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Rainy Days: The Giles Posting

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Rainy Days". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Loose ends, loose ends... must clean up the loose ends!

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ArjaiHFR711,646051,72219 Jul 0919 Jul 09Yes
Rainy Days: The Giles Posting

Disclaimer: I own nothing. The characters from BTVS belong to Joss Whedon. “Burn Notice” is owned by the USA Network and was created by Matt Nix. I own nothing and don’t make anything from my scribblings

All the words have been spoken and the prophecy fulfilled
But I just can't decide where to go
Yes, it's been quite a day and I should go to sleep
But tomorrow I will wake up and I'll know

That I've got to begin again
Though I don't know how start
Yes, I've got to begin again
And it's hard
Lyrics: Got To Begin Again Artist: Billy Joel

Rainy Days: The Giles Posting

Nenya and Sayda’s giggling was cut short as they found themselves standing on a featureless plain of purest white.

“Former minions of D’Hoffryn” came a deep and sonorous voice, “Though your hearts were in the right place, for once, the wishes you have granted have upset the very fabric of time and space in this continuum! And while SHE can repair it with ease, it will cause many dire prophecies to be rewritten, and it will disrupt many of the half-baked plans of that lame group of bumblers known as the Powers-That-Be. As an aside ‘Good Show’ on disrupting that bunch of losers plans…ahem…SHE, while not totally displeased has decided that neither of you, any longer fall into the category of the vengeance demon…”

“Pardon, me sir, but we prefer to be called Justice Demons,” Sayda said automatically without thinking.

“Whatever! Silence child! Yes…ahem…as I was saying; by granting those wishes in a benevolent manner you have forfeited the right to the vengeance…justice…whatever…demon status.”

“I object,” another voice interrupted. D’Hoffryn appeared beside the girls his face an angry mask. “It is my right to punish my servants when they err in such a manner. I am supreme in these matters, as you know by decree MCCDXXXVII sub clause a)156 paragraph 213 it states…”

“Silence worm…damned rules lawyers…SHE has spoken. IF these two were still demons you may have a shaky goat-like leg to stand on, however, the moment that they worked together to grant the woman, Fiona Glenanne’s wish they ceased to be demons!”

“What,” the D’Hoffryn and both of the girls shouted at the same time?

“Let me explain in simple terms, easy enough for even the densest being to understand: a) Demons rarely work together unless they both gain something from it, and even then they are like as not to betray one another. They can’t help it is simply in their demonic nature. b) Demons always twist a wishes granting to cause pain, and or suffering to those they grant them for. c) Demons never truly find happiness in the granting of a wish unless it is the glee of knowing that they caused another pain and suffering! Neither girl gained a thing, neither betrayed the other, there was no pain or suffering involved unless you count birth pangs, which SHE doesn’t, and their joy came from simply granting the wish in honor of a fallen comrade!. I rest HER case!” said Metreon finally appearing in the …ahem…flesh. His purple satin Edwardian suit clashing with an orange silk shirt, and lime green ascot, his red Nike running shoes set the whole outfit as memorable to say the least.

D’Hoffryn quailed at the archangel’s appearance. The arch-demon bowed low and said “I concede to HER will,” before disappearing in a cloud of sulfurous smoke.

“So if we aren’t demons, and we obviously aren’t human again what are we,” asked Nenya?

“Hmm. That is a conundrum…WHAT…pardon Lord, it was simply surprise, not contradiction, and he bowed his head in contrition. He then continued, “SHE says you are apprentice angels…cherubs so to speak, and no you don’t have to appear naked wrapped a simple white cloth, and no you don’t have wings, and no you don’t need them to get from place to place, that is all Renaissance fluff. You will act as guardians, grant wishes (in a limited manner), and assist others to find their true purpose in life…so on so on and so forth!” Metreon explained. “Your first assignment is to clean up part of the mess you caused by willy-nilly granting wishes without a thought to the consequences. You shall also assist one who gained new life as the result of a stupid prophecy. Combine the two and you can really gain some points on that big old heavenly scoreboard. Now here is what you have to do…”


His head was throbbing. The damp moist air reminded him unpleasantly of his homeland. He knew if he opened his eyes the motel room, even as dark as it was with the curtains closed would be too bright. He hadn’t had a migraine in a long time, but he knew the symptoms all too well. Then he felt an unfamiliar pressure on the bed. Someone was sitting on the foot of his bed! He just knew that it had to be one of his ‘kids’. It wouldn’t be Willow she was still too shy. It was Buffy or Xander most likely. He thanked the Lord that he had fallen asleep fully dressed last night. He opened his eyes just a crack to get a glimpse of the intruder. Then his eyes flew open wide. Sitting cross-legged on his bed was a beautiful red haired young woman dressed only in a red bikini top, and a pair of cut-off blue jean short shorts.

“Hi G-man,” she said enthusiastically! “Call me Nenya.”

“Who are you, where did you come from, and why are you sitting on my death bed,” he croaked through the pain that was bursting his skull.

She snapped her fingers and the pain was gone! “Now down to business,” she said soberly. “Last night one Dawn Marie Summers foolishly made a wish. As patron of orphans, and distressed children, I answered that wish. At the same time my new friend Sayda patron of scorned women also answered a wish. Too wit neither wish was answered in a vengeance mode per se, they were answered to honor a fallen comrade one Anyanka ‘Anya Jenkins’ to you.”

“Where are my children,” Giles growled his persona quickly shifting into a protective Ripper mode?

“They are perfectly fine,” she smiled winningly, “You’re cute, for an old guy, when you get mad!”

“What have you done with them?” Giles would not be played.

A second young woman with dark hair and Middle Eastern features wearing a yellow tube top and a Stewart tartan mini-skirt appeared with a familiar figure in tow.

“SPIKE,” growled the Watcher!

The bleach blonde’s face remained blank, though a flicker of recognition flashed in his eyes when he saw Giles.

“Sayda, you’re early, but no matter, no real harm done. Was it hard to reconstitute the ashes in that alley,” asked Nenya?

“Naw, reconstituting them was easy finding them all was easy, separating his from the other one’s that was hard!” Sayda smiled. “The other one has been reconstituted also, but by another source entirely, he and the old one have a different destiny elsewhen.”

“Here is the deal Mr. Giles, you have a choice as of tomorrow morning your bus will be found at the bottom of a ravine. Buffy, Xander, Willow and Dawn will be killed. Actually the bodies identified as them were never really alive the will be simulacrums created by a higher power. Now you can chose to be the only survivor of the accident, miraculously unhurt. You will in this case not remember this conversation. You will as the driver, blame yourself. You will probably spiral down until you are a hopeless alcoholic, and you will die of cirrhosis in a few years a pathetic wreck. It seems cruel but that is what destiny will demand, she is a harsh mistress.” Sayda paused, and looked to Nenya.

“My God,” Giles gasped!

With a benevolent smile Nenya took up the narrative, “As Sayda said that is one of your choices. A fifth simulacrum can be created, and though Rupert Giles, Watcher will be dead, you and this one can have new young lives. You will even be able to see and interact with the Scoobies again,” she leaned close to his ear and began to whisper “Here is what we offer…”

‘There is really not much of a choice is there” Giles mumbled in resignation. “But does he really have to be…” he groaned.

“Yes he does, he has earned it,” Sayda smiled softly.


Ripley Stewart ‘Rip’ Giles sat down to the breakfast table in his family’s new home his younger brother William Dalton ‘Billy’ Giles passed him the cereal. The family had moved from the U.K. because his father had been transferred to the company’s Miami office. His neighbors also worked for the same company, if fact they had an older son his age and some pretty girls a few years younger. He had his eye on the pretty blonde one already, and Billy seemed to like the redhead. At thirteen he was really beginning to notice girls. Billy at eleven still wasn’t sure why he liked girls, but he did. Rip had made friends with the brother Xander when the Westen family had visited England last year. It would be fun to see what kind of mischief the Giles boys and the Westen kids could get into. This was going to be a fun place to live he just knew it.

Author’s Note: ‘Dogma’ belongs to Kevin Smith, Miramax, and Lions Gate not me.
ArjaiH (RJH)
PS: the Dutch equivalent for Rupert (a German name meaning bright or fame) is according to the web is ‘Rip’ I decided that Ripley was a good replacement in this day and age sorry if it offends a purest. No, wait I’m not ;) And the music goes round and round oh, oh, ooh, oh, oh and it comes out here…

The End

You have reached the end of "Rainy Days: The Giles Posting". This story is complete.

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