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New Addition to the Family

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Summary: Faith's assigned to the gloomy town of Forks as she finishes high school. What will happen when she befriends a big gorgeous vampire?

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Twilight > Faith - CentereddawnieelfFR1359,6920309,37217 Jul 099 Dec 09No

Welcome To Forks

Disclaimer: I own nothing form either franchise and do not profit from this story, although I really wished I owned Emmet.

A/N Hey guys, this has been in my head for a while and I can't get it out, so I finally decided to put it down on paper. WARNING: Faith is not a emotionally damaged as she was in Buffy, this is mainly because she doesn't have Wesley as a Wathcher, she isn't always comparing herself to Buffy and she gets her own circle of friends. I personally prefer the more emotionally stable Faith, so that is how I made her.


Faith stared at the High School in front of her, her hell for the next year.

‘This is just great, why did the Council insist on me going back to High School for this gig?’

It has only been a week since she had rolled in to Sunnydale, Kakistos hot on her heels. The Council had sent her another Tweedy Watcher and she was now on assignment in the rainy town Of Forks, Washington.

She sighed as she shoved her motorcycle key into her bag, a present from her Watcher. Her black Ninja was the only reason she had agreed to this assignment, and the only reason she sometimes listened to Mr. Tweed.

As she walked through the car park she felt every stare on her. ‘Must not get a lot of new chicks here’ she thought.

She went to the entry office to get her schedule. She could at least be grateful that she was a senior, which only meant one year in this godforsaken place.

“Here you go my dear, it seems like you have Spanish first period, hope you have a good first day.” The woman behind the desk said sweetly.

Great, she could barely speak English now they wanted her to learn another language.

“Thanks” Faith muttered. She took her time getting to the classroom, she wanted to miss at least 10 minutes of the lesson, she was new and could justify her lateness with getting lost.

Exactly 10 minutes later and she walked into her Spanish class. She was hoping she could get away with an apology and just lurk at the back of the room, but she had no such luck.

“Ah Miss Lehane, so nice of you to join us.” The teacher, Miss Sanata Faith thought her name was said as she walked pass her desk.

Faith stopped in her track and turned and smiled and the teacher as best as she could. “Sorry, I got lost, new school and all.”

“Of course, just don’t let it happen again.” She refocused her attention on the class. “Class, this is Miss Faith Lehane, she’s a transfer from LA, I hope you will give her a warm welcome and make her feel at home. Faith please take a seat.”

Faith looked over the room and saw only one seat, which was located next to an unbelievably hot guy. She put on her trademark smirk and sauntered over to him. She sat beside him and gave him her biggest grin.

“I’m Faith.” She introduced.

He let out a small, but loud laugh. “I’m Emmet."

“Well Emmet, what I miss in the 10 minutes I spent lost?”

“Something tells me you weren’t lost.”

“Wow, hot and psychic.”

“What can I say; I guess there had to be at least one perfect guy out there.”

“Faith turned and looked properly at Emmet’s face. She took in his muscular jaw and wide grin; he was pale, vampire pale. She moved her gaze up to his eyes that were dancing with laughter. His eyes were nothing like she had ever seen, they were an amazing ember, as if there was a fire set deep within his pupils, and the colour was the glow of the fire.

The rest of the lesson was better than she expected. She spoke to Emmet all throughout the lesson, which seemed to make the stares she was already getting become twice as bad, which she really didn’t get. The bell rang to mark her next lesson, English. She packed up her unused books and turned towards Emmet.

“So what’s your next lesson?” Faith asked.


“Dang, it would have been nice to have a familiar face, these stares are getting wiggy. Don’t get me wrong I don’t mind being the centre of attention, but I feel like I’m being stalked by 100 people all at the same time and I really don’t like stalkers.”

Emmet let out a large bark. It was nice to find someone who actually got her sense of humour, she could see her and Emmet getting on famously.

“Well, if you really can’t get enough of me, then you can join me and my family for lunch, just meet me in the lunch hall.”

Faith smirked. “Meeting the fam already."

“You’ll be meeting the girlfriend as well.”

Faith kept her smirk. She didn’t deny that Emmet was hot, and she would tap that any day, but she wasn’t mortified he had a girlfriend; she would just have to settle with having someone to joke around with in Spanish. She could live with that.

The next two lessons seemed to be an eternity, there was just more stares and really boring teachers.

This was the reason she had dropped out the first time.

She found her way to the lunch and queued up for some food, Emmet wasn’t here yet and she was starving. She finished piling food on her plate and was paying for it when she heard the familiar voice call out her name.

“Faithie, come on, I will show you where we’re sitting, unless you have found someone more interesting in your travels.”

Faith laughed. “Nah, you’ll do for now, but call me Faithie again, and you won’t be walking for 6 weeks at least.”

“Whatever you say Faithie.”

Faith let it slide and smiled. She was happy with her big pile of food and followed Emmet to the back of the lunch hall where four people sat. She assessed the dynamics in the group, she didn’t want to step on anybody’s toes. There was a hot, bronze haired guy sitting slightly apart from the rest and he was staring at her intently. This really was getting ridiculous with all the staring. Then there were two others who she assumed were a couple, a blonde boy who had the whole tortured soul going on, who had an arm draped over a small pixie girl, who seemed to be brimming with excitement. And finally there was a otherworldly gorgeous blonde sitting just to the side of the group. Seriously, the entire family was hot, but she put the rest of them to shame.

‘She must be Emmet’s girl.’ Faith thought to herself.

“Hey guys, this is Faith, latest newcomer to Forks.”

She smiled and played with the nice, she was going to have to have some friends for the next year.

“Faith, the blondes are Rosalie and Jasper, the Hale twins. Rosalie is my lovely girlfriend. The broody one in the corner is Edward Cullen and the pixie with Jasper is Alice Cullen.”

Okay, that wasn’t confusing at all.

“I thought you said these were you brothers and sisters.”

“They are, we are all adopted. Our parents are Carlisle and Esme Cullen.”

“Cool, so where do I sit?”

“Emmet, why did you bring trash to the table?” Rosalie asked, sneering.

Faith raised an eyebrow, there was always one, and to be honest she knew it was most likely going to be her, being that gorgeous you were bound to get a superiority complex. Well Faithie was just going to have take her down a few notches wasn’t she?

“I know what you mean Rosalie, that blouse is so last season, and the hair really needs an update if you ask me.”

Faith inwardly cringed; she sounded so much like Buffy it made her feel sick. Luckily for her she had left her leathers at home, her Watcher had hidden them and told her they were for patrol only, she was stuck in jeans, boots and a blouse with a leather jacket, the one piece of leather she had been able to save.

Rosalie glared at her and she glared back, her gaze only faltered when she saw the colour of Rosalie’s eyes, they were midnight black, she was pretty sure they were a golden brown, similar to Emmet’s just a moment ago.

“Rose, stop it.” The pixie, Alice chided. “Be nice to Faith, I can see her being a really good 'friend' to us.” She said with a pointed glare.

Rosalie snorted. “Great, why not make Bella a 'friend' at the same time.”

A low growl emulated from the form of Edward.

“Rose don't push it.” The angry Cullen warned.

“Bet you wish never met me now huh?” Emmet said to Faith.

She smirked. “You haven’t met my family.”

Emmet grinned back. “C’mon, take a seat.”

She did and for the rest of the lunch hour she spoke to the rest of Emmet’s family, with the exception of Rosalie, who was completely quiet the entire time. And Faith actually enjoyed herself, it had been a long time since she had called anyone friend, but she was beginning to think that maybe, just maybe, she could begin to call Emmet it, as long as he stopped calling her Faithie.

The next few weeks were uneventful, she patrolled as usual, but she was lucky to find a vamp in this town. The Council had thought Forks would be a prime spot for all things demonic, seeing as it was dark most of the time, and those demony types really loved darkness.

Tonight she had been invited to go over to the Cullen house to meet Edwards infamous Bella officially, she had seen her around school, but with Faith being a senior and her being a junior, it wasn’t that often they saw each other. She still didn’t have her leathers back, so she wore skinny jeans with her favourite black ankle boots and a navy blue wrap top. As much as she hated to admit it, jeans were growing on her. She would never be obsessed with fashion, but hanging with Alice has made her a bit more receptive to materials other than leather. She grabbed her bike helmet and ran out the door, she really didn’t like wearing a helmet, but the police here were a lot more road safe than the ones in Boston and Sunnydale, she had already been pulled over once because of it.

The one thing she refused to change was the speed she went when she drove her Ninja. Next to getting the kill, it was the greatest feeling in the world, there was no way in hell she was giving that up.

Even her speeding didn’t get her there on time. She was meant to be there at 7pm and it was now 7:30pm.

‘meh, Alice is all in to fashion, I’ll just say I was fashionably late.’

She parked her bike and jogged to the door, before she could answer, Emmet opened the door and pulled her in to a big bear hug, she was pretty sure if she wasn’t the Slayer she would have many broken bones form these hugs.

“Fathie, you’re late.”

She had given up on chiding him for the nickname, she still had the urge to kill him every time he used it, but the urge was fast becoming less powerful.

“Yeah, Yeah. I got here, that’s what matters, and I'm starving, so you better have some food in this mansion of yours.”

Emmet laughed. “That we definitely have, Esme kinda went mad, it’s been a while since we had a new house guest.”

“Good, cuz seriously, I think I'm ready to gnaw my own arm off. Get inside man!” Faith exclaimed as she nudged Emmet inside.

As she entered the house she saw yet another two beautiful people in front of her.

“Geez, this family really gives you an inferiority complex, don’t it.” She muttered to herself.

“Faithie this is Esme and Carlisle, my adoptive parents.”

She put out her hand and shook each of their hands. “Nice to meet you Mr. And Mrs. Cullen, and might I say you look far nicer than any of my adoptive families, or my real parents for that matter.” Faith joked.

“Thank you Faith, would you like to come through, I was just about to serve up.” Esme informed.

Faith smiled at the young motherly woman and followed her in to the kitchen where she saw the rest of the Cullens and Bella sat at the kitchen island. They seemed to be having a good time, even Rosalie looked less grumpy.

“Hey guys.” Faith greeted the group.

The all greeted her back, although Rosalie gave her a simple grunt. Deciding she had had enough of this bickering, she made a choice, one that was very rare for her.

“Hey Rose, how about after dinner me and you go and look at my bike, might be good for it t have the once over by someone other than myself.”

Rose’s face perked up at the mention of an engine. “What make?”

“Ninja zx-10r”

Rose actually grinned. “You’re on, after maybe you can look at my convertible.”

Emmet laughed. “Looks like my two favourite girls just bonded over automobiles, I think I'm in heaven.”

Faith smacked his arm and hopped on to the stool next to Rose and began to talk car talk.

It was getting late in the evening when they all began to wind down and were now chilling out in front of the TV. Faith was sat of the floor legs crossed eating an apple and watching film, she heard Emmet slide down next to her. He tapped her shoulder to get her attention just as she was cutting a piece of apple off with her knife, her hand slipped and cut her thumb.

“Son of a – “ She was cut off just as she was tackled to the floor by something hell of a strong. She instantly went on the defence. Using her legs she flipped the thing off of her and punched it in the face, sending it flying a few feet. It was only when she got to her feet did she realise who her attacker was, Jasper. Who was now being restrained by Edward and Emmet. Carlisle advanced on her, she instinctively took a step back as she took the dagger out from the small of her back. Carlisle froze and raised his hands.

“Faith, we are not going to hurt you.”

Faith snorted. “Tell that to Jasper, who would have eaten me by now if I hadn't have punched him.”

“Faith, please just let us explain.” Emmet pleaded.

She gritted her teeth. “You don’t have to. What was the plan, draw me in and then eat me for breakfast, some nice Slayer blood to start the day?”

“Slayer?” Carlisle asked, suddenly very alert.

“Oh, come on you knew what I was the moment I walked in to the class, and by the way you react to blood, I'm guessing vampires, just not the kind I'm used to.”

“Faith.” It was Bella this time. “You know I'm not a vampire, you met my Dad and you know I have a Mom back in Phoenix. Listen to me.”

Faith had to agree with that, Bella wasn’t a vampire, her only connection to this Coven was Edward.

“Fine, but I ain’t putting this dagger down until his eyes turn back to their normal colour.” She said, pointing towards Jasper.

“Emmet get Jasper out of here, I will bandage the cut so the scent will be less, then he can return.”

“No bandage needed, its already scabbed over.”

Carlisle gave her a double take when she said this, but believed her as he saw Jasper calm down. Alice was instantly at his side reassuring him that he hadn't done anything.

“Okay knife is going down, but don’t think that makes me easy prey.” She said as the knife was tucked back in to the small of her back. “Start explaining, or there won’t be anyone left to explain.”

Carlisle nodded. “As you have already guessed, yes we are vampires, but not the way you think.”

“What the hell is that supposed to mean, you drink blood to survive right?”

“Yes we do, but not humans, we feed off animals.”

“What like pig’s blood from a mug?” She asked, thinking of Angel.

Emmet urged. “Uh no, we get it fresh from the source, deer mostly, but we sometimes hunt the odd predator, they taste so much better.”

Faith took a second to process the information given to her. They were definitely not the type of vamps she was used to, they tended not to go to High School. Then there was there animal blood, she was willing to believe them on the proof that there wasn’t any mass missing persons reports, which she would have noticed in such a small town.

“Okay let’s say I believe you, that still doesn’t account for the fact that you are not like any vampire I have ever seen, and I have seen a few in my time, even a few Masters.”

“She’s got us there.” Emmet said.

Carlisle went silent.

“C’mon pops, you know something, and you ain’t telling, spill.”

He paused a second longer before continuing. “You said you were the Slayer correct, as in Vampire Slayer?”

Faith nodded.

“Okay does anyone else starting to worry now?” Emmet asked.

Rose glared at him. “Emmet, it’s not the time for jokes.”

“ I was in Rome at the time, with a Coven called the Volturi. At the time there was mass murders going across the country, no one could explain it, as the victims had puncture holes on their neck and were drained of all their blood. No vampire would dare hunt within the territory of the Volturi, yet these seemed like vampire killings. The Volturi were infuriated and they sent their guard out, they came back with four creatures, they were pure evil. They gladly took responsibility for the act, but the Volturi did nothing. I asked Aros, the head of the Coven why they had released them when the penalty was death. All he said was that though they were vampires, they did not fall under the Volturi’s rule. I did some digging and found the names of the four that were guilty. They were called Angelus, Darla, Spike and Drusilla.”

Faith snorted. “Go figures, they really did get around a lot then didn’t they.”

Carlisle gave her a puzzled look, and then continued. “I sought them out, I was a man of learning and I wished to know more about these creatures that were vampires but at the same time not. And that was how I learned of Demons and Witches. And Slayers. The One Girl in all the World, a Chosen One. One with the strength and skill to fight the vampires and the other forces of darkness, to stop the spread of evil and the swell of their numbers.”

“Wow, that’s some good remembering.” Faith praised.

“Faith I swear to you, we mean you know harm, Our children have taken a great liking to you, please do not severe ties with us because of this.” Esme pleaded.

“At the moment, you’re lucky I’m not trying to kill you.”

“So let me get this straight, you are a mean, lean vampire killing machine.” Emmet asked.

Faith smiled despite herself. “Yeah.”

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