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Goddess's Angel

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Summary: AU from the last episode of season 5. Willow and Tara make a deal to survive a horrible battle, but how will this effect everything? Willow/Tara in later chapters.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Tara-Centered
Marvel Universe > Young Avengers
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Chapter One

Disclaimer: Do you think this would just be fan fiction if i owned these things?

A/N: This is an AU. I have read a few x men comics, and I’ve watched the three movies, and basically, I’m grabbing the characters I’ve seen and throwing them all together for this fic to begin with. M day did not occur ... yet, maybe later, but not definitely. Also, in this reality, the young avengers were formed earlier, and are training at the X mansion. Wiccan and Speed areclassified as mutants, and stay at the X—mansion.

And please don't hate me?

Goddess's Angel

Chapter One:

Wind whipped around her face as she flew towards the huge blob of energy. This was not what she had signed up for. Energy flew from her body, and a look over her shoulder told her that it was leaving a burning arc in her wake, showing that as least some of the force field spell was still working. On the ground, people were staring, and screaming, and crying. It tore at her heart to see this, as she watched Buffy and Dawn argue on the top of the tower. She turned her head again to see her friends try and fight off the enraged Hell Goddess. Giles had just flown from the building, straight through the brick wall, quickly followed by the blonde horror, who kicked Xander out of the way with such ferocity that Tara had literally heard bones shatter.

Her hand curled around another speeding projectile, and she turned to see Willow flying alongside her, though of her own choice. A few seconds later they hit the energy, and they smiled as Glory screamed with inhuman rage, unable to overtake them in her pursuit of the doorway. Willows eye’s darkened for a few moments as she called something from the abyss. A blue demon appeared from nowhere, surprised as hell, until his eyes settled on willow. “You’re about to die,” he said simply, and there was almost a look of regret. Willow nodded, her hair held serenely in the whipping energy.

“I ask for one wish. I ask as a person wronged by the higher beings. I ask as a witch wronged by her goddess. I ask as a lover about to die,” Willow asked her voice strong and firm but sadness lurked in her green eyes, “The Powers That Be abandoned us; my Goddess would not give me the strength to kill the Hell Goddess. The second you leave, the energy will incinerate our souls, turning our power against us. Surely you can let us have one wish, with those three reasons.”

The blue demon smirked, cracking his neck. “And what, my dear, would be in it for me?” he asked.

Willow glared. “I did some research; apparently the wish only works when a human makes a wish. If we die, then humanity will be ripped asunder by that Hell Goddess until she finds a way to reopen a portal home,” Willow explained calmly. The blue demon tilted its head in acknowledgement.

“Fine, I will grant you one wish, what shall it be?” the demon inquired.

Willow thought hard before she spoke, “I want you to make the portal take us some place we’ll be safe. I don’t want some demonic dimension. I want one where humans are the dominant species. And ... After a few years I want a chance to come back to this dimension a few hours ago.”

The blue demon nodded, before lounging in mid air, settling one leg over the top. “People assume I’m an evil demon, but actually, long ago, I was a part of The Powers That Be. I rebelled, obviously, when they decided that they would start playing this huge cosmic game. So... I’ve decided I’m moving on from this plane,” he gestured around, “wherever I go next, I will not interfere. I will probably follow you two. You have such potential that one day you could rival the mages of the past, who could create the slayer line.”

He gave a grim smile before speaking again, his tone this time holding a hint of warning, “Unfortunately, where I am sending you... well, magic is not as powerful in certain areas, whilst other things that you thought were impossible will be quite easily done. You’re going to have to find out all this on your own,” he clicked his finger and the portal shifted slightly, up, down, in, out, left, right, all at the same time.

“As another cost you’ll lose all your memories, or more like suppress them. If you two manage to find each other again, then it will start to come back. A second cost, you will have your bodies changed. Nothing too big, probably just enough that you will fit in with the humans there,” the demon finished.

Willow scowled, but nodded. “I agree,” she stated. The blue demon grinned and nodded.

“Good,” he said before he clicked his fingers and disappeared. Suddenly, the world started spinning and they hit the energy core. Instead of the screaming that should have occurred, the world blinked out of existence outside the circle odd energy, before it reappeared. Suddenly both of them found themselves falling, and willow screamed out something. Tara couldn’t hear though, as she felt herself hit something.


D’Hoffryn smiled and took a seat among the higher beings. “Good day,” he said simply, waiting for them to acknowledge him. One by one they turned and nodded, realizing who he was and his claim to join their ranks.


Tara Maclay awoke with a start, as though her world came crashing down around her. For a few minutes she sat in bed, legs hugged to her chest, as she cried silently. Soon she heard the rest of her family wake up from violent nightmares, sobbing to themselves. She could feel their sadness, and it multiplied in her, before releasing itself back to each of them. Almost looping itself, making the pain all the worst. She tried her hardest to force some hope and happiness back into the loop.

Finally she climbed out of the bed, despite her shaking limbs, and made her way to the window. Somehow she managed to climb out and down the ladders to the side, before making her way across the garden. The emotions slowly started to lessen, but it wasn’t helping enough. She was this far away from just turning a gun on everyone. There was so much hurt and pain in the world, and she felt it every day, every night, whenever her powers flared up. Surely death must be less painful.

After a while she felt the occupants of the house slowly calm down, and in turn she herself started calming down. She knew as soon as she fell asleep that they would get angry at her for waking everyone up, or she’d have another nightmare and plunge every house in the neighbourhood into terror. Around herself, she started tracing Wiccan symbols of protection, knowing it wouldn’t be much help, but just needing to do something to focus her energy on before it built up inside her and started making her empathy power stronger.


“Five more minutes” Bobby muttered, thrusting his head under the pillows. He’d been having such a nice dream, it wasn’t fair that someone was trying to get him up. He was supposed to be allowed, like, 8 hours of sleep at least. Especially after last night.

“Robert Drake, get out of bed this second, before you end up waking your room mate,” came an annoyed voice, which Bobby soon realized belonged to Jean. He simply grunted, before he felt the covers ripped from on top of him and the pillow he had been defending his head with flew up and started beating him into getting up. Finally he stood up and whipped the sleep out of his eyes.

The mutant he was sharing his room grunted, and muttered something dark, gesturing towards the door. It was good to know someone else was suffering the repercussions. Bobby rolled his eyes and quickly followed Jean out, turning to her. “What’s up?” he asked tiredly, ignoring the strange looks he was getting from the few nocturnal mutants who walked past.

“The Professor needs us to go pick up a mutant. The girl has come into her power a few months ago, but her power made her hard to trace on Cerebro. We only just got a firm lock on her, and she’s in great distress,” Jean said, walking down the hallway, causing Bobby to run after her to catch up.

“Can’t I go get dressed?” he asked after a few seconds, making her smile, “well, I get the idea that she won’t really be made any more comfortable by a hot guy like me in just PJ bottoms.” Jean rolled her eyes.

“Bobby, we’ll be in uniform,” she said, before raising a fingertip to her head as the Professor spoke to her, “We better hurry, she’s getting more and more terrified.”

Booby nodded, quickly climbing into one of the hidden elevators. “See you in the black bird,” he said, as it started descending.


The Jet quietly set down, and its occupants quickly got out, before engaging the cloak. Bobby yawned, and looked around whilst Jean reached out with her telepathy. “This way,” she said shortly, as she started running. Bobby shook his head and quickly caught up.

“What’s wrong?” he asked quickly, as she changed direction. Jean shook her head and ran even quicker. “Jeanie, what is it?” he asked once more.

“They’re.... Something’s happening to the girl. I touched her mind... she’s radiating pain, and sadness and terror,” Jean said, making Bobby hurry. Finally they turned the corner to where a man had his fist raised towards a girl, Bobby suddenly felt terrified, though he wasn’t sure of what. He reacted quickly though, creating a shield of ice around the girl as the fist descended, smashing against the ice and cracking it slightly, with enough force that Bobby almost felt it.

Jean quickly ran over, pulling the girl away from the group. The girl’s feelings almost overwhelmed her, and she fought to try and form some kind of telepathic shield. Finally she dragged the girl down an alley, whilst Bobby iced up the entrance. Bobby hung back, scared of the girl in front of him. “W-what’s wrong with her?”

Jean bit her lip, trying to think. “She.... I think she’s an empath. She’s projecting her feelings into the surroundings, but I think she’s absorbing them as well. It’s a cycle that’s going to end up ...” she guessed.

“Not good?” Bobby supplied helpfully, keeping a slight distance from the girl, trying to send out happy feelings to the girl, who looked like she was about to burst into tears.

“Definitely not good,” Jean muttered, before turning her attention to the girl. “Hi,” she said simply, trying to get the girls attention away from the feelings flowing through her. The girl didn’t answer, so Jean carried on, “I’m Jean, what’s your name?”

The girl bit her lip and looked up, her eyes wide and innocent. “I-I’m T-Tara,” she said after a few second, her voice almost missed.

Jean smiled widely. “That’s good,” the girl blushed and curled into herself again, “hey, don’t do that. Look at me;” she asked quietly, “you need to stop concentrating on what you’re feeling. It’s projecting it out to everyone else, and then you’re absorbing it again.”

Tara nodded, clutching at her head. “I know... I-I can’t stop though, there’s too much,” she said, hissing in pain as she started to feel the panic from her two saviours.

Jean frowned, thinking for a second, “Look... the easiest root out would be for me to knock you out until we get to the mansion. Professor Xavier should be able to block your powers a little, at least for a while.”

Tara shook her head quickly. “No, when I’m asleep... It’s a hundred times worse; I send whatever I’m feeling in my dreams outward, and I get a lot of nightmares,” she was about to say something else when she slumped to the ground in a dreamless sleep. Jean had felt the rising panic and asked the Professor to knock her out. She telekinetically lifted her and started to move out of the alley towards where the blackbird was. Nobody moved to stop them, instead glaring hatefully or looking relieved that she was leaving.

The two of them carefully moved Tara into one of the seats, fastening her in before taking their own. It was going to be a long trip back, Bobby thought to himself as a silence pervaded the air
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