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Children of the Phoenix & the Philosopher's Stone

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Summary: On October 31st, 1981, Harry Potter and his twin sister, Elizabeth were orphaned and Lord Voldemort was destroyed. Or so it was hoped. Dumbledore, fearing together the twins would make an easier target split them up.

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Chapter Three: The Letters to No One

Disclaimer: See Chapter One

Summary: It’s been a couple of months since Buffy’s whole world was turned upside-down. She’s trying to deal but the people around don’t seem to notice. Finally the questions are too much.

A/N: Thank you for all the reviews. They make me a very happy panda. Also sorry that I haven’t updated in a very long time. I will try to post a new chapter every two weeks or so until I’m done. So there’s that. Hooray for goals! (It’s funny because this didn’t happen at all)

Chapter Three: The Letters to No One

Days turned into weeks. Weeks turned into months. And soon it was summer in Ottery St. Catchpole. No one had spoken of the fire incident in months. But it still weighed heavily on Buffy’s mind. She had set Malfoy’s robes on fire without even the use of a wand. And for a witch just a couple days shy of eleven that was indeed a feat. Power wasn’t something she ever wanted. She didn’t want a grand destiny, either. But with all of this piled on top of her, it was easy to believe that this was only just the beginning of something far greater than her.

Buffy had taken to spending her nights on the roof of the cottage watching the starlit sky. It was the only thing that seemed to get her out of her head for any extended period of time. She mapped out the stars, creating her own constellations. The Badger, the Raven, the Snake and the Lion. It was apparent Buffy had Hogwarts on the brain as it was so close to her birthday. She told herself that it was the excitement that kept her awake at night. However even Buffy as young as she was knew better.

The dreams were getting worse; so intense that Buffy’s screams would rouse Dawn from her nightly coma on occasion. The elder Summers had to shell out a pretty penny to buy her sister’s silence but even Dawnie was starting to become too worry to be bribed. A part of her wished that Dawn would tell Joyce and Hank because she wanted to ask them about her birth parents. Were they killed by Lord Voldermort? Was that why she kept dreaming about him? Had she been marked just like Harry Potter?

And then, quite literally, the answer to all of her questions hit her right in the face. Slap. A small envelop landed on her only seconds after she heard the owl that carried the letter. Buffy, like most children in the wizarding world knew what this letter was by sight. It was the crest on the front that gave it away. This should have been Buffy’s acceptance letter to Hogwarts. But the name was wrong. It was addressed to

Miss. Elizabeth Potter
The roof or upstairs bedroom
1630 Revello Drive
Ottery St. Catchpole

Buffy couldn’t understand. They had gotten everything right except for the name. How could they make such a mistake? Unless… No, that just wasn’t possible. She wasn’t Elizabeth Potter. She just wasn’t. Because Lizzie Potter was killed along with her parents. Unless… No. She didn’t want to believe it. Tears stung her eyes as she tore up the letter. Her adoptive parents wouldn’t keep that big of a secret from her. But even as she marched straight into her bedroom without a word, Buffy knew she could only lie to herself for so long. Sooner or later she would have to deal with some inconvenient truths.

The next morning Buffy got up early to make Dawn and her mother breakfast. She was prone to waking up early and staying up late for some time. Buffy was active, alert but also restless. Joyce told her once she was like a shark because it seemed Buffy always had to be on the move. But it was more than that. She liked her alone time. She liked the quiet. It was the only time she felt like her thoughts were her own. So it came as a surprised to see Hank already up drinking a cup of coffee.

“Hello there, sweetheart. You’re up awful early.” He greeted her.

“It’s Saturday, Dad. I always cook breakfast on Saturdays.” Buffy told him. Their relationship had slowly started to dissolve after she overheard his argument with Joyce. She didn’t want to blame her father for being afraid but she couldn’t help but feel he didn’t want her anymore or worse yet that he never wanted her. Well, fine. She didn’t want him either then.

“Well, none for me today, okay? I’m going in early to work…” It was always the same lame excuse. Hank was such a wanker.

“Okay, Dad.” Buffy did her best to act like this wasn’t bothering her. Luckily for her Hank was never Captain Observant. Because he just nodded, collected his things and left for work as Buffy began to cook breakfast.

Just as she cracked the eggs, Buffy heard the most terrifying sound, an owl. The post was coming. She had to get to it before anyone else did. She managed it without waking her mother or sister and disposed of the Miss. E. Potter’s letter to Hogwarts. And for the next week it was the same routine. Her father would leave for work; Buffy would creep out of bed and catch the post in time for no one to realize what she had done. And for those few days, Buffy Summers thought it was a clever deception.

Until the seventh day…

Buffy awoke to a distant rumbling sound. For a moment she thought it was an earthquake and relaxed when she realized that England wasn’t privy to such phenomenon. As she drifted back to sleep she was roused once more as the sound seemed to be coming closer. Then like it had a week earlier one tiny envelope hit her in the face. However, seconds after the first one hit her, 20 more followed. Then, 200... Then, a thousand… Soon Buffy and Dawn’s room was packed with letters.

The eldest Summers picked one up. And her worst fear was confirmed… Again.

Miss. B. Summers
Formerly Miss. E. Potter
Upstairs bedroom
1630 Revello Drive
Ottery St. Catchpole

The letters had been for her all along. Buffy got out of bed, ignoring Dawn as she woke up buried underneath stacks of mail. Without even making a sound, Buffy walked down the hallway, descended the stairs, and entered the kitchen where she found her parents holding identical letters.

Joyce took one look at Buffy and made a move toward her daughter but Buffy recoiled. She held on to a crinkled letter in her balled up fist. Her bottom lip quivered in a pout and her eyes were already watering. Still, with the most neutral voice she could manage Buffy spoke six little words: “Why didn’t you ever tell me?”

Hank was silent, glancing over to Joyce, who simply took a deep breath and sat at the kitchen table. She motioned for Buffy to sit opposite of her and she reluctantly complied. Buffy sat down, looking down at her hands because she was afraid to look her mother in the eye. Hank took a step back and to Buffy it was the ultimate betrayal. Hank had made his position perfectly clear; Buffy wasn’t really like a daughter to him.

“Your mom--” Joyce corrected herself. “Lily and I were best mates. I was the maid of honor at her wedding to James. I loved her like a sister and Lily had even asked me to be your Godmother.”

“What does this have to do--” Buffy began but Joyce cut her off to explain.

“When it was clear, You-Know-Who was coming after your family; Lily made me promise to take care of you as if you were my own daughter. And when she died and somehow you and your twin had lived, I was overjoyed because it meant that a part of Lily and James had lived on in you and your brother Harry… I didn’t tell you Buffy because I wanted to protect you. I didn’t want to see you like this.” Joyce put her hand on Buffy’s and this time Buffy didn’t pull away. She just met her mother’s gaze, her eyes puffy and red because she had been crying. And Joyce continued. “I should have trusted you with the truth. I’m sorry, Buffy. However… If you’d like to know everything, I’ll take you to someone that knows the whole story better than me.”

Buffy’s eyes lit up. “Who is it? It is Albus Dumbledore?”

“No, dear. You met him in Honeydukes on Dawnie’s birthday. His name is Rupert Giles.” Joyce replied. They all knew this day would come. Rupert had tried to push it by showing it up that day. But each Order member resigned themselves to the fact that Buffy would one day figure out her origins. Out of everyone, Joyce and Rupert could together give Buffy a more complete version of what happened.

“I’ll phone, Mr. Giles. Knowing him, he’ll want to see you as soon as possible.” Joyce said, leaving Buffy to collect her thoughts. She knew that Joyce suspected she wanted to see Giles as soon as possible too. Buffy was now filled with a hunger to find out everything about the night the Dark Lord tried and failed to kill her and her twin brother, Harry. She just hoped that Giles would be able to satiate her need to know.
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