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The Black Adept

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Summary: YAHF. Xander dresses up as a legendary mage from the Mage Wars. What happens when the Hellmouth reacts to the powers of the Mage of Silence. Slash non-explic

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Dealing With Stolen Property

Before you start this it was pointed out to me that I somehow managed to insert Gwena into the story centuries early now I could make up some plausible story to cover this if I felt like working at it but the truth is its been awhile and I accidentally called Galla Gwena... Oops. My bad I may fix it later Idk. I have been wrestling with the urge to change this chapter in major ways or just continue lol if I get around to writing again should have some free time for the next couple months though so we'll see. Also the spell language came from google translate soooo... Any mistakes not my fault ;P

The Black Adept rewrite Chapter 6: Dealing with Stolen Property, a Buffy: The Vampire Slayer + Heralds of Valdemar Crossover fanfic | FanFiction

Black Adept

Chapter 6: Dealing with Stolen Property

Disclaimer: If you think I own this stuff well the 'plot' non existant as that is and my own little additions sure the rest? Belong to people that make actual money for it.

"Sit circulus creari igne, terra, aer, aqua et cordis. Dico circulum esse." The disembodied chant echoed through the clearing freezing the occupants in place. Fog rolled into the destroyed clearing obscuring sight for but moments before it cleared and all could see five strange ethereal beings surrounding the pack of wyrsa summoned by the teenage Mage currently standing with another in front of a gate.

Over and over the beings chanted that line as purple light flared up around them shooting out a line at a time to connect the five in a strange symbol of a star surrounded by a circle cutting both them and the pack of doglike wyrsa.

Brighter and brighter the light flared as the five sang their chant louder and louder the words ringing through the clearing so full of power that even those that had been running away from the danger of the pack stopped to watch. The whole tableau seemed frozen and all around the clearing eyes closed as the light suddenly flared the chant reaching a crescendo before gradually fading away.

Xander gave a sad sigh stepping away from the pack that had been a gift to him from one of the few mages in his Kingdom that ever ventured out Kingdom any longer. Other than the one mage it had been hundreds of years since any of his people had bothered with the people beyond their Wards. Over the years as the Heart had gotten stronger and stronger the border protections had followed and these days the Kingdom of Valhayven as they had eventually decided to call it was hardly even connected to the outside world.

Very few knew of the existence of his Lands anymore as a result of this and there were few places that it was easy even for a mage of his caliber to break through. When he had felt one of the unaltered packs of wyrsa his friend had given him disappeared he had gathered the Wardens to make sure the pack didn't cause any damage.

His attention was caught by the grief filled cry of the teen that had somehow managed to reach through Wards with enough power to blow up a sun and summon beings not meant to be summoned. 'I suppose I should just be glad that the kid didn't try and summon one of my mages. The disasters that could have happened with a teen that could control, or worse not control, one of my mages is ridiculous. Especially some of the older, grumpy ones.' The Mage-King thought with a mental shudder.

Turning his attention back to the pack caught up in all this trouble, Xander nodded to see the half dozen now stone dog-snakes, or is that snake-dogs, frozen in place cringing away from where the light had flared up around them.

Hearing an angry yell the Mage turned to the opposite side of the clearing as a man in fancy clothes stalked across the grass screaming words that he didn't understand at them as he waved his arms around. Tilting his head to the side the Mage turned to one of the Wardens his eyebrow raised wondering if he knew what the crazy man was on about.

Quirking a smile as he caught the thought his Lord sent him Sondosia, the Warden of the Watchtower of the North focused on the Outsider. "He demands to know what we are doing on his lands, my Lord. I get the impression he believes we are working with the ensorcelled teen that summoned these dogs." Tilting his head to the side the Mage looked at his Lord askance. "He and his family hired a Mage and Mercenaries to kill off the kids twin and whatever else they could of his lands."

Giving the man a dirty look Xander turned just in time to see a white, blue-eyed horse burst from the old fashioned gate screaming in equine defiance… right up until it saw the wyrsa frozen in stone and the five extremely powerful mages standing around them looking at her like she was crazy.

"Greetings, Guardian-Spirit, you are somewhat late to the party." Xander said calmly in the language of his Kingdom.

:Greetings, Lord of the Heartland. It has been many turns of the seasons since you last graced us with your presence outside the Heartland.: Gwena broadcast to the clearing. :If you will give me a second to deal with my wayward Chosen, I will extend Valdemar's thanks for the disaster your people have helped end.:

"Ah, little Guardian-Spirit, there are a few points that may interest you to know before you begin trying to 'deal with' your Chosen." Sondosia cut in after looking to Xander for permission.

Seeing the Horse tilt her head to the side in unmistakable curiousity the Northern Warden looked to his fellows before turning back to the Companion. "Your Chosen summoned a pack of wyrsa newly gifted to my Lord by the Wanderer Lassim as he returned from his latest trip. I think he went to the pelagirs this time," He said looking to his Lord for confirmation and getting a nod back. "The interesting thing about it, Companion Gwena… he summoned them from within our borders. Not far within the borders granted but to be able to pierce even that far into our borders… no single mage could do it."

:I see,: The Companion said slowly trying to draw herself a little time to process that before shaking it off as the boy drawing from Vanyel's power as he did to make the gate. All eyes turned back to the gate as four mages galloped out on Companion back lightning leaping from their hands at the wyrsa, and coincidentally at the five mages still arranged around them, not bother to look at more then the presence of the pack or take in the fact that they weren't moving.

:NO!: Gwena screamed to the world as she saw the lightning heading for the leaders of a Kingdom that could wipe them all off the face of the earth without batting an eyelash.

Equine sceams rang through the clearing as the Companions got a good look at where the magic of their riders was heading and planted hooves in the dirt in a futile effort in a couple of cases sending their riders flying over their heads at the sudden stop.

Casually Xander reached out a hand slapping the lightning away from his group and destroying a tree across the clearing. Raising an eyebrow at the newcomers Xander cleared his throat. "Perhaps you should look closer before you start throwing lethal magic around." The Black Adept admonished before turning back to the Companion they had been talking to before.

"The other thing," Sondosia continued calmly when his Lord nodded at him. "The boy is under the influence of a subtle curse. Low powered probably set from a distance though no less powerful for that." Turning to the others he asked in his own language. "Chadassa, you are the best of the Wardens at sensing this type of magic what can you tell me about it?"

The Warden of the Eastern Watchtower tiled his his head to the side his long silky blonde hair swaying as he studied the teenager curled up in a ball where he collapsed after seeing the ruin of his revenge. "It is very subtle," he started as Sondosia started to translate for the rest in the clearing. "In fact, if the boy hadn't been almost completely drained by the effort it took to summon the pack I wouldn't even have noticed it. I don't recognize the signature of the caster but it is designed to heighten any emotion the target feels once it is applied."

"It is a very easy spell to deflect and in fact the natural defenses of any mage with potential higher than… Master? Journeyman? I do not know what they call it out here, would cancel it out. One would have to cast it when the defenses are lowered by something… usually great emotion. Once it sticks to a target it is almost impossible to detect, because the natural magic a mage gives off would overwhelm what little trace it would give off. Should be simple to get it off once detected though."

Xander walked slowly over to the teen his ornate robes the swirls of colors somehow tricking the eye into seeing a beautiful emerald waterfall as he moved though when he was stationary it just looked like random splashes of color. Kneeling down next to the curled up teen mage his ankle length hair somehow fanning out behind him perfectly the Mage-Lord stroked the boy's head his expression sympathetic. "Poor little mage," He said in his own musical sounding language. "used and abused past your own limits by your enemies. All this grief on top of a broken twin bond. Possumne in Cor advigilandum tibi sicut movere per his tentationibus, parvus, confide in vita vestra-coniugem."(2)

Finished with his blessing and advice Xander stood gracefully moving back over to his people as one of the Valdemaren mages groaned sitting up from where he had been tossed to the ground by his bucking Companion.

The man looked around finally noticing that the pack of wyrsa they had attacked seemed to be frozen in mid-motion, the Queen's Own stood brushing off his formal Whites with a second groan just so the world would know how much he appreciated being thrown off a moving Companion. Eyes sweeping over the entire clearing in a second the second highest ranking Herald in the Kingdom took in the frozen wyrsa again before turning to stare at the five ethereal beings standing together a few feet from the crumpled but still breathing form of Savil's apprentice, not that he could tell that from where he was standing but the boy's Companion seemed to be standing pretty calmly next to the boy so it was almost guaranteed he was alright.

Studying the five his first impression was Power, yesit deserved the capital letter. All five wore ornate robes most of them depicting an elemental event; volcano, tornado, typhoon, and rockslide. The fifth's robe seemed to be just random splashes of color that somehow managed to not look tacky though the consummate politician thought it should. Each had hair of a different color though only one had the silver hair of an Adept it was obvious even to him that all five were at that classification or maybe even above that if the respect to Companions were showing to them was any indication.

Watching as the silver haired one spoke to Kellan in some strange musical tounge gesturing at the almost prostrate figure of the other teen in the clearing the older , he thinks anyway, male frowned before making his way over to the teen to check on him.

Xander smirked as the oldest of the four 'rescuers' walked over to check on the kid he had just gestured at. He raised an eyebrow as the man yelled for the only woman of the four and she came running laying a hand on the kids' undoubtedly hot forehead. He watched as they argued back and forth for a few minutes though it was obvious that neither really had any clue what to do.

:Lord of the Heartland?: Xander turned to the taller male Guardian-Spirit in horse form with a raised eyebrow. :My name is Rolan.: The Companion responded seeing the unspoken question in the Mage-Lord's eyes. :My Chosen wonders if there is anything you can do to help the boys and if you can tell us what the safest way to disconnect the boy from the gate is… no one wants him hurt and you are the most knowledgeable in gates.:

The two cheerfully ignored the stunned look on the faces of all the Heralds as Xander answered. "We no longer use this form of Portal, young one," he ignored the voice of his Northern Watchtower as the man translated into the language he had dragged from the, currently unconscious from backlash, mind of the first man they had seen that night. "From my experience however, because the boy did not weave the Portal himself, he is not a mage, and it has been open far too long with too many going through it. It would be safer for the boy to just shut it down. We can provide you transportation to your Grove once it is shut down. This is the safest course but I am afraid that no matter what you do right now the boy will experience some backlash from the very nearly rogue Portal. It will probably blast his mage-gift potential wide open… painfully."

:There is no way to avoid this?: Rolan sent his despair at the pain of the innocent young man.

"Sadly no, not even if I had two hundred of my most powerful mages rather than just the five of us the gate is too far gone and the backlash being gate energy will move much too quickly for even my own reaction speed."

A/N: I think this chapter has gone okay but it's 1am and I can't type anymore lol I will try to continue it quicker than I usually do but we will just have to see how much time I have hope you all like it.

(1) "Sit circulus creari igne, terra, aer, aqua et cordis. Dico circulum esse."- "Let there be a circle to be created by the fire, the earth, the air, the water, and of the heart. I call the circle into being."

(2) "Possumne in Cor advigilandum tibi sicut movere per his tentationibus, parvus, confide in vita vestra-coniugem." - "May the Heart watch over you as you move through these trials, little one, trust in your life-mate."
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