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Conversation on a Rooftop

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Summary: Buffy has a conversation with someone from somewhere else about being "normal"

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Chapter One

Author: Mprattky
Disclaimer: The Buffy the Vampire Slayers are the property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, Sandollar, Kuzui, WB and UPI. Wonder Woman and Batman are the property of DC Comics.No copyright infringement is intended and not one red cent is being earned from this story
Rating: G
Warnings: none, really
Main characters: Buffy, Wonder Woman
Setting: Takes place after season 7 of Buffy
Classification: Light conversation

Conversation on a rooftop.

Buffy looked out over the city from her perch on the roof of the apartment building. It had been a hectic few days and she was glad for the quiet time. Buffy suspected her companion on the roof felt the same way.

Her companion finally spoke. "You look as if you want to ask something."

Buffy swallowed a bit before she spoke. "Just how tall are you? I mean you just seem to reach the sky."

Diana, better known as Wonder Woman chuckled. "I'm not that tall."

"Says the super heroine who looked eye to eye with a giant ogre earlier tonight." Buffy replied. "No really you're what 6'5"?"

Wonder Woman, still smiling shook her head. "No, 5'11""

Buffy looked at Diana. "Just how high are the heels on those boots?"

"I'm surprised." Wonder Woman said in a delicate tone of voice. "Considering what I saw what I saw earlier this evening, I would think that you would not make a big deal out of height. You defeated many foes that exceeded your height."

Buffy fidgeted a bit "It's just, well I know with what I do you wouldn't think that it." Buffy halted and was silent for a few seconds.

Wonder Woman nodded. "Go On."

Buffy took a breath. "I'm having a conversation with a comic book character."

"And I'm talking to a character from a television show." was Wonder Woman's response.

"Wait, I'm a TV Show?"

“Oh yes, Donna has the DVD set for every season. She’ll hate that she wasn’t here to meet you.”

Buffy was silent. “Have you seen them?”

Diana knew what Buffy meant. “You are a noble warrior.”

“I don’t feel like one, I just want to be normal.” Buffy said.

“There is nothing nobler than standing in front and protecting those who need such. The songs of your deeds will be sung for many years.” Diana said.

“Yay, songs are sung about me.” Buffy hesitated for a second. “You know there are times I would chuck it all for a normal life. I mean why can’t I have a normal life?”

“You have been called to be a warrior for light.”

“Hey no one asked me to step forward and make life crappy 24/7.”

“And yet you answered the call, you’ve fought the fight. You’ve never faltered.” Dinah said with pride.

Buffy stayed silent for a few moments before she spoke again. “You know the last time I went out on a date with a normal guy, a guy who wasn’t some kind of super soldier, demon boss or some such? My first boyfriend from high school tried to sacrifice me to a vampire in exchange for his being turned into a vampire. It’s been so long since I’ve done anything normal.”

“What’s stopping you?”

Buffy looked at her in amazement. “Hello, one chosen to slay vampires, I just can’t go to the club to meet guys.”

“I believe that is what Ms Lehane is doing right now.”

Buffy laughed out loud. “Well I guess you could call it that. Personally I think of it Faith as viewing the world through her ‘see, want and take’ glasses she wears.”

“She seems to have adapted to her calling well. I think she would fit in well with many of my Amazon sisters.”

Buffy shook her head. “See, my point exactly, she’s a slayer and she who does she fit in best with? Superheroes. Makes my point about not being able to be normal, it’s not like you hang out with the gang on that satellite watching soaps. Superman doesn’t strike me as the type who likes Passions.”

“Clark is remarkably mundane in his tastes, as a matter of fact I’ve heard Lois complain on several occasions about him wanting to go to the State Fair. Just because they may have special power doesn’t mean they can’t do the same things as anyone else. Powers alone do not make the hero. Clark can be very normal when the circumstances call for it.”

Buffy shook her head. Wonder Woman continued on. “They all, well almost all of them, have normal lives if they choose to. Some of them have a spouse, kids, jobs and a house in the suburbs. They make their own normality.”

“And how will I do that? Anyone I get close to is either slayer, witch, demon or some kind of expert on weird stuff. When I do encounter someone normal, I don’t know let’s say a cute guy, and he finds out about my calling, well they go fleeing from me in terror. Normal doesn’t like to deal with what I do. You can understand that, how many of your friends don’t have powers?”

“Quite a few of them actually, they have skills and abilities, but no superpowers. And I know what you’re going to say.” Buffy made a face, Wonder Woman continued on, cutting off her interruption. “They are more than capable of taking care of themselves. As a matter of fact, one of them is one of the most capable persons I have ever met.”

“Yeah, but somehow I think you won’t go dancing with him.”

“Wonder Woman, it’s time.”

The two women looked to the door leading down into the building in response to the call. A masked man in black was there. “I’ll be right down Bruce.” Diana said, using Batman's name since they were on a world where they were fictional characters and didn't need to worry about revealing secret identities.

He nodded and went down the stairs. Diana turned and smiled at Buffy. “Oh you would be surprised. You ought to try it with your Batman.” She walked down to the door, she paused as she looked down the stairwell, then looking back at Buffy. “Don’t wait too long.” She said with a smile and then walked down the stairway.

A few seconds later, Xander came through the door. “Hey Buffster, I’m going to give them a ride to the portal. Do you want come? I can drop you off at the club afterwards.”

Buffy thought for a second and then smiled. “I’ll come along.” She started walking towards the door. “However, I am hungry how about we get a bite to eat and go to the club together.”

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