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Adventures in Photoshop

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Fan Art

Summary: Photo manipped fan art and soundtrack recommendations for my fics

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Twilight > Fanart
Anime > Bleach
LightningSkiesFR73966157,06321 Jul 0923 Jan 11No

Reirse, Hiena!

I own nearly nothing from these pics. The Adjuchas Hyena and Xander's face/neck are about it. Everything else was googled and then taken apart and reassembled as I saw fit.

I was originally going to draw Xander Bleach style, but I could not for the life of me figure out what his eyes/hair should look like to still keep his 'Xanderness' so I gave up and redesigned the layout adding in the Garganta motif with the separate panels.

I wasn't sure what to put in the top right corner, so here are my favorite versions. I had a bunch more, a Las Noches landscape, the Espada sitting together etc. but they all didn't work for one reason or another so I narrowed it down to these four.


My first idea was to have a different header for every chapter and have the Espada show their tattoos in order... Primera for Chapter One, Segunda for Chapter Two etc, but then I realized that Barragan never showed his, so I would have had to break the pattern on chapter two. One picture isn't much of a pattern.


I really like this one, it's one of my two favorites, and is definitely the best of the bunch of pictures I randomly tried, just to see if they'd work. I love that Aizen appears to be keeping his eyes on the Adjuchas Xander and Grim and that the expression on his face is friendly and almost fond. For Aizen, that's a creepy sentiment.


Another of the random, hey lets try it and see if it works. I don't really like the picture, but it may just be because I loathe Tousen with the fire of ten thousand suns.


This is my other favorite, having Xander and Grimmjow in their released states was one of my earlier ideas, until I realized that I hadn't figured out what Xander's would be, or even what his mask remnant might be. I like the Aizen one slightly better because it isn't so Grimmjow heavy. Having the same character in the picture three different times is a bit much.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Adventures in Photoshop" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 23 Jan 11.

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