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New Addition to the Family

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Summary: Faith's assigned to the gloomy town of Forks as she finishes high school. What will happen when she befriends a big gorgeous vampire?

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Twilight > Faith - CentereddawnieelfFR1359,6920309,37217 Jul 099 Dec 09No

Meet Mr Alpha

Faith stood in front of a wooden cabin. She had left Emmet at the border and was now looking very stalker-like and just watching the house of Billy Black.

To say she was surprised to hear growling behind her was an understatement, it wasn’t everyday she couldn’t sense a presence that was in her proximity.

She spun quickly, grabbing her trusty dagger out of her sleeve as she did.

Faith took in the creatures in front of her. Putting it simply, they were 3 really big wolves.

‘These must be the Werewolves.’ She thought to herself.

Faith lowered her dagger, trying to seem harmless. It was kind of hard when her instinct were telling her to run or fight.

“Hi wolfies, I’m not here to fight, we need to talk.” She tried, raising her hands in the universal sign of peace.

The wolves didn’t move a muscle for a moment, then the one on the centre ran in to the forest.

‘That’s weird’ she thought.

Before she could think anymore about it, a tall muscular man walked back out of the bush, only wearing a pair of khaki shorts.

“What are you?” He asked sternly.

“Me?” She replied lightly, pointing at herself. “I’m just a girl in need of some wolf protection.”

“You lie. Your scent makes us want to run, like you are a predator and we the prey.” He spat.

He really had no idea.

“I’m the Slayer, that is probably what makes you want to run, I like to Slay the big nasty things.” She observed.

The two Wolves growled at her comment.

“No offense, I’m just saying.” She shrugged. “Now, I need to talk to the Head Wolf around here.”
The man stared at her. “I am Sam, Alpha of the wolf pack.”

“Well that makes things easier. We got a problem and you seem to be the solution.”


“Me and the Cullens.”

The two Wolves growled ferociously and Sam’s expression got colder than it already was.

“We will not help those leeches.” Sam hissed.

“Oh yes you will, if it means getting the actual bad vampires the hell out of town.” Faith commented.

“We know of the leeches that have entered Forks, we have been trying to hunt them down since they arrived, but they are great in number and very elusive.” Sam replied.

“How many does that mean?” Faith asked hesitantly, she wasn’t sure she actually wanted to know.

“So far, we have counted 22, but two keep alluding us, their scent is odd and we have problems tracking it.”
Faith was pretty sure her mouth was gaping open. The two that were hard to track would no doubt be Trick and Dru, which left 20 cullen-ish vamps. This was definitely not of the good.

“We are pretty sure about 18 of them are newborns as well, meaning we will have trouble with are numbers so few at the moment.”

“Well then my offer has come just at the right time. The Cullen’s want these vamps dead, I want them dead and you want them dead. The whole enemy of my enemy is my friend cliché." Faith offered.

Sam stared at her intensely, he was studying her, trying to see whether she was trustworthy.

Faith really hoped he thought she was.

Emmet smelt her before she was in sight. Her scent was unique. He hadn’t noticed it at first, but her scent was off. Not in a bad way necessary just...odd. Every time he caught a whiff he had the urge to run. She felt like a predator and he her prey, her very essence told him to get the hell out of dodge. Not that bothered Emmet at all, she was like the female version of himself, and it felt nice to have someone in the family that didn’t shout at him for his crude jokes and just laughed and joked back.

“How’d it go?” He asked as she crossed the borderline.

“They are still not sure, Sam, the alpha and his Beta, Jacob want to meet with me and Carlisle. We’ll know after that.” She paused.

“What’s the matter?” Emmet asked, slightly concerned at Faith’s behaviour. He had never seen her so timid.

“Things are worse than we thought. I’ll explain when we get home.”

“This could be troublesome.”

“Gee, you think Carlisle?” Faith replied sarcastically.

“Faith.” Ellie scolded.

“Well talk about stating the obvious! There’s a load a super vamps running around gunning for min and Bella’s blood.” Faith almost shouted.

She wasn’t showing off her deadly calm at the moment. She hated to admit it, but she was scared. Jasper must have sensed my panic as he grasped my hand and I felt a wave of calm wash over me.

“Thanks.” She muttered knowing full well that everyone could hear me.

He just smiled at me with that smile Faith loved. I knew he was still feeling guilty about trying to bite me, but I was determined to show him that I could handle myself.

She steeled myself and looked at Carlisle. “We are going to meet with the pack Alpha and Beta tomorrow on the borderline. They will decide then whether they will help us or not.”

“Let’s hope they do, or at the rate Victoria is changing these people, we won’t have chance." Rosalie said coldly.

Emmet scoffed. “Let them come, I wanna see Faith in action.”

Faith couldn’t help but grin. Emmet had been begging her to spar with him since she had found out about her Slayerness and saw how she flung Jasper across the room.

For now she had only exculded Jasper from her 'No sparring with the family that would eat me if I bled.' rule. He was experienced enough to hold back and not make her bleed, but she was normally bruised and battered at the end.

Carlisle was fascinated with her healing abilities. Many a times I had a slight case a internal bleeding and he feared for her life. Faith has refused any medical help as she knew she would be fine once she had a good night sleep.

“Jaz, my training is going to get rougher if I want to be involved in this fight.”

He opened his mouth to protest, he was terrified of hurting his newest sister.

“And that’s why I want to train with Carlisle every other training session, to test my strength against him, which wills more than likely end it blood. You can teach my strategy, I was never very good at it.”

This seemed to calm as his face relaxed and his mouth shut. Carlisle nodded agreement. It would be odd training with the patriarch of the family; he didn’t seem to have a bad bone in his body.

“Faith’s right, Jasper I believe that we should have training with you in fighting Newborns, as you are the most experienced in dealing with them.

Faith suddenly smiled. Gone was her fear, knowing that her newfound family was behind her. “Let’s get this party started.”

The End?

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You have reached the end of "New Addition to the Family" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 9 Dec 09.

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