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The Veiled Threat

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Metamorphosis". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sequel to All Geared Up, the Autobots and Decepticons may have hope of restoring Cybertron, problem is Xander Harris isn't very happy about it.

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Marvel Universe > Transformers > Xander-CenteredSithicusFR15417,36833611,02816 Jul 0919 Apr 11No

First Problems

Author's Notes: Well I've seen it, twice, Revenge of the Fallen. It's inspired me to continue my Xander Harris story. This will mostly be a retelling of events from the Prequel Novel The Veiled Threat, hence the title. I still haven't actually read it yet so this first chapter might be edited slightly once I do. New characters will be properly introduced, a whole mess of stuff will go down, and despite my ending and original plans for All Geared Up well after seeing Revenge of the Fallen plans needed to be changed. Hence the scene in the Laurentian Abyss.

Disclaimer: Hasbro and Paramount and Dreamworks owns all things Transformers. Buffy and all related characters belong to Joss and ME Productions. No I'm kidding I really own them both, I'm an evil mastermind manipulating everybody to think otherwise. LOL Just Kidding, seriously though it's getting repetitious these disclaimers, so yeah. Don't sue me I'm poor and stuff.


More Than Meets The Eye

Autobots Wage Their Battle to Destroy the Evil Forces of The Decepticons


Robots in Disguise


Starscream landed on the moon – one of Saturn’s moons to be precise – it was here that the great starship the Nemesis had crashed. Not to be confused with his own vessel, which he’d used to arrive in this solar system and then lost when the small band of Autobots on Cybertron caused it and Trypticon’s destruction.

He came because he had been summoned – the call having reached his audios while he was in the process of dispensing Decepticon brand justice to another traitor – one who had informed the humans as to their abilities, their strengths and weaknesses.

Transforming to robot mode Starscream detected footsteps – although the echoing clang of metal on metal would be difficult to miss in this cold vacuum.

“Starscream, I see you’ve given yourself a new look,” Skywarp said with a smirk as the familiar black and purple Decepticon appeared to greet the former would-be leader of the Decepticons.

“I chose to honor the warriors of the past, Skywarp, you would do wise to follow my example,” Starscream said with a cruel sneer.

“He is waiting,” Skywarp revealed.

Starscream nodded. “Soundwave informed me as to the change in leadership of the Decepticons, how good it is to know that our former master’s inspiration has recovered from his long stasis,” he returned with a slight chuckle. Following Skywarp deeper into the vessel he came to the central control room – where the mech in question remained seated undergoing extensive repairs to his systems.

“It is my understanding that Megatron has been, destroyed. I will have to assume command of this operation now. I sensed a change in the AllSpark do you know what became of it, Starscream?” the Cybertronian with the face of the Decepticon faction demanded of the cowardly air commander.

Starscream shook his head trying his best not to show fear now that he was in the presence of what legends and myths claimed to be the first of the Decepticons. “Sadly I do not, my liege.” He was lying to save his own spark. Starscream knew that if he told the being in front of him the truth he would be as good as scrap. He hated the organic flesh creatures more than anything else in the entire universe – though his reasons had become clouded and forgotten through the years – Starscream did not want to see what would happen if he found out that the AllSpark’s energy was currently inside of a fleshling.

“Then we shall need to determine exactly what happened,” the Cybertronian stated. “I have dispatched Soundwave and a contingency of Decepticons to the planet to discover the whereabouts of the AllSpark and our fallen comrades. I have also given them other instructions, our goal now is not the procurement of the AllSpark alone, that is a secondary objective. We will be hunting for, this,” the Cybertronian generated a three-dimensional hologram through his hand.

Starscream studied it closely – he did not recognize the curious looking device. “What is it, master?” he asked.

“That is something you do not need to know, Starscream,” the Cybertronian told him in no uncertain terms. “Focus your efforts on reclaiming the remains of the AllSpark.”

“Remains?” Starscream repeated. He was uncertain how this being could possibly know that the AllSpark even had any fragments left.

“The AllSpark and I are deeply connected, Starscream, after all I was one of the first creations it made many stellar cycles in the past,” the Cybertronian reminded.

Starscream nodded. “I shall not fail you, my master,” he said with a slight bow. Already he was preparing plans. He would need to ensure that Soundwave stalled during his mission as he could ill afford for the existence of the human containing the essence of the AllSpark to become part of this new leader’s knowledge. Or Soundwave’s. Turning to leave Starscream found his way blocked by Skywarp and Mixmaster – a member of the Constructicons. “Was there something else?”

“I am well aware of your stint as Decepticon Leader, Starscream, as well as what you tried to do. Commendable, however your failure leaves me to question whether or not I can trust you, considering you eliminated both Dreadwing and Wreckage after their presumed betrayals.”

Starscream turned slowly back to his new leader. “The penalty for treachery is death, that has always been the way of the Decepticons, and Dreadwing and Wreckage were proven traitors. As for my attempt to create a new AllSpark on Cybertron, I was merely doing it in the interest of preserving our race and planet,” he stated shrewdly.

The Cybertronian undergoing repairs chuckled softly. “Always the clever wordsmith, Starscream… Very well, but do not interfere in Soundwave’s mission,” he warned raising one hand in a threatening gesture.

Starscream smiled. “It never crossed my processor,” he lied.

Shooting Skywarp and Mixmaster a look he waved his hand weakly at the door. “Go!” he ordered.

Starscream strode confidently out of the room past Skywarp and Mixmaster – now all he needed to do was find some Decepticons and ‘persuade’ them to work at his own goals. It shouldn’t be too difficult – the Nemesis housed many in stasis – some of them would surely be easily swayed to his side. Starscream would need all the help he could get if he was going to enact his plan for the AllSpark’s energies current hiding place.

Nine streaking comets approach the Earth’s atmosphere. Nine that are the first wave – each one has a target on the spherical globe below – acting unlike any spatial bodies before them these nine separate and begin heading for the sectors of the planet designated for their ‘drop zones’.

Two approach the continent of Europe – their specific landing point remains a mystery. One other reaches the more specific area called Italy. Still another approaches the island nation of Japan, one lands within the heart of Africa – current assignment of one Alexander Harris – although Xander at the moment is off in the States dealing with certain issues.

Australia, China, San Francisco – all seemingly random locations – however for the Decepticons there is nothing random about them. Reverting from their fallen comet-like state they change into formless protoforms – the base body design of all Cybertronians – and begin searching for suitable disguise modes.

In Italy the ‘leader’ of this expedition finds a perfect vehicular mode – sleek and fast – but also powerful. Just to her liking. Scanning it she adopts the Terran disguise and immediately locks onto her secondary target via her scanners.

The other two also aimed for Europe land farther away from her location, but apparently still within the boundaries of Italy – they however do not yet scan alternate forms as their pickings are slim – instead they begin to make their way through the night towards their destination.

“We are approaching your location, Fracture,” the lead hulking behemoth informs.

“I will reach rendezvous point in half a cycle,” Fracture returned – her Terran formula one racecar form speeding down a deserted Italian highway towards a military base.

At a secure J.A.S.D.F base another protoform arrives – the military forces are quick to react, but unfortunately not quick enough – within moments the entire base has been razed to the ground and the protoform Decepticon begins adapting a Terran disguise of his own.

Somewhere in the Middle-East another lone protoform lands at a US Air Base – this protoform is much larger than the others and not so readily able to detect a disguise form – however he soon succeeds in adapting a Terran mode and proceeds to eliminate the units at his drop site.

Having bypassed Australia two others instead reach Florida specifically the outskirts of another US military facility – this one undermanned and understaffed – they too begin eliminating the witnesses to their arrival.

Back in Italy the Formula One racer smashes through an Italian military base’s front gate – the guards react swiftly, but are soon subdued by the two hulking Decepticon protoforms following her.

“Sentries eliminated, Fracture, we’ll locate more and deal with them. Have you located their communications center?” one asked their leader.

“Not yet, but I have found suitable camouflage for you both,” she informed as she darted past a motor pool of military vehicles. “What is everyone’s status?” she asked finally breaking radio silence with the rest of her team.

In Japan a fighter jet lifting off from the remains of the air force base triggered a brief communications burst. “Overcast reporting. Initial strike completed. No survivors.”

Back in the Middle East the largest unit of their team slowly moves through the sky over the decimated American base. “Jetstorm online, same situation here too. The attack worked. No survivors detected.”

With the pair in Florida. “Dropkick reporting. I’ve found my Earth mode, Incinerator is scanning his at the moment. No survivors here either, we’re ready to begin.”

Fracture smiled as Gunbarrel and Reverb finally joined her – now having adapted Terran forms – the trio had decimated the Italian base. “Nicely done. The Master will be pleased, when we locate him. But first…” Fracture paused. “We need a distraction.”

On the Golden Gate Bridge two cars bob and weave through traffic dangerously – ignoring the other drivers and the rules of the road. One is a red automobile the other a purple and silver combination.

“When do we start the operation, Swindle?” the purple car asked sounding impatient.

“Whenever we’re given the order, Dead End. Of all the units to work with I get you,” Swindle complained as he narrowly avoided smashing up an SUV.

“Well! I’m not too happy to be working with a malfunction like you, that’s for sure,” Dead End shot back.

“Malfunction? Better than being a literal Practice Drone like you are!” Swindle argued.

“Practice drone! If it weren’t for this mission you’d be dead, Swindle,” Dead End threatened.

“Save it until after the mission.” Swindle said. “If you’re alive then you can try,” he teased his unwanted partner. “Now… Let’s get started.” The pair headed into San Francisco proper the nighttime lights of the city and their beauty barely registering to the duo.

Dead End grumbled under his breath. Secretly he opened communications with another. “Barricade, report!”

“Dead End, a pleasure to make your acquaintance again,” Barricade said sounding anything but sincere.

“Starscream has orders for you,” Dead End informed. “He tight beamed them to me while he was going to meet our new ‘boss’,” he added.

Barricade was still parked outside of a now burning Sector Seven base continuing to monitor the events still happening after Starscream and Wreckage’s latest blow-up. “I’m all audios,” Barricade told the disgruntled Dead End.

All was quiet at the bottom of the Laurentian Abyss – the energy being used to restore Megatron and his troops had dissipated – incapable of completing its task. Something had interfered. Something had drained the AllSpark energy from the Decepticons absorbing it and twisting it to serve a higher purpose. The Hellmouth at the bottom of the ocean pulsated with this unknown energy – it shone and shimmered and something began to emerge.

A tendril pushed out from hell followed by another and another until almost a hundred had appeared searching – the entity reached towards the remains of the Decepticons taking pieces from Blackout, Bonecrusher, Brawl and even some from Megatron. Normally the demon would not have been able to use these alien remnants, but the AllSpark energy had changed it – made it compatible.

Laughing triumphantly The First rose from her prison believing that she was one step closer to destroying the Earth and plunging it into Hell where she alone would rule over all – unfortunately the very energy which had allowed her freedom now began to turn against her.

Energy exploded all around – mystical and alien – the Hellmouth trembled and began to collapse. It was sealed – The First cried out in anger and frustration as her corporeal and spiritual bodies were split apart by this one act. “This is unacceptable,” she stated in her rage.

“Unacceptable? You tried to use our power to return to this plane, it did not belong to you,” her corporeal form stated.

The First stood – or appeared to stand – staring up at her former body blinking in confusion. It had spoken. “So you steal my body? I’m The First, the origin of all evil, you can’t kill me or just take my body whatever you are,” she informed coldly.

Chuckling darkly the conglomerate being knelt down and stared eye to eye with The First. “You’re the First Evil, how quaint, you, are nothing in the grand scheme of things. Less than nothing. This race has existed since before the dawn of humanity, before the creation of the demonic hoards which once roamed this pitiful planet.” Her former body smirked darkly and rose up to his full height clutching one hand tightly closed. “Once I have the other aspects of the AllSpark, benevolent and without desires of such a selfish nature. You have rebuilt me, your energies changed my very purpose, the AllSpark has transcended the current plane of existence, it has transformed. I am separate, the last vestiges of a consciousness which was buried and hidden, I am Nemesis Prime. And my goals will be far better for this planet than your own. Know this! The AllSpark is not yours to use as you see fit it belongs to my race. And it will belong to my race again, Cybertron will be restored, the Decepticons will serve my purposes well until I have reformatted this form into something a little less demonic.” Transforming into a grotesque parody of a tank, helicopter, MPCV Buffalo and a Cybertronian jet – the thing calling itself Nemesis Prime blasted for the surface leaving The First’s spirit behind.

Pouting in her Buffy guise she stomped her incorporeal foot. “Not fair, now I really am stuck like this, stupid Cybertronians,” she complained. “What are you staring at?” she demanded of Megatron whose head happened to be looking in her general vicinity.

The deactive Decepticon didn’t say a word, but it almost looked like he was glaring angrily at her for destroying his chance to revive.

Xander had a difficult time these days getting any kind of sleep. His gear turned Transformers had no need for such a concept and they insisted on being brought up to speed at any opportunity – Flamewar kept the little pests out of his hair when he wanted to sleep. In fact she’d done a world of good despite her crazy crush, infatuation, puppy love, he still had no clear cut definition for it in his mind. All he knew was she wanted to jump his bones and was trying to convince Ratchet into finding a way for her to do that.

The only Terracon not bothering him or getting on his last nerve was X-Bot – because Andrew had confiscated the little dude to play games – Twitcher F451 hated Andrew because he spent too many hours pounding on his buttons with the latest Star Wars title, and boy did that sound nasty for some reason.

The Slayers kept busy dealing with whatever big bad du jour showed up. Willow hardly spoke to him anymore these days because it seemed like the demon population of the world was going crazy. Not to mention getting even more powerful as new species cropped up every other week.

Buffy was nowhere to be found, she just apparently dropped off the face of the Earth or something. In the months since the battle had taken place it was like the PTB were doing everything to keep him isolated and out of the loop. Xander hated it.

“Xander, lover, are you alright?” Flamewar asked walking into his new apartment which had been foisted on him by ex-agent Seymour Simmons. The guy was a pain and a half – kept trying to get him to bring more gadgets to life like his PDA and Laptop. Xander told him he didn’t have the gift anymore, but Simmons didn’t believe him, kept going on and on about residual radiation signatures or some cock and bull story.

Tried to get him to come down to his delicatessen – once he even brought the head of some Decepticon he’d personally killed – or so he claimed – up here to try and get him to do something with it. Which would have been seriously a bad idea. “I feel like I’m back in Sunnydale during High School, Flamey, like everyone I know is trying to push me out of the fight even the ones in charge upstairs,” Xander said with a sigh glaring at the ceiling.

“You don’t need to fight anymore, that’s why you’ve got me.” Flamewar smiled and ran her fingers through his hair – it still took him some getting used to seeing her holographic simulacrum form. She was so lifelike and way too physical for his tastes – always pawing him when she got the chance, which was just shy of painful considering she was still touching him with her metallic fingers.

“I made a promise,” Xander reminded darkly.

“To Jesse! I know, but don’t you think you really should just step aside and let your friends deal with them now? You created so many Slayers you really aren’t needed on that front anymore,” Flamewar said passionately.

Xander narrowed his eye in a glare aimed at the woman who still looked too much like a combination of Mikaela Banes with Halle Berry’s skin tone for his tastes. “I thought you were supposed to cheer me up,” he accused.

“I’m sorry, Xander, but I don’t know why you can’t accept the way things are? Do you want to die fighting those things?” Flamewar demanded in a frustrated tone as she kicked the couch, again – one of these days she was going to break the damn thing.

“No, but I can’t let somebody else die in my place,” Xander argued.

“Maybe what’s really bothering you is me,” Flamewar said coldly. “You never take me out for rides anymore! You won’t even try to make love to me. You hate me, Xander Harris,” she exclaimed with a theatrical sob.

“Great on top of everything now I can add PMSing Terracon to the list,” Xander muttered with a groan. “Look, Flamewar, we’ve been over this! You’re a robot and I’m flesh and blood, kinda hard to do the whole sexual intercourse thing.”

Flamewar glared at him with an angry pout. “I want to feel your hands on my throttle, Xander, please turn me on,” she begged a seductive smile spreading across her lips.

“Damnit, Flamewar!” Xander cursed looking like he wanted to hit her, which would only serve to hurt him – the problem with holograms was you couldn’t touch them. To get around that Flamewar used her holographic form over top of her physical body, which didn’t look too weird because as a hologram she could make it appear to be the correct height for a human female and still keep her body fully hidden. It was all to do with video scramblers and retina distorters or something alien like that. Xander’s head still hurt with the big words she used to describe all of her internal systems.

“Xander,” Flamewar said startled by his level of rage – not to mention something else happening to his body.

“No! Flamewar, don’t give me the ‘I have needs’ speech, you aren’t human you can’t possibly have anything physically like us, emotionally maybe but…” Xander could feel something building up inside of him, but he just chalked it up to the stress from the long weeks and months of inactivity and lack of sleep.

“Xander, look at yourself!” Flamewar snapped rolling her eyes.

His tirade halted mid-rant – Xander glanced down in annoyance to see what the deal was – he almost jumped out of his skin when he saw the energy sparking at his fingertips, and the glowing sphere of light in his empty eye socket. Having a large mirror inside of the main room of the apartment was another thing he still had yet to get used to. “Wire Tap!” he shouted turning to the door.

The diminutive robot came charging into the room along with Booster and Zoom Out through the dog door he’d installed for them.

“Yeah, boss, what’s the sitch… holy,” Wire Tap blurted as soon as he saw what was going on.

“Call the Autobots, fast,” Xander ordered.

“Got ya,” Wire Tap said manually dialing a number and shifting into phone mode – which Flamewar picked up passing to Xander.

Xander in turn shook his head. “Don’t want to risk blowing his circuits, you tell them.” He eyed the phone with a slight glare. “And I thought I told you to stop watching Kim Possible.”

“I can’t help it, boss, she’s so infectious and that theme song, ‘Call Me, Beep Me, If You Want To Reach Me’.” Wire Tap’s ring tone started playing the jingle.

Xander would have face palmed if he could have. “Terracons,” he complained under his breath.

“Optimus Prime, we have a situation here,” Flamewar told the Autobot on the other end of the line. “No it isn’t Starscream or any other Decepticon, Xander has started to emit energy from his fingers and.” Flamewar shot Xander a concerned look her eyes widening oh so slightly at what Optimus was saying. “You have, you do, right we’ll be there,” she said before hanging up.

“Get the others, Zoom Out, we’re going on a road trip,” Wire Tap said turning back into robot mode.

“On it,” Zoom Out replied rushing out of the room.

“I don’t like the sound of this,” Xander said.

“Well, lover, the good news is we can protect you from anything or anybody that tries to get their hands on you,” Flamewar stated smiling at him disarmingly.

“And the bad news?” Xander asked waiting for the other shoe to drop.

“Prime says every one of them detected AllSpark level energies about two seconds before you lit up, like a beacon calling to them.” Flamewar shrugged her shoulders haplessly.

Xander groaned and once again glared at the ceiling wanting something to glare at and not having any of the ‘Powers-That-Act-All-High-And-Mighty’ on hand. “Well that’s just Prime,” he muttered.

Major Lennox – newly promoted after all that happened during the Mission City and fall out affair – sat at his desk going over paperwork while outside his team and their allies continued to train. That’s all he ever seemed to do since being put in charge of Nest – at times he envied Optimus – all that the Autobot Commander had to deal with were Decepticons. Lennox had to deal with bureaucrats, cover ups, personnel issues, security clearances and paperwork. The most hated of all military chores.

With a sigh he tried to ignore the tedium threatening to overwhelm him – it wasn’t easy – fortunately the sudden alarm gave him a much needed distraction. “What’s happening?” he asked marching along the catwalk overlooking the main hangar.

“Energy signature inbound,” one of his men said.

“A Decepticon, coming here?” Lennox repeated mystified.

“At last some action,” Ironhide spoke up with a grin as he readied his cannons.

“Hold up, Ironhide,” Jazz said as he transformed to robot mode. “She’s not a threat.”

“Oh no, not the biker chick,” Ironhide complained.

Lennox eyed each of them with a look that spoke volumes. “Would someone care to explain what’s going on?” he demanded angrily.

“My apologies, Major,” Optimus said entering the hangar from the elevator leading to the actual Autobot base. “It appears a potentially dangerous new development has occurred. Although Flamewar is technically a Decepticon she is not our enemy, Alexander Harris will be here shortly. I’m afraid we detected a surge of AllSpark energy from his location, Ratchet must scan him at once to determine how this is possible.”

Lennox did not like what he was hearing – most of his men were briefed on the Harris situation and he had clearance to be on base in case of an emergency – this sounded like a definite emergency.

“So that’s where it came from,” Ironhide muttered.

“Can the Decepticons detect him too?” Lennox asked.

“Unknown,” Prime replied. “Which is why we must obtain further readings on this unusual new development. I fear however they may be aware of this situation just as we were alerted.”

“Great, just perfect,” Lennox blurted raising his hands up in exasperation. “Code red, I want everybody on high alert for possible Decepticon attack. Ironhide, Jazz, you’re with Charlie Team on sentry duty.”

“Action at last,” Ironhide praised yet again as he and Jazz reverted to vehicle mode and followed the soldiers out.

Lennox turned to the rest of his team and started issuing orders.

While Prime approached his own men. At this current junction only a few newcomers had joined the ranks of the Autobots – these warriors had mostly been created through exposure to the AllSpark and had been residing in a Sector Seven secret location until recently.

These two units went by the names of Longarm and Salvage.

Ratchet – who had first detected the AllSpark energy – stood beside a considerably sized bank of equipment which he’d hauled upstairs – he was checking it over to ensure that it would properly function while scanning the human called Xander.

“Ratchet, what do your readings reveal?” Optimus spoke up.

The Autobot medic turned with a frown and shook his head. “Inconclusive at this time, Optimus, after Jazz was revived we all believed Mister Harris’s gift had passed.” Ratchet let out a sigh. “Until I can examine him further I fear we will never know, it was purely chance that his energy signature reached us from his current location.”

Optimus nodded and turned to the hangar doors as the dark blue bullet bike pulled up to a stop and several soldiers trained their weapons on it as a precaution.

“Whoa, hey easy there guys I’m not here to cause any trouble and neither is she.” The unmistakable voice of Xander Harris could be heard.

Flamewar shifted to robot mode her crossbow trained on the soldiers.

“Stand down, Flamewar, they are simply being cautious,” Prime stated as he approached.

“I don’t take orders from you, Autobot,” Flamewar argued. “And I’m just protecting my Xander.”

“Can we not go through this again?” Xander pleaded.

The soldiers stood down as Lennox approached and Flamewar returned her weapon to its dormant state.

Visibly relaxing Xander automatically snapped off a salute with a faint grimace as he realized what he’d just done.

“Ratchet is waiting, Harris,” Lennox stated.

“Right, sorry about all this.” Xander looked downcast.

Lennox shook his head dismissively and offered the younger man a smile. “We all got stuck with the same boat, Harris, no need to apologize.”

“Yeah,” Xander said with a semi-bitter chuckle. “Well you guys don’t bring stuff to life just by touching it.”

“Touché.” Lennox shot a glance Prime’s way.

“If you’ll follow me, Xander,” Prime requested.

Xander did precisely that – marching past the tourists’ conception of the Autobot base where several vehicles were parked – including a GM Topkick and Jazz’s vehicle form despite their being off on perimeter detail.

Some members of the bureaucratic side of things needed something to see so they wouldn’t get antsy – the actual Autobot base was a little further south then they’d like to share.

The large elevator jumped to life taking all concerned parties to the heart of the Autobot stronghold – a massive facility built by the Autobots – although technically it really wasn’t finished as it had, had to be moved from its former location within Tranquility, Nevada..

“Greetings, Xander Harris,” Ratchet said with what amounted to a smile. It was the closest he ever got to smiling.

Xander nodded in the medic’s general direction and carefully approached the Autobot. “Hey how ya doin’?”

“I am doing fine, please stand perfectly still while I perform this scan.” A beam of light shot out of Ratchet’s body nearly blinding Xander and preventing him from seeing the source.

Flamewar let out an appreciative whistle. “Nice chassis, lover,” she said.

“Huh?” Xander glanced down to find himself in his underwear, he nearly lost his cool, but the strange blue tinge of his flesh and the fact that Ratchet told him not to move was enough to keep him from reacting – just barely. He didn’t want to get some crazy alien cancer or something.

“Interesting, that coloration in a human usually indicates lack of oxygen,” Ratchet mused in a thoughtful tone.

Longarm approached. “He almost looks to have Energon in his veins,” he said.

“Energon?” Lennox repeated. “You mean that stuff you use for fuel?”

“Yes… he does seem to be exhibiting a curious symptom.” Ratchet shut down his beam and Xander’s clothing reappeared.

“Why do I get the feeling that isn’t a good thing?” the one-eyed demon hunter questioned nervously.

“The scan has revealed some disturbing information, Teletran please show imaging datum,” Ratchet requested turning to what looked like an ordinary wall. Half of it shimmered and a three dimensional image of Xander appeared floating above the humans’ heads.

“That is seriously cool,” Lennox said with a smile.

“According to this, when the AllSpark discharged its energy into you it actively transferred some of its power into you on the sub-atomic level,” Ratchet revealed.

“You mean it gave him a source of Energon?” Prime questioned.

“As an organic that should not be possible,” Longarm said eyeing the image uncertainly.

“Organics are different from us that is true, but they do share some commonalities though admittedly not much.” Ratchet pointed at the hologram with one finger indicating Xander’s chest. “This Energon source triggers a specific coding of impulses to pass between his fingertips and any mechanical devices he comes in contact with when discharging, he is effectively a living AllSpark resuscitation device.”

“You mean if I touch anything they come to life?” Xander said rhetorically. “But why didn’t I keep doing that after reviving Jazz?”

“Your reserves were completely depleted, Jazz is fully Cybertronian your Decepticon allies are basically Terran in origin simply with imprints of Megatron,” Ratchet explained.

“Hence why all Earth machines become Decepticons,” Prime added.

“We prefer the term Terracons,” Flamewar told the Autobots snidely.

“Forgive me,” Optimus returned.

“That can easily be corrected with a simple restructuring of the inner workings of any device replacing them with Autobot supplied components,” Ratchet said resuming his explanations. “In fact I propose a test since Xander is here now and demonstrating the abilities which gave his Real Gears life,” he added removing a tiny pair of electronic binoculars from a compartment on his body.

“When did you build that?” Salvage asked with a light laugh.

“You know Ratchet, Salvage, he’s always tinkering when he doesn’t have any repairs to make,” Longarm reminded also laughing.

“Can we test whatever after we find out how to fix me?” Xander demanded agitated because he really didn’t need legions of Decepticons trying to hunt him down.

“That is impossible,” Ratchet stated somberly.

“Impossible,” Flamewar repeated an edge to her tone as she circled Xander possessively her crossbow reappearing.

“Calm down, biker babe,” Lennox blurted.

“What did you call me?” Flamewar spat her crossbow now aimed squarely on the major’s genitals.

“Time out, Flamewar,” Xander snapped startling her with the level of ferocity in his voice. “Rag on him later, right now I want to know what Ratchet was getting at.”

The Autobots shared concerned looks and Optimus gave a slight nod giving Ratchet permission to continue.

“Alexander, you have absorbed the AllSpark’s ability to restore deactive Cybertronians, as well as give birth to new sparks. This has caused a change of a physical nature to your sub-atomic particles, your molecules. In theory we could drain you of these energies, but in doing so your spark, your soul, would be extinguished. You would cease to function.” Ratchet gave a sympathetic look to the young human as he finished his speech.

Silence filled the cavernous room – Xander’s gaze lost focus as he processed this new bit of info and the only thing he could think of was that he was royally screwed. “Well shit, what am I going to do now?”

To Be Continued
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