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Demons, And Strangers, And Gods, Oh My!

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Strange Magic". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Harry Potter is in his 6th year and Xander is there to protect against the multiple evils being sent. Continuation of Strange Magic.

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Chapter One

Note: Continuation of Strange Magic found here at

Demons, And Strangers, And Gods, Oh My!

Voldemort growled as he paced the room, his reflection watching him from the mirror. His presence had been revealed last summer, but that wasn’t his major concern right now. To be honest, he was winning. The wizards were running scared. His major problem though, was the unknown force acting against his…ally.

“You told me Mephisto…that your powers would destroy this prophesy against me, that your people would kill Potter before he could do anything against me.”

The reflection shrugged.

“Yes but we both know that we never foresaw power strong enough to overcome even another powerhouse like Neron.”

Voldemort slammed his hand onto a table, Nagini hissing as it slithered out of the room, sensing it’s master’s anger.

“But it’s been all summer and you haven’t…”

Mephisto cut him off saying “I needed to gather my power. Summoning those between worlds isn’t exactly an easy task, but if you look through your doorway, I think The Demon I chose will suffice…”

The door slowly opens to the visage of a monster, it’s red eyes glowing of burning coals.


Etrigan growled silently. The old wizard and the boy were entering the run down old house, it look like it was ransacked. Perfect place for them to die, he considered. Mephisto had promised him release from his mortal form he was bonded too, Jason Blood.

The boy wouldn’t be that big a deal, now the wizard could be a problem, but the element of surprise would work… and disarming them of their wands…well who ever heard of a wizard reliant on a stick.

As he stalked the two magic users he ran head first…into an invisible wall?? Shaking his head in disgust he growled at it…until he felt is power.

Quickly turning around he saw a smiling youth, waging a finger from side to side.

“Uh, uh, uh, and who might you be Mr. Ugly…”

Etrigan didn’t move. He fought magic users before, Zatanna, Dr. Fate. This lads powers dwarfed them.

“Don’t be mad o’ son of man, thou art the demon Etrigan.”

“Hey that rhymed, but so what do you think your doing…?”

“Just passing through, this street I be. Not wishing to anger a Sorcerer like thee.”

Xander shakes his head.

“Well fine, if that’s all it is. But are you related to a guy named Neron who’s in the same biz…crap you got me rhyming. Stop it.”

Neron… what’s this have to do with Neron?

“Honestly I can tell thee no. To me Neron is the greatest of foe.”

The young man nodded.

“Well that’s all well and great. But you know it’s liars I hate…damn it. This is your fault and shut up Stephen… Okay, well then it wouldn’t be a bad thing to tell you the last time he was here I kicked his ass. So are you leaving or…”

The Demon’s eyes widened considerable. He defeated Neron, a power level like that could. Ohh …someone was going to pay.

“Oh thank you great Sorcerer for releasing me, and never again shall I bother thee.” Etrigan nodded to the young man and walked off, trying not to show the shiver of fear that was going through him as the man gave him a weird look.


Voldemort continued to pace the room much to the discontent of his reflection as The Demon returned.

“Ah, have you finished your order…” He didn’t get to finish his sentence as the demons’ knuckles slammed into his face. It would have broken his nose if there was any bridge left to it. He flew across the room, but before he could straighten himself he was held against the wall by the demons scaly paw.

“NOW listen to me thou foul small minded person. Do not think of the wand or your predicament will worsen. You promised me, the demon Etrigan, to finally be free my bond with man. But thou never mentioned a power so grand, one that ripped even god like Neron from this land. So one warning, a lesson to learn, the power I saw, will make you burn.”

And with that he dropped the dark lord, leaving him gasping for air as he walked through a portal, leaving the world of Wizards behind.

“Hmm that went well…” Voldemort’s reflection spoke, as the real one gave him a look blazing with hatred.


Dumbledore smiled as he put away some books in his own private library in his office. It was two days before the term began and he wasn’t the least bit surprised to find Xander in front of him as he turned around.

“Ah Xander, I see your actually early this year.” His eyes showed a smile even brighter then the one on his grizzled face.

“Yeah well I just thought I’d tell you other then that one demon I found following you, he was from the same world as that Neron dude I fought. It seems as though Mr. Moldyshorts hasn’t yet decided to call any more surprises against us.”

As Xander looked at the old wizard he suddenly saw something he hadn’t seen before, Dumbledore’s hand looked withered, gnarled and blackened. Ablus realized what was going on in his head as he spoke.

“You know you don’t have much time left Albus, maybe a year and a half at most. I…”

But Dumbledore waved him away with a sad smile.

“Do not fret young man, I have lived my life well, and know how I plan to end it. I just hope you don’t speak of this to any others.”

Xander shook his head but Dumbledore could see the hurt in the young man’s eyes. He had seen too much death for one so young, especially with people close to him.

“I know your intensions and I thank you, honestly, but sometimes there’s things we have to do. Meanwhile, I’d like you to join Mr. Potter when he arrives here for our private lessons. Not in person mind you, in that spirit form I once caught you in.”

He gives a sly grin.

Xander nodded and began to turn around.

“Oh and if you could…”

Xander stopped and faced him again.

“I’d enjoy seeing more of those, muggle movies again this term, they were quite exciting.”


A Few years Ago

“I’m sorry, there’s nothing I can do…”

Lorne punched Xander. Holding his bleeding nose, he didn’t quite expect the Host to be the one to do it.

“You’re quite possibly the most powerful Sorcerer ever and you CAN’T fix FRED?” Even Angel had to hold back Lorne.

Getting up Xander spoke a small spell fixing his broken nose.

“Yes, there’s even some things I can’t do. I’m still mortal and still learning.”

Lorne stops struggling looking down. Even Spike shook his head.

“It ya’ can’t save her mate, well then what can you do?”

Xander gave a sad smile as he laid his hands on Fred.

“I can protect her soul. Whatever demon inhabits her body, Fred’s soul will still be present.”

Wesley shook his head.

“Thank you…but are you sure there isn’t anything else you could do, you fought the first who happened to be…”

“DON”T say his name. I don’t really want to hear about him again any time soon. Now I got some things to do. She’ll be sleeping quietly with sweet dreams till the demon arrives. I’ll check back in a week to see if there’s anything more I can do. I’m sorry, I really am.”

Lorne looks off tears in his eyes as Xander turns around.

“I know there’s not much that you could do, but thank you for what you did Xander.” Angel nods to him as Xander vanishes.


So the term at Hogwarts started again as Xander walked down the halls. The place seemed darker than the previous year, but it probably had to do with the fact of Voldemort’s army looming over the students.

He wasn’t quite sure what to make of Slughorn. He met the guy briefly at dinner the night before but he seemed rather…senile to him. But he had to add anyone would be better then Umbridge.

But then again, on the other hand, he had no one to have fun with this year. Well maybe not no one. Snape was gloating recently on how he got the position he always wanted and it was grating on Xander’s nerves. Maybe he could do something…

At that moment the schools alarms went off. Something or someone had actually gotten through all the schools defenses. The staff and he ran outside, Xander being the first and his eyes widened as he found the intruder, standing there as Dumbledore appeared next to him.

“Xander do you know this...person?”

“Oh no…not herrrrrrr…!”


Voldemort growled again.

“Okay another one of your minions failed to provide me with the deaths of Potter and Dumbledore. That’s thrice you failed me.”

The reflection of Mephisto shrugged.

“Mephisto, I give you the souls of my followers for help and in return I’m repaid with nothing!?”

“Oh don’t get your robes in a twist Riddle…” Voldemort glares at his reflection for the use of his real name.

“The Demon was nothing more then a test. If he succeeded there would be no more problems, but I mainly wanted to find out if our unknown adversary was connected to your problem. And most likely, they are. That just means now we can go on to plan ‘b’.”

“Oh and what’s that?”

“Well we send someone to take his mind away from Hogwarts while your other plan goes into action.”

“Oh, really and I expect you to succeed this time, what makes you so sure…”

“Because this time…” The demon grinned, for the first time in a while revealing his reddish horned form.

“I plan to send a god.”

Authors Note: Taking place after season 7 of an alternate Buffyverse and during Harry’s 6th year, stranger things are happening. We do not own any of the characters from Marvel, Harry Potter, DC, or BTVS that are featured here.
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