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Crisis of Limited Xanders Part Two, MTMT Jedi

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This story is No. 5 in the series "Crisis of Limited Xanders". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander and Buffy arrive at their destination to pick up the newest member of their slowly growing team, and boy is she totally one of the unexpected.

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Star Wars > GeneralSithicusFR1811,287172,03420 Jul 0920 Jul 09No
Author's Notes:I finally decided on where to go, who to use and what new twists I could make in the established crossoververse's canon. In a way this is more than just a Star Wars Crossover it's a Star Wars Crossovers Crossover. LOL Since I couldn't put the full title on the site due to length I will spell it out for you here.

Crisis of Limited Xanders, Part Two More Than Meets The Jedi. (Some people think those toys are totally stupid, and if you don't know what I mean just Google Star Wars Transformers Crossovers and you'll see what I'm talking about.)

Disclaimer: All things Star Wars belong to Lucas and Lucas only, well at least he's the head honcho who holds all the cards when it comes to distribution rights and story rights and all that. Buffy and all related characters are the property of Joss Whedon, he is a very crazy kind of guy, I wish he'd stop them from making that new Buffy movie without him... I always wanted to see Xander on the big screen. Anyway I make no claims of ownership or anything like that, it's fanfic people, so unofficial.

It is a Dark Time for the Rebellion, Luke Skywalker, last of the Jedi has been slain. Murdered by Rogue Imperial Captain Han Solo, Ancient Jedi Master Yoda could not have foreseen this. The Empire is posed to deliver a crippling blow.
Above the Forest Moon of Endor a new and more powerful Death Star is being completed, using new technology perfected by the long ago alliance with Lord Zarak. The visitor from another distant Galaxy Darth Sidious met early in his insidious career.
This Death Star unlike the first is being outfitted with the transformation ability commonly used in capital ships and starfighters among others.
The Alliances’ best hope is for Yoda to complete the training of Leia Organa and her constant companion, the breathtaking beauty from another dimension, trapped here at the onset of the current conflict between the Rebel Alliance and the Empire…

Darth Vader sat in his meditation chamber contemplating the events which have led to this, anger clouded his every thought. He had wanted Skywalker alive, paid Boba Fett handsomely in advance to ensure this and then his flagships’ Captain, Solo, had shot down the X-Wing before it even had a chance to land on Cloud City. His son, dead, he’d been so furious he hadn’t noticed when Calrissian rescued the Princess and her comrades and managed to escape in the Millennium Falcon.
And his old friend, Artoo was gone as well, he had recognized his droid when they fought above the first Death Star. The gift that was from Padmé, a droid with more personality then any human or alien and the last remnants of his love for a woman he mistakenly killed during a fit of jealous rage. And it was all Solos’ fault, just because he couldn’t follow orders.
Vader had never held much stock in Force Visions, but at the moment he could sorely use one, his plan to train a new Apprentice to overthrow his current Master. It was all a waste now that his son was gone.

“Anakin,” a voice seemed to whisper in his mind. The voice of his former friend Qui-Gon Jinn.

“Leave me alone old ghost,” he hissed the pain of loss consuming him as greatly as his rage.

“Anakin there is still hope,” Qui-Gon whispered, “there is still a chance. Turn back from the Dark Side and you will see Luke again.”

“Leave me alone!” Vader screamed once more before he started to cough, quickly calling his mask and re-breather back into place he fought the urge to lash out at the unseen specter. Qui-Gon was a fool, even in death he clung to foolish ideas, closing his eyes Vader slowly climbed to his feet. “It is time for Captain Solo to learn the error of his ways.” Brushing his cape back Vader marched from his room and headed for the Brig.

Leia wept inconsolably for the loss of her friend and possible love, she couldn’t believe Luke, the hero who destroyed the Death Star and saved them all, was gone. The other woman beside her placed a hand on her shoulder doing her best to console her; they stayed like that for what seemed hours, pouring her sorrow and heartache out in great heaving sobs.

“I know he was cute and all, but… we have to move on.”

“You’re right,” Leia agreed between sobs, “but how do we stop the Empire without a Jedi?” In response to her question a spectral form appeared startling the pair of women, Leia recognized the former general Obi-Wan Kenobi.

“Leia, you must go to the Dagobah system and quickly,” Obi-Wan said an urgency in his tone.

“What, why?” she demanded.

“I can not explain here, Master Yoda will be able to help, you must go to Dagobah.” Obi-Wan vanished before either of them could ask any further questions.

“Should we listen to the spooky ghost guy?” Leia nodded and glanced up to her companion, she’d been friends ever since the then teenager had appeared through the strange portal on Alderaan.

“We have no choice, only someone strong in the Force can hope to stop Emperor Palpatine.”

Xander came bouncing out of the portal in the middle of a swampy, murky place; he landed roughly onto a patch of hard rock in the middle of the softer Earth. Buffy emerged after him and landed gently on her feet, shooting her a glare Xander climbed to his feet and glanced around warily.

“Where on Earth are we?”

“Not Earth Harris and it’s about time you came to rescue me,” a familiar person complained. Whirling to face the newcomer he was shocked by what he saw, standing with her hands on her hips dressed in a pair of workout clothes, that showed off considerable curves, and hauling a backpack around on her back with a familiar looking little green alien poking over one shoulder was the last person he’d been expecting. Turning to face Buffy he shot her an incredulous stare.

“Harmony Kendall?” It was the first thought that came to his mind, Buffy shrugged.

“It is always one of the Core Scoobies Xander, but there were more of us than just Willow, you, me and Giles in countless realities.”

“Yeah, but Harmony, no offense Harm. But seriously Buffy, what can she do?” Angry Harmony raised her left hand and closed her eyes, before Xander could even blink he was floating ten feet off the ground in an invisible grip.

“Strong with the Force this one is,” Jedi Master Yoda stated from his perch in Harmony’s’ backpack with what could have been a smug smirk, “quick to learn she is.”

“Ok, ok I’m sorry, I got the point,” Xander blurted.

“You should probably let him down now Harm, see we’ve got a lot to talk about and we’re here to help stop Sidious,” Buffy told her fellow blonde. Reluctantly Harmony let Xander back onto the ground.

“Alright,” she said with a pout,” I guess I can at least listen to why you took so long to get me out of this geeks’ wet dream.”

“Uh, about that,” Xander began with a nervous chuckle, “we’re kind of not the Xander and Buffy you knew.”


“This is going to take a lot of time, maybe if we discussed it back at Master Yodas’ hut?” Xander suggested.

“Oh sure, besides Leia would love to meet you even if you aren’t the same friends I knew,” Harmony returned with a big smile, “think you can keep up?” And before the others could react she leapt up at least ten feet onto one of the branches of the trees and started racing across the treetops, Xander blinked briefly a sudden smile crossing his lips.

“Ninja can keep up with any old Jedi any day of the week,” he quipped climbing the tree in a few quick moments and charging off after Harmony. Buffy rolled her eyes and grabbed a dangling vine using it to aid her descent.

“Sure, they have all the neat agility while what do I get stuck with? All the knowledge of the Multiverse plus more super strength if I use that sword, stupid law of averages.” With some small effort she began to chase after the others, of course she already knew the way back to Master Yodas’ hut, but she wasn’t about to go wandering off on her own in this place. It’d ruin her shoes.

To Be Continued

The End?

You have reached the end of "Crisis of Limited Xanders Part Two, MTMT Jedi" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 20 Jul 09.

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