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Children of the Phoenix & the Philosopher's Stone

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Summary: On October 31st, 1981, Harry Potter and his twin sister, Elizabeth were orphaned and Lord Voldemort was destroyed. Or so it was hoped. Dumbledore, fearing together the twins would make an easier target split them up.

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Chapter One: The Girl They Kept Hidden

Disclaimer: I don’t not own any of these characters, universes, or situations. They belong to J.K. Rowling, Scholastic Publishing (Or whatever their called), Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy. In laymen’s terms they belong to people who are way more creative than I could ever be. Which is probably why I’m still freaking broke and they’re rich. Anyway, I claim no rights to copyrighted material and this story is purely for entertainment purposes. Let us hope I at least got that part right.

A/N: I’ve been reading a lot of Harry and Buffy crossovers as of late. Especially those dealing with various Buffy characters’ family origins. There’s a couple that intrigue me; especially the ones having Faith related to the Blacks somehow and Buffy being Harry’s long lost twin sister. I don’t know why but I like them. And since the Buffy characters were born in and around the same time as Harry and his friends it seemed the most logical to me to have a story set in Hogwarts during Harry’s tenure there. So for fun I came up with this. Maybe it’ll grow into a series. Maybe it won’t. But I have it my brain and it needs to come out. So I hope you enjoy it.

Summary: On October 31st, 1981, Harry Potter and his twin sister, Elizabeth were orphaned and Lord Voldemort was destroyed. Or so it was hoped. Dumbledore, fearing together the twins would make an easier target split them up. Harry was sent to the Dursleys and Elizabeth was given to Joyce Summers to be raised “with the knowledge the Dark Lord’s equal has not.” To keep further insure their safety, Elizabeth’s death was faked and neither twin was raised with the knowledge that the other existed.

Now 10 years later, as both Harry and Elizabeth not only make new friends, play aerial sports and learn of the magic all around them, but discover the great destiny that has been waiting for them… if they can survive the encounter.

Chapter One: The Girl They Kept Hidden

On the cool Tuesday night when our story begins, the entire Wizarding World was overjoyed that the 'He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named' was finally defeated after 11 years of living in fear for their very lives. So many of them had been lost, both Muggle and wizard alike. Too many good people had fallen victim to the Dark Lord's evil deeds. And it seemed as though if you were a member of the Order of the Phoenix, you saw more than your fair share of death and destruction. Caradoc Dearborn, disappeared; Edward Giles, killed for refusing to serve the Dark Lord; Edgar Bones, killed along with his wife and three children; Benjy Fenwick, blown to bits; Marlene McKinnon, murdered; Dorcas Meadowes, killed by Voldemort himself; Fabian and Gideon Prewett, died like heroes fighting Death Eaters; and Frank and Alice Longbottom, tortured to the point of insanity. But nothing had compared to the pain of losing the Potters, at least to one wizard in particular by the name of Rupert Edwin Giles.

Rupert was a tall, thin man who was a lot stronger than his slender frame gave him credit for. He had been working as an Auror for a little over 10 years and that burden had begun to take shape, giving his crystal blue gaze a heavy weight to them; the kind of weight one acquired when they seeing too much and doing too little. The constant wear had also started to gray his mousy brown hair around his temples prematurely.

His horn-rimmed glasses were by the bottle of fire-whiskey that sat near empty, within an arm's-reach for easy accessibility. Rupert being the kind of man that he was, was not dressed in the wizards’ robes but instead, in a gray tweed suit with black loafers. His smoky ash colored duster hung carelessly on the back of his chair. And as everyone in the Leaky Cauldron raised their glasses to the defeat of the Dark Lord and their champion, The Boy Who Lived, Rupert drank to the memory of Lily Potter, James Potter and their daughter, Elizabeth.

Over the last 11 years, he had gotten to know Lily and James very well, and even more so after the birth of their twins. Rupert, as a member of the Order was assign to guard the Potters periodically. He saw himself as a rakish uncle for sorts to the tiny little Potters. James and Lily, he had gone to school with. Although he had been just a tad older than they were to be good friends during their school days, Rupert respected the Potters more than most.

He kept replying the last time he saw James and Lily, alive; it was just as they were leaving for a destination only known to one other person. How Voldermort found them was still a mystery. But Rupert had a few ideas. And should those ideas ever become facts… Merlin help those responsible. What happened to the Potters would be a sweet mercy compared what was in store for whoever it was that betrayed them.

"Minerva, fancy a drink?" Rupert asked, bitterly without even turning to face the tall, rather severe-looking woman in dark, emerald green robes with a pointed hat cocked to one side, covering her black hair. Rupert didn't need to look at her to know that Minerva McGonagall was frowning. During his years as a student at Hogwarts he came to know that frown all too well.

"Rupert," Minerva began, sternly as if he was still her student. "Thank Merlin your grandmother isn't alive to see you in this state."

He scoffed, emptying his glass. "I don't know what you're referring to. I'm celebrating, just as everyone else is. Because haven't you heard? The Dark Lord has been defeated and it only cost us few more innocent lives. Hear-hear!"

Minerva's expression softened. "It wasn't your fault Rupert."

"Wasn't it? I should have been there, Minerva. I should have been there to protect them. It was my job…" he trailed off. It was clear that he held himself responsible for the Potters' deaths. He went over how he could have saved him. If only he had gotten there sooner, or had been brave enough to take on the Dark Lord himself, maybe they would still be alive.

The aging professor sat down opposite to her former pupil. He had grown into a fine wizard, one worthy of his family name. Edna, his grandmother would have been so proud. And Minerva hated to see him like this, wallowing in self-pity and despair. Rupert was so much better than that. She rested her hand on his and tried to comfort him. "If you would have been there, the Dark Lord would have killed you as well."

Rupert only nodded, pouring himself another glass of fire-whiskey. Somewhere in the back of his mind he knew she was telling the truth. If he had been there with the Potters, he would have died too. And what good was his death had been if it didn’t accomplish anything? Still, he wouldn’t say that he agreed with her out loud because there was a part of him – deep down where even he couldn’t see – that wished he had been murdered along with them.

Instead of opening up that can of worms, Rupert just sighed, "So, Dumbledore sent you?"

"Yes, I would have come sooner but Albus and I had some business to take care of in Surrey," she told him.

"Got the boy settled in with a family that doesn't want him, eh?" Rupert asked, sardonically. "What about his family here? I would have taken the boy."

"Harry is not your family, Rupert," Minerva said, warning him because she knew what he was implying. It was no secret he viewed James Potter, Sirius Black and Remus Lupin as brothers. The loss of any one of them would be like the loss of his wand hand. Everyone in the Order was taking the Potters’ deaths hard, but to Rupert, he had just lost more of family members to Voldemort.

"He's as good as." His voice strained to keep himself from shouting. But with the fire-whiskey running it’s course it was proving to be more difficult than he expected. Rupert wanted to yell, he wanted to shout, he wanted to tell his much-esteemed mentor to ‘sod off’ but he knew that even whiskey-soaked there were some things that one still could not get away with. “What do you want, Minerva?”

“I want you to stop drowning your sorrows and follow me,” she said. “I have someone who wants to say goodbye.”

Rupert’s mood brightened slightly. “Did you bring Harry?”

“It’s not safe to speak here. Please just come with me.”

He wanted to ask the obvious questions. But from the look Minerva was giving him, it was probably best Rupert said nothing at all and just did as he was told; as boring as that was. Nonetheless, he finished his drink, tossed a couple of Galleons on the table and fell in step behind Minerva as she left, stepping out into the cool October night. Whatever Rupert was preparing himself; whatever news or scolding he was mentally readying himself for, nothing had prepared him for the sight of a small baby carriage on the back of a large motorcycle nor for the sight of a small baby girl with dark brown hair and emerald green eyes just like her mother's.

"How? What? How?" Rupert stuttered, tears welling in his eyes but he refused to allow them to roll down his cheek. Rupert looked down at the small baby girl who had been thought dead but was still somehow very much alive. He reached out to touch Elizabeth's cheek, if only to make sure she was real. However, Elizabeth snatched his finger and held it tightly as she chortled. That was enough to send Rupert to tears. Minerva simply smiled, handing her pupil a handkerchief without a second thought or a word.

A deep chuckle broke the moment, as the soft rumbling of giant, or rather half-giant’s footsteps gently shook the ground when he appeared from the shadows. He was twice as tall as any man and at least five times as wide, with hands as big as trashcan lids. Small by the standards of giants but incredibly large from a wizard's standpoint. He had a long mane of shaggy black hair and pale skin with dark eyes that gleamed like black beetles in the moonlit street.

"Three good questions there, Rupert..." half-giant greeted with a bemused grin.

Rupert smiled and nodded. "I must've taken a page from your book, Hagrid. You were always a better word-smith than I could ever be." Rubeus Hagrid and Rupert Giles had known one another since Rupert's first days at Hogwarts. The half-giant had gone to school with his grandmother and knew his father when he was a student before that. So the two were close. "I don’t know how you got Sirius Black lend you his most prized possession."

"It wasn't easy," Hagrid confessed. "Sirius, even in mournin' like he is, couldn't bear ter have it leave his sight. I finally had ter tell 'em that Dumbledore asked me ter take the boy."

Rupert looked back down to Elizabeth Potter for a moment. She had fallen asleep and looked completely at peace, like she hadn't a care in the world. He wondered when he lost that ability to sleep so soundlessly. He wondered how her life would was going to be never knowing her parents. He wondered if he would be there to see her turn into a witch that her parents would have been proud. But what he wondered above all else was how both Elizabeth and Harry lived where so many others had died.

"However Harry managed to survive, Elizabeth was also the beneficiary of that miracle," Minerva explained, breaking his train of thought.

"Why tell everyone she died along with her parents?" he asked.

"Because Albus thinks together they would make a target for He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named's supporters still at large. Elizabeth is to be hidden with a wizarding family loyal to the Order for her own safety," she replied.

"She should be held in the same esteem as her brother. They both survived where so many others have died," Rupert noted.

"She will be, Rupert," Minerva assured him. "However, that will not be for some time. Let's first make certain she is taken care of. Elizabeth, like her brother, will be famous - a legend - there will be books written about the Potter Twins - every child in our world will know their names. That's why everyone must think that Elizabeth is dead - that kind of attention would be enough to go to any person's head. Famous before she can walk or talk; Famous for something she will never remember. It would be better for her to not know until she's ready to take it. Only the Order will know of her true identity. The rest of the world will think she died with her parents. But to us she will be the Girl We Kept Hidden."
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