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Conversation on a Rooftop

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Summary: Buffy has a conversation with someone from somewhere else about being "normal"

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DC Universe > GeneralxxmagexFR731,880086,01918 Jul 0918 Aug 10Yes

An Earlier conversation on a rooftop, and glare

An earlier conversation on a rooftop, followed by a glare

This idea is a followup to my earlier story entitled "Conversation on a rooftop". Same universe, only a few days earlier and different characters.
On to the conversation.

Superman looked around the neighborhood, floating above the rooftop. He frowned as he did so. His telescopic vision wasn’t showing any sign of the stolen urn. He knew it was a long shot, but based on what Giles had told him, it was one he was willing to take.

He heard a click. He glanced down and saw Andrew Wells standing there, holding up a cell phone. “That is awesome! This is so great!”

Clark remembered the others had warned him about Andrew. The Scoobies had seemed amused and horrified at the thought of Andrew interacting with their visitors. Superman had not had the pleasure of meeting this Andrew, until now that is. Superman floated down to the roof.

Andrew was almost bouncing with glee. “I can’t believe I am actually standing here talking to the Last Son of Krypton. I have got to interview you.”

Clark frowned. “I’m not sure we have time for an interview. We have to follow up all the information about the urn.”

Andrew shook his head. “We have a duty to inform the world of the truth. There is an epic story to be told here, the legends of two worlds banding together to fight a common foe, a foe that seeks to destroy all. The story will be told for ages.”

“I’ve found something.”

Andrew jolted in surprise. He swiveled around. He eyes grew wide at the sight of Batman standing close to them. Superman suppressed a smile, he was use to Batman appearing suddenly.

“Oh my God, Oh my God!” Andrew yelped. “Batman! I have got to interview you.” Andrew turned and looked at Superman. “The two of you together, that would be a whole movie by itself. Let me run down and grab my video camera.”

Batman’s brow furrowed. He seemed that he had grown to ten feet high and the shadows around him grew in length. He stared at Andrews.

“Ah, maybe not right now, we can do the interview later. I can set it up “ Batman continued staring. Andrew took a step back. “You’re in the middle of something, I don’t want to interrupt. Eeeep!” Andrew turned and ran down the staircase leading down from the roof.

Superman looked at Batman. “Bruce, you have got to teach me how to do that.”

I might return to this story as the muse commands.
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