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The Black Adept

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Summary: YAHF. Xander dresses up as a legendary mage from the Mage Wars. What happens when the Hellmouth reacts to the powers of the Mage of Silence. Slash non-explic

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Chapter 7: Further Discussions

The Black Adept
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Chapter 7: Further Discussions

Rolan bowed his silver head in acknowledgment. : I understand, Lord, and request that you do what you can.:

Nodding Xander moved over to the group of Heralds clustered around the teen taking in the frowns on the faces of his Mages he carefully asked in Valdemaren. “What is the problem, Chadassa?”

Nodding his at at Xander in deference the mage answered trying to keep his emotions from clouding his report. “The Heralds are under the impression that they should redirect this ‘Portal’ spell to someplace they call the Grove and then all tromp back through it before they shut it down.”

Giving an incredulous look to the storm currently only being held back by the Air Wardens magic before transferring his gaze to the four human mages. “Are you out of your magic-damned minds?” he asked bluntly. Watching as the four took an uncertain step back at the anger in his voice he gave a small smile of satisfaction before continuing. “Do you have any idea whatsoever what the consequences could be for the teen currently being drained by that gate if you were to redirect it and then all of you and your … companions were to walk through it? You. Could. Kill. Him.”

Taking an angry step forward Savil bit out. “I have been practicing magic since before you were born kid I think I know when a Gate is too far gone. The weather is not bad enough for this Gate to be anywhere near rogue.”

Laughing Xander shook his head as he turned to the Warden of the East. Chadassa you can stop holding the storm back it looks like the delusional humans have not appreciated your help.” Turning back to the Heralds and their Companions, Xander laughed at the shock on their faces as the previously mild storm suddenly raged into a near hurricane that sent the curious former victims of the attack scurrying as they tried to grab hold of everything the wind was blowing and retreat inside at the same time. Raising an eyebrow at the group he watched as the woman’s tense stance slumped. “My people do not age as yours do and you are staring at five of the oldest of my people I can assure that I have been weaving magic far longer than your family line has lived in this area of the world and my experience tells me that Portal is too far gone for it not to kill the boy tied to it. Now if that isn’t a problem for you, wonderful go on ahead with your plans. Just be prepared when the boy dies soon afterward followed by the other, cause they are tied together too tightly for you to cut them loose.”

So saying Xander shook his head as he went to stand with the Wardens as he watched the expressions on their faces flicker their gazes firmly locked on the blue eyes of the Guardian-Spirits or whatever these people wanted to call them.

Finally the Queen’s Own Lancir nodded turning to the five visitors. “I thank you for your help so far. Rolan has informed me that he asked you if you could solve our current predicament. Is such an offer still open?” The Herald tried to ask delicately as the others stood sheepishly behind him.

Nodding silently Xander walked toward the Gate pulling a necklace out from under his robes as he went. The Valdemaran Mages watched curiously as the key shaped object he revealed that seemed to glow with the force of a midday summer sun. inserting this object into the gate Xander’s eyes went distant immediately as he began to concentrate the glow of the gate beginning to dim a few seconds later shocked all of them as the key seemed to be absorbing the Gate.

Even the Wardens were shocked they had never seen this key before. Then again they were significantly younger than their Lord by something close to two thousand years being the first of their people besides their leader to develop some approximation of immortality. Even they weren’t entirely sure what the limits of his powers over magic if he had any at all. He wasn’t worshiped by a few of their people as a God of Magic for nothing.

All around the clearing eyebrows raised as the Gate disappeared though most of them were distracted seconds later as the Key released a pulse which slammed into the two teenage mages before a cry of despair was even halfway contemplated by Herald-Mage Savil.

Xander bowed his head breathing heavily as his mages moved to surround him. Watching the mortals warily all the while as they wondered at the seeming effort he hd just expended they had never seen their Lord take any effort to cast any magic let alone something that didn’t have his usual flash and flare type.

Giving him an enquiring look as the man finally stood up straight. “I know I told the damn horse I couldn’t do anything about the backlash… I still couldn’t help but try to contain it not that it worked.” He said rubbing a burning spot where the magic had grazed him angrily on its way to the teens.

Nodding the four of them turned as one to watch as the others fussed over the teens.

Finished assuring herself that the two teens were if not ok at least not dying in the next few moments, Savil moved closer to the group of foreign mages and gave a short bow to the one in the middle her companion having informed her of just who and what she had been so rude to earlier. “I wanted to thank you for your help and apologize for my earlier rudeness.” The silver haired older mage said calmly. “The Companions say your warned them there may be a backlash. Without that warning they say they may not have been able to assist Gala in stabilizing the boys and grounding as much of the backlash as they could. We have been … informed that with all of our putting it off it was almost too much for them.

Nodding to the woman, Xander tilted his head to the side. “Is your group still interested in our offer of a ride back to your capital? I am not sure if you will wish to use a Portal spell again in this clearing."

"We have been threatened with various unspecified but unpleasant consequences if the Companions miss whatever method of transport you have for us.” The mage replied with a wry shake of her head as she smoothed out her white tunic. “Though they have not told us what exactly it is, and the only method we know to travel magically is the Gate spell…”

Laughing, Chadassa replied for the group. “It is nothing special we were just planning to Flash you there with our elements. Though…” The mage trailed off with a look around the clearing ending with his gaze on Xander. “The method I know can only take one other being with me same with the others as far as I know.”

Xander blinked at the other four for a second before shaking his head in realization. I forget sometimes that you four are so much younger than me. The five of us spend so much time together that I feel like you have been around since the beginning.” Still shaking his head the Mage once more pulled the key from within the neckline of his robes.

Taking a few steps away from the group he knelt down and pushed the key through the ground the others weren’t given long to wonder at this strange behavior as blue green light started to swirl around him on the dirt spreading out until it was a circle about ten feet across they blinked as the mage sank into the light. About five seconds later the Mage walked back out of the light as if he was ascending a set of stairs hidden within the light.

“We will be travelling through that.” He said with a gesture at the circle. “It ends in a clearing in Companion’s Field that Roland was kind enough to give me a visual of.”

Savil nodded her mind wondering at both the spell and that a Companion had given him the visual for it, a being that normally wouldn’t even to talk to someone outside another Companion or their Chosen for any reason.
Walking back over to the group of Heralds, Savil gestured at the open and nauseatingly still swirling relaying the little information that Xander had given her quickly in the interest of getting the two unconscious teens back to Haven as quickly as possible.

Xander watched as they approached the portal and paused debating the proper method of using it, listening to the one called Jaysen suggesting to jump in the mage decided to step in before they killed themselves. “If you all jump in at once on the otherside you will all land in the same place… on top of each other. Better to just walk through as if you were walking on level ground.”

He nodded as the group walked through before he and the Wardens moved to follow.

A/N: Lol someone pointed out to me that I had Gwena in the last chapter I haven’t as of this moment but I figured I should tell you guys that it was meant to be Gala… that’s how long it has been since I actually read the series and it was and still is my favorite series lol

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Black Adept" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 28 Apr 13.

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