. “Pitiful, well I think I’ve waited long enough. Time to begin taming you bitch,” he announced reaching out and grabbing her left tit.

“Ah.” She gasped her body tingling with a familiar yet strange warmth from her belly to her toes.

“Nice, the sedatives extra features are progressing nicely. A week or two of constant sexual assault will turn you into my personal slut in no time.” He grinned pleased and Diana shied away from his touch, he grabbed her breast again and twisted the nipple painfully causing her body to grow warm again.

“No, please.” She gasped tugging at her bonds as she began to grow desperate.

“Shut up slut you are mine,” Warren repeated twisting both nipples, Diana gasped again. One more twist and he pinched two metallic clothes pins on them, Diana had never known they made them with metal.

“Ahhhh.” She gasped as the clothes pins began to vibrate her breasts grew hot and she jerked against her bonds causing them to contract again.

“You are my bitch. And now I’m going to rape you mercilessly Wonder Whore,” he proclaimed stroking his cock to harden it. Dianas’ eyes widened both in fear and embarrassed excitement. This was what a mans’ member looked like, Warrens’ was at least seven inches long an impressive size according to some of her Amazon sisters who still remembered such things.

“Nooooo. Ahhhh… I am a virgin, ooooo, you caaaaaan’t.” Diana gasped as her body was assaulted by sensations that overrode her logical mind closing her eyes she fought the urges desperately trying to close her mind from desires of the flesh as they assaulted her.
Warren smirked and moved down to her cunt, it was time to take his ultimate reward. He fingered her slit roughly and Dianas’ lower body jerked at the new assault. “Nooooo, please,” she begged again. Ignoring her he ran his fingers in and out slowly, roughly, the clothes pins had caused her nipples to harden and swell.
She jerked again as he pushed faster and harder; she could feel her maidenhead being touched by the tips of his fingers and her body trembled, partly with desire, partly with rage. First two fingers invaded her then three and four, her juices were quick to flow thanks to the drugs and he kept finger fucking her savoring the moment.

“By the time I am through you will call me Master and beg me to fuck you,” he announced with a hungry smile.

“Never.” She gasped defiantly. “Ahhhh, ohhhhh.” She moaned as her body seemed flushed and powerless to stop him she could do nothing except experience her body’s slow betrayal of her. Trying not to struggle she could barely resist the urge to attempt to free herself, once he started squeezing her thighs and slapping her ass she gave in to her desires. The struggling of course only served to tighten the ropes around her breasts again and again stimulating her body and causing her flesh to redden as the blood was squeezed into the tightly held bosom. “Nooooo. Ooooohhhhhh God please stop.” Warren ignored her and kept up his assault burying his fingers in deep and brushing against her hymen, her body literally jumped pulling her leg bonds taught squeezing her inner thigh he smiled and leaned down to kiss it. She shook her head her body burning with desire, she couldn’t let this happen. She wouldn’t.
Pulling at her bonds despite the tightness of her breasts Warren kissed her thigh sucking it, hot tears streaked down her cheeks and she desperately tugged at the ropes holding her in place for this assault. “Mmmmmmm, ahhhh.”

“Enough foreplay,” Warren snapped his cock twitching with pent up energies he was ready now to penetrate her and claim her virginity.

“Oh no an Amazon has never.” She screamed as he thrust his cock into her swollen cunt breaking past the hymen in one quick thrust, her face contorted in obvious pain and blood trickled out around his balls, he had penetrated her deeply.

“You will want this eventually,” he told her in a low growl as he began to hump her sliding in hard, deep and often right up to the hilt his eyes closed euphorically as he raped her. “Sooooo much better than Alice,” he muttered.

“Ahhhhh, nooooo ooohhh God.” She panted as sweat began to cover her body he smirked evilly.

“You may be saying no, but your body is saying yes.” He grunted and pounded his seven foot nine inch cock into her tight virgin pussy savoring every scream, every gasp, every moan. His balls slapped into her with each thrust, this was what he’d always wanted, this was what it meant to be a Super Villain. Not the goofy almost comical type from the cartoons, the ones that got away scot-free with anything and everything, the ones who tasted heavens’ nectar and found it to be sweet.
She panted her head turning back and forth tears streaming down her cheeks as he raped her, Diana felt her body building up to an orgasm against her will, Warren was like an animal growling and grunting head held back eyes closed as he fucked what to him was the most perfect woman. He’d thought Alice the sexbot was what he wanted in a woman, which is why he’d built her, but Wonder Woman was ten times more than Alice, her breasts were larger, her thighs and ass more shapelier and her lips. As he moved in to kiss them he tasted her yet again, they were so much fuller and sweeter then what he could have gotten from back home.

“Stop, stop, ohhhhh please.”

“You’re a slut Wonder Whore.” He moaned in his passion. “Your body is already becoming my slave, it has been hyper stimulated by my drugs you will give in. I will break your mind and take you as my conquest.” He thrust in hard one final time and held his twitching cock inside of her as it pulsed and throbbed building to the bursting point just from being inside this woman of his teenage fantasies. Soon his load would spurt free and fill her with his sperm, she panted and gasped her body gyrating despite the bonds holding her. “So tight bitch, beg me, beg me to bring you to climax,” he ordered.

“Hahhhhhh, mmmmmm, never!” she cried back pulling with her arms trying to get off of his member, growling angrily he grabbed her legs and sped up thrusting once more, her juices flowed out around his cock mixed with the blood from her broken hymen. Moaning her eyes closed and she tried to ignore everything, lock her free will away in a corner of her mind where he couldn’t touch it. The jolt of electricity that speared through her nipples made that impossible.

“Diana,” he at last used her real name reveling at the look on her face as he finally burst his load into her.

“No.” She sobbed, his cock twitched and he came a second time ejaculating even more this time if that were possible. Crying she watched as he pulled out his cum pouring from her overfilled snatch. “I haven’t cum yet,” she admitted hating herself for saying it but knowing that she would never feel like she was back in control if he didn’t bring her to climax. Ignoring her he cleaned the tip of his cock off with a box of Kleenex she hadn’t noticed in the room before, smirking cruelly he removed the clothespins and began to unbind her breasts.

“And you won’t until you beg me to fuck you to orgasm,” he stated coldly all emotion gone from his voice. Struggling Diana thought she could escape as he untied her, but her body was exhausted and desperate to climax. Fully free she began to finger herself debasing herself in front of him, grabbing her wrists he forced her arms up and she sobbed thrashing in his iron grip her eyes pleading she tried to pull free.

“Please, I need to, you bastard. You’ve already raped me let me relieve myself if you refuse to finish what you started.” Her plea spoke to the level of how low she had fallen and Warren shook his head as he hauled her to her feet forcing her out of the bedroom. He led her across the hall back into the room with all the gadgets.

“I’m amazed at how fast acting that aphrodisiac supplement I added is, perhaps I used too much of it,” he mused to himself. Diana bucked wildly in his grip, he chuckled darkly and forced her over to the metal chair with the hole in the middle.

“What are you going to do?” she asked panting with her desire.

“Keep you at the brink of orgasm with my little toys, by raping you constantly until your will is broken I can ensure that you will obey me and only me,” he stated matter of factly, she glowered at him despite her bodies needs.

“You’ll never get away with this, I am an Amazon and I have been trained to resist much,” she proclaimed defiantly. “And how long do you think you can hold me before Superman and the others come for me?” she demanded smugly.

“That’s what this is for,” Warren said holding up a large chunk of kryptonite, her eyes widened in shock, she hadn’t noticed it before. She had no idea where he’d pulled it from, it was almost as if he’d created it from thin air. “I have a means to deal with all of your ‘Justice Society’ or whatever you call it. They can not stand against me, my master would not allow it.” Diana stared at him, he had just revealed that he was working for someone else. This bit of information could prove useful. Warren grinned as he picked up the odd cone thing.

“What is that?” she asked warily, shoving her into the chair he twisted the top of the cone and it began to writhe faster.

“This is a living plastic which I perfected myself, it is designed to assault your body until you are within an inch of orgasm then relax its’ hold until you’ve calmed down just enough to begin the process again without risk of orgasmic release,” he explained holding the cone above her head. Struggling weakly against his grip Diana tried to get up, upending the cone Warren took great enjoyment as she was covered by the liquid within.
She attempted to escape only to find the blood red substance hardening over her chest, like a living blob it spread down her bell and over her thighs. She felt it mold into a dildo shape and drive itself into her cunt causing her to gasp and then she felt the stuff moving up her neck. Her eyes widening in horror she tried to scream, it flowed swiftly the edges hardening the substance filled her mouth almost choking her.

“Mmmmnoophhhh!” she protested her defiant eyes filling with fear as her arms became trapped behind her back and the back of the chair, Warren let her go in time to escape being covered himself and it still hadn’t stopped flowing until it covered almost every inch of her body except her eyes, nose and a small patch of skin at the base of her neck.

“Have a nice night Wonder Whore, tomorrow we can try my other little toy,” he smiled indicating the cube. Diana did not want to know what that thing would do, this living plastic was bad enough now that it waited for her body to relax from the initial assault.

“Nnnnggggghhhh, MMMMMMMPHHHHHHHHHH!” She struggled against the plastic her legs managing to rise up and down weakly as she tried to hump the hard plastic dildo now inside of her. If she could climax maybe the plastic would release its’ hold on her, Warren chuckled and watched as the slightly pliable material became hard and immobile trapping her in place, it was a highly intelligent device for being simple plastics and polymers.

“Sleep deprivation will also speed up the process, the longer that mystically empowered Colonel has the stronger he’ll become and I still have several specimens to capture and tame in the future,” Warren said before shutting the door. In the now pitch dark of the room, seeing as how her tormentor had shut the lights off, Diana heard the door lock and she wept silently her body thrumming with pent up sexual energy and needs.

Having fun Mister Mears?” Unicron asked.

“My master,” Warren exclaimed compelled to fall to one knee despite the fact that Blackrock was leagues away in another dimension. “What is it you wish of me?”

Stop playing the part of Vader, have all the fun you wish with this one but try not to take too much time with the others once you’ve tamed your prize. We can ill afford a lengthy recruitment drive, already The Writer has sent his ‘allies’ into the multiverse to find suitable ‘heroes’ to stop us. I will not be cheated of my destiny again.” Warren nodded and quickly climbed back to his feet.

“Yes Lord Unicron, fear not once I have Diana on my side it will be easier to kidnap and brainwash her fellow Heroines of the future age,” he informed.

See that it will.”

“Will she belong to me?” Warren asked hopefully.

Of course, but remember you belong to me.”

“Yes, my master,” Warren returned a glimmer of outrage appearing briefly in his eye before he felt Unicrons’ presence diminish.

Proceed with our plans, but do not get carried away with all this sex organic lest you incur my wrath.”

“You’re starting to repeat yourself,” Warren quipped. Unicron growled and tapped into Warrens’ mind causing a spike of overwhelming pain to fill his every cell, collapsing to the floor Warren cried out and hastily apologized. “Forgiveness my lord!” he pleaded. Unicrons’ presence vanished completely, but his words still echoed within his mind.

Forgiveness is earned, do not fail me.”

To Be Continued

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