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Demons, And Strangers, And Gods, Oh My!

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Strange Magic". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Harry Potter is in his 6th year and Xander is there to protect against the multiple evils being sent. Continuation of Strange Magic.

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Chapter 2

Authors Note: Taking place after season 7 of an alternate Buffyverse and during Harry’s 6th year, stranger things are happening. We do not own any of the characters from Marvel, Harry Potter, DC, Harris, or BTVS that are featured here. Continuation of Strange Magic found here at

Illyria cocks her head.

“I wished to accompany you to this Hogwarts, did I not convey such when we last spoke?”

“But… but…I thought you were joking.”

Illyria is standing still laying at her feet are two of the Auror’s that were meant to guard the school from any problems. Unconscious, in front of her Xander stood, as the professors and Dumbledore watched, curiously.

“I do not joke.”

“Ah my dear boy, is this sweet young guest a friend of yours?” Dumbledore gave a usually cheery smile.

“Yes…I mean no…I mean. She’s something.”

Snape looked her up and down.

“I’d say so, soothing…inhuman.”

She looked at him with her icy eyes.

“Of course, I am nothing like you fragile mortals. I am Illyria, one of the Old Ones, a grand and mighty ancient Demon.” She said, with what Xander realized was a certain amount of pride, which he wondered was coming from the human soul.

“Ah, well then let me welcome you Ms. Illyria, it’ll be such a pleasure to invite in someone who makes even me look young.”

Xander shakes his head.

“But, but…”

McGonagall’s eyes widened.

“Albus, you can’t believe bringing a…creature as powerful as that into the school will have no problems I mean…

“Oh come now Minerva, she’s obviously a companion to our dear Professor Harris, and in these dark times, one needs to be a gracious host to friends of our friends.”

“I accept your hospitality. You are quite odd for a mortal” The blue haired demon. woman.

“Oh yes, I do find I get that opinion a lot. Oh and Xander, while I find our new guest a room to stay in, can you please head to my office, I have something to talk to you about.”

And the old man and the demon left the professors there, quite stunned. Xander personally didn’t know whether to run, hide, or commit suicide.


A Few Years Ago

Illyria paced the hall. She wasn’t used to these…feelings. It was just last night when they tried to take on the powerhouses at Wolfram at Heart, where Wesley was…killed. She felt anger, hatred at the act, all for a pitiful…mortal man. And something else, something she believed mortals termed, grief.

Gunn hadn’t made it in that final battle. She believed they might not have survived as well if not for the last minute appearance by Xander.

As she paced the hallway while Xander was talking and debriefing Angel and Spike along with some other slayers he brought, the brunette slayer, Faith, the memory of Fred told her, walked out.

“Illyria right. Damn girl, you really gave it to those beasties. Wes would’ve been proud.”

Illyria cocked her head.

“You think so mortal.”

“Oh hell yeah. You gave better then ya got, and hey, Xander came through and saved your skins so nothing was in vain. Live to fight another day.”

She nods.

“Yes Xander, he’s a powerful being. He makes most of the people here look like worms.” She cocks her head to the side. “Do you not feel him?”

Faith gives a savage smirk.

“Oh yeah, I felt him at one point real well.”

“What do you mean?”

Faith laughs.

“Me and the wiz there did the, you know, horizontal tango one time. Let me tell you it was a wild ride…”

“Excuse me mortal…I do not understand?”

“Oh right, ancient demoness. Let me explain.” And she did so in detail.

“And not even a twitch, jeeze I wonder what it takes to unnerve you.”

The stoic Illyria shrugged.

“Tales of human mating rituals aren’t unnerving although.”


Xander and the two vampires exit the room.

“I would like to try this sexing.”

Walking towards Xander, she picks him up, swinging her over his shoulder.

“Woah, hey, uh hi Illyria, umm put me down.”

She ignores him as she carries him down the hall, while Faith falls over laughing leaving the two souled vamps completely confused.



Dumbledore waits for Xander to sit before speaking.

“Now… I notice your class size this year has grown…exponentially.”

Xander stops for a second. He was expecting an update on Voldemorte or something about Illyria’s unexpected arrival that morning, and instead they were talking about…class…?

“Oh uh actually, I really haven’t had a bunch of time to read the class list, I mean well, you saw this morning…”

There’s a glint of humor in the old mans eyes as he nods.

“Indeed, quite an interesting creature if I do say so myself. Makes even me feel young, I mean, compared to her, I’m not even a boy of ten. But moving on as topics have to, I’ve decided to enlist an assistant for your class. Another muggle whom I don’t believe you have any association with. Ms. Deseray Crimson.”

He shrugs. He didn’t really believe that he needed any help but Dumbledore was the headmaster. It’s his school. Although looking now quickly at the crushed list of names in his pocket while Dumbledore waited he saw the class was flooded. And these were actual students, not the usual onlookers. He might actually need the help.

“Also, I have to ask, has there been any more, occurrences? Such as your meeting with the demon as I was taking Harry to secure Slughorn?”

“No not at all, I get the feeling that Voldemort and whoever he’s working with are waiting for something. I think we’ll be safe for a while, but when it happens…”

“You assume it’ll be big.” Dumbledore nods.

“Is that all Al?” Xander asks, he had a period quickly approaching.

“Oh yes, yes, that’s all, I didn’t see the time Xander. She’ll be waiting. I have already acquainted her with your class plans this semester”


Harry had a free period so he and Ron decided to go check out muggle studies. Hermione decided she had more important things to do like research Xander for some reason. She had it in her mind that there was something, strange about the professor. It certainly didn’t help much when there were rumors that a friend of Xander’s not only crashed through the school’s defenses, which is what set off the alarms.

Already there were conflicting stories. Some say she’s a blue haired muggle. Others she’s a demon. Hermione, looking for all the information ran off to read up on the subject as soon as she heard the name Illyria. The boys just shrugged, with all the rumors about Xander in the school anyways, how much of that could really be true.

Soon enough they came across the packed muggle studies room which was now in a more auditorium like setting in order to accommodate the expanded class sizes. As they entered there seemed to be a lot more…males standing in the audience. Xander was going on about muggle modes of transportation. Trains, planes, automobiles, and the ilk. Where they were developed, who made them and etcetera but it seemed the male population seemed to be focused on the female standing behind him.

He didn’t know why but Harry was drawn to her as well, as if she were some sorta Sirens. The Dark haired woman didn’t seem like much, sure she had a lovely face, he thought maybe, but it was covered by large glasses, her thick dark hair was curled in a stern bun. The only thing he could see was her long and sorta, sharp looking ruby red nails as she switched slides for Xander.

Harry suddenly caught the words, and it seems all the male population of this school have gone deaf, as well as the few giggles from the female students as the boys jerked out of their trance.

“Ah yeah I see we have some late arrivers. Well let me introduce my teaching assistant, Professor Crimson. Now can we continue or do I have to deal with the continuing bad karma of when I daydreamed all day in class, when my teachers were trying to teach me?” That got some laughs from the class, and even Harry himself smirked.

For the rest of the class the boys went and tried to pay attention, but Harry did have to admit, the new teaching assistant was going to add a new level of excitement to Muggle studies


The sun was setting quickly as Xander cracked his neck. Putting on his black cape he gently glided out of the window of his Professor’s suite to the ground, covered by the growing darkness. He slowly made his way across the hills, heading towards his destination, the forbidden forest.

“You know, I always thought the name was cliché.”

Steven perked up in his minds eye.

“Huh, what are you babbling on about Xander.”

“The forbidden forest, I mean seriously. Who comes up with names like that? Wooooo it’s a spooky sounding name as if there’s a boogieman in there.”

“Well to be honest it does have those, and spiders, snakes, centaurs, unicorns, vamp…”

“I know, I know, but still, it’s just, it’s sooo over used. I mean, hell, they even have a “Shrieking Shack”. I mean seriously, give these things something unique.”

“Um huh, and what do you purpose to call it.”

Xander thinks mentally to himself.

“Umm, beats me but I’m just a sorcerer, not a name maker-upper. I just do the magic, but still it irks me…”

“Of course it does…” Steven mumbles, obviously not paying attention to the fledgling Sorcerer Supreme.

“On another note, what did you think of Crimson?”

“Ah now she was interesting wasn’t she?”

“Yeah, she didn’t look like much, pretty face I think but she seemed so covered up but still, if you weren’t feeling it like we were it would have…”

“Drawn you in like it did half the male population?”

“Exactly! What do you think she is? Some sorta siren, a wicked witch? Demoness…?”

“She could be anything, but I’d think before doing something with her either way, she seemed like she honestly cared about people.”

“We’ll see. I have been getting better at not killing a subject on site…speaking of which.”

Xander’s deep into the forest at this point, mostly silence surrounds him.

“Why hello there Vampire behind Bush number two. I seeeeee you.”

Obviously startled, because the bush in question was behind Xander swished as the sound of footsteps quickly were heard. Pulling out a stake from his cloak he grins.

“I love it when they run FROM me.”

Quickly turning around to chase the vamp, he didn’t get three steps before he heard it scream…

“The Vamps screaming ok, that’s a new one.”

Walking towards the sound he stopped in his tracks at the sight.


The End?

The author is currently looking for one or more beta readers for this story. If you are interested, please email the author or leave a private review.

You have reached the end of "Demons, And Strangers, And Gods, Oh My!" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 16 Aug 09.

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