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Time to Be Strong

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Summary: Summary: When Lisa Reisert was offered the chance to be a Slayer, she turned them down. Events happen that make her change her mind. Red Eye crossover

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Title: Time to Be Strong

Summary: When Lisa Reisert was offered the chance to be a Slayer, she turned them down. Events happen that make her change her mind.

Disclaimer: None of these characters are mine. Red Eye belongs to Wes Craven, I believe (if anyone has info otherwise, please let me know). BtVS/AtS is easy – Joss Whedon’s of course.

As always, thank you to MaraLiz and Rorylondra for your lovely beta assistance and for listening to me tell you over and over how this story is bouncing around in my head!

Timeframe: Post-Season 7 BtVS (but, pretty much ignoring Season 8), post-Red Eye


Thank goodness this day is finally done! With a grateful sigh, Lisa Reisert sunk down onto her plush couch and kicked her high heels off. Though she used her regular strength, the shoes flew much farther than she thought they should have and left a nice dent in the wall of her apartment. Crap! I forgot that adrenaline makes the muscle relaxant wear off quicker. No wonder I was able to kick the hell out of Jackson Rippner so easily.

She reached over to the coffee table and pulled her purse over to her from the other end. It had taken her several hours to get her purse from the airport and she had been anxious the entire time that she was so far away from the only thing that kept her from breaking doorknobs and crushing telephones. She fished through the black bag and pulled out the small bottle of pills. To anyone else, the bottle looked like a regular pill bottle, but calling the telephone number listed on it would not lead to a doctor’s office or a pharmacy, but to The Council. That’s it. They used to be known as The Watcher’s Council, but now they just called themselves The Council. Pretty cryptic if you asked Lisa, but then, they spent a lot of time in crypts, so she supposed it was fitting.

The Council had approached her, two representatives, one with long, sleek, dark hair and the other with an eye patch, a few years earlier. They told her that she was special—that she had been ‘chosen.’ They showed her what it meant to be a Slayer. Lisa would never forget the haunted look in the brunette’s eyes. She had been ‘chosen’ as well, but a long time ago—in Slayer years anyway. Then, they offered her a choice. Lisa had looked into the brunette’s—Faith’s—eyes and knew that she didn’t want the kind of life that would bring her to that kind of haunting, so she took the drugs and went back to her normal, everyday life.

Less than a year later, she was raped in broad daylight, and for one brief second, she thought about The Council. Well, more precisely, she wondered if she could find one of those demons they told her about and point he/she/it in the direction of the animal that had violated her. Ultimately, she settled for pressing charges when they found him and moved on with her life again.

Now, another two years later, the events of the past twenty-four hours replayed themselves in her mind. Damn red eye flight, she shuddered, a wave of nausea running through her as usually happened when the muscle relaxants were almost out of her body. She looked again at the bottle and saw Jackson’s face as she plunged the pen with the little decorative monster into his windpipe. She snorted. Nothing like a little impromptu tracheotomy via Frankenstein.

Briefly, she wondered what had happened to him. She didn’t believe it for a second when they told her that he died on the way to the hospital. Hell, for all she knew, he was down the hall in her bedroom, waiting for her to walk in so he could finish the job. A spike of fear ran through her and she quickly shoved the pill bottle back into her purse. If he comes for me, he’ll be very surprised at the reception he’ll get this time, she vowed.

She dug around in her purse and fished out the card The Council’s representatives had left for her. Faith had scribbled her own number on the back of the card with instructions to call—anytime, day or night. Lisa had dutifully transferred the card from purse to purse since then, but never actually thought about calling her. Without giving herself time to back out, she picked up the phone and dialed quickly.

The phone rang three times and she was about to hang up when a frantic voice answered the phone, “Hey, hold on a minute.”

There was a loud clacking noise, like the phone hitting pavement, and she heard a throaty voice call out, “Are you seriously running away from me? You know that’s just going to make me kill you harder!”

There was some muffled scuffling and then the voice was back on the line, “Sorry about that. Fucker wouldn’t die and then he tried to run away. What do you need?”

Lisa took a deep breath and sighed. Might as well get it over with. She inhaled deeply again and spoke, “Um, this is Lisa Reisert. You probably don’t remember me…”

“Miami, right?” Faith asked, cutting her off. “You chose the normal life, whatever the hell that is.”

“Yeah,” Lisa began, “About that…”

She let the sentence hang in the air until Faith caught the gist and filled in the blanks, “So, what made you change your mind?”

Lisa’s life flew past her, all of the events of the last few years whipping by so quickly that they blurred together, but yet so slowly that they seemed to last longer than the actual event had lasted. She wiped at the tears that were streaming down her face and stood up. The decision had been made and there was no use second-guessing it now. The Lux Atlantic had offered her some time off to cope with what had happened and she supposed she would be taking that time now. When she came back, nothing like this would ever happen again because she would have tools to beat it back.

She moved toward her bedroom to start packing as she answered Faith’s question, “It’s like you said. It’s time for me to be strong.”


Buffy hung up the phone and looked at the Watcher standing in the room, waiting for his next assignment. He certainly looked worse for wear, but she supposed multiple puncture and bullet wounds would slow most people down. He would heal quickly enough; most Shifter Demons did. She just hoped he would be healed enough to shift into another form in time for their next recruit. She truly hated that The Council had needed to resort to subterfuge, but it was important for the girls to make the choice on their own. She offered him a grim smile, “That was Faith. She was completely amazed that yet another girl has changed her mind about being a Slayer. Good work, Jack. Lisa begins training on Monday.”

“I guess that means I need to make myself scarce,” he rasped. “Do you have another assignment for me?”

“As a matter of fact, I do,” Buffy nodded, handing him a manila folder of yet another reluctant Slayer. He nodded at her and, as he turned to leave, she called after him, “Oh, and Jackson, try not to blow anything up this time.”

He smiled at her, a devilish grin if she had ever seen one, and shrugged his shoulder with only a small wince of pain as he told her, “Hey, I make no promises.”

End Fic

P.S. I had an idea for a sequel, but not sure if it will pan out or not. Let me know if you think I should try to write it!

The End

You have reached the end of "Time to Be Strong". This story is complete.

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