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Children of the Phoenix & the Philosopher's Stone

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Summary: On October 31st, 1981, Harry Potter and his twin sister, Elizabeth were orphaned and Lord Voldemort was destroyed. Or so it was hoped. Dumbledore, fearing together the twins would make an easier target split them up.

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Chapter Four: The Man She Calls Giles

Disclaimer: See Chapter One

A/N: So on to chapter four… I really don't have a set guideline for this story, but I'm thinking'll it sort of going to turn into an Ender's Shadow type story. Or rather something that is a parallel story with the Harry Potter Series.

I'm thinking the next chapter we're going to meet some of the Scoobies. Anywho, enjoy. I hope you like it as much as I like writing it.

Chapter Four: The Tale of the Potter Twins

Apparently, “as soon as possible” had meant something different to Buffy because to her mother it meant that they had to wait for Giles and Joyce’s schedules to sync up. And the waiting was almost unbearable. But it was nothing compared to the weight of keeping this secret from Dawn. Little Dawnie had suspected something was amiss as she usually did. But still Buffy knew how she’d take the news. To her little sister it would be just like someone pulled the rug out from under Dawn. And Buffy couldn’t do that to her little sister. She just couldn’t. But Buffy knew there’d come a day where she and Joyce couldn’t keep that secret for long.

Hank had moved out in the last week and it made it all the more difficult to keep Dawn in the dark. Dawn’s father’s departure had come as a surprise to the youngest Summers. She started asking the usual questions. “Why is Daddy leaving?” “Will he ever come back?” “Does that mean we’re not his daughters anymore?” Joyce handled the six year-old’s queries gracefully. “Because your father and I are separating.” “He’ll always be there for you, Dawnie.” “Of course not; you and Buffy are his little girls.”

Despite Joyce’s kind words, Buffy knew the truth. Hank was a bastard. And he didn’t love Buffy the way she had loved him. For the last ten years she was his daughter. And she loved him as any daughter loves their father. But it had all been a lie. Hank was afraid of Buffy. How can you love something if you fear it? Buffy didn’t have the answer. She just knew it threatened to bring her to tears if she thought about it too much.

Soon the day came when Dawn was left with the Weasleys, a lovely wizarding family just down the road and Buffy went to the city with her mother. Dawn pouted but Buffy knew that Mrs. Weasley would have Dawnie stuffing her face in no time flat. So the eldest Summers wasn’t the least bit worried… for her little sister. For Buffy, this was the most terrifying yet exciting day of her life. She had so many questions. She just hoped that between her mother and Giles, she would be able to piece together a story she so desperately wanted to know.

Buffy, like all children from the wizarding world knew the story of the famous Boy Who Lived. Harry Potter was the only survivor of the Killing Curse. Somehow the spell meant to kill him backfired and destroyed the Dark Lord. However, as Buffy recalled the famed story; trying to remember very little detail of that night, she was struck by how little everyone else seemed to know about the night of the death of her birth parents. Where were they? Why was He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named even after Lily and James in the first place? And how had the Killing Curse backfired on Harry and by recent news, her as well? How had they survived when everyone else had died? No one seemed to know.

London. Buffy loved the city. She loved everything about it. The people, the buildings, the shopping. Yes, even at age of eleven, Buffy had the making of a shopaholic because she had such a fondness for Muggle Fashion. But she wasn’t here for new clothes (much to her chagrin); just a new lease on her understanding of her life; just as she wanted to understand how Giles fit in all of this.

His flat wasn’t anything special on the outside. The architecture was sort of Spanish or rather Moorish-inspired with an old Roman flair to it. The walkway leading up to his home was titled with smooth grayish stones, spilling out to an atrium, with a fountain that Buffy suspected hadn’t been functional in years. Giles obviously liked to garden because there were potted plant littered around the front of his flat. They were in varying stages of life. Some were green. Some were turning yellow. And some were a writhing brown.

“Rupert never got high marks in Herbology, so I’ve heard.” Joyce commented. “We were all surprised when the Auror Office accepted him.”

“I beg to differ.” A man’s voice sounded behind the ladies. “I turned my grade around in my Fifth Year.”

Buffy didn’t need to turn around to know this man was Rupert Giles. She fought the urge to smile because she didn’t want to seem over excited about the whole thing. But a part of her felt like they already had a connection. Like he was an old friend.

“Pardon me, ladies.” Giles said as he stepped around them to open the door. Buffy was struck again by Giles’ manner of dress. She thought her family was the only ones that dressed like Muggles. This was second time she had seen the man had he was wearing a brown tweed suit. She wondered where he hid his wand until he opened his jacket to reveal one of the most beautiful wands she had ever seen.

The wand itself was made of a wood that assumed was blackthorn because it looked soft to the touch. She wondered what his core was; probably Dragon Heartstring. It made the most sense to her. But those features weren’t what made the wand so strikingly beautiful was it was the attention to detail, the craftsmanship that wand stand out. That and handle, which was adorn with several rubies.

Buffy watched quietly as Giles opened the front door by tapping his wand on it lightly. As the door swung open, Giles looked down at Buffy and smiled, which in turn made her smile. He beckoned them to come inside.

“Please make yourselves at home while I put on some tea.” Giles said before he walked over to the kitchen.

“Let me help,” Joyce replied, following after him.

Buffy examined the inside of Giles’ flat as the grown-ups got tea ready. Which she thought was really a one-person job. But she wasn’t going to fret about that. It gave her time to inspect the man’s home more carefully. The first thing that struck her was how one couldn’t tell a wizard lived here. Buffy, since she was small, could sense when Magic was near. And the only things that felt magical were the wizard and witch in the kitchen and the charms on the front door. The second thing that grabbed her attention was how almost everything in this house looked like it came out of a museum. He didn’t even have a Television and as far as Buffy knew if Giles wanted to fit in, he’d have to get a Television. Every Muggle had one. Instead of the T.V. Giles had a small library… or rather a very large library of books littered about the family room.

“Tea’s ready,” Giles said as he and Joyce entered the family. Buffy had quickly taken her seat as if she had been doing something she wasn’t supposed to. Joyce sat next to her daughter without a word. Buffy knew that Joyce was a little uneasy about all of this. She was probably worrying about the same things Buffy found herself worrying about. Did having famous parents make her any less a Summers? Or more importantly, did it make Joyce not her mother? Buffy liked the idea of having a mother that she resembled but she loved Joyce. Maybe she could have both.

“Let me get a look at you,” Giles spoke as he took his seat across from them. “You look just like Lily. But I see a lot of Joyce in you too.”

That seemed to put Buffy’s mother at ease and so allowed Buffy to relax a bit. “You knew my birth-parents?”

“I was Head Boy when I first met Lily. A scared little Muggle-Born. She took to magic like a natural, however. I watched her turn into a very fine witch. And James, I knew since he was a lad. The Potters were good friends of my family. But I grew very close to your birth-parents when I was assigned to protect them by the Order.” Giles replied.

“The Order?” Buffy asked confused.

“The Order of the Phoenix. It was an order of magic users who defied the Dark Lord and fought against him and his Death Eaters during the war. James and Lily, along with your mum and Hank were all a part of the Order.” Giles explained.

Buffy turned to Joyce with wide, surprised eyes. “You fought against You-Know-Who?”

Joyce chuckled, nodding. “He was going after Muggle-Borns. I had no choice.”

“Wow…” was all Buffy could manage to say. Then it hit her. Joyce was a soldier against Lord Voldemort and so were Lily and James Potter. And so was Giles. “How did they die?”

That question seemed to suck the air out of the room because suddenly it was very, very quiet. Buffy looked down at her hands. She didn’t want to open up old wounds but needed to know. Well, she needed to know specifics.

Giles spoke, softly, his tone carrying an edge of guilt; like he blamed himself. “Your mother and father, Lily and James, died protecting you and your brother. We don’t know how you survived or why. But we do know that out of all the times the Dark Lord raised his wand to murder, no one escaped his wrath. Except for two; you and your brother Harry.”

“Why aren’t we together? Why does everyone think I’m dead?” Buffy asked.

This time it was Joyce who replied. “Honey, after Lily and James died it was decided to let the world believe you died with them and that your brother was the sole survivor. After the war was over there was still many people that supported He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. It was safer to keep you apart then together.”

And now for the clincher. “Does Harry know about me too?”

Giles shook his head. “I’m afraid not. And you have to keep this a secret. No one must know you’re Elizabeth Potter, Buffy. If they do, you will become a target. Joyce and I made a promise to your parents that we would let no harm come to either of you. So I’m asking you to trust me. And if you can’t do that, then trust Joyce.”

Buffy glanced at her mother and then at Giles, sighing. “Okay…” she said softly. Her mother’s arm wrapped itself around her shoulder as Joyce pulled in Buffy closer.

Joyce looked down at her daughter then to Giles. “Rupert, perhaps you can take Buffy to Diagon Alley tomorrow. I was going to go myself but with work at the gallery being the way it is, I don’t think I’ll be able to give her the time she needs.”

Giles smiled at Joyce’s invitation but glanced at Buffy. “I would love to, but that would depend on whether Buffy wants me to accompany her.”

Joyce had been right; the idea of shopping cheered Buffy up. And the idea of a day with Giles too, well that made her too excited for words. “Yes, of course.”
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