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Summary: Xander chooses a rather unusual costume. How will this affect his place in the Scoobies?

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Star Trek > Star Trek - The Original SeriesNerdgirlFR1856,32626626,87313 Jul 0926 Jul 09No

Chapter One


A/N: I do not own BTVS or Star Trek. Please don't sue.

Chaos. Complete and utter Chaos. That was the first thought to cross the mind of Captain Spock as he came to awareness of his surroundings. Had he been other than a Vulcan, he might have frowned, or panicked, however, he was in control of his emotions and merely allowed himself the luxury of a raised eyebrow. From the architecture and style of the wheeled land-craft surrounding him, he appeared to be in the 20th century, at a locale somewhere in the United States. However, while the surroundings might be familiar, the inhabitants were not. Screaming people of many different time periods and cultures surrounded him, interspersed with unfamiliar aliens. Many people were running, with the aliens chasing after them. One of the aliens rushed at him, but he was easily able to disable it with a nerve pinch. He was tempted to stop the creature in a more...permanent way, but his conversation with the strange Captain Kirk still weighed heavily on his mind.

While the situation he found himself in was highly improbable, he never once entertained the notion that it was a dream. He knew his own mind well enough to distinguish between dream and reality. Suddenly, he was pulled from his reverie by a loud voice behind him.


He turned around, raising an eyebrow at the appearance of the redheaded girl who had spoken. "I am sorry, but I believe that you have mistaken me for another. I am Captain Spock of the Enterprise. Can you explain the events that are transpiring here? I do not recognize the beings here, nor do I comprehend the means with which I was transported here."

Humans were highly illogical, Spock mused, as the girl slapped herself in the forehead.

"Oh! Umm, listen Xan... I mean, Captain, you are on the planet Earth. It's 1996, and it's Halloween. Someone cast a spell and now everyone turned into their costume. All the demons were originally children. I was dressed as a ghost, so now I'm a ghost, and you're my friend Xander, who was dressed as Spock so now you're here..." the girl babbled.

"Fascinating," Spock mused. "Your capacity for length of speech must have been expanded by the phenomenon. As a ghost, do you have the necessity to breathe?"

The girl blushed nearly the color of her hair. "No, I could always do that; Xan calls it 'Willow-babble. Anyway, we should probably get to Giles, he should know how to fix things."

Spock nodded, and allowed the girl to lead the way. Analytically, he noted the way that several of the strange creatures passed through her non-corporeal body as they rushed by. On occasion, he stopped to incapacitate the bolder ones who chose to attack.

Eventually, they made it to the library, stopping along the way to save a 17th century noble lady from a car, and a caustic-toned girl in a cat suit from a pirate. He frowned slightly when disabling the pirate caused an unexpected degree of satisfaction. Fascinating. His 'host' seemed to have a negative connection to the pirate. Dismissing the thought as unimportant, he focused on the cat girl. "If everyone in this city has been turned into their costume, why do you remain unchanged? Judging by your costume, you should, at this moment, be a large feline. Yet, you remain unchanged. Why?"

Cordelia paused in mid rant. "How should I know, doofus? All I know is that Partytown won't give me my deposit back. I mean look at this thing! It's ruined!"

Together, the group filed into the school library, with Spock carrying the once-again unconscious Lady Buffy. Despite the late hour, Spock could see a middle-aged gentleman still present, reading an ancient text. At the group's appearance, the man did a double take.

"What happened? Did something attack Buffy?" The man spoke in a refined British accent.

"Everyone turned into their costumes, Giles!" Willow started babbling again. "No one knows who they are! Xander is Captain Spock, Larry turned into a pirate and I'm a ghost! Oh, I hope nothing happens to my body while I'm gone." She nervously started walking through tables.

"A ghost? The ghost of what?" he asked, looking rather confused.

"That is irrelevant at this point in time. We were discussing the possible origins of this 'spell.' Cordelia, you purchased your costume at an establishment known as 'Partytown,' is that correct?" At her nod, Spock continued. "Willow, where did you and the others acquire their costumes?"

"Um, well, it was some old British guy's store, the new one. Edwards? Edwins? No, Ethan's! That was it, Ethan's!." Willow was practically bouncing with excitement at the simple act of recalling a name. Humans were so illogical.

"Ethan's, you say?" Giles' face darkened in anger and recognition. "I want all of you to remain here. I will take care of this situation. Lock the door and you should be fine until the spell is broken."

"But, Giles, it's dangerous out there! We could help!" Willow quivered at the look Giles gave her.

"This involves magic, and I believe I know who did it. I must take care of this by myself. Stay here." After getting the address from Willow, Giles vanished into the night.

Spock looked around the library, quickly locating the weapon's cage. He handed Cordelia a crossbow, and took one for himself, plus a long knife.

"What are you doing?" she hissed.

"While Mr. Giles might feel the need to resolve a personal issue with this man, it is illogical to venture out into an unknown and dangerous situation alone. I do not intend to be seen, but I do intend to ensure that he arrives at his destination without incident. Stay here and guard Buffy; she of all of is is the most vulnerable."

"All right, but if you get yourself killed, I'm never speaking to you again, doofus."

Musing to himself at the sheer illogic displayed by the young human woman, Spock exited the building, melting into the shadows. As he followed the librarian, he looked into his host's mind to glean more information about his surroundings and the transformed residents. Most of the creatures roaming the night were skittish and quickly dissuaded from attacking by a single crossbow bolt in front of their feet, paws, or claws. The only exception was a pale, platinum-blonde man that his host identified as a true vampire. That one was instantly reduced to dust as it was about to pounce on the inattentive librarian.

When Giles reached the costume store, Spock circled around to the back of the establishment, searching for a window. One so powerful as to enact this 'chaos spell' on an entire town was not one to be underestimated. He would be lying in wait, should his assistance be required. As it was, he witnessed the brutal beating Giles gave the Chaos Mage, and was nearly blinded by the wave of light that rushed out when the statue was broken.


Xander Harris was very confused. The last thing he remembered was starting out on his trick-or-treating route, and the next thing he knew, he was standing in the alleyway next to the shop where he bought his costume. He peeked in the window, and was shocked to see Giles standing there in the wrecked store, fists clenched, and a few blood spatters on the floor. Suddenly, a wave of images rushed through his mind...

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